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Why should you visit Lost Chambers Aquarium ?

  • tick iconThe Lost Chambers Aquarium is always listed as one of the world's biggest aquariums. Other types of marine life that live there naturally include Seahorses, stingrays, crabs, and white sharks.
  • tick iconInside the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you'll be able to learn about the animals that live in the deepest parts of the ocean. You can watch the 11 million liter tank's 65,000 species move around. Snorkeling is a great way to get up close and personal with the amazing marine life in Ambassador Lagoon. You can look at more than 20 marine shows, learn about the different species, and even feed some of the animals.
  • tick iconWhen you visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you can see the cutting-edge technology that keeps it moving smoothly. Using interactive touch screens and augmented reality, you can spend time with your friends and family and learn about every aquatic species simultaneously.

Ticket overview

Lost Chambers Aquarium ticket price
Approximate Cost
ADULT - 120 AED - 20 USD
Activity Location
Activity Duration
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About Dubai's Lost Chambers Aquarium :

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is among the popular places for people in Dubai. There, they can learn more about the mysterious city of Atlantis.

On this amazing trip, you will see beautiful coral reefs and visit important historical places. Every time you turn a corner, you'll find something amazing.

As you walk through the underwater tube, make sure to look around at all the colored fish, sting rays, and other strange sea creatures.

If you buy an entry ticket to the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you can see its 21 exhibits and more than 65,000 marine species.

About Dubai Lost Chambers Aquarium Tickets :

  1. right arrow iconExplore the mysterious realm of the Lost Chambers Aquarium and get up close and personal with a wide range of aquatic animals.
  2. right arrow iconBe sure to look at the mesmerizing tropical fish as they swim through the aquarium tanks and display their vibrant colors and patterns.
  3. right arrow iconBe sure to check out the one-of-a-kind feeding sessions daily, during which professional divers personally provide food for marine animals.
  4. right arrow iconTouch pools provide an exceptional interactive experience while also allowing you to connect with a wide variety of aquatic species and educate you about that life.
  5. right arrow iconAcquire vital knowledge on preserving marine life and underwater ecosystems.
  6. right arrow iconYou might pick up some new information about ancient Atlantis as you go through the tunnels painstakingly constructed at the aquarium. These tunnels are meant to depict sunken towns.
  7. right arrow iconEnjoy the serene atmosphere of the underwater world as you watch and take in the sights while listening to music designed to put you at ease.
  8. right arrow iconTake stunning pictures and selfies in front of breathtaking underwater sceneries, which give a unique and beautiful environment. These backdrops can be found throughout the aquarium.
  9. right arrow iconTreat your family to a day to remember by purchasing tickets to the Lost Chambers Aquarium so everyone can gain insight into the world beneath the waves.

Things to be experienced

The Ambassador Lagoon
The Ambassador Lagoon

The Ambassador Lagoon will make you feel strange because it was made to look like the mythical city of Atlantis, which was thought to have been lost.The Ambassador Lagoon is a pond that holds 11 million liters of water and is 10 meters deep. Sixty-five thousand marine animals of 250 different kinds live there.Many marine animals live in this area, like the Golden Trevally and Sharks.

Touch Tank

The Touch Tank in the Lost Chambers Aquarium of Atlantis Resorts Dubai is a remarkable feature that attracts many tourists worldwide.Visitors get the chance to get up close and personal with various exotic marine animals while expertly guided by Marine Educators. They also have the option to touch and feel the animals during their time at the aquarium.

Touch Tank
Aquatrek Adventures
Aquatrek Adventures

When you visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium, you have to visit Aquatrek. Visitors can put on high-tech suits and dive into the Ambassador Lagoon to study the 65,000 marine species that live there.A shark tour can be done by anyone older than ten years old. Choose Aquatrek Xtreme if you want to go deep and see a lot of different kinds of sea life.


The Lost Chambers Aquarium is home to a variety of aquatic life because of the wonderful exhibits that it has to offer.It is home to a wide variety of creatures, some of which include the following: grouper fish, clownfish, eels, and sharks. There are twelve different types of sharks here, including the endangered zebra sharks.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

The Lost Chambers have a make-believe ticket to Atlantis. In this augmented reality experience, you can change the Lost Chambers Aquarium into a legendary underwater metropolis.You will run into various species of sea life as you progress through the mysteries and unlock new areas of the lost land.


Best Time to Visit

Weekday vs Weekend

Given how famous the Lost Chambers Aquarium is, lost Chambers aquarium timings to visit either very early in the day or very late in the day to avoid crowds.

Peak Season vs Low Season

November through March is the best time to visit Dubai. The sky is clear, and the temperature rarely goes below 15 degrees Fahrenheit or above 25 degrees Celsius. Another busy time for tourists in Dubai is in the winter.

If you want to go there outside the busy tourist season, September and October are the best months. The hot summer season, which lasts from June to August, is marked by temperatures above 38 degrees Fahrenheit.


Best way to buy the ticket

Buying The Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets online is the most convenient method to ensure that you can take advantage of the amazing discounts and savings available and the many other advantages of doing so.

Make sure you get into the popular Lost Chambers Aquarium by reserving online in advance. Most attractions limit how many people they can hold, so if you want to go, it's best to plan to ensure you get all the benefits.


You can save time waiting in line at the box office when you get the lost chambers aquarium Dubai ticket price online. Instead, you can do it from the comfort of your home or while out and about. So, contact Arabiers and enjoy a trip without any problems.

Cheapest Deals

Buying tickets online lets you pick the best Lost Chambers Aquarium offers and available times and days.


How to reach

reaching by taxi
By Cab

A local taxi service is one of the quickest and most convenient methods to reach the aquarium. Taxis and Uber are readily available around the city.

reaching by car
By Metro

You can board the metro to the Lost Chambers Aquarium and get off at the Palm Atlantis monorail station. From there, walk a minute by foot to the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

reaching by car
By Car

Parking at the Atlantis Hotel is available for anyone who wishes to drive to the Lost Chambers Aquarium. The Aquaventure Waterpark is a 5-minute stroll from the aquarium and offers convenient parking. The valet service at The Avenues is complimentary, although it is subject to availability.


Rules & Regulations

  • tick iconVisitors under the age of 12 require an adult companion.
  • tick iconVisitors between 3 and 7 can purchase tickets at the kid rate.
  • tick iconThe price of an adult ticket applies to visitors who are eight or older.
  • tick iconSmoking is prohibited inside the Lost Chambers Aquarium, and flash photography is prohibited but not encouraged.


You have the option of purchasing tickets either online or in person at the venue's counter. When you buy tickets for the Dubai Aquarium through the website, you can take advantage of several discounts and savings and avoid the line at the ticket booth.
Professional photography services are available for use within the confines of the Lost Chambers Aquarium.
Yes, the Lost Chambers Aquarium is accessible to those using wheelchairs.
Yes, visitors to The Lost Chambers Aquarium are welcome to use the free valet parking at The Avenues if there are spaces.
Attractions at the Lost Chambers Aquarium include the Ambassador Lagoon, home to over 65,000 different kinds of aquatic life, Aquatrek, which offers scuba diving and snorkeling, and 21 different shows.
Taking public transit to Lost Chambers Aquarium is the most convenient option. The closest metro station is the Mall of the Emirates.
The Lost Chambers Aquarium is inside the Atlantis Dubai, which can be found on the crescent that makes up Palm Island in Jumeirah.
Yes, you can book the Lost Chambers Aquarium ticket and visit the aquarium.
Yes, the Lost Chambers Aquarium is widely considered among Dubai's best attractions. It is an attraction that tourists in groups of friends, families, and couples cannot miss while in the region.