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  • tick iconExplore Middle East’s first bio-dome housed tropical rainforest in Green Planet Dubai.
  • tick iconGain complete access to the Creatures of the Night, Flooded Rainforest, The Forest Floor, The Mid-story, and The Canopy with your Green Planet Dubai ticket.
  • tick iconMarvel at a stunning collection of over 3,000 plants and animals while being accompanied by knowledgeable and friendly guides.
  • tick iconObserve the variety of tropical animal and bird species surrounding you.
  • tick iconSee the largest manmade tree that is life sustaining.

The Green Planet Dubai Tickets Price & Overview

Green Planet Dubai tickets
Approximate Cost
ADULT - 140 AED - 39 USD
Duration :
Opening hours :
  1. right arrow icon10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Everyday)
Location :
  1. right arrow iconCity Walk, Al Wasl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About The Green Planet Dubai :

Step into a world of boundless adventure and prepare to be captivated by natural marvels that blend the exciting worlds of nature and science. A day out at the Green Planet Dubai gives you the chance to explore the region's most extraordinary and verdant ecosystems. You will be transported to the forefront of biodiversity as you encounter the Middle East’s first tropical forest nestled within an innovative biodome. Discover an immersive tapestry of exotic flora and fauna and over 3,000 meticulously curated plants, birds, and animals as your companions. A visit to Green Planet Dubai is an exciting journey into a realm where the natural world thrives, and science unlocks its mysteries.

About The Green Planet Dubai Tickets :

By purchasing your Green Planet Dubai Tickets, you can :

  1. right arrow iconExperience the Creatures of the Night, Bug Encounter, Sugar Glider Encounter, and other such encounters in Green Planet Dubai.
  2. right arrow iconWitness a scientific and architectural wonder.
  3. right arrow iconHold and interact with a real python, observe birds soaring freely above you, catch up with the sloths and other similar chances to interact with the animals.
  4. right arrow iconExplore the intricate layers of Green Planet Dubai's biodome, from the sun-dappled Canopy to the lush Midstory, the bustling Forest Floor, and the unique habitats of the Flooded Rainforest, each unveiling a different facet of nature's wonders.
Includes :
  1. right arrow iconGet ready to feel like you're in a rainforest as animals walk around you and birds fly overhead.
  2. right arrow iconHave a special time in a tropical rainforest right in Dubai, with more than 3000 plants and animals.
  3. right arrow iconFull access to the exciting parts like Creatures of the Night, Flooded Rainforest, The Forest Floor, The Mid-story, and The Canopy.
  4. right arrow iconFriendly and knowledgeable Guides will be there to show you around.

Cancellation Policy

Once you buy the Green Planet Dubai tickets, you can't cancel them. But you have the freedom to use them any time before September 25, 2023.


Know Before You Go for The Green Planet Dubai Tickets

  • tick iconAll visitors entering The Green Planet premises must strictly adhere to the policies and guidelines set forth by The Green Planet Management.
  • tick iconAvoid taking pictures and selfies with the flash on.
  • tick iconTo maintain the safety and wellbeing of the animals and plants please refrain from feeding, touching, handling, or harassing.
  • tick iconSmoking is prohibited within the Green Planet Dubai premises.
  • tick iconModest attire is encouraged, and Green Planet reserves the right to refuse entry to visitors who don’t dress appropriately.
  • tick iconFood and drinks are not allowed within the Green Planet Dubai premises.
  • tick iconThe Green Planet Dubai ticket price only includes general admission. You will have to pay separately for the animal interactions.
  • tick iconAny COVID-19 related guidelines must be followed strictly.
  • tick iconAdult supervision is compulsory when bringing children. The adults must take full responsibility for the children they bring.

What's Inside ?

Sloth Experience
Sloth Experience

This half-an-hour long sloth encounter will not only let you take photographs of them doing their daily activities but also teach you about the important role these animals play in the rainforest.

Sugar Glider experience

A unique 20-minute encounter with the Sugar Glider of the Marsupial family gives you the chance to learn more about these creatures by asking questions from a biologist and take pictures of them.

Sugar Glider experience
Piranhas experience
Piranhas experience

We have all heard about the aggressive nature of the Piranhas that are famous for their razor-sharp bite. This encounter will give you the chance to see this in action. Witness 1000 hungry piranhas during their feeding session and learn more about these creatures with commentary from the experts.

Reptile encounter

Seize the opportunity to interact with species from the reptile kingdom. Take pictures during your interaction with them and fuel your curiosity by asking questions from a knowledgeable Green Planet Biologist.

Reptile encounter

Your Experience

The Green Planet bio-dome is a verdant oasis that stretches over an impressive 60,000 square feet. This vertical garden is not just a destination but an immersive nature experience like no other. Apart from being a haven for over 3,000 unique species of flora and fauna, it also boasts exhibitions that showcase a mesmerizing array of life forms, from the resplendent hyacinth macaw to the charismatic toco toucan. Come face-to-face with porcupines, crocodile lizards, and serpents of all shapes and sizes.

The Green Planet’s crowning jewel is the monumental Kapok-style tree which is situated in the biodome’s center and is a masterpiece that stretches an astonishing 25 meters high. This tree, the largest of its kind globally, stands as a testament to the possibility of combining nature and innovation. Beside it, a cascade of water descends, infusing the air with a refreshing mist. You can also walk around the tree-trunk using the spiral walkway or go to new heights using the elevator. If you are an adventure-seeker, the tree house perched high above is easily accessible via the rope suspension bridge offering unparalleled views.

Explore its four levels, the Flooded Rainforest, the Forest Floor, the Midstory, and finally, the Canopy. Discover the mysteries of the Bat Cave, embark on an Australian Walkabout, and forge connections with creatures like never before in the Sloth Encounter, Sugar Glider Encounter, and Reptile Encounter. Purchase your Green Planet Dubai tickets and explore this marvelous blend of nature and human creation. You can choose from a variety of Green Planet Dubai ticket offers that will suit your sightseeing requirements.


The Green Planet Dubai Tickets FAQs

The Green Planet Dubai is a lively bio dome designed to bring a rainforest-like world to life. Inside, you will discover a home for over 3000 types of plants and animals. This indoor rainforest offers both beautiful sights and exciting adventures. When you get Green Planet Dubai tickets, you'll have the chance to explore the vibrant plants and wildlife in a whole new way, making it a place you absolutely must visit.
The ideal time to enjoy The Green Planet Dubai is during the summer months of Dubai, from July to August. That's when the biodome is at its liveliest, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors.
You can't bring your own food or drinks to Green Planet Dubai. However, if you have a special situation, you can talk to the staff at the entrance and ask for permission.
The Dubai Green Planet timings are daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can visit Green Planet Dubai anytime between these operational hours.
  • The temperature inside Green Planet Dubai is usually between 24 to 27 degrees. So, wear suitable clothes. Also, please dress modestly to show respect for the local culture.
  • To protect the environment and creatures, please don't touch, feed, or handle them.
  • Food or drinks is not allowed inside the biodome.
  • Please don't smoke before you go in.
  • Behave well inside. If there's any disturbance, you might not be allowed to enter.
  • Using drugs or other intoxicants is prohibited.
The Green Planet Dubai is a great place to visit. It has 3000 different types of plants and animals, and you can learn about why tropical forests are important and explore four levels of this biodome: The Mid Story, The Canopy, The Flooded Rainforest, and The Forest Floor.

The Green Planet Dubai ticket price is reasonable. You can see snakes, reptiles, bugs, and many other animals. The coolest part is that you can also talk to and learn about these animals during interactive sessions.
When you explore The Green Planet Biodome, it will take around one and a half hours if you read the signs and interact with the animals. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the pretty plants and cool animals in the dome.
To keep the plants and animals safe and sound, please don't touch, handle, or give them food. But you can have a cool experience with some snakes, millipedes, and hissing roaches. Just follow the staff's instructions.
With The Green Planet Dubai tickets, you will find around 3,000 plants and animals in a fake tropical rainforest. There are birds, reptiles, and fish, but you can't touch them.
Dubai's Biodome is named The Green Planet because it's like a big bubble of nature. Inside, there's a pretend tropical forest with more than 3,000 plants and animals. The coolest part is a huge man-made tree that keeps everything alive.
Yes, Green Planet is wheelchair accessible.
Sorry, there is no facility to store things at Green Planet Dubai. So, it's best not to bring big bags or luggage.
Sure, you can find the Green Planet Cafe there. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner with different tasty foods.