Top Tourist Attractions in UAE: Detailed Guide 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to a plethora of fascinating tourist destinations, many of which combine cutting-edge architectural feats with deep cultural roots. Given the extensive range of attractions that are available to be visited in the UAE, we at Arabiers have compiled a list of the most iconic top attractions in the UAE for you to prioritize. Simply clicking on favorite attraction and will be directed to a section containing simple & vital information about your appealing attraction.

Attractions Updates


Winter is coming.! - Doors open for the attractions

The Suhail star has been sighted and indicates the end of the UAE's summer season and the beginning of cooler weather. Although the sighting doesn't certify the beginning of the winter months, it is enough proof to anticipate cooler weather to enjoy the numerous outdoor experiences that the UAE offers. This is a reason for celebration not only for residents but also for visitors, as many popular attractions reopen during this season. The streets also take on a very cheerful vibe with residents and tourists enjoying the pleasant weather. Click here to see exact reopening attractions, dates & details.

arrow icon   Source - khaleej Times