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Explore Mesmerizing Musandam Khasab & Musandam Dibba

Musandam is one the most popular tourist destinations amongst people visiting the UAE & Oman. Musandam Dibba & Musandam Khasab are the 2 destinations under Musandam Governorate with splendid mountainous Omani peninsula. Read this curated guide by Arabiers & book your Musandam tour with us!

Being one of the most beautiful landscapes, tourists are surprised by its scenic view of golden sands, Hazar mountains and crystal clear water. While exploring Musandam peninsula, you will be engaging in different leisure activities. Cruise rides, driving through narrow roads and the majestic mountains, dolphin day tours and sand expeditions are the popular activities that give the utmost pleasure to visitors.

Read this curated guide by Arabiers & book your Musandam tour with us!

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November 17, 2023 | 13 min read

1.Musandam Khasab Tours

Khasab Dhow Cruises and Over night in Rubba

Khasab Dhow Cruises and Over night in Rubba

starting price
660 AED
per person
Khasab Overnight in Luxury Yacht and Dhow Cruise with Half Day Mountain Safari

Khasab Overnight in Luxury Yacht and Dhow Cruise with Half Day Mountain Safari

starting price
960 AED
per person
Khasab OverNight Dhow Cruise

Khasab OverNight Dhow Cruise

starting price
420 AED
per person
Khasab Overnight Dhow Cruise and Half Day Mountain Safari

Khasab Overnight Dhow Cruise and Half Day Mountain Safari

starting price
490 AED
per person
Khasab Overnight in in Luxury Yacht

Khasab Overnight in in Luxury Yacht and Full Day Dhow Cruise with Mountain safari and City Tour

starting price
210 AED
per person
Khasab One Day Tour

Khasab One Day Tour

starting price
210 AED
per person

2. Musandam Dibba tours

Dibba Dhow Cruise

Dibba Dhow Cruise

starting price
190 AED
per person

3. Musandam Dibba & Musandam Khasab Compared

Dibba Dibba

Musandam Dibba

  • No visa required to visit
  • 1.5 hours drive
  • Day Tour Cost 175-250 AED with return transfer
  • Fun sea adventure with Banana boat ride, speed boat ride, fishing & kayaking
Khasab Khasab

Musandam Khasab

  • Certain nationals need visa to visit
  • Chances are high see wild dolphins
  • 2.5 hours drive
  • Day Tour Cost 450-550 AED with return transfer
  • Home for Khasab Fort, Khawr Najd, Bassa Public Beach

4 Requirements for Musandam tour

For UAE Residents:

For the smooth sailing of your adventure, we need a copy of your passport and visa page at least one week before the trip date. Keep in mind that on the day of the trip, your original passport is the key to crossing the border.

For Tourist/Visit Visa Holders:

Tourists, we've got you covered too! Passport copies are a must, submitted three days before the trip. And don't forget to bring the original passport on the day of the tour to make those border crossings a breeze.

Note for Little Explorers (Below 3 Years):

Good news for our tiny travelers! Children below 3 years old get to join the Musandam Dibba Tour for free. However, they still need the same documents as the adults for permit processing.

Additional Note:

  • All our tours and excursions operate on a sharing or private basis, with or without transportation from the UAE.
  • Plan ahead! Apply for the tour at least one week prior to your desired date.
  • Pack your passport! Participants need to carry their original passport with a minimum of 3 months’ validity.
  • Whether you're a resident or a tourist, the gateway to Dibba Musandam requires your original passport.
  • Dive into the adventure fully prepared – remember to pack your swimwear!

5. Musandam Dibba & Musandam Khasab Pictures



6. Best time to visit Musandam

Best time to visit Musandam

Since the entire tour of Musandam is completely an outdoor experience, we would suggest you visit this place during the winter season in the Middle east. Ideally, the right time to visit Musandam is between the months of October and March since these are the winter months in this part of the world. Between April and September, you will find the weather to be quite hot. The water bodies will be warm and not comfortable enough for diving. In January and February, Musandam gets a bout of showers which makes the place the two coolest months to visit Oman. However, if you are affable to warm weather and like to travel to places when they are less crowded, then March would be the ideal time to visit Musandam. You will also find cheaper deals on hotels during the month of March.

7. Places to Visit & Things To Do in Khasab

Catch a sight of how the country - Oman used to look before globalization by visiting the Khasab Fort. This iconic fort was built back in the 17th century by Portuguese people. The Khasab fort is home to the top museums in Oman. It gives its tourists an authentic glimpse of how the people of Oman used to live in the 17th century. Furthermore, talking about this fort’s main attraction is none other than the actual boats from the ancient Musandam that are put into an exhibition here.
Also referred to as the “Mountain of women”, the gorgeous Jebel Harim is the topmost peak in Musandam which is located at 2,087 meters above sea level. It offers you an awe-inspiring view of the magnificent valley. The mountain is studded with rocks as well as fossils that exhibit the life of creatures like mollusks, fish, and clams, as well as a collection of trilobites. The summit of the mountain is off-limits to visitors since it has a radar station at the peak for military purposes, it overlooks the shipping action on the Straight of Hormuz
A fun-filled, thrilling boat ride across the coastline and the pretty Musandam Fjords attracts many visitors. The clear blue waters are a treat to the eyes, along with the regular Dolphin spotting opportunities that are unending. Undoubtedly, the waters around the peninsula never fail to mesmerize its tourists with the Dhow Cruises and many other types of Cruises that offer luxurious experiences.
Drive up to the spectacular Musandam shorelines for a thrilling safari-like adventure that must be on your bucket list! Situated on the eastern side of the peninsula, the mountain road gives you a chance to go on the most spectacular drive if you are a daredevil! This ride is surely not made for faint-hearted people. The magnificent and tall Jebel al Harim (Mountain Harim) offers you the most stunning views and a cozy climate that would make you want to spend as much time as possible there! You should ensure that you get a 4WD vehicle to reach there as it is slightly distant from the mainland.
Overnight Dhow Cruise is one of the most sought-after points of attraction in the entire region of Musandam. A number of Dhow Cruises, other modern cruises, and boat trips stand by at locations like Telegraph Island, Seebi Island, or other small islands across the peninsula to take people on a peaceful and calm overnight experience. If you are visiting Musandam and want to experience some quiet and calm moments alone or with your loved ones, then you can opt for Musandam Overnight stay on Dhow Cruise. You will indulge in a peaceful affair, with a BBQ dinner to relish on board!
Apart from cruises, beach camping is also one of this region's most famous attraction points. Camping is fun activity tourists enjoy traveling solo or on vacation with their families. There are many campsites available for you to choose from for remote beach camping in Musandam. Bassa Beach is a free campsite in Khasab. We have an option of Khasab remote beach camping inside the Musandam Fjords. Our campsite includes some basic amenities like seating arrangements with tables, a washroom, lights, a shower, and a bonfire. Not to forget the yummy barbeque dinner at the campsite and unlimited refreshments. The tents are provided in all sizes for adults as well as kids.
As a part of the tour, we arrange some basic fishing equipment for you, such as fishing lines and baits on a Dhow cruise or speedboat. These fishing tours are all about entertainment and full-on enjoyment. You can sit back and relax on the cruise while we take you to the fishing area, where you can enjoy real fishing.
Khasab Musandam gives its visitors many options for the trekking experience. The best time to go on a trek in Musandam is between November to April. Trekking is a lovely and enjoyable way to immerse yourself in the beauty of tall mountains. Here, you will find Sham Village fjords, Kumzar village mountains, and other fantastic places for hiking. Our team can drop you near the trekking routes and arrange a guide for you upon request.
The distant villages like Kumzar, Nadifi, Qanaha, and Seebi offer rich historical knowledge about the Musandam Peninsula. The people in these villages welcome visitors from all corners of the world. Most of these villages are accessible only via boat. While on the village trip, you can enjoy taking a dip in the warm waters whenever you want. Enjoy the sacred village full of nature’s beauty, away from the noise and bustles of city life. Most of the villagers in Kumzar rely on fishing as their primary work. The Kumzari people have their language named Alkmazarih, a combination of languages from across the globe, such as Farsi, Hindi, Arabic, English, and Balouchi.
Having a vast area covered with clear blue waters to explore and enjoy, diving and snorkeling are two fun tourist activities you can experience in Khasab. Underwater coral formations and colorful fishes of Telegraph island can instantly uplift your mood. Dive deeper into the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Khasab, waiting to be explored.

8. Places to Visit & Things To Do in Dibba

Do you love water bodies? Then you must add a sailing trip through the fjords to your Musandam Dibba tour itinerary. Dibba is famously known as the “Norway of Arabia.” You can get to Dibba on a day trip from Dubai via a boat and sail through the Musandam mountains, where you will find the traditional wooden Dhow cruise. Tour the coast and go through the fjord-like basins, steer around the cliffs, and go past the fishing villages, caves, and empty untouched beaches.
If you are an adventure head who enjoys exploring on 4-wheelers, then you can opt for the 4-wheel drive through the Hajar Mountains, a great activity to try out during the Musandam Dibba tour. The Hajar mountains have many valleys referred to as “wadi” by the locals of this place. As an adventure lover, you will get to ride through the mesmerizing landscape, and you can also make a stop to roam around this place.
During your Musandam Dibba tour, Bassa Beach is the best place you will find to camp. This beach not only carries calm vibes but is also perfect and safe for swimming and other fun activities. You don’t have to carry your food to the campsite or eat before you leave your hotel in the UAE. There are tons of food joints available at the beach that offer a variety of delicacies.
Witness the marine beauty of Musandam Dibba while on a speed boat safari tour in the peninsula’s clear waters. Getting on a speed boat is a thrilling and unmissable experience, especially when you have such stunning views. Capture memories during the speed boat safari for picturesque clicks to share on your ‘gram.
One of the best water activities to enjoy with your family at Musandam Dibba is the Banana Boat ride. Water activity aficionados would definitely want to hop on this exhilarating ride for a unique sea adventure.
The limestone in Dibba is a white-colored rock that stands tall by the Hajar Mountains. Over time, this rock has transformed into a cave. The water here is fully transparent, which gives you a clear view of the marine life underneath it.
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Yes, you can go on a Musandam Dibba tour from the UAE without making your UAE visa invalid. However, if you will visit Musandam Khasab, it would mean that you are exiting the UAE and you will need a visa again to come back to the UAE. In case you are going to the Musandam Khasab tour to change your visa, you can apply for an express visa and go on an overnight tour on a weekday (Monday to Friday).

Yes, you can, most of the Musandam tour from Dubai covers all parts of the city and an additional fee will be charged based on how far you are from the main city.

Yes, you can. Talk to the Arabiers Tour consultants to receive further information about combining your tours in detail.

It is better to come to Dubai city first and then go on a Musandam tour since Abu Dhabi transfers will cost you extra. Take common bus transportation to meet up in Dubai and save money.

It can range between 489 AED - 1390 AED.