UAE Visa Cancellation – Employment, Family & Tourist Visa Cancelation Procedure 2024

Update - 13th December, 2023

How to cancel your UAE resident visa is a relatively straightforward process. The United Arab Emirates Visa cancelation process is easier than the process of applying for a resident visa. But, it’s really important to get the Resident visa cancelation has properly while making sure the cancelation been updated in the immigration system.

Go through this UAE visa cancelation essential guide prepared by Arabiers UAE Visa experts, which elaborate informative details on Employment, Family, and visit visa cancelation in UAE.


Employment visa cancelation

If you have been working in the United Arab Emirates under an Employment visa, the Cancelation of that Employment resident visa comprises 2 basic steps.

  • Labor card cancelation
  • Resident visa cancelation

To cancel Labor card in the Ministry of Labor one separate Application needs to be submitted. Theron again, another second application has to be submitted. Ministry of foreign affairs to cancel the Employment visa. This process must be done by your visa sponsor (employer), and it cannot be done on your own. Usually, the visa sponsor will need to produce an Original ID card, a copy of your current passport, a copy of your resident visa page, an E-signature card of the authorized signatory, a Copy of the company's trade license, a Copy of the Labor establishment card, and a copy of the Immigration establishment card. you must follow the company's procedure of resignation and keep good conduct with your company as well as the country's law for a smooth process of getting your employment visa cancelled in UAE.

The Procedure of Employment visa cancelation in UAE

Step 1

1. Printing the application at the respective service center (Tasheel or Amer centers or local typing center) or online (Ministry's e-forms program – GDRFA / smart channel)

Step 2

2. Signing the application by the sponsor/the authorized signatory

Step 3

3. Provide the relevant documents and initiate the process

Step 4

Cancelation of labor card temporarily in the Ministry of Labor and electronically forwarding the information to GDRFA to cancel your resident visa permit

Step 5

Sponsor or Authorized person visit General directorate of Residency & foreign affairs.

Step 6

General Directorate of Residency & foreign affairs sends the electronic confirmation to cancel the labor card permanently.

Employment visa cancelation fee

AED 100 – 200


Family visa cancelation

A sponsor of a Family visa could cancel the visa only through an authorized typing center or at the immigration office. The Typing center or the Amer/Tasheel center will fill out your cancelation form and submit the cancelation request online through an online portal. Generally, Cancelation approval receives within an hour.

If you chose a typing center for the cancelation, upon approval, you will be given only the cancelation copy printout. (You will not receive a cancelation stamp on the visa page in the passport, and it's not mandatory). However, if you wish to get the cancelation seal on the passport visa page, you better either submit the cancelation directly at the immigration branch office or else bring your cancelation paper given by the typing center along with the applicant's original passport to get the cancelation stamp in the passport for free.

Required Documents

  • Original Passport of Sponsored and Sponsor
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • Filled Application (e-Vision form)

Family visa cancelation fee

AED 200 – 250


Tourist visa cancelation

Visitors who got approved UAE visas sometimes get confused about whether they need to cancel this unused valid visa if in case they are not travelling to UAE due to different reasons. the answer is they don’t need to cancel the visa. Because, the UAE immigration department has given 60 days validity for that visa from the date the tourist/visit/ leisure visa is issued, and after 2 months, that visa will be automatically invalid. So, it's unnecessary to cancel the visa by paying the cancellation fee.

If in case after getting approved UAE tourist/visit/ leisure visa, you feel you have applied shorter visa than the expected length of stay during the visit/tour OR if your company or family applying for a resident entry permit, then it's mandatory to cancel the earlier tourist/visit/leisure visa by paying the visa fee. The visa sponsor can request to cancel the approved visa whenever necessary and pay the fee.

Tourist visa cancelation fee



Want to stay more in UAE

After your Employment visa and Family visa cancelation, if you would like to stay furthermore in UAE, better you can read the below details to make it easy.

Those who are resigning from their job and wanting to look for new job prospects, those who are planning to move out of UAE by cancelling resident visas, and those who send their family members to their home country due to studies or various reasons have the easiest option. That is getting a new tourist visa / visit visa with or without exit. As soon as your Employment visa or Family visa cancelation is done, you will get 28 grace period to stay in the country for free (in your cancelation paper, the last date is mentioned)

Near the end of the cancelled visa grace period, you can choose one of the below options to stay longer in UAE or visit UAE back.

  • Flying out or going home country:It's one of the most used ways to get a new visit visa uae/tourist visa. It takes 2-3 days to get a new visa. You can enjoy a holiday or family visit while your new tourist visa is getting ready. At this option, you have to purchase 3-way tickets/ 2-way ticket with a return dummy ticket, which includes Flying out of UAE, flying to UAE, and again your ticket dated after 30 or 90 days)
  • Visa run: Most of the European, and Western country people get on arrival tourist visas upon arrival to UAE. As soon as your residence visa is cancelled you can do an Oman visa run, whereas you will be granted a 30 or 90 days tourist visa based on your nationality regarding on-arrival nationality list.
  • Airport to airport visa change: Airport-to-airport visa change is a useful and convenient method to exit and get a new tourist visa. Your visa provider will provide you with a return ticket to the nearest Middle Eastern country (such as Oman, Bahrain, or Kuwait) and upon return to UAE you will be provided with a new visa tourist visa. Even if you are currently overstaying after finishing the cancellation grace period, this is the best way to clear the overstay and previous resident visa status by paying the fine at the airport and exiting the country. You will return with a new tourist visa and continue to stay further in your desired UAE city
  • Inside country visa: A most convenient way to stay in the country even after your Employment visa and Family visa have been cancelled. Inside country visa is a visa change without exit which allows you to stay home without going anywhere. The visa provider will take care of the paper works and provide you with a new visa copy and status change paper.


Consequences of leaving the UAE without proper cancellation of employment visa - what happens if UAE visa is not cancelled

Staying away outside of United Arab Emirates for more than consecutive 6 months will automatically cancel your resident visa, and if you don’t enter the country before completing 6 months won’t allow entry later using the same visa. Therefore, in such a situation, you do not need to come back to UAE to cancel the visa in case you have no idea about coming back to UAE again in the future.

If you leave the country without proper cancellation of employment resident visa, which is followed by employer information resignation, which complied with employment termination procedures (Labor cancelation and employment permit cancellation), perhaps your employer will report you as an absconding person, which leads to banned you in UAE. This will result from new visa application rejections, and even if you manage to travel to UAE, there is a chance you might get arrested at the airport.

So, it is always advisable to follow up with proper visa cancellation of your resident visa and collect proof of cancelation (cancelation paper and or cancelation stamp on passport visa page) before leaving United Arab Emirates to avoid issues with your future visa applications.


UAE visa cancellation after 6 months

For some unavoidable reason, you might be unable to travel back to UAE for 6-months, and obviously, it will result automatic invalidation of your UAE resident visa. To travel back to UAE, again, you will need to get the previous visa properly cancelled even though it's invalid. Those who went without informing the company (Sponsor) have no options left behind, rather than pursuing the companies and coming to an amicable solution.

As soon as the current expired residence visa is cancelled, a company or family member can re-apply for a new residence visa. You will get an entry permit to travel to UAE where, as you need to do a medical test, Emirates ID & visa stamping in the passport again. Those who want a tourist/visit visa can apply through a visa agent or sponsored by a family member. After your entry using a tourist/visit visa, you may change the visa status to residence visa followed by status change stamping, medical test, Emirates ID & visa stamping.


Residence Visa cancellation for a person outside UAE

Doing Family visa cancellation while your family member is gone out of the country is more easy and straightforward to get done when the sponsor is in UAE. The sponsor can submit required documents and do it without any hustle. You can get this done using a typing center and not exactly need to visit the immigration department.

Required Documents

  • Original Passport of the Sponsor & the applicants
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor
  • The application has to be a Typed form.
  • Application Fee: Dh266, and typing charges will be an additional amount
  • A cancellation stamp on the visa page in the passport is not required. If you want a seal, you can visit the nearest Immigration branch with the original passport and cancellation receipt. They will put a stamp without any fee.

While you are outside UAE, getting the employment visa cancellation is a bit hectic, since you must be only able to achieve it through the current visa sponsor. As long as you have genuine reason, the employer can cancel your visa, and if you have any issues or debt with the company, then indeed, it will be harder to negotiate with the company being out of the country.


Freezone visa cancellation

The process of cancelling the contract from a Freezone company needs the presence of both employer and employee at the free zone headquarters, where they can meet the officers in person. This ensures all rules are honored and there is a mutual agreement between the two parties regarding the termination of the existing employment contract. To initiate the cancelation process, you must carry your Original passport and Emirates ID card.


UAE visa cancellation paper sample

UAE visa cancellation paper sample



  • December 13, 2023
    1. Following an agreement signed on Monday, the Bosnian citizens can now travel to the UAE without the need for Visa. The bilateral agreement covering tourism, business, and short-term visits, was officially disclosed by the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The UAE's proactive step in April highlights the strengthening of diplomatic ties between the two nations. This brave step along with the responsibility of tightening relationships, makes traveling easier for citizens of both the UAE and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Source : Arabiers Processing team
  • September 29, 2023
    2. When speaking at a conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE economic Minister Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri said the UAE will soon implement a new visa system allowing residents to travel to GCC countries visa-free. Citizens of the six-nation bloc do not need visas to travel between member states. However, foreign residents must obtain visas to cross borders.
    Source : gulfnews
  • 3. Guides and rules for dubai residents returning from june 22,2020
    • Use the ICA Smart service link to register and get the approval and then book the flight
    • Approval for return is handled by the UAE General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in partnership with airlines.
    • PCR tests are conducted at the Dubai & Abu Dhabi international airport
    • A 14-day quarantine duration is imposed for all individuals testing positive for COVID 19
  • 3. Individuals who hold a UAE visa that expires between March and December 2020 are given an automatic extension effective until 31st December. The holder is supposed to exit the country or find employment to secure a new visa.
  • 4. UAE visa holders with an expiry date before March 1 are given a 3-month grace period starting from 18th May until 18th August 2020. The holder is exempted from paying any overstay fines within this duration and should choose to leave the country or secure a new visa within this period.
  • 5. Employees whose visas were cancelled after March 1st by their employers are provided a 30-day grace period from the date of cancellation. The employee should exit the country or secure new employment. Another viable option is to apply for a UAE tourist visa. The immigration department issues tourist visas for applicants within the UAE but not for those who apply from abroad.
  • 6. In the case of domestic workers and dependants residing on a Family visa, an automatic renewal will be given until December 31st for any visas that have expired after 31st March.
  • May 13, 2020
    7. Due to the prevailing lockdown conditions, individuals who have exited the country before UAE borders closed can now cancel their resident visa without being in the UAE. The passport of the individual is not required either as the exit will be updated on to a centralized system. The former employer of the individual needs to submit a copy of the employee's passport and visa that has to be handed over to the GDRFA of the Ministry of Interior.
    ( Source: Gulf News)
  • May 10, 2020
    8. Expatriates who are overstaying due to border closing are requested to register at the FAIC portal to receive a 3month grace period starting from the 18th of May, 2020. All fines about ID cards, labor cards, and expired work permits will be waived. The spokesperson of FAIC has urged all individuals falling under this category to make use of the grace period to exit the country before any legal action is taken.
    ( Source: The National )


Things to Remember

Before you get your UAE visa cancelled and leave the UAE, remember to settle everything carefully. Any wrongdoing will result in the refusal of a new tourist or residence visa;

  • Closing your bank account & make sure all your loans, credit cards, and auto loans are paid. Make sure to get the bank clearance letter on each liability you have enrolled before.
  • Make sure you receive all your salaries, benefits, and settlements from your employer. Remember not to sign any confirmation letter if you have not
  • Paying all your utility bills – Etisalat, Due, or home internet
  • Canceling your tenancy contract
  • Selling your car or settling your auto loans


Overstaying fines for Employment & Family visa cancelation

After cancelation, you have 28 days grace period to either amend your status and get another residence visa or leave the country. Fines do not apply during the grace period of a cancelled visa. If you overstay after the grace period is over, then you will be fined as follows:

  • First day - AED 125 for the
  • For each subsequent day- AED 25
  • After six months of overstaying - AED 50 per day
  • After one year of overstaying- AED 100 per day

If you do an inside country visa without exiting the country, AED 125 for the first day is not being charged, and as per the immigration system shows, before the status change, the fine should be settled.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can do cancelations from the nearest typing center, Amer service centers in Dubai, and Tasheel centers in Abu Dhabi.

Usually 1 day, sometimes employment visas take longer than 1 day as it depends

It’s not possible, an employer must canceling your residence visa. If you have any issues related to your employment, you can raise them with the labor department, which will be sorted out as soon as possible. Without informing the employer, travelling to your home country and staying more than 6 months will make trouble in your career. Employer only can cancel your residence visa.

It is completely alright, after, initiating e-government in UAE, no stamp is required. Better you collect the cancelation paper for your reference and keep it as proof of the cancelation.

You can’t, and even if you manage to travel from your country to UAE, you will be flown back again if in case you won’t allow entry unless you are an on-arrival listed country passport holder. (Depends on case basis)

If you have any issues related to your passport, you can call and raise a complaint to the labor department, and even you can complain against your employer in the police.