E-visa Saudi Arabia - Easy Guide with 2024 updates

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2019 released the Saudi vision 2030 which included visa reforms. One of the visa reforms that has been implemented is the e visa program which is a strategy to help boost tourism in the country by welcoming tourists from across the world.

In this guide we will discuss the new Saudi Arabia e-visa and tell you how to apply for it and how much it will cost you.

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

August 30, 2023 | 13 min read

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What is Saudi's e-Visa program

Saudi Arabia e visa Countries List

Since September 2019 after the new visa reforms, GCC residents and citizens of 63 countries can now easily apply for a Saudi e-visa. those who qualify for the e-visa no longer have to go through the tiring process of applying for the regular visas because applying for the e-visa is much easier.

Countries that Qualify for Saudi Arabia e-Visa

North America










GCC residents eligible for Saudi Arabia e visa

Citizens of the GCC countries and the residents with specific occupations can easily apply for a Saudi e-Visa from their resident country. Passport holders and those with a residence visa in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE only need a few documents and their Saudi visa will be processed.

They only need to submit a copy of their GCC resident visa permit, a scanned copy of their passport and a recent photo that is taken against a white background.

Documents Required

If you are applying for the Saudi e-visa, because the process is online, you need to scan the documents that are required and send them to the Arabiers team in soft copy. Here are the documents you need to apply for a Saudi e-visa :

  • A copy of your UAE residence visa
  • A copy of your passport
  • A photograph of yourself taken against a white background

Saudi Arabia e Visa Fee

Saudi Arabia e Visa Fee

You will spend a total of around 599 AED to apply for the Saudi e-visa. This price includes the consultation fees, collection of documents, typing the application, payment of the visa fees to the Saudi embassy and a travel insurance.

If you are 75 years old and above, and applying for this visa, you will have to pay more money to buy a n insurance cover.


The Saudi e-visa is valid for one year from the first date you enter the kingdom. It is a multiple entry type of visa and allows you to stay a total of 90 days during the one-year period.

Saudi Arabia e visa aplication


An e-visa to Saudi Arabia can only be applied online and takes 2 to 3 working days to be ready. Just like in the UAE, Saudi Arabia from January 1 2022 changed its working days and now government offices open from Monday to Friday noon.

It is therefore advisable if you apply for the e-visa during the working days to avoid delays in processing. Below is the easy process to follow to apply for a Saudi visa :

  • 01   First, contact Arabiers and send us the necessary documents
  • 02   You will get a reply from us immediately
  • 03   Also, tell us whether you will be performing Umra in Saudi Arabia or not
  • 04   Inform us the airport you want to land in
  • 05   Next, tell us the approximate date you want to travel
  • 06   After that, we will send you a double secured payment link where you will pay the visa fees
  • 07   We will then proceed with applying for your visa and also apply for your insurance
  • 08   Once the visa is approved, we will send it to you
  • 09   After that, book a flight to Saudi and a hotel there
  • 10   Send us your flight ticket
  • 11   After that, we will double confirm to ensure your insurance is activated
  • 12   Finally prepare to travel to Saudi Arabia


If you are travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including those who are travelling from the UAE, you need to have a valid travel insurance so that you can be allowed entry into the country.

  • When you apply for a Saudi visa, your insurance policy is activated on the date you are expected to travel to Saudi, that is the date registered on MOFA’s Visa Issuance System (Enjaz).
  • Immediately your insurance policy gets activated, we will email you with an electronic copy of the insurance and an electronic medial card.
  • If you want to cancel the insurance, you will also have to cancel your Saudi visit visa from the Saudi Embassy or the consulate office.
  • Moreover, if the Saudi visit visa is issued after the date you expected to arrive in Saudi, we will activate your travel insurance on the date your visa was issued to you.
Type of insurance
Benefits and the limit of coverage provided by this policy: the highest benefit threshold for each individual for the length of the policy, which also includes any lesser thresholds laid out in this policy 100000 SAR
The costs of diagnosing and treating urgent cases Up to the policy limit
Hospitalization expenses
Excess percentage (contribution in payment) No
Hospitalization Up to the policy limit
The patient's accommodation and daily allowance, covers bed wages, nursing care, visits, medical supervision, and life-supporting services but excludes the expense of medicines and medical supplies prescribed by the doctor Shared room and up to a limit of SAR 600 /day
Accommodation limit for patient's escort Shared room and up to a limit of SAR 150/day
Treatment of emergency maternity and delivery cases Up to SAR 5000 for the duration of the Policy
Cost of travel and accompanying of one direct family member Up to SAR 5000 for the duration of the policy
Emergency dental treatment Up to SAR 500 for the duration of the policy
The expenses of the birth and treatment of premature babies Up to the policy limit
Treatment to injuries resulting from road traffic accidents Up to the policy limit
The expenses of emergency kidney Dialysis Up to the policy limit
Emergency Medical Evacuation inside and outside the Kingdom Up to the policy limit
Repatriation of mortal remains to the country of origin Up to SAR 10000 for the duration of the policy
COVID-19 Risks Coverage
Cases insurance coverage COVID-19 Minimum coverage
Medical emergencies 650,000 riyals
Costs of medical isolation 450 riyals per day, with a maximum of 14 days
Return the remains of the deceased to his original home Actual costs
Medical evacuation Actual costs

Approved professions

If you live in any of the GCC countries and also have a valid GCC resident visa and you want to travel to Saudi Arabia, you must be in one of the occupations that are mentioned below to qualify to apply for the Saudi e-visa.


  • Your GCC residency visa must be valid for at least 3 months.
  • Your profession should be mentioned in the list above.
  • Children under 18 should wait until their parent’s visa is approved so that they can apply for one.
  • Your passport should be valid for over 6 months.


August 22, 2022

Saudi Arabia loosened all the COVID-19 regulations including the need for a PCR test before entering the country and quarantine when you arrive in the country.

Experiences in Saudi Arabia

Many people think Saudi Arabia is a barren country because of the huge desert, but when you go there you will be surprised at how much the country has to offer in terms of tourism.

Here are some of the best destinations you can visit in Saudi Arabia :

1. Al Hijr, Saudi Arabia

Al Hijr, Saudi Arabia

Mada’In Saleh is a city in the Medina Province and it is full with old tombs chiseled into sandstone. The Nabateans, pastoral nomads originating in the Hejaz region of northwest Saudi Arabia carved the tombs here and referred to Mada’In Saleh as a Hegra.

While here, you can also visit the 131 gigantic rocks cut out tombs that act as antique artifacts from the past.

2. Outdoor Activities in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Outdoor Activities in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia authority opened the door for all visitors from across the world in 2019 and since then the Saudi Arabian shoreline between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf coast have welcomed many visitors. The brand-new coast attracts many people who want to explore it and those who want to participate in outdoor water activities.

You can rent a boat at the Red Sea Marina, go for snorkeling or scuba diving or even camp at the beach over the weekend. If you want to camp by the beach, you have to ask for permission from the coast guard. Also, you can go for kitesurfing on the beaches in Jeddah.

3. The King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival, Saudi Arabia

The King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival, Saudi Arabia

Many Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia practice the Falconry sport, which typically involves using trained falcons to hunt wild animals.

You can attend the King Abdulaziz Festival of Falconry here which is hosted at the Saudi Falcons Club and in attendance are the owners of falcons from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council. The festival is an opportunity for you to learn about the unique cultural heritage of the kingdom.

4. Al Balad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Balad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al Balad, a town located right in the middle of Jeddah’s old city and is a living tribute to the history of Jeddah. Here you will find beautiful mosques and traditional historical buildings. This UNESCO World Heritage site existed since the 7th century and is home to popular historical structures like the Al-Nassif House and the Al-Jamjoom House.

5. Jabal al Qahar

Jabal al Qahar

Jabal al Qahar which translates to the ‘Mountain of frustration’, is a barren plateau located in the Asir mountains of Saudi Arabia. The plateau is around 2,000 meters tall and is known for its mysterious nature.

Tour the destination and learn of all the tales surrounding its existence.

6. Wadi-e Jinn

Wadi-e Jinn

Wadi-e Jinn is a 15-kilometer-long valley that is famous for the optical illusion it creates. When a car is in neutral state at the valley, it appears to be moving uphill. This phenomenon is called the ‘gravity hill’ and is believed to be caused by magnetism and some supernatural forces.

The optical illusion is caused by the landscape’s slight tilt so the road appears to be gradually slopping uphill. You can go for picnic or camp along the road so that you can enjoy the views.

7. Salma Palace

Salma Palace

Salma Palace was built back in the 10th century under the instructions of Prince Hammad Al- Jumaili to protect himself and the territory from his neighbor and great enemy Sharif Hassan bin Abi Nami. The palace has very tall walls that helped protect the city from being invaded.

8. Wadi al-Dawasir

Wadi al-Dawasir

When you look at a clear satellite image of the Wadi al-Dawasir in Saudi Arabia, it reveals a dense collection of green circles on a north-south axis. The circles are built of crops of alfalfa plantations, small wheat farms and vegetables.

Even though the crops are all green, their colors and reflections are different depending on the type of crop, its thickness and health.

The circular fields are a little under a kilometer in diameter and were created through the Centre pivot irrigation. This is where a well that is 100 to 200 meters deep is dug to access water from the underground.

When the water is pumped out it is combined with fertilizer and then spread out to the farms through spinning sprinklers.

9. Al Yanfa

Al Yanfa

Al Yanfa village is located in the Sahn Tamniah mountain range in the Asir region which is in the southwest Saudi Arabia. Asir, translates to ‘difficult’ and refers to the steep slopes of the mountains that cover the area.

People living in this region decide to create a network of warrens under the buildings so that they can use them to access the furthest buildings. Each building has a direct access to the pathways and they are illuminated by wooden beams.

10. Al Shallal Theme Park

Mount Horeb

If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia with your friends or family, you can visit the Al Shallal theme park in Jeddah which is a family friendly destination. Here at the park, there are simple rides that even kids can enjoy and a skating rink.

There are also artificial lakes and waterfalls, a shopping mall and variety of restaurants where you can eat from.