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Tandem Sky Dive

Step by Step Guide – 2020 February Updated

Here’s a thorough guide on planning and booking tandem Skydive Dubai & Prepare for one of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences of your life now.



What is tandem skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is a safe way to experience sky diving where you attached with an experienced instructor from start to the end. The tandem skydiving instructor is in- charge of controlling the equipment, this allows you to enjoy the experience and take in the beauty without worrying about controlling your movements. This is ideal because you don’t have to learn to skydiving.



Checking your eligibility

Height and weight are two major deciding factors of your eligibility to try tandem skydiving. Additionally, a certain level of fitness should also be maintained by you to ensure a hassle-free landing for you and your instructor. If you have experienced or going through any serious medical conditions you are required to fill out the ‘Declaration of Fitness’ form before arriving at the Dubai Sky Dive drop zone. Participants should be 12 years of age or older (according to the Gregorian calendar). Your Body Mass Index (BMI) will be the deciding factor and you will be weighed with your shoes and clothes on at the time of check-in for your skydive experience.


Sign the waiver & fitness form

Prepare early by downloading the ‘Declaration of Fitness’ and ‘Tandem Waiver’ form. These forms are valid for both skydive locations in Dubai and print it, fill it & sign it.

Died because of car crashes 40,000 In 2018 Died due to skydiving accidents 13 In 2018


Skydiving safety facts

This is a question that bogs the mind of the bravest of hearts too. The fear is less because of the risk but more because of the unknown as skydiving is not a part of our daily lives. According to NHTSA and USPA Skydiving is believed to be less risky than driving. Now that’s shocking right? In 2018, roughly 40,000 people have died because of car crashes whereas there has only been 13 deadly skydiving accidents out of approximately 3.3 million jumps (recorded by USPA). The statistics shown below speaks for itself.

How safe Dubai sky diving?

Dubai Sky Dive maintains safety standards in both its equipment and instructors. All tandem Skydiving instructors have faced serious levels of training and certification. This is followed by tough selection processes before they are ready to be an instructor with us. Equipment’s are also up-to-date and are equipped with an AAD (Automatic Activation Device). This device automatically deploys the parachute even in a rare situation when the instructor is unable to perform the action. All the parachutes go through strict checking and are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Skydive Dubai accidents

Dubai Sky Dive hasn’t had any serious accidents related to Tandem skydiving. However, Three incidents took place in the past, one for the experienced sky diver and the other one plane deviated.

  • 1. Minor accident after plane scampers off runway.
    The skydive plane deviated off the runway while trying to land in the Palm Drop Zone. The only person onboard was the pilot and thankfully no one was injured. The Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter was seen nose-first on the ground near the water.
    ( Source : The national)
  • 2. Experienced Saudi skydiver died after parachute crashed during skydiving
    Majed Al Shuaiby, a 35-year-old skydiver from Riyadh died in April 2015 due to his loss of situational awareness while skydiving. The deceased was a class D license holder issued by the United States Parachute Association. He had performed a total of 500 jumps throughout his life, 340 of which were performed in Dubai. A footage taken by an accompanying skydiver’s GoPro Camera showed that Majed went into an anti-clockwise spiral dive that lasted 13 seconds. Although he did gain control it didn’t last long after he deployed the parachute brakes causing him to hit ground with an anti-clockwise spin.
    ( Source : The national)
  • 3. An experienced female skydiver survives fall after parachute fails to open.
    A woman in Quebec survived a staggering 4,900 feet drop by falling into trees after her parachute or emergency parachute failed to open. The 30-year old woman got away with a broken vertebra and some other serious fractures. There were many witnesses of the incidence and police are looking into the possibility of criminal negligence.
    ( Source : Khaleej time )
On October 2, 2015 a Skydive Dubai plane deviated off the runaway while approaching to land. Luckily, nobody was injured (Source: The national).On April 2015 Majed Al Shuaiby, a Saudi skydiver passed away due to a fatal parachute crash that was caused by his ‘loss of situational awareness’. (Source: The National)


How to book & price list

Book your tandem sky diving experience in Dubai’s premium location for AED 2,199 or the standard location for AED 1,699. Book at least 3-4 days prior for higher chances of getting preferred timings and to prepare yourself well.

AED 2,199 The Dubai Palm
AED 1,699 The Dubai Desert

Compare worldwide sky diving prices & checkout the price list

Everest, NepalExperience: Two Jumps in SyangbocheInclusive of videoAge Limit: 18 years AED 80,804 Queenstown, New ZealandExperience: Ultimate Combo Inclusive of video & photosAge Limit: 12 years AED 1,320 Melbourne, AustraliaExperience: On the Beach On extra fee for video & photosAge Limit: 18 years AED 767 Empuriabrava, SpainExperience: Costa Brava Inclusive of video & photosAge Limit: 18 years AED 2490 Dubai, UAEExperience: Palm/Desert Inclusive of video & photosAge Limit: 12 years AED 2,199 / 1,699 Key West, USAExperience: Over Tropical Waters Inclusive of video & photosAge Limit: 18 years AED 974 Grand Canyon, USAExperience: Extreme Experience Inclusive of video & photosAge Limit: 18 years AED 1,760 Cape Town, South AfricaExperience: Western Cape On extra fee for video & photosAge Limit: 18 years AED 1,127 Lauterbrunnen, SwitzerlandExperience: Helicopter Skydiving AED 1,000 for photos & videos Age Limit: 18 years AED 1,669


On the day of Sky dive

Skydive Dubai

Arrival time

The time stated in your booking confirmation email is not your skydive time but your arrival time. If you have chosen the 10.00 am slot, please be there on or before 10.00 am. The entire experience will last roughly 3.5 to 4 hours, starting from the time you check-in at our premises until you collect your USB with memorabilia.

Skydive Dubai

Bring along

  1. A filled and signed copy of the Tandem Waiver (can be obtained from both locations too)
  2. Passport / Emirates ID/ Driver’s License (Any official government photo that is valid)
  3. Gift Certificate (if you have one and want to use it)
  4. For participants who are 70 and above or those who have/have had any medical conditions doctor certificate.
  5. A fully-filled and stamped ‘Declaration of fitness form’
Skydive Dubai

Dress wisely

  1. Dress comfortably for your skydive experience
  2. To prevent your footwear from coming out during free-fall at over 120 miles per hour, make sure you wear sneakers or sport shoes and avoid boots, high heels, sandals or slippers
  3. To prevent feeling uncomfortable while wearing the harness avoid low-cut blouses, crop tops, mini shorts and sleeveless shirts
  4. To protect yourself from getting hurt while freefalling avoid collared shirts or tops with tassels.
  5. Do not wear expensive jewelry or accessories while skydiving.
Skydive Dubai


Skydiving is highly dependent on the weather. Factors like low-lying clouds, fast wind speed, poor visibility and even rain can postpone or even cancel our skydiving experience. In the instance of such a situation Dubai Sky Dive team will put your skydiving experience on hold. You will be updated about the weather and if there is no sign of improvement you will be reschedule it on the next available date & slot. If you are unable to do so the refund will be given. Skydive Dubai reserves the rights to close the premises without any warning. If so, you will be contacted by them via email or phone for a cancellation or reschedule. And Sky Dive Dubai will not responsible for any expenses suffered by the participant in such instances.

Skydive Dubai

Request for a female instructor

If you prefer to skydive with a woman because of religious or cultural reasons, state your request at the time of check-in. Dubai Sky Dive team will try their best to fulfill your request.


After the sky dive

Pictures and video

A camera flyer will accompany every tandem participant to capture every minute of the skydive experience. Dubai tandem packages (both locations) include the charges for photos and an edited video. Instagrammers can purchase a special video edit (at palm drop zone) for an extra fee of 100 AED to post on their Instagram handle. If Dubai Sky Dive cameral flyer weren’t unable to record the entire experience due to camera malfunction or the video is not up to the standards, you will be either refunded 200 AED or given a chance to re-jump. Please keep in mind that this will be decided by Skydive Dubai’s management and the decision taken is final.

Sky diving Dubai

Sky diving Dubai


Indoor Sky diving

If you are eager to give skydiving a try but can’t gather up the courage to jump out of a plane stopped in midair, then indoor skydiving is for you.

There are 2 facilities in Dubai that offers Indoor Sky diving.

Skydive Dubai

iFly Indoor Sky diving

One of Middle East’s firs indoor skydiving facilities, it is furnished with a 10-metre double vertical glass wind tunnel. Once you are done skydiving check out the shopping mall in which its housed.

Timings: Sunday to Wednesday 12 pm - 10 pm, Thursday 12 pm - 11 pm & Friday and Saturday 10 am - 11 pm

Tickets: First time flyers standard 220 AED & first time flyers ultimate 380 AED

Telephone: +97142316292

Skydive Dubai

Inflight Dubai

Inflight Dubai is a world accredited vertical wind tunnel that allows you to go to soaring heights. Upon arrival, you will receive a brief and training before you experience the excitement of open air and weightlessness.

Timings: 7 Days a week 10:00 am to 7:00 pm & During Tuesday & Wednesday 10am to 9pm (Hours may change during National and Public Holidays)

Tickets: 2 flights 184 AED, 4 flights 348 AED & 10 flights 830 AED

Telephone: 800-Inflight (46354448)


2024 Updates

Highlights of 2024

84-year old Indian attempts skydiving

Age is just a number, especially for 84-year old Sushil Kumar who added skydiving to his list of other accomplished adventure activities like scuba diving and trekking the Himalayas. As per rules, the upper age limit for experiencing skydiving in Dubai is 70. Anyone above 70 should fill a ‘Declaration of Fitness’ form that has to be stamped and signed by a certified doctor. However, this Indian man attempted skydiving in Dubai and deems this experience as his most memorable adventure. He conveys his love for adventure by advising everyone that gathering experiences is better than gathering wealth.

Source : Gulf News

Skydive Dubai
Skydive Dubai

Dubai Skydiving is now open to children

Previously, the minimum age for skydiving was 18 years. Luckily adventurous kids can now give a try since the age limit down to 12 years. However, there are two criteria that needs to be fulfilled. Firstly, any children between the ages of 12 and 17 will require a parent or legal guardian to sign the Parent Consent Tandem Waiver. Secondly, the parent or legal guardian who signed will need to accompany them on the day of the skydive. There are set of other procedures that must be followed. The child will have to bring along an identification with photo and fulfill the weight standards (90 kg or below for females and 100 kg or below for males).

Source : The national

Locations & hours of operation

Al Seyahi Street, Mina Seyahi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

September 2019 to May 2020: 10 am to sunset, open from Sunday to Saturday. During summer (May to September) the timings are purely based on the heat and check o ut with Dubai Sky Dive team.

Located outside Dubai, on E66 (Dubai-Al Ain road), near Margham, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The drop zone is closed during summer and will open on 28 September,2019. Drop zone Opening time is from 7 am until whenever the weather permits and manifest window opening time is 7.30 am.


Covid19 and Skydiving

Please refrain from visiting our premises if you are feeling sick. Anyone with an incessant cough will be asked to exit the premises.

While agreeing to skydive with us, you should accept all responsibility to the possibility of being exposed to COVID19. Although we take every precaution and safety measure seriously, please understand that skydiving is a contact sport.

We or our associated entities cannot assure your protection. So if you refuse to accept the risk, you are requested not to participate in skydiving with us.

Safety measures

Due to the current COVID19 Pandemic we pay more attention than usual to the health and safety of our customers and staff which is why we undergo the necessary checks every day before we start operating for the day. Our personnel are well-trained with all the necessary steps and precautions while following all guidelines laid out by the Dubai Health Authority.

We request your utmost cooperation in maintaining all safety measures. Some of the measures we have implemented are:

  1. Solo customers can only arrive at the location with only one family member or friend.
  2. We will check your temperature before entering the premises.
  3. You are required to wear a face mask while arriving at the premises and maintain strict hygiene levels throughout your visit.
  4. It is mandatory you wear trousers with pockets to keep your face mask while skydiving.
  5. Maintain a distance of 2 meters between staff and other customers.
  6. Only card payments and other contactless payments are accepted. No cash payments.
  7. Interact with staff only when it's necessary.
  8. You are required to collect your belongings and leave the premises as soon as your skydive is over.
  9. Your tandem videos and photos will be sent to you by email within 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely yes, you can ask female sky dive instructor them when you are booking the dive. Make sure you plan your dive very early with the request of a female. Last minute you might disappointed not getting one

We guess it’s not guaranteed or possible at the Sky Dive facility, there are many short time babysitting facilities available you can drop your kid and pick after the dive.

If you have a license you can but it isn't recommended & experienced skydivers can sky dive in both locations

You must be 12 years or older (according to the Gregorian calendar) on the day of your tandem skydive. Please bring a valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport) on the day of your skydive. If you are between 12 to 17 years of age, you will need the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian on the Parent Consent Tandem Waiver. It is required that the same parent or legal guardian accompany you on the day of your skydive. Please note, you will not be allowed to skydive if they are not present. Additionally, your parent or legal guardian must also carry a valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport). If you are 70 years old or older on the day you skydive, kindly download and fill out the Declaration of Fitness form (point 6) prior to your arrival at our location. The form must be completed and must be signed and stamped by your doctor.

You will be not allowed & minimum degree of fitness is required to complete a tandem skydive and to ensure a safe landing for you and your instructor. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator of this.

Yes it is possible, Paralyzed U.S. skydiver has dived in Dubai and wheelchair jumper also sky dive in Dubai too. Please check with the Sky dive team carefully and make sure they accept your term.

It’s not guaranteed, please make a call to sky dive or reserved agent. If the requested slot is available they sky dive might be helping you to get it changed.

It's not possible & not allowed, Skydiving is very dangerous activity need lots of careful experience.

Hope no, a valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport) must be presented and better to avoid taking photocopy and being stopped and loosing your money and dive

Yes you should book the slot well in advance. 2200 dirhams for the skydive and full video plus 150 dirhams more if you buy the insurance and edited video package. You need to pay 999 dirhams while booking

You can book online at the sky dive booking link & it’s better than doing a walk in get disappointed. Office located at the palm sky dive facility

The whole experience can take at least three hours from check-in, and sometimes longer if there are delays because of the weather. You will meet your instructor approximately 15 minutes before you board the aircraft. Once on board, the take-off, ascent, skydive, and landing takes approximately 20 minutes. Your videos and pictures will be ready for collection about 45 minutes after you land.

Seems you will be able to make it & checkout the BMI on the above calculator

There is age weight and medical restrictions, checkout the age and BMI, first time divers must be jumping with the experienced sky diver

During the winter (October to April) the sky dive would be amazing. Winter months are good for outdoor activities in UAE

5 foot is a normal height and is totally fine. They will check your weight and BMI. Checkout the BMI above

The tandem sky dive is the type of sky dive that have instructor AED 2199 (600 USD) for palm Jumeirah and 1669 AED (462 USD) for desert.

It’s always a single person jumping at the time where you will be on boarded in a plane where multiple sky divers will be jumping from a single plane. Each person has instructors and camera men jumping with them.

Expect about 38 Celsius on the ground, the climate not going be the big issue. If you get holidays in June or your budget not suiting in the winter in terms of hotels and flight better to choose the summer. Sky dive facility is fully air-conditioned and the flight too obviously, where you will be outdoor when you jump off the flight. The free-fall lasts approximately 60 seconds & then the parachute is deployed, you will then have a relaxing canopy descent lasting four to five minutes. Barely you expose to sun and hope it doesn’t matter we feel.

You have to bring, a filled and signed copy of the Tandem Waiver form if you don’t this it also available at palm dive location. And if you are 70 a completed and stamped Declaration of Fitness form if you are 70 years or older, or if you have or have had any medical conditions. Also wear proper dress.

There are few ways you can register yourself & do a sky dive in Dubai

  1. 1. Directly go to website of Sky Dive facility and book with them with the deposit
  2. 2. You can talk to local tour operator and book with them

Total Cost for the desert sky dive is AED 1699 & deposit to reserve the spot: AED 999 & palm desert dive AED 2199 deposit to reserve the spot AED 999 if you booking online. Local tour operators might check availability and assist you with the payment options.

May be if spots available, better to book online

To avoid surprises like ohh we are fully booked, do it in advance.

Yes if you have a license and Check out the details of Experienced Skydivers

Licensed skydivers who have between 25 to 49 logged skydives need to have skydived in the last 60 days & also students and non-licensed skydivers need to have skydived in the last 30 days.

Yes keep checking on the sky dive promotions and offers page. Call sky dive number +971 4 3778888 for more information

To obtain a USPA A license, you must complete a minimum of 25 skydives, successfully pass all the requirements on the A license proficiency card and pass the written and oral A license exam. Rates you contact the Dubai Sky Dive team

Sky Dive only accept UAE Dirhams and following payment methods are accepted. UAE Dirhams, Debit cards, Visa and MasterCard credit cards & UnionPay cards. They do not accept Currency other than UAE Dirhams & American Express cards

Sky Dive is a highly active adventure and having anemia can make you feel tired and weak, if you involving in any intensive activity like this could cause issues. Consult with your physician and then speak to Sky Dive team

It's not dangerous. No need to fear. You can just go for it without any training or exercise, you are attached to experienced diver who will operate the parachute

Yes it’s fine. You can carry the passport on your mobile they will print it.

As soon as you booked on the available slot you are already taken in. Unless until major events or climate change you will be doing the dive.

They don't, but it's relatively inexpensive to get a taxi to Skydive Dubai

Many can do. Usually 5 -10 flight and it's pretty much every 30 mins so they can fit alot in one day if needed. Your team all want to do, you can speak to the Sky Dive facility and look for a day where all you can fit in

3 hours, the whole experience can take at least 3-5 hours from check-in, and sometimes longer if there are delays because of the weather. You will meet your instructor approximately 15 minutes before you board the aircraft. Once on board, the take-off, ascent, skydive, and landing takes approximately 20 minutes. Your videos and pictures will be ready for collection about 45 minutes after you land. Freefall lasts approximately 60 seconds. After the parachute is deployed, you will then have a relaxing canopy descent lasting 4 to 5 minutes.

No. Only short briefing with instructor and cameraman. Everything happens on the

Yes, but before that you need to book your slot. That time you need to pay in advance. Physically you need to visit and book your slot on the available date and slot

Same online, all tour operators online all sells same.

It can be single also. Not necessarily you need to have a group.

Nope. You'll need to pay some initial amount to book your slot. Drop the sky dive team an mail and they may send a payment link if cards are not going through.

The desert location is closed for the summer and will reopen on September. But the Palm location will be open all summer, including during Ramadan.

If you are 74 years old (Above 70) kindly download and fill out the Declaration of Fitness form (point 6) prior to your arrival at Dubai Sky Dive location. The form must be completed and must be signed and stamped by your doctor

Yes, she must be 12 years or older (according to the Gregorian calendar) on the day of your tandem skydive

Total Cost would be around AED 999 & advance Payment amount: AED 500

First of all the view. If you are doing skydive in Dubai must do in palm as the view is incredible. In desert there is no view like palm. Only desert you can see. Secondly the price. In palm 2199 AED. For desert view 1699 AED

It’s just the small safety session since you dive with the tandem expert diver you don’t need any training