Dubai Water Canal Cruise

Dubai Water Canal Cruise
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Dubai Water Canal Cruise sub images
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A Dubai Water Canal Cruise is one of the most exciting ways to explore the heart of Dubai city from the Business Bay region to Jumeirah. The 3.2-kilometer-long water canal runs through the middle of the city, starting from Old Dubai Creek through Business Bay to Jumeirah.

Get on a traditional dhow boat and cruise through the heart of Dubai while enjoying delicious buffet dinner onboard. Enjoy unique views of the city’s landmarks that are located along the canal and live entertainment while onboard.

Dubai Water Canal Cruising Map

Get a clear overview of your cruising root at Dubai water canal. See where you will be directed under the Dubai night lights in your dhow cruising experience with your delicious dinner. And also you will get a chance to spot below beautiful views at the Dubai water canal area.

Dubai Water Canal Cruising Map

Highlights of the Dubai Water Canal Cruise

  • Waterfront Views : Enjoy unique views of the Dubai city modern skyline and famous landmarks like the Burj Khalifa. An illuminated Dubai cruise at night makes the Dubai skyline more beautiful at night.
  • Delicious Dining : The Dubai Canal cruise offers buffet-style dining including, starter, main course and tasty desserts. Enjoy the variety of local and international dishes while taking in the lovely sceneries along the canal.
  • Unobstructed Views : A water Canal dhow boat has an open-air upper deck that offers 360 degrees unobstructed views of the surrounding areas. In addition, the upper deck gives you a chance to capture beautiful photos with the city and water as the background.
  • Educative Commentary : Most Dubai cruises along the Water Canal provide entertaining commentary onboard to educate visitors about the history of the canal, the surrounding landmarks and the development of the canal.
  • Convenient Departure Points : You can board a Water Canal cruise from several locations along the canal. This makes the cruise convenient and accessible for most people looking to try the experience.
  • Family-friendly : A Dubai dhow cruise is a family-friendly experience that accommodates even children and people of all ages.
  • Romantic Environment : The Dubai Water Canal especially at night when the city is illuminated with lights and the waters are calm, provide a serene environment that is perfect for a romantic evening outing.

Tour Packages at Dubai Water Canal

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Black Pearl Pirate Boat Sightseeing Cruise

Black Pearl Sightseeing Cruise @ Dubai Creek

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Dubai Canal Cruise with La Perle Silver Pass

Dubai Canal Cruise with La Perle Silver Pass

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Luxury Dubai Water Canal Cruise

Luxury Cruise @ Dubai Water Canal

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New Year Luxury Dubai Canal Cruise

New Year Luxury Cruise @ Dubai Water Canal

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Experience Dubai’s Charm on a Dubai Water Canal Cruise

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Enjoy a dhow cruise along the Dubai Water Canal to get a unique viewpoint of the city’s skyline and iconic landmarks.
Explore the Dubai city

A Dubai Water Canal cruise is the perfect way to explore Dubai city from the water, because the cruises provide glass-covered dhows and some an open upper deck to allow you enough room to view the city as you enjoy your meal. While cruising the canal, you will spot iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Festival City Mall, which is the biggest entertainment, dining and fashion mall in the city.

Enjoy the Dhow Hospitality

When you board a Water Canal dhow cruise, some cruises offer you a complimentary Arabic Coffee, commonly called the Kahwah, chilled refreshments and dates e onboard.

You will experience the true Emirati hospitality on board the dhow cruise from how the crew members welcome you during your cruise.

Enjoy a Dhow Cruise Meal

You are served a buffet style dinner while onboard a dhow cruise along the Dubai Water Canal. Enjoy traditional Arabic foods, including Arabic appetizers, grilled meat, crisps salads, tasty desserts and hot beverages. Some cruises even provide a saxophone performance onboard to entertain you as you dig into your meal.

Admire the Beauty of Dubai Canal

Go for a Dubai traditional boat trip along the Dubai Water Canal and admire the artistic construction of the canal and the serene ambience. You will marvel at the Dubai landmarks as you sail along the canal from Business Bay to Jumeirah while enjoying a delicious meal and calming Arabic music.

Dubai Water Canal Cruise Price

The prices for a Dubai Water Canal dhow cruise differs with different cruise providers and the package you select but generally just like other Dubai boat cruises, the cruise is considered to be affordable and worth your money.

A canal dhow cruise package usually includes, buffet dining, entertainment, sightseeing and the dhow cruise itself.

Best Time to Sail

The perfect time to go for a Dubai Water Canal cruise is during late afternoon or early evening when the sun is setting and the city transforming to a sea of lights.

During this time, you enjoy a perfect combination of pleasant weather and stunning views of the city skyline as it comes to life at night.

Meeting Point

  • The Meeting point for Dubai water canal cruises varies depending on the cruise operator, but for most of them the departure point is usually Dubai Marina. You should however talk to your cruise operator to confirm the specific meeting point.
  • Also, ask you cruise operator if they offer pick up and drop off services in their cruise packages or they if they have a designated meeting point near your hotel.

Departure and Return

The time a Dubai water canal cruise starts and ends differs with different cruise providers and the type of cruise you select. However, most cruises have the same types of cruises and departure and return times are also similar for most of them.

Evening Cruise
  • Departure : Late afternoon or early evening from around 4 pm to 5 pm.
  • Return : 7 pm to 8 pm after cruising the canal for around 2 to 3 hours.
Sunset Cruise
  • Departure : 3 pm to 4 pm
  • Return : Shortly after the sunset
Morning Cruise
  • Departure : Around 9 am
  • Return : At noon or early afternoon after you cruise the canal for 2 to 3 hours

You should verify with your operator the specific timings for the water canal cruise when booking for your experience with them.

Booking Tips

  • Plan for your cruises early and make bookings in advance to schedule your tour on your preferred date and time.
  • Do a thorough research on the cruise operators offering the Dubai Water Canal cruise and select one that is reputable with positive reviews and different packages to choose from.
  • Google and read reviews of visitors who went for the Canal dhow cruise in the past to get a rough idea of the quality of the services of a particular cruise provider, the condition of the dhow boats and what to expect when you go for the experience.

More information about the Dubai Water Canal

canal cruise
Explore the Dubai Water Canal in a traditional Arabian boat to get an authentic experience of the Dubai waters.

The Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2 kilometers long artificial canal that connects the Dubai Creek part of Dubai to the Arabian Gulf. The Canal starts from the Business Bay area near Dubai Creek and flows to Jumeirah Beach where it infact drains the water to the Arabian Gulf.

The Dubai Water canal opened in November 2016 and is part of the country’s project to improve Dubai’s infrastructure and waterfront regions.

Dubai Canal was built to reduce the salinity of Dubai Creek, increase the flow of water through Dubai and expand the transport network.

Key Features of Dubai Water Canal

  • Waterfalls : The Dubai Water Canal has stunning waterfall across the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge that hosts a light, color and water show in the evenings. The waterfalls automatically stop when a dhow boat is passing and resumes flowing when you pass.
  • Pedestrian Walkways : There is a walkway along both sides of the canal where you can walk, run, cycle or even sit to relax and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.
  • Marinas : The Canal has several marinas and docking locations which make are the departure points for dhow cruises and stations for water taxis.
  • Iconic Bridges : The canal has five beautiful pedestrian bridges that have electric elevators and escalators and with three of them connecting both sides of the canal. The Tolerance bridge, which is the first suspended bridge of its kind in the UAE is found here and connects the Sheikh Zayed road and Al Wasl road. The bridge is arch shaped and illuminated purple colurs at night.
  • Leisure and Entertainment : The Dubai Water Canal is a well-liked leisure and entertainment destination for both locals and visitors in Dubai. Along the Canal you will find many restaurants, eateries, cafes, luxury hotels, retail outlets and entertainment joints that guarantee you a fun time in the neighborhood.
  • Events : Various events and festivals like cultural festivals and firework displays are hosted along the Dubai Water Canal.
  • Night Illumination : The Canal and surrounding areas get beautifully illuminated as the night comes in making it a perfect place for evening walks and even romantic dining.
  • Modern Developments: You will spot modern and lavish residential and commercial buildings that have been built along the canal adding more beauty to your cruise experience.


A Dubai Water Canal cruise is an experience where you board a traditional wooden boat and sail along the artificial Dubai Canal offering you a unique viewpoint of the city’s skyline and landmarks.

Typically, the Dubai water canal cruises last for 2 to 3 hours, depending on the cruise operator and package selected.

There are options for morning, sunset and evening cruises along the Dubai Canal with each cruise offering you a unique experience and viewpoint of the city.

Some Dubai Water Canal cruises include snacks refreshments or even dinner in their packages. You should therefore confirm with your cruise provider about the inclusions in their dhow cruise packages when booking for the experience.

You can book for a water canal cruise online through our website. Alternatively, you can visit our offices in Dubai to make reservations in person.

There is no strict dress code but you are recommended to put on smart casual and also comfortable footwear to easily move around the boat while sailing.

Expect to view the popular Dubai attractions like the waterfall bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Burj Khlaifa and the lavish skyscrapers along the water canal.

Different cruise operators have different cancellation policies for their water canal cruises so contact them in advance to learn the terms for cancelling a dhow cruise tour.

Most cruises along Dubai canal allow children on board and in fact some have special packages for families and children.

The best Dubai Water cruises are for sunset and evening rides when the sun is setting, and the city is beautifully illuminated by lights.