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The options for dhow cruise in Dubai in 2024 include the following that we have listed down:

Dhow Dinner Cruise Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Dhow Dinner Cruise Abu Dhabi Yas Island

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Dhow Lunch Cruise Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Dhow Lunch Cruise Abu Dhabi Yas Island

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Dhow Sightseeing Cruise Abu Dhabi Yas Island

Dhow Sightseeing Cruise Abu Dhabi Yas Island

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What is Dhow Cruise

What is Dhow cruise

A dhow in Abu Dhabi is a traditional wooden vessel which showcases the Emirati culture the Arabian traditions. The Abu Dhabi dhow cruises are becoming more and more popular among travelers who want to experience luxury with a touch of tradition.

The Abu Dhabi boat cruise is capable of hosting 50 to 100 travelers in one round making it a big dhow cruise that is perfect if you are travelling as a group.

The dhow is built using the typical boat building style where the hulls to make it are collected from stitches wooden planks. In the current times, the traditional boats have been beautifully decorated on the inside and have been converted to floating restaurants. Some have colorful lightings in the inside to make them more beautiful.

Even though most of these boats appear the same in how they are built, they each offer a unique experience for travelers who board them. They ensure that when you ride in them you receive a first-class service and you leave there a satisfied adventurer.


Historical Significance of Dhow Cruises

A dhow cruise is an important part of the Emirati maritime traditions and in the old years these traditional wooden vessels helped in trade and transportation across the Arabian seas. They were mainly used to transport goods, for fishing and for pearl diving.

In the old days the dhows were just for simple fishing and used as diving boats. With time they grew to important transport mode that helped to connect the trade routes between the Arabian Peninsula, Indian subcontinent and Eastern Africa.

In the current years the boats are now a symbol of how the modern tourism has blended well with the traditional ways of the Emiratis. They represent the UAE’s maritime heritage because now everyone who visits the country and in Abu Dhabi wants to go for one.


What’s on Buffet Dinner

Whats on Buffet Dinner

The Arabian Gulf usually becomes very colorful when the sunset arrives thus creating a magical evening for those who are going for a dhow cruise during this time.

When you arrive at the cruise the staff there treat you like a VIP and you get served with a 5-star buffet that is prepared by expert chefs from the 5-star hotel in Abu Dhabi.

On the Tables

Bakers Basket & Dips Hot mezzah (Vegetable Spring roll, Vegetable Samosa, Cheese Sambosek)


Salad Bar with a Selection of Fresh Cut Vegetables, Olives, Pickles, Sliced Onion, Carrots, Dressings & Breads, Fattoush, Moutable, Greek Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Labneh and mint, Beetroot and orange Salad


Lentil & Lemon Soup

Main Course

BBQ Beef Brisket, Lamb Pie, Chicken, Mushroom and tarragon sauce, Grilled Fish served with Lemon and Butter, Sauce, Chicken Tikka Masala, Penne Arrabiata, Saffron Rice, Creamed Potatoes, Market Garden Vegetables


Umm Ali, Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake, Mini Éclair, Fruit Salad, Baklava, Dates


Water, Soft Drinks, Tea & Coffee


Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise Route

Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise Route

The dhow cruise tour in Abu Dhabi will start at Yas Marina where you will board the traditional boat and sail through the Abu Dhabi waters. There are many routes that you can use to travel in the traditional wooden boats.

  • 01   Al Zeina : This is the first place you will cross through when on the dhow cruise tour. Zeina is a beautiful enclave in Abu Dhabi found between Al Raha Beach and the quite Al Bateen Mangroves. When you pass through here you will see how modern living has perfectly blended with the nature and when you go for the sunset cruise, you will see how the twinkling lights that come up are beautiful with a backdrop of orange and pink.
  • 02   Al Muneera when you pass Al Zeina you will arrive in Al Muneera which us situated between an island and the mainland. You will enjoy stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, Yas Island and Ferrari World when sailing through here.
  • 03   Al Dana This neighborhood is just past Al Muneera and it has beautiful views of modern architecture and a waterfront.
  • 04   Al Raha Creek When you cruise along this calm waterway you get to explore more aquatic life.
  • 05   Yas Bay This neighborhood is just after Al Raha Creek and when you are here you will see the Yas Viceroy Hotel, the Ferrari World which makes the views interesting because your backdrop wis the sea.

You tour ends when you pass Yas Bay and you will go back to where the trip started.



Adult Child
Dhow Dinner Cruise Abu Dhabi Yas Island 229 189
Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Lunch cruise 159 129
Abu Dhabi Yas Marina sightseeing cruise 129 89

What to wear?

What to wear?

When going for cruise tour in Abu Dhabi it is better to dress in lightweight and breathable fabrics that are comfortable and also clothes that respect the culture of Abu Dhabi. If you are a lady, you can wear a maxi dress or any smart casual outfit and gents can wear crisps trousers and a shirt with collar.

If you want to blend in you can choose to wear Emirati dresses and clothes that math the local culture such as a flowing white Kandura and Ghutra for men and an Abaya and headscarf for women. When wearing like the locals you feel more comfortable, connected to the culture and it also shows your obedience to the local culture.

If you are going for the evening cruise, remember to carry a light jacket or sweater because it may get chilly in the evening.


How to reach Yas Island

The easiest and best way to go to Yas Island is to take a taxi to there or ask us for private transport.


Things to do in Yas Island

Yas Island is located at the heart of Abu Dhabi and it offers tourists many interesting adventures and has unique attractions. Every type of traveler will find something to do in Yas, whether travelling alone, as a couple or even with your family.

We will look at some of the captivating things to do in Yas Island as a traveler there.

Ferrari World

1. Ferrari World

Opening Hours : 11 am to 8 pm

Ticket price : Single-day ticket price starts from 345 AED

What you get by getting a single-day ticket

  • Access to rides and attractions
  • Complimentary shuttle bus
  • Free Parking

If you want to challenge yourself and get some thrill, then the best place to go is the Ferrari World which is a large theme park. The park has many thrilling games and is rated to be one of the top attractions in Yas Island. When you are here you can ride the fastest roller coaster in the world.

Warner Bros Yas Island

2. Warner Bros Yas Island

Opening Hours : 11 am to 8 pm

Ticket price

Single-day ticket 345 AED

Single-day ticket with meal voucher 395 AED

If you love movies with superheroes and classic characters like superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Buggs Bunny, Scooby-Doo and the Flintstones, then you will enjoy being at the Warner Bros. There are 6 all unique lands in the parks, over 29 rides and family friendly entertainment in an award-winning atmosphere that is also climate controlled.

Yas Marina Circuit

3. Yas Marina Circuit

At Yas Marina Circuit, ticket prices start from:

AED 120 for adults

AED 80 for juniors

AED 50 for kids

If you love cars and racing you can go to the Yas Marina Circuit where you can join on a thrilling race whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider.

The venue gives you a chance to drive, drift, drag and also test ride premium cars when racing. You can also go cycling and karting at the Circuit or go watch experienced racers during the car event which is hosted by Etihad Airways for Formula 1 lovers.

Yas Water World

4. Yas Water World

Opening hours- 11 am to 6 pm

Tickets :

Single-day tickets- AED 295

Two park tickets - AED 475

Three park tickets- AED 575

Four park tickets - AED 675

Attractions in Yas Water World

  • Tot’s Playground
  • Amwaj
  • Bubbles Barrel
  • Yadi Yas.

If you want to feel like a child one more, go to Yas Waterworld and play in the water. There are over 40 roaring rides, slithering slides and unique experiences that you will have here. There are different thrill levels for all activities here so you can also come with your whole family.

Apart from the rides and slides, there are also special events that are hosted there for ladies or you go just go and relax at Al Waha Cabanas.

Yas Gateway Park

5. Yas Gateway Park

Opening hours- 24 hours

Yas Gateway Park is a hidden game in Yas Island and is a perfect place to visit with your family for a day trip. The park has a beautiful playground, a place to grill that is ideal for picnics and scenic paths where you can go for strolling or riding a bike.

There is also a tennis court where you can go and play and also run in the running trails that are there. The park is a green oasis with a serene ambience and large open spaces that you can go with your family to relax there.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise Tour

Some years back there were some dhow cruises that were operating near Abu Dhabi Marina Mall but currently there is only a yacht that is around that area.

You will not find a romantic dinner cruise in Abu Dhabi so if you want one you can go to Dubai.

You can book for a dhow cruise experience for a group by contacting Arabiers through email or WhatsApp at +971555334238 / +971509281665

A cruise experience in Abu Dhabi usually starts at 8 pm and ends at 10 pm. You therefore will report to the harbor at 7:30 pm so that you won’t be late as there is no refund when you get late.

If you are visiting the UAE for the first time and you are in Abu Dhabi, you should try going for a dinner cruise. Locals may not find much fun in it but for a new person it is different.

If you want to enjoy more of the dhow cruise, go from October to April when the climate is cooler.

Carry a camera or a smartphone that you can use to capture moments, a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from sunburns and also a light jacket or sweater for when it gets chilly in the evening.

You will be served with both traditional Emirati and International foods while onboard the dhow cruise.

In case of challenging weather conditions, the dhow cruise will be cancelled for the sake of your safety and your tour operator will tell you about any changes before the start date.