Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise in Dubai is famous for adventures, sightseeng and romantic dinners. Board a dhow boat and cruise through Dubai waters.
Enjoy both traditional and international dinners, and live entertainment while onboard. You also get to view the city and its landmarks from a different perspective.
Dubai Dhow Cruise - Crusing Map

Discover the Best Dhow Cruise Dubai Activities

What is dhow cruise in Dubai ?

A dhow is a traditional wooden boat in the Arabian countries. The boats were in the past used for transportation.

Now, they have been transformed to floating restaurants. Visitors get a unique cruising experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

In Dubai, you can go for a dhow cruise experience at Dubai Marina, Dubai creek or the Dubai Water Canal.

Sail through the waters as you enjoy delicious meals. They serve both Arabic and international cuisines.

You will also be entertained by soothing music or a performance by a Tanura dancer.

The experience is a great way to unwind and get absorbed into the rich Dubai culture. You also get to experience the true Emirati hospitality from the services onboard.

Different Dhow Cruise Places in Dubai

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Dubai Marina
This modern side of Dubai features, numerous skyscrapers, lavish living spaces and amazing restaurants. Dubai Marina is also home to Ain Dubai, world’s biggest observation wheel.
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Dubai Creek
Get a glimpse of Dubai’s history and heritage when sailing this old-time waterway. This side of Dubai features ancient neighborhoods like Al Bastakiya and numerous traditional markets.
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Dubai Water Canal
This modern water route features a waterfall bridge and a vibrant light show. The canal connects a busy business hub to the lovely Arabian Gulf.
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What We Have For You

We have put together well curated dhow cruise tours for our visitors. We have tours for dhow cruise in Dubai Marina, the historic Dubai Creek and the modern Dubai Water Canal.

Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina

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Marina Royal Dinner Dhow Cruise Dubai
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Marina Sightseeing Cruise Dubai
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Marina sunset cruise tour Dubai
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Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

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Dubai Creek Royal Dinner
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Creek Sightseeing Dhow Cruise Tour Dubai
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Dhow Cruise in Dubai Canal

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Dubai Water Canal Cruise with La Perle Silver Pass
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Dubai water canal dinner cruise
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New Year Luxury Dubai Canal Cruise
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Black Pearl Pirate Boat Sightseeing Cruise
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Different Types of Dhow Cruises

Want a romantic dinner, a dive into culture, an adventure, or just relaxation ? Explore a variety of experiences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other coastal cities to suit your preferences.

What to Expect on a Dhow Cruise

Amazing Views

Go for a dhow cruise along Dubai Creek or Marina to view the famous Dubai skyline. Take in the beautiful views of tall buildings like the Dubai Marina Towers and Burj Khalifa.


Dubai cruises last for 2 to 3 hours. This gives you enough time to enjoy your meal, entertainment and the sceneries.

Delicious Meals

Most dhow cruises offer both Arabic and International cuisines. Enjoy a full course meal with snacks like grilled kebabs.

Live Entertainment

Get entertained with traditional music and dances. Some cruises even have magic shows. Get immersed into the local culture through live entertainment.

Perfect for Romance

Dhow cruises are a perfect getaway for couples. The cool breezes and how the boat sways gently while cruises create a romantic environment for lovers. To add more romance, the city lights casts reflections on the water makes it a sight to behold.

Great Photo Opportunities

The water and city skyline offers a perfect background for photos. For Instagram worth pictures, opt for a sunset cruise when the city lights come to life.

Relaxed Atmosphere

The serene ambiance of a dhow cruise makes it perfect for unwinding. You can enjoy the peaceful moments with family, friends, or even alone.

Indoor or Outdoor Dining

One good thing about Dubai cruises is that you have options. You an choose to dine either in the indoor or the outdoor deck as you enjoy the breeze and views. The indoor deck is fitted with AC so there is fresh circulation of air.

Sightseeing Experience

A dhow cruise sails past historic and modern landmarks, depending on the route. Some cruises include a live or recorded commentary to help you identify the landmarks.

Traditional Yet Luxurious

Dhow boats are traditional vessels that have been turned onto luxurious cruise ships. The boats have traditional furnishing and decorated with beautiful Arabic designs. A dhow cruise offers you both the cultural and elegant vibe.

Best Time to Visit Dhow Cruise in Dubai

As discussed, Dubai dhow cruises have different options to choose from. There are day and night cruises offering either sightseeing or luxury dining experiences.

Daytime cruises are ideal for those who want to go for sightseeing. An evening cruise is perfect for those looking for luxurious dinner and entertainment.

Choose either a morning or afternoon cruise to explore the city’s architecture. Avoid the open deck when it is sunny.

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Popular Dhow Cruise Routes

01Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise

Dubai Creek is the gateway to Dubai’s history. Cruise along the historic Dubai Creek waters to see the past and rich heritage of the city.

Map View

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Al seef
route icon
Sail By
  • View of rolex tower
  • Emirates NBD Buildings
  • Spot Dubai abras
  • Gold souk (exterior view)
  • Cruise under the infinity bridge
  • View of old dubai & heritage village
route icon
Back to the Al-seef
Dubai Creek Dhow cruise map


Step Back in Time

Visit Al Bastakiya district, a historical neighborhood. Here, you will find ancient buildings that showcase the historical architecture of the region.

Ancient Marketplace

The Spice Souk and Gold Souk are traditional markets you will see while on a dhow cruise. Watch as dhow vessels load and unload goods at the marketplaces.

Blend of Eras

Explore Al Seef and admire the perfectly fused modern and traditional Emirati architecture. Capture breathtaking pictures of this charming neighborhood for memories.

Living History

Pass through the Heritage Village and learn about the traditional craftmanship and culture of the region.

Cultural Experience

Enjoy the traditional Tanoura dance and live music aboard a Dubai Creek dhow cruise.

Dine with a View

Enjoy a delicious meal while taking in beautiful views. Get a different view point of the historical Dubai.

02Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise

Dubai marina is the perfect representation of luxury and urbanity. Peek into the modern beauty of Dubai by getting on a Dubai Marina dhow cruise.

Map View

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Dubai Marina
route icon
Sail By
  • Marina Canal
  • Open sea
  • Bluewaters Island
  • Marina Skyline view
  • View of Dubai Ain wheel
  • Atlantis far view
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Drop back to the dubai marina
Dubai Marina Dhow cruise map


Skyline Charm

Dubai Marina is surrounded by skyscrapers. Admire the modern architecture and the city landmarks.

Stroll by the Marina

Walk through the marina promenade. Chek out the variety of waterfront restaurants, cafes and shops.

The Eye of Dubai

Sail through Ain Dubai which is the largest observation wheel in the world. At night the wheel lights up against the night sky making it even more beautiful.

Yachts and Residences

Dubai marina hosts some of the most lavish yachts and luxurious waterfront homes. Get a glimpse of the city’s elegant lifestyle when cruising through Marina waters.

Entertainment Extravaganza

For extra entertainment, board a dhow cruise offering live music and dance performances.

Culinary Delights

A Dhow cruise dinner is an integral part of the experience. Enjoy gourmet dining aboard a dhow.

Nighttime Enchantment

Dubai marina at night is usually very fascinating. The city lights reflect on the water creating a magical and romantic environment.

03Dubai Water Canal Dhow Cruise

The Dubai canal is a modern waterway and is home to many attractions.

Map View

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Dubai Festival City Mall
route icon
Sail By
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Library
  • Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Burj Khalifa (far view)
  • Ras Al Khor Sanctuary
  • Business Bay
  • Sheikh Zayed Road Waterfall
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Dubai Festival City Mall
Dubai Canal Dhow cruise map


Waterfall Bridge

Cruise below the magical Waterfall Bridge. The waterfall stops when a vessel is passing and continues after. At night, the waterfall gets illuminated making it more stunning.

Dubai Design District

Pass through the Dubai design district. This is home to creative minds and would interest those interested in art.

Business Bay

The Business Bay area is famous for its distinct architecture and lavish developments.

Lights Come Alive

Enjoy the magical light show at the canal during the night. Admire the displays of color reflected on the waterway and its surroundings.

Feast in Style

Enjoy buffet dining while in the canal’s artistic ambiance.

Every dhow cruise route in Dubai offers a unique experience. You can choose to embark a historical or modern adventure to discover Dubai.

Enjoy cultural entertainment and buffet dinner while cruising the Dubai waters.

Tips and Recommendations

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Dress Appropriately

Research about the current weather and dress appropriate. Put on comfy and breathable fabrics like cotton.

Carry a jacket when going for an evening cruise as it may get chilly.

Put on shoes with non-slip soles for easier movement while onboard.

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Sun Protection

Use sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Also, carry sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection.

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Camera and Binoculars

Carry a camera or smartphone to capture the beautiful views and memories.

Binoculars are idea to view distant sceneries and bird watching.

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Motion Sickness Remedies

If you usually have motion sickness, get over the counter medications. You may also try natural remedies like ginger tea.

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Cash and Tipping

Carry local currency (dirhams) to tip the crew. Tipping is a local custom in Dubai.

Ask your tour guide the appropriate tipping amounts.

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Personal Items

Carry your passport or valid ID for check-in. pack essentials like sunscreen, camera and personal items in a small bag or backpack.

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Arrive Early

Dhow cruises depart on fixed times. Arrive at the departure point a bit early to give time for check in.

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Be Open to New Experiences

Do not just sit and watch. Join the cultural activities like traditional dances to make the most of your experience.

Chat with other visitors onboard to socialize.


Dhow cruise Dubai is an experience where visitors board a traditional boat and sail the Dubai waters. The cruise offers scenic views, cultural experiences, dining and entertainment.

The best dhow cruise depends on your preferences based on location, budget and experiences you want. Research and read reviews from other travelers to decide on what you want. Reach out to your tour operator to book a cruise that suits your needs.

There are various dhow cruise locations in Dubai. the most popular ones are Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and Dubai Water Canal.

The departure point varies based on the operator and location. For Dubai Marina, the departure point is usually the Dubai marina walk or the nearby marinas. The departure point for a Dubai Creek cruise is usually Deira or Bur Dubai.

Seating is different for different types of dhows and operators. You may sit in the upper or lower deck in dhows that have both. Lower decks offer air-conditioned comfort while the upper deck offers unobstructed views.

Most dhow cruises include live entertainment. Enjoy traditional Arabic music, dance performances and even magic shows onboard. Check in with your operator to know the specific entertainment they offer.

A dhow is a traditional Arabian boat used for trade in the past. Now, the boat has been transformed to a luxurious vessel. It is used for tourism purposes and as a floating restaurant.

A dhow cruise dinner is a dining experience while sailing on a dhow. It includes a buffet dinner with a variety of Arabic and international cuisines. Enjoy your meal while sailing the stunning Dubai waters.

Activities on a dhow cruise are dining, sightseeing, relaxation and live entertainment. Engage in all these activities while enjoying the stunning views of the surroundings.

Some cruises offer additional activities like henna painting and onboard photography.

You can use public or private transport, or even hire a taxi. Most tour operators will sed you clear directions to their specific boarding locations.