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Update - 25th July, 2023

Get a UAE visit visa to any of the 7 Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, or Fujairah via WhatsApp with Arabiers. Enter your choice of Emirates through land, sea, or air and get a head start on a hassle-free holiday in UAE.


UAE Visit Visa Price List 2023

Prices are included with mandatory Covid medical insurance & insurance is not provided for multi-entry visas.

Standard Processing

Standard Processing

24-48 hours

UAE visit visa

30 Days

UAE visit visa

Single Entry

489 AED

134 USD

UAE visit visa

60 Days

UAE visit visa

Single Entry

689 AED

188 USD

UAE visit visa

90 Days

UAE visit visa

Single Entry

1490 AED

406 USD

UAE visit visa

30 Days

UAE visit visa

Multi Entry

990 AED

270 USD

UAE visit visa

60 Days

UAE visit visa

Multi Entry

1190 AED

324 USD

Express Processing

Express Processing

4-8 hours

Arabiers Express UAE visit visa processing is the best option for those who are planning a trip to UAE with an emergency travel requirement.

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

30 Days

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

Single Entry

789 AED

215 USD

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

60 Days

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

Single Entry

989 AED

270 USD

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

30 Days

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

Multi Entry

1190 AED

324 USD

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

60 Days

UAE visit visa - Express Processing

Multi Entry

1390 AED

379 USD

Travel Insurance for UAE Visit Visa Holders

Travel Insurance for UAE Visit Visa Holders

You may now simply get your travel insurance from Arabiers after your visa has been approved. You just need to send us the return flight ticket for us to bring you the travel insurance.



Based on your nationality, you might need a visit visa to UAE, or you can get a free on-arrival visa. In case you need a visit visa, unlike The UK, and the USA, the eligibility to get a visa to UAE, it's quite simple or nothing. All you have to have is a valid passport that has a 6-month validity (travel documents are not accepted). Also, while entering UAE, you must have return flight tickets officers might ask at the counter. While you are arranging the visa, the facilitator airline or tourism company might request additional documentation & guarantee that you leave on time


Age limit

If you are wondering what the age limit is to obtain a UAE Visit Visa so that you can do some solo travelling to Abu Dhabi or Dubai, here is your answer. Female travellers below 18 years of age are not eligible to apply for Visit Visa if they plan on travelling solo. If travelling to UAE, they need to travel with their parents. A cabinet resolution from July 2018 states that children below the age of 18 who are travelling with their parents can obtain a complementary visa every year between th 15th of July to 15th of September. Due to the prevailing COVID-19, this offer might be suspended. If any of the child's parents are working in UAE with a valid permit, it is possible to get a visa with some additional documents by applying through a tour operator.

  • Nigerian single males or females travelling solo, should be 40 years or older.
  • Nigerian married women travelling with children must be 40 years or older.
  • Certain age restrictions are imposed for Nigerians obtaining a 3-month Dubai visa.


Documents Required

Depending on your nationality & age, you might have to submit certain extra documents as well as presenting a clear color copy of your passport (please use a scanner for this) and a recent color photo (with a white background and no glasses)

  • Pakistani Nationals: Passport signature page and national ID card front & back.
  • Children: Copy of the child's birth certificate if the mother's or father's name is not stated in their passport.
Applying Prepaid (Pre-Arranged) UAE Visit Visa is made easy with Arabiers
Visas in 24-48 hours
Step 1
Send Documents

Make clear coloured copies of your passport using a scanning machine and send it to our WhatsApp, along with the residence visa page of your referee and the applicant's photo with a white background.

uae tourist visa
Payment uae visit Visa
Step 2

Pay via your UAE bank, visit our office, or pay via a payment link.

Step 3
Visas Issued

You will receive your issued Visa via WhatsApp, usually between 24 to 48 hours after the payment has been made.

uae tourist visa

Validity & Grace period

You may need to know the grace period of your visit visas when you are considering an extension for your visit visa or prolonging the trip for few extra days. Below we have listed the 2023 new update with the current grace period rules in UAE & we may advice all applicants to call immigration to get confirm their last date of the visa expiry

Visa Type Validity (duration from the date of issue within which to enter UAE) Permitted stay duration Grace Period (free stay duration after permitted stay duration)
prepaid UAE Visit Visas 30 days single entry prepaid 30 0
prepaid UAE Visit Visas 30 days multiple entry prepaid 30 0
prepaid UAE Visit Visas 60 days single entry prepaid 60 0
prepaid UAE Visit Visas 60 days multiple entry prepaid 60 0
prepaid UAE Visit Visas 90 days Single entry prepaid 90 0
On Arrival 30 days on arrival (UK, Canada, etc.) 30 10
On Arrival 90 days on arrival (Germany, Switzerland, etc.) 90 0
On Arrival Mexicans 180 0
On Arrival Indians with USA green card and EU residence 14 0
Cancelled Residence Visa NA NA 30-60 days

Extending UAE Visit Visa

The prepaid UAE visit visas can be extended twice for 30 days and 30 days without exiting the country. And also, there are multiple ways to extend your visit visa in UAE, in case you want to stay longer than the original visa and extensions. As of December 24, 2022, all 7 Emirates immigration have discontinued issuance of any in-country tourist visa extensions, which was a simple way to extend your visit visa, and now, for visitors to extend their visit visas either by exiting the country with an Airport-to-Airport visa change.

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Special On-Arrival Visas

UAE on-arrival visit visa for Mexicans

Mexican passport holders get a free multiple entry on-arrival visit visa for 180 days (6 months visa) & it's valid for 180 days too. From the first entry date will be calculated & the next half a year can enter & exit, staying a total days of 180 days. Once the on-arrival entry is consumed, you need to secure a prepaid visa in UAE.

UAE on-arrival visit visa for Indians

Most of the UAE's tourists originate from India, which is why the UAE Government introduced a new visa scheme in May 2017. This visa scheme allows Indian citizens with a USA green card or EU residence permit to obtain a 14-day visa on arrival at any UAE airport for a fee of AED 120 (subject to change). Those who hold a UK or EU residence permit must have a minimum validity of six months. Visitors eligible for this Visa can extend their stay for another 14 days by paying an additional fee of AED 250 (subject to change). Indian passport holders who aren't eligible for the 14-day on-arrival visa must apply for a visit visa in advance through a travel company or airline


Six months UAE Visit Visa

Individuals who want to visit UAE for longer periods will benefit from the newly introduced 6-month or 5-year UAE visa. The 6-month UAE Visit Visa plan was launched by the UAE government on July 2019 for entrepreneurs, investors, remarkable professionals, and brilliant students who are considering a long-term Residency Visa in UAE.

Visitors who don't fall into any of the above-mentioned categories don't have the option to obtain a 6-month Visit Visa. Instead, they can approach a local tour operator such as Arabiers, where we can make it possible for you to stay in the UAE for six months by utilizing the visa extension without exit service.

If you are using this option, we will apply for a 60-day Visit Visa for the first time you enter UAE & then we can apply for a new 60-day UAE Visit Visa without exit. It would cost around each time to do 60 days n country visa will cost you 1490 AED


UAE Immigration Contacts

If you have any questions related to visa types, visa validity, or visa issuance you want answered, please feel free to contact ICP or below numbers

Dubai Visas
Amer toll-free number
800 5111
(For UAE residents)

(For applicants not residing in the UAE)
Visas for other Emirates
ICA toll-free number
(For UAE residents)

ICA feedback platform
Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi visa differences

The location from where you get your UAE visa, be it Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai, doesn't have an impact on your UAE visa. The seven Emirates of UAE Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain make up a constitutional monarchy. The Visa issued in all 7 Emirates is the same, and you are free to enter via any of UAE's land/sea borders or airports.

UAE Mission visa

The UAE Mission visa is a special entry permit that authorizes professionals interested in working on a short-term project with a UAE-based company. When employed under this type of Visa, they are considered as a probationary worker. This kind of Visa can only be issued by certain registered companies, so keep contacting the company that's going to hire you.

Mission visas are single entry and have an approved stay period of 90 days. If the holder leaves before the 90 days is over, the mission visa will get cancelled automatically. Mission visa holders are not allowed to transfer to a Visit Visa or apply for a new visa because the Mission visa needs to be cancelled (which only happens by the holder exiting UAE) before obtaining a different visa type.

What you can and cannot do on a UAE visit visa

You can obtain a UAE visit visa & visit UAE, but here is the guide on what you can do & cannot do

What can you do?
  • You can visit the UAE to do certain tourist activities, for example, skydiving during your holiday in UAE, visiting friends and family in any emirate, or attending a conference anywhere in UAE.
  • You may attend interviews with your potential employers & set your Residence visa to be in the country to join the work.
  • You may plan to open a business in UAE or buy a property. Doing the initial research can be done using a visit visa.
What You Cannot Do?
  • Do paid or unpaid work for a UAE company or as a self-employed person
  • According to Federal Law No. 9 of 2018 on Anti-begging, anyone caught begging in the UAE will be fined AED 5,000 and imprisoned for a term of up to three months. Those operating professional gangs of beggars or recruiting people from outside the country to work as beggars face a jail term of not less than six months and a minimum fine of AED 100,000
  • Doing any illegal activities like smuggling, child trafficking, prostitution etc.
  • You are unable to open a bank account or run a business on a visit visa. To do that, you must obtain your legal Residence visa & Emirates ID.
UAE new work week 2023

Following the UAE government's decision to change the working week to four and a half days, UAE immigration will likewise change its working week to four and a half days. This is following the country's goal of being the most effective and efficient corporate and economic development hub in the region.

Arabiers UAE visit visa processing will transition to a Saturday and Sunday weekend beginning January 1, 2022, with limited working hours on Friday. Those planning to visit the UAE are encouraged to apply for visas during the new work week, which runs from Monday to Friday. Get your Visa first, then arrange your flights, as instructed by UAE immigration.

Updates & Reforms related to UAE visit visa
25th July, 2023

Visiting who are planing to stay longer can apply for a 90 days leisure visit visa, which is a single entry visa type with no extension facility. The processing time will take from 2-5 working days

  • Source : Arabiers Processing Team
31st May, 2023

The UAE immigration authority has recently eliminated the grace period for prepaid visit visas, which used to be granted for a duration of 10 days. Instead, prepaid visa holders now have the option of choosing either a 30-day or 60-day visa. It is important to note that upon the completion of the chosen duration, individuals are strongly advised to either extend their visa or leave the country to avoid incurring overstaying fines or being labeled as absconding.

  • Source : Arabiers Processing Team
24th May, 2023

Visitors with multi entry on arrival & prepaid visit visa to UAE urged to double confirm their multi entry visa validity before applying a visa. Those who has balance days are facing issues with new applications.

  • Source : Arabiers Processing Team
13th March, 2023

As per the newly introduced UAE visa rule, Dubai residents can now sponsor family and friends for up to 90 days through the GDFRA website, mobile application, or via the Amer centre. This type of Visa is referred to as a UAE visit visa for relatives and Friends for 90 days.

  • Source : ICP
06th February, 2023

As per the update released by the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security (ICP), 30 or 60-day prepaid visa holders who were not able to enter UAE within the 60-day visa validity period are now able to extend their visa validity period for an additional 60 days effective from February 6, 2023. This will come in handy during unexpected emergencies where the traveller may have to postpone their visit to UAE. This service can be availed by paying the relevant fee and can only be done once per Visa. More details will be updated soon.

  • Source : ICP UAE
23rd January, 2023

Regarding the latest updates, there are additional fees of AED 100 for each service on the UAE ICP. The increased cost will be charged for a variety of services, such as Emirates ID, resident visas, and visitor visas.

  • Source : ICP UAE
23rd December, 2022

All 7 UAE Emirates immigration have discontinued processing and issuing any in-country visit visa extensions from December 24, 2022 onwards. The Dubai immigration was the only one left issuing this facility from December 14 until the 24th, but they have also discontinued it. Now can extend their visas by either option for exiting the country with Airport to Airport and Oman visa run

  • Source : Arabiers Visa processing team
14th December, 2022

The new visit visa extension rules, which came into effect, discontinued the in-country tourist visa extension without an exit, yet Dubai immigration still has it. The lower-cost visa change options like Airport to Airport & Oman visa run resuming to help visit visa holders continue their stay in UAE.

  • Source : Arabiers Visa processing team
28th October, 2022

According to the new regulations, new visitors to the UAE will begin receiving a 60-day visit visa from October 3, 2022, onwards. Holidaymakers and those visiting Dubai will have twice as much time in the UAE thanks to a number of improvements to the visit and residency visa system in the UAE. With the current update in the UAE, 30 & 60 days visas are available, and you can select between single-entry and multiple-entry visa choices. To apply, you must provide the Arabiers team with a clear colour copy of your passport, a clear colour photo, and a return airline ticket to your country of origin or any other location. But, the 14, 30, 90, and 180-day arrival visas are still valid, and many nationalities are eligible for visas upon arrival.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that is possible too, if you don't wish to choose any of the methods mentioned above. We will issue your new Visa within 24 hours after you have exited UAE. Apart from being costly, the other disadvantage of this option is that you need to book a return ticket to your country as well.

You can make the payment at the immigration counter in the airport while you exit on your current Visa.

The new regulations by the UAE ICP have standardized the daily overstaying fine to AED 50 from 100 AED. This fine is applicable for holders of visit, tourist, or residency visas. Also overstayers of a residency visa must pay a fine of 50 AED per day, unlike the previous 25 AED.

If such a situation arises while you are in Dubai or Sharjah Airport, you must immediately book a flight to your home country and exit the airport. We will send you a new visa for your return.

At the moment, in UAE, a 6-month visa has been introduced for investors, entrepreneurs, talented professionals, and outstanding students. The applications are accepted and approved by a panel of immigration officers. You do not fall into any of the above categories, you may apply for a normal 60 day visit visa and apply for another one without exiting. You can keep applying for 60-day visas without any issues.

UAE visa processing charge, VAT, service charge, and a return flight ticket.

Most of the time, you will never get to know the answer to this as the decision to approve or reject a visa is solely that of the immigration authorities, and these reasons are not disclosed for security purposes.

This cannot be done by yourself, but it can be done via the person or company who initiated the Visit Visa application process, i.e: your employer or tour operator, etc. If your travel has been cancelled for certain reasons and you are unable to enter UAE within 60 days (from the date of issue), the Visa will become invalid. There is an extra fee for visa cancellation. Letting a UAE visa go invalid won't affect your future travel to UAE.

The UAE immigration system is fully automated thus; your date and time of entry will be recorded in the system. All you have to do is request your sponsor provide you with a new copy to be able to exit UAE. You DON'T have to apply for a new visa!

All UAE visa processing costs are non-refundable. Even individuals with valid visas for March 2020 who weren't able to travel due to COVID-19 have not received any refunds. The GDRFA doesn't give out refunds for any visa that has been processed. So there is still no solution for this matter.

All visitors and residents travelling to Dubai & other Emirates need to have COVID-negative results 48 hours before entry children under 12 years are not required to have the COVID test, so your daughter does not need a COVID test.

Firstly, it is illegal to work in UAE without holding a valid UAE work visa issued by the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) or any of the free zone authorities. This is further enforced by Article 11 of the Immigration Law which states that a foreigner without a valid work visa can't work anywhere in UAE or on his own with or without pay.

Additionally, Article 13 of the Employment law mentions that foreign employees can only be employed in the UAE after receiving a work permit and approval from MOHRE. Work permits will be granted if the below-mentioned conditions are met:

1. The employee has all the educational qualifications and professional backgrounds that will benefit the state.
2. The employee has entered the country legally and complies with all the residence rules enforced in the state.

The individual working on a visit visa, if caught, will be deported.

Source: Khaleej Times

As per the new announcement, individuals falling into any of the categories mentioned below can book an appointment to get a COVID-19 vaccine at any DHA center.

  • 1. All Emirati nationals
  • 2. All Dubai residence visa holders over 40 years of age.
  • 3. Dubai residence visa holders fall into the 'people of determination' category.
  • 4. Dubai residence visa holders suffering from severe disease.
  • 5. Residents living in Dubai aged 60 and above. As per the announcement, individuals aged 60 and above holding a valid visa issued in any of the 7 Emirates can register for the vaccine after proving that they are deciding in Dubai.
  • 6. Emirates ID holding GCC nationals

You must print your Visa (a hard copy is a must) & show it to the screening counters in Airports or borders in UAE. If not, printing would be possible at the cost of 30 AED (only can pay in AED)

So far, no details of the announcement have been revealed. We are waiting for the government to confirm all the details. Continue to check our 5-year UAE visa page for more updates as we get them.

It is a special ticket that includes a visa change stamp, and It requires you to fly to the nearest Middle Eastern country without the specific country entry visa. It is a special agreement between us and the airline.

This depends on your nationality; contact us to find out more about it.

Talk to a consultant now.