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Dubai Dolphinarium Tickets Highlights

  • tick iconGrab your Dubai Dolphinarium tickets and prepare to be amazed as dolphins and seals juggle, dance, play balls, chant, and leap through hoops. You can also watch them work on their own acts.
  • tick iconThe main point of interest is the 45-minute Live dolphin performances in Dubai Dolphinarium.
  • tick iconExperience the one and only Creek Park exotic bird show that is available in the Middle East, where beautiful birds entertain and fly above the top of your head.
  • tick iconPrepare to be amazed by the Creek Park Bird Show, where birds such as Amazon parrots, golden and blue macaws, cockatoos, falcons, and many others are going to amaze you with their skills, aptitude, and displays. Their tricks are capable of leading you to believe that the "Bird Brain Theory" is incorrect.
  • tick iconPurchase a ticket to the Dubai Dolphinarium and get numerous Photography opportunities at Dubai Dolphinarium to remember this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Dolphin Show Dubai Tickets Overview

Dubai Dolphinarium, situated inside the Creek Park of Dubai and extended over 54,000 square feet, is an extraordinary location that can be included in your Dubai itinerary and you can watch two spectacular shows- Dolphin and Seal Show and Bird Show. Experience the events in a 180-degree amphitheatre with high-tech lighting and sound setup. It's a treat to see these intelligent creatures engage in many different tasks and to observe the beautiful birds in Creek Park.

Dolphinarium located :

It is located in Riyadh Street, Inside the Creek Park Gate 1 - Dubai Dolphinarium Building - Umm Hurair 2.

Note :

The Dolphinarium will be closed on Tuesdays.

The Dolphin and Seal Show

The Dolphin and Seal Show
Approximate Cost
ADULT - 89 AED - 25 USD
Opening hours

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show
Approximate Cost
ADULT - 50 AED - 14 USD
Opening hours

What You Should Expect

Dolphin and Seal Show
Dolphin and Seal Show

Don't pass up the chance to be wowed by these charming and brilliant aquatic animals. Only at Dubai Dolphinarium Dolphin & Sea shows can you see these mammals demonstrate their abilities and perform remarkable tricks. The 45-minute indoor Dolphin interaction sessions in Dubai Dolphinarium displays the incredible abilities of these wonderful animals.

Admire the dolphins and seals as they dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops, and even make their own masterpiece. Do not miss the Middle East's only Dolphin and Seal display. Experience this one-of-a-kind indoor dolphin adventure with your family and friends.

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

Expect to be impressed by one of the most interesting and spectacular birds of different species performing tricks that will undoubtedly prove the bird Brain Theory incorrect. Sun conures, Amazon parrots, cockatoos, blue and gold macaws, green-winged macaws, hornbills, toucans, falcons, and Eclectus parrots.

They are among the gorgeous and unique bird species waiting to astonish you by demonstrating their talents and abilities. As the birds soar overhead and interact with the crowd, you may become a part of the show.

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show

They are among the gorgeous and unique bird species waiting to astonish you by demonstrating their talents and abilities. As the birds soar overhead and interact with the crowd, you may become a part of the show.


Know Before You Go

  • tick iconMake sure to arrive at the location at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the program.
  • tick iconThe entrances open 45 minutes before the show, and all visitors must be seated in their seats at least 30 minutes before their specified show time.
  • tick iconOn Tuesdays, the Dolphinarium will be closed.
  • tick iconUpon getting there, all international visitors must share their passport and visa information.
  • tick iconVIP seats are set up in the middle of the arena, while normal seats are located along the sides.
  • tick iconThe entrance price for foreigners is 5 AED (Ticket), and the fee for UAE residents is 30 AED (NOL card); this payment is imposed by Dubai Municipality and is unchangeable.
  • tick iconChildren have to be at least 8 years old and skilled swimmers to participate in water activities.
  • tick iconYou are able to cancel your Dubai Dolphin show tickets no less than 24 hours before the performance begins and receive a full refund.

How to reach dubai dolphinarium ?

Click here to get the exact location.

  1. right arrow iconCreek Park's Gate 1 is where the Dubai Dolphinarium is located.
  2. right arrow iconIn the event that you are going by metro, use the green line to get to Dubai Healthcare City.
  3. right arrow iconIf you're riding the bus, get off at the Creek Park Gate on the C7 line.
  4. right arrow iconYou are able to take a taxi, bus, or metro if you are travelling from Zayed Road or Oud Metha. Because numerous metro stations are located near Dubai Dolphinarium, getting there will be simple.
  5. right arrow iconThere is free parking near Creek Park Gate 1 for all Dubai Dolphinarium visitors, but it is based on availability. Guests are encouraged to arrive early before the show to take advantage of the free parking.

Dubai dolphinarium Tickets FAQs

The Dubai Dolphinarium opens from the start of the day until late at night and can be visited at any time. The shows may be seen at any time of day or night, and every single time you are able to witness a fresh experience. From feeding sessions to incredible displays, you can spend a fascinating day here.
Attend the Dolphin and Seal Show: While in Dubai, don't miss the renowned Dolphin and Seal Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium. This provides one of the best presentations while these aquatic animals put on a show and demonstrate their unique mental and physical abilities.
Creek Park Exotic Bird Show: Following the performance of dolphins and seals, the birds arrive. Creek Park Exotic Bird Show is another show that features over twenty different types of birds such as parrots Blue and Gold Macaws, Eclectus Parrots, Green Winged Macaws, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, African Grey, Sun Conures, and the Red Billed Hornbill, among several others.
You can purchase these added experiences :
Swimming and Dolphin Meet & Greet : Dolphins are considered to be among the planet's most intelligent and human-friendly species, and when you visit Dubai, you may not only witness them perform a performance for you, but you can also swim and interact with them. Everything is done according to the supervision of experts and is thus risk-free.
Mirror Maze : The following is one of the most fascinating and eye-catching sites. Mirror maze will undoubtedly delight anyone looking for some fun and adventure. This one-of-a-kind mirror maze is here to trap you, and the only way out is to see yourself and trust your instincts.
Yes. You are able to not just witness them swim from one spot to a different one at the Dolphin Dolphinarium, but you can also go swimming with them. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you may interact with them here. The greatest benefit is that everything is done under the observation of skilled professionals, so there is no need for you to be concerned.
Dubai Dolphinarium, which boasts the only mirror maze in the UAE, attracts a large number of people. All you need is a little concentration since the paths will confuse you. The structure of the system is completely disorganized, with intricate combinations of reflecting mirrors. It's a little tricky to find your way around, but if you figure it out, you'll be able to get out quickly.
Yes, the trip is definitely worth each moment spent there as well as the money spent on tickets. The Dubai Dolphinarium provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with dolphins. You may also watch a 45-minute dolphin show where the graceful mammals dance, juggle, and even paint. Aside from dolphins, you'll encounter fur seals and 20 non-native parrot species, as well as interesting additions like a mirror maze, a 7D/5D cinema, and a trampoline.
Riyadh Street, Near Creek Park Gate 1 - Dubai Dolphinarium Building - Umm Hurair 2 - Dubai - UAE.
It will take around 45 minutes to an hour. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind 45-minute show displaying the best seals and dolphins in the Middle East. Explore the gigantic Dubai Dolphinarium with excellent aquatic services.
Yes, you are able to purchase tickets online with us or on the official website.
They are open from 10 AM to 7 p.m. every day of the week but are closed on Tuesdays.
You are not permitted to take photographs or videos within the Dolphin Dolphinarium, although there are professional photographers available to purchase photographs from.