An Insider Guide For Kayaking Abu Dhabi - With ideal locations and Tips 2021

Abu Dhabi is blessed with numerous kayaking options that can be enjoyed in any of its multiple kayaking hotspots. This Kayaking Abu Dhabi insider guide prepared by Arabiers gives you a good insight into the ideal kayaking venues in Abu Dhabi and some useful tips that will help you choose a memorable kayaking experience.


Best Kayaking locations in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is teeming with lush mangrove forests that lie among spectacular beaches, both of which are ideal places to give kayaking a go when in the city. Numerous professional companies offer kayaking adventures and mentioned below is a list of the top venues to have a memorable kayak experience.

Eastern mangroves Abu Dhabi Kayaking

Visitors are mostly used to seeing Abu Dhabi's modern side; creative high-rises, award-winning restaurants, record-breaking attractions and gigantic malls, to name a few. If you think that Abu Dhabi is all about the glam, discover it's raw side by boarding a kayak and paddling your way through the meandering canals of the eastern mangroves situated harmoniously amidst the metropolis. Open your mind to a whole new perspective of Abu Dhabi by picking a preferred timing (7AM, 9AM, 11AM, 2PM & 4PM) and follow your guide into the heart of this natural wonder. As you navigate through the mangroves you might spot rare species of birds, a variety of marine and mammal life, turtles, foxes and even some flamingos.

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Louvre Abu Dhabi Kayaking

Are you ready to try out a unique way of sightseeing the Louvre Abu Dhabi's mind-blowing structure? Get hold of an oar and guide your way around it on board a kayak. Designed by a star architect, the Louvre's architecture is a masterpiece in itself as it is inspired by many Emirati elements. A professional guide will accompany you during this 60-minute tour. To maintain high safety standards a small briefing is given about paddling and other safety procedures before the tour starts. Kayakers of all levels are welcome and no experience is required for beginner kayakers. Parents or guardians should accompany children between 6 to 12 years of age. Guests opting for this tour are requested to dress appropriately. Changing rooms are present in close proximity to the meeting point. In case of sudden changes in weather the activities can be postponed or cancelled. If a session is cancelled you will be notified via phone. Cash and credit card payments are accepted for this experience.

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Jubail Island kayaking

Positioned between Saadiyat and Yas islands, Jubail 15 minute drive from downtown Abu Dhabi and is a darling due to the stunning seashore sceneries it promises. Covering a total of 400 hectares of luxury and mid-range residential areas, retail options, offices and restaurants doesn't limit its capability to sustain Jubail's native mangrove ecosystem. You will be surprised by the amazing kayaking experience.

Al Bahia Beach kayaking

Grab a paddle and explore the shores of Abu Dhabi's Al Bahia beach with the help of your experience guide. This location is ideal for kayaking enthusiasts of all levels and promises a memorable experience sure to the serene atmosphere and good views. If this is your first time kayaking, the guide will happily arrange a 30 minute hands-on lesson before your kayaking experience begins.

Zaya Nurai Island kayaking

Enjoy a spectacular kayaking experience in the waters of an island regarded as the Maldives of UAE. The Zaya Nurai Island also has stand up paddle boarding experiences in addition to kayaking. These two activities are ideal to enjoy the Azure blue waters and the stunning views that surround it. This stunning island is a mere 12-minute boat ride away from the cultural Saadiyat island and a 60 minute drive from downtown Dubai. Some of this island resort's attractive features are it's lush greenery, soft sand and stunning water..

Wadi Adventure kayaking – Al Ain

Extending over 1,100 meters, the whitewater channels at Wadi are regarded as the lengthiest in the world. Don't be spooked by its size as this location is ideal for anyone from beginners to experts. In addition to safety checks and pre-tour safety briefings, all rapids have a conveyor belt access. Safety gear is provided and lessons are also conducted for anyone who wants to learn the ropes before trying kayaking.

Saadiyat island kayaking

The 400m lengthy beach of Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island is an ideal location for eco-friendly water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding. The warm waters that engulf this island are also frequented by dolphins that pop their heads up for a hello during kayaking sessions.

Abu Dhabi Corniche Kayaking

More populated compared to other Abu Dhabi kayaking spots doesn't prevent guests from having an amazing experience kayaking in the Abu Dhabi corniche. A 75 minute kayaking expedition will let you go from Hiltonia beach club to the UAE flagpole and back. If you stay close to the coast you can clearly spot attractions like the Abu Dhabi theater, Heritage Village, Marina Mall,etc and also get a good perspective of the Abu Dhabi skyline. If you are more of an experienced kayaker then a 4 hour kayaking trip to Lulu island and back is also an option you should consider trying.

Sir Bani Yas island Kayaking

Nature-centric safaris, adventure excursions and spa retreats are few of the numerous activities that are available in Sir Bani Yas Island, a place that is regarded as the “World's Leading Tourism Destination”. One of the most popular of these activities is the expert-guided mangrove kayaking excursion that takes you between the lush mangroves of Abu Dhabi. Available throughout the year, this tour also includes a good lesson on the plants in the mangroves and their crucial role in the coastal environment. High tides are ideal for deeper exploration whereas low tide gives you a better chance of spotting crab, fish and many birds. Guides are well-experienced in emergency and safety procedures and provide hands-on instruction. Your kayak will be equipped with an emergency first aid kit and. You will be given a life jacket, but it is preferred if you wear clothes and shoes suitable for watersports as you have a high chance of getting wet. If the weather is sunny on your excursion day bring a hat and some sunscreen. A towel and some extra clothes will be necessary after the excursion. If you have access to waterproof camera equipment it's recommended you bring them along as the photo opportunities are high.

Yas Links Golf Club


Kayaking Rates list

Location Per adult – AED Per child - AED Remarks
Eastern mangroves 160 130 Single, double, family kayak boats available
Louvre Abu Dhabi 120 120 full moon tour around the museum available
Jubail Island 200 120 Needs to be booked in advance
Al Bahia Beach 250 120 2 hours tour
Zaya Nurai island 250 120 Day passes at the cost of AED 480, AED 420 can be redeemable on F&B, spa and activities.
Wadi Adventure 175 AED + Entry 65 AED for adults 120 Guests must be higher then 1.2m
Saadiyat island 175 AED + Entry 65 AED for adults 120 Guests must be higher then 1.2m
Abu Dhabi corniche 175 AED + Entry 65 AED for adults 120 Guests must be higher then 1.2m
Sir bani yas island 175 AED + Entry 65 AED for adults 120 Suitable for corporate team building


Companies offering kayaking in Abu Dhabi

  • If you are looking for a thrilling activity for the whole family to enjoy, Sea Hawk’s Kayaking trips along the Abu Dhabi mangrove forests is the ideal option to choose. Kids between 3 to 12 years of age are charged 130 AED (USD 30) and adults are charged 160 AED (USD 41). If you want to know more, visit
  • Abu Dhabi’s front runner in Kayaking excursions, Noukhada offers a more picturesque excursion into ABu Dhabi’s natural mangroves and around numerous islands that offer a spectacular view of the city’s imposing skyline. You can choose the Low or High Tide Kayaking tour that is priced at 150 AED (USD 41) for roughly 2 hours. The monthly full moon tour is a special option that is priced at 200 AED (USD 54) per person. If you have enough time to spare you can go for Noukhada’s half-day island exploring tours for a price 250 AED (USD 67) per person with optional add-ons like beach BBQ for 350 AED (USD 95) per person or overnight camping for 450 AED (USD 123) per person. They also have Kayaks, windsurfing boards, SUPs and sailing boats for rent along with lessons too. Find out more at
  • Wadi adventure amazingly combines the fun of water with the thrill of adrenaline with its many exciting tours. The region’s first artificial white water rafting, kayaking in the world’s longest kayaking channel (1.7 kilometre) and surfing are offered at the base of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain. Lessons are taught by well-qualified trainers and are available for adventurers of all levels. You can bring your own gear or rent it out from the on-site shop. Visit for more details.
  • Numerous marine sports and activities like Kayaking are offered In WMSC (Western Marine Sports Club) which is Al Dhafra’s first watersport provider. You can find out more by visiting them at Mirfa Hotel or at
  • Kayaking excursions through Sir Bani Yas Island are offered by the Desert Islands Watersports Centre. This no-fishing area extends for a stretch of 8 kilometres. Know more by visiting


List of parks in Abu Dhabi

  1. 1. Eastern Mangrove Lagoon National Park
  2. 2. Jubail Mangrove Park
  3. 3. Abu Dhabi corniche

01 Eastern Mangrove Lagoon National Park

Situated in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi’s city centre, the mangrove forests of the Mangrove National Park plays a vital role in the Emirate’s ecosystem. Ths biodiversity hotspot is regulated by the EAD (Environment Agency Abu Dhabi) and makes up 75 percent of the mangrove forests in the UAE. In addition to mangroves, the forests constitute algal communities. salt marshes and mud flats. A safe haven for humans and animals alike, the mangroves are not only a home to a variety of aquatic animals, bird species, mammals and reptiles but also protects the region from tidal surges as the trees act as windbreakers. It also plays a role in purifying the water and reducing carbon dioxide in the air. Crabs, herons, flamingos, turtles, foxes and dolphins are few of the commonly sighted animals.

  • Eastern Mangrove Lagoon National park kayaking guided tour
  • Eastern Mangrove stand up paddling
  • Eastern Mangrove Eco boat tour
  • Eastern Mangrove dhow boat sightseeing tour
  • Dine at BOA steak house restaurant
  • Mangrove promenade restaurants and walking

02 Jubail Mangrove Park

Abu Dhabi’s first mangrove park that is self-sustained and offers educational, natural and leisure excursions. This mangrove sanctuary is a safe spot for birds and aquatic species. The park is equipped with boardwalks that guide visitors to different areas. The park strives to inculcate awareness, appreciation and understanding of the crucial roles the mangrove forests play in supporting the biodiversity of the Abu Dhabi coastal belt.

  • Jubail island kayaking
  • Walking tour of mangrove & visiting the floating platform
  • Meet the rangers & ask various aspects of ecology
  • Group tour - larger groups, including school tours and tourists
  • Bird watching

03 Abu Dhabi corniche

The 8 kilometre-long corniche road shows off a perfectly manicured waterfront equipped with kid’s play areas , cafes, restaurants and separate pathways for walking and cycling. The corniche beach park has numerous beach umbrellas that are filled in the weekends. The beach is watched by lifeguards and a floating ence keeps swimmers within a 40 meter distance from the shore. The Abu Dhabi Corniche is given the cherished Blue Flag Status, an eco-friendly guarantee which indicates clean waters in beaches and marinas. The corniche is sectioned into families, singles and a general area to accommodate the 50,000 orso visitors that visit this attraction.


Kayak shop Abu Dhabi

If you enjoy doing things solo-style or want to own a kayak and kayak around during the weekends, listed below are some kayak shops that sell kayaking gear and other necessities.


Adventure HQ

Adventure HQ, Dalma Mall - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

+971 2 445 6995


GO Sport

3rd Floor, Abu Dhabi Mall - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

+971 2 645 4595


Tactical-Trading (Abu Dhabi Branch)

+971 2 666 0303


Gulf Marine Sports

+971 2 671 0017


Kayaking events

Not many kayaking events are held in Abu Dhabi, however you could join for a kayaking group at meet up


Paddle boarding (SUP) in Abu Dhabi

  • Captain Tony organizes amazing tours that explore the depths of the mangrove natural reserve with trainers who are professional,friendly and well-trained. The provider offers guided tours and SUP rentals. Although hydro marine were the front runners of SUP in the eastern mangrove, Captain Tony has taken over. For more about their schedule visit
  • Eywoa provides Paddle boarding in the Yas Island Canal with an option of three different paths. The paths differ in the time duration and gives the guest flexibility to choose which option suits best for their available time. The green path, blue path and yellow path that operates for a duration of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes respectively. Eywoa provides a board paddle, best and small dry bag on all their tours. Check
  • The Western Marine Sports Club (WMSC) in Al Dhafra offers watersports like paddle boarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, kneeboarding, parasailing, pedal board and many more. Find out by visiting
  • Courses in sailing, powerboating, wind surfing, SUP, kayaking and water skiing are offered by Watercooled Watersports. Activities like Zap Cat thrill rides, towed inflatables and fishing are also provided.
  • A unique, lifestyle and leisure locale, the Jalboot watersports centre boasts a spectacular waterfront that offers both motorized and non motorized activities. Organized by wake up adventure and Jalboot guests can experience SUP yoga, wakeboarding and more. Find out about their many water activities by visiting