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Ras Al Khaimah Desert Safari in 2023

Hope this guide will help you to choose the best Ras Al Khaimah desert safari by knowing precise details about Ras Al Khaima desert & facilities. Get the knowledge and understand what is the best time to visit Ras Al Khaimah desert?Who is the best tour provider? And how you need to prepare your-self for your desert tour in Ras Al Khaima?

What is Ras Al Khaimah Desert Safari?

There was a time the desert was considered as an area that nobody could survive with its rough condition except the brave UAE Bedouins. Those days Ras Al Kamiah was less known even though it owned inherent vast desert land while gifted more with white sand beach, mountain range, Mangrove ecosystems, Corals and Sulfurspringswithin the territory. However at that time due to dryness, sever climatic conditions and scarcity of water made it difficult to stay or perhaps get lost in the never ending sand stretches which hid the beauty of real Ras Al Khaimah.

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The time has gone, nowRas Al Khaimah is open to explore. Now travelers are lucky enough to explore and experience the desert with safe desert safaris in Ras Al Khaimah. Than other Emirates cities, Ras Al Kaimah desert safari (RAK desert safari) is not that commercialized and it provides more authentic desert experience for the visitors. RAK desert safari brings you native Bedouin hospitality and many local activities in the natural desert setup with spectacular scenery of sunset and sunrise above the dunes.

Location of Ras Al Khaimah is somewhat closer to the famous Dubai while its nearest neighbors are Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain. Nowadays Ras Al Khaimah is mostly concerned due to the facility of significantly cheaper star hotels which made the visitors to choose Ras Al Khaimah than Dubai which is 50-60 minutes’ drive away from Dubai international airport.

When to go Ras Al Khaimah?

When to travel a city to experience the best of it, is always a question in every travelers mind. When it comes to Ras Al Khaimah, a United Arab Emirate’s city, it is very important to know which month is the best month in the year to go Ras Al Kamiah? What are the months most suitable for Ras Al Khaimah safari tour? What time of the day is better for a Ras Al Kaimah desert activities? Well, let’s get answers for all these questions.

Summer in Ras Al Khaimah is from Mid-April to Mid-October and winter in Ras Al Khaimah from Late-October to Mid-April. Basically, Whole United Arab Emirate all seven cities undergoes similar climatic condition and obviously the summer months are hotter, warmer winds and humid unlike the winter in UAE including RAK. So. It’s always more pleasant and mild in terms of climate to land Ras Al Khaimah on winters.

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But, when thinking about economical perspective visiting Ras Al Khaimah during Winter months (November, December, January, February and March) is bit expensive than visiting here on Summer months (May, June, July, August and September) as Flight tickets, hotel rates are often quite expensive due to large number of leisure travelers, holiday seekers and business travelers footfall during the season in Ras Al Kaimah.

Coming to the point what’s the best time for a Ras Al Khaimah desert safari? Any weekday in the winter season in Ras Al Khaimah from October to April. No matter Morning, Evening or Night it’s all good for Ras Al Khaimah desert safari outdoor activities.

However, year around Ras Al Khaimah safaris are conducted daily in desert. No regrets even if you are arriving here during the off season as you can experience safari in desert. Ras Al Khaimah Summer safari also comprises the same outdoor activities in the morning and evening. Air fare and hotels are comparatively cheaper and if you can withstand heat, you could go for it.

74.8 53.2 AHP Jan
76.3 55.8 AHP Feb
83.5 60.4 AHP Mar
92.1 66.4 AHP Apr
101.1 73.0 AHP May
103.3 76.6 AHP Jun

107.6 81.7 AHP Jul
106.7 83.7 AHP Aug
104.2 78.1 AHP Sep
96.4 71.2 AHP Oct
87.1 63.5 AHP Nov
78.3 57.4 AHP Dec

Average Temperature (0F) Average Hotel Prices (AHP) Medium High Low

Price List (AED and USD)

Kindly note that below prices mentioned here are approximate. The exact rates might vary depend on the tour provider

Budget Safari Tours Standard Tours Premium Tours Dinner under the desert stars - (No hotel pick up) 117 AED / 32 USD 190 AED / 51 USD 170 AED / 46 USD 180 AED / 49 USD 150 AED / 40 USD 160 AED / 43 USD 1400 AED / 381 USD per 4x4 300 AED / 81 USD 350 AED / 95 USD Per couple 1600 AED / 435 USD 1000 AED /272 USD per 4x4 2100 AED / 571 USD 220 AED / 59 USD Adult Adult Adult Child Child Child 80 AED / 22 USD 150 AED / 40 USD 150 AED / 40 USD 130 AED / 35 USD 80 AED / 22 USD 130 AED / 35 USD 250 AED / 68 USD 300 AED / 81 USD 1900 AED / 517USD 180 AED / 49 USD Camel ride 30 minutes & dinner (No hotel pick up) Shisha under the desert stars& dinner (No hotel pick up) Standard evening safari - 4x4 Standard Evening safari without Dune bashing – 4x4 Desert self-drive – your 4x4 Romantic dune dinner- Private Premium desert safari with 5* dinner - Ritz Carlton Standard morning safari - 4x4 Standard Overnightcamping– 4x4 Standard safari with ATV ride – 4X4 Standard safari – Private 4x4 Standard camel trekking – 4x4
What to wear

What to wear

According to your desert program suitable dresses can be varied. Especially with the seasonal changes what to wear for your desert safari can be recommended considering the time of the tour.

Morning desert safaris are happening during the time post-dawn and afternoon. Therefore your dresses has to match with both these temperatures. Dress up in a trouser and T-Shirt made out of a material like linen, cotton, poplin or similar materials which can absorb the sweat and make you comfortable. You may take a jacket during the winter morning safari if in case the desert is cold. Better to wear sandals or slippers which you can remove easily and wipe the sands. If you are sensitive to sun since it’s an outdoor activity better to take sunscreen, sunglasses and hat as well.

Evening desert safari starts late afternoon and finishes at night considering this timings your dress code can consist with a comfortable short/ long jean and T-shirt. You can bring a jacket/ sweater since night desert gets cooler. You can wear a removable sports shoes, boots to the covers your feet from cold.
For overnight desert safari, better to carry an additional pair of jean and t-shirt.

Since camel trekking and Quad bike tours are outdoor adventure activities where you will be involving and during the day time under rising temperature you can select to wear clothes made from natural material like cotton and linen, also aim for sporty cloth. Type of jean, T-shirt would be preferable. Make sure sun protection will be important and you wear sunglasses and a cap/ hat. Sandals or sports shoes will be better to wear doing these rides.

Insider Guides

By Safari Guides & Locals

Read more + Sunset timingSunset timing in Ras Al Khaimah has variation in the winter and summer months.Particularly. During the winter (October to April) sunset timing is earlier and lies between 5.30 PM to 6 PM. Length of sunset scenery last for nearly 3-7 minutes during the winter. During the summer (May to September) sunset is late than winter season and sundown is within 6.20 PM to 7PM. Generally, sunset during the summer last for 3-7minutes.Make sure to reach the desert before the sunset to capture the spectacular view from dunes & double confirm with your operator about the sunset. Sunrise timingRas Al Khaimah’s sunrise time too have difference among summer and winter months. Summer Sunrise in Ras Al Khaimah is from 5.30 AM to 6 AM while Winter Sunrise is at around 6 AM -7AM.If you wants to catch the sunrise scene in Ras Al khaimah better to plan it based on the sunrise time forecast. Desert safari pick up time Desert safari pick up time is scheduled based on the Sunset/ sunrise timing or the particular tour date and the distance from your pick up location to the desert point. If you are driving by your own to the desert camp, make sure you follow the right location map and start the journey earlier to reach on time. Desert Safari without dune bashingSome of the safari guests don’t want to try dune bashing adventure. If the guest do not want dune bash it can be avoided. Usually, it’s not recommended to participate adventurous dune ride for pregnant mothers, elderly guests, those who have back problems or who undergo any medical treatments. Feel free to omit dune bashing from your desert safari itinerary for more safer and pleasant experience.Desert rains and sandstormsRain in Ras Al Khaimah is a rare phenomenon but mostly common in February and March.Therefore your tour getting cancelled due rain has least possibility. But of course in Ras Al Khaimah there is a chance of occurring sandstorm and in such situations the tour provider will reschedule the tour for you.Riding a camelIn almost all the desert safari tours are included the camel ride in the agenda. Generally, it’s a quick ride that will last for 5-6 minutes which predominantly focus on taking pictures. You might mislead as many desert safari itinerates camel ride even though it’s not a leisure ride. During the season in Ras Al Khaimah better to go for camel ride as more guests’ waits to take pictures and you may need to wait in a queue.If you are driving to the desert camp directly, go early and enjoy this ride before the other guests arrive. Also, if you insist to ride a camel for long time better opt for Camel trekking where you can enjoy the ride for 30 minutes to 1 hour while clicking many good photos.
Quad Bike (ATV)Driving an All-Terrain Vehicle type Quad bike is a great adventure off road desert. You can quickly learn to how control the bikes and enjoy the ride along the desert land escape. Better to be aware that quad bike ride is not insured self-ride and you need to fill the disclaimer form before renting the bike next to the camp. Many fake advertisement offer adventures ride which is not the real situation, where a designated safest route will be led by a tour guide and you will be driving on it, imaging drifting and driving faster is so dangerous and make sure you avoid itDinner BuffetThe desert safari dinner buffet is an inclusion of evening desert tours& overnight safari tours in whole UAE. Respectively the Ras Al Khaimah desert safari dinner menu, the quality of the food, and the taste can be different one to another camp and type of desert tour you reserve. If you have booked a Budget or standard tour, no doubt you will required to wait in a line. Premium desert safari dinner usually serve 5* dinner to your table & offer you a silver service. Selecting a safari operatorFinding the best tour operator can be a challenge as nowadays many online tour operators are competing and promoting Ras Al Khaimah desert tours. When you are preforming your reservation be careful and take your time for a right selection. Checkout trip advisor & Googlereviews of the operator before choosing them. And also make sure you have a phone call if you have doubt and ask few questions Cancellation policyIt is important to read and understand the tour cancelation policy by the RAK tour provider, before you proceed with the booking. If in case of cancelation relevant terms will be applicable and with reference to the policy you may/ may not entitle for the refund.

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Instagrm worthy pictures

Take and share your Ras Al Khaimah story and share your Ras Al Khaima moments in your instagram profile. Ras Al Khaimah has more ideal attraction, activities and sceneries beyond your expectations.

Here are the ideas where to click Instagrm worthy pictures

Wadi dunes

While camel ride

Moments of sand boarding

Falcon on your arm

Move of belly dancer

Fire dancers movements

Overnight desert camping & born fire

Sundown from dunes

Sunrise of desert

While bashing the dunes

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Choosing the best tours LET ME DECIDE SHOW ME ALL TOURS

Selecting the best tours

All of the premium Desert safari tours are conducted in a resort like Ritz Carlton. A family-friendly place which oozes luxury and has exceeded the hopes of many newbie desert travelers will give you a taste of the Bedouin lifestyle and their decor. Also offered variety of activities and sports that are a part of the Emiratis’ outdoor preferences. Catering to half-day and full-day safari goers, the location of the resort is truly breathtaking (Wadi Desert). The palm and mud-brick exterior of the huts as the interior hides extravagantly decorated areas that exudes Bedouin styles and provides all the modern-day amenities. The food offered at the village are buffet style and maintain 5-star standards & silver spoon service provided

Premium Desert Safari & Ritz Carlton Private Destination Dining

Al Wadi Desert Private Sunset Dinner & Champagne

Ras Al Kahimah strandard desert tours and activities are taking place in Wadi desert throughout the year. Around 3-4 desert well established and maintaining camps in Ras Al Khiamah. Standard desert safaris are somewhat common in things to do in RAK and it consists 4x4 transfers by an experienced desert driver guide. Both day and night time activities included in the itinerary of RAK desert safari.

Standard Desert Safari with Quad Biking (ATV) Options

For budget travelers also has the opportunity to enjoy desert safari in Ras Al Khaimah. Dining in desert experience with live entertainment or Camel trekking, ATV rides are available for you by arriving to the camp site by yourself where you can save all a lot by avoiding the 4x4 pick up and drive which cost biggest portion in the tour rate. Obviously, you won’t be provided the 4x4 land cruiser pick and drop service and 4WD dune drive.

Desert Quad Bike (ATV) Guided Tour - Arrive and Drive

Desert Dinner & Entertainment - At traditional camp

Abu Dhabi desert safari map

Al Ain Oasis Al khatim DesertStandard/Budget Safari Al Wathba Zayed Festival Area Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station Abu Dhabi Corniche Abu Dhabi International Airport Luxury Desert reportPremium Safari Tours Jumeirah Al WathbaDesert Resort Al WathbaWetland Reserve Al WathbaFossil Dunes Al Wathba Camel Race Track 25 Min 1 Hr 30 Min 1 Hrs 30 Min 30 Min 38 Min 50 Min 20 Min 26 Min 1.5 Hrs 14 Min 10 Min 20 Min

Ras al-Khaimah romantic desert escapes

Honeymoon Special

For many centuries the desert’s captivating sunsets have always been synonymized with romance because of the cozy ambience that surrounds such a spectacular phenomenon. Think blushed skies followed by cool nights; two major contributors of a romantic evening in the desert. A desert honeymoon is a must in the list of every couple, so why not spoil yourself with a variety of romantic options in the Abu Dhabi desert. Abu Dhabi’s desert is brimming with options to paint precious memories in your Abu Dhabi honeymoon tale.

Even though all safety precaution in place there accidents take place. If you feel your safari guide is less competent to handle the dunes stop the tour & call the tour operator.

Insurance and Safety Policies

As per the rules and regulations of Ras Al Khaimah tourism authority, all desert safari tour operators are mandatory to obtain 3rd Party Liability Insurance. Withstanding safety precaution measure desert safari 4x4 land cruisers must be rollover protected as well. Dune bashing adventure a kind of adventurous desert drive and unpredictable accidents during desert drives and Rollover crashes will be covered by the insurance policy. It’s important when you are selecting the desert safari provider as to make sure the desert safari marshal who drives your Ras Al Khaimah desert is well trained and licensed.Whenever you are booking RAK desert safari it’s good for you to understand the insurance policy and safety measures of the tour

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Safety Guidelines (Covid 19)

Individuals visiting the Ras Al Khaimah desert for camping or desert safaris during the COVID 19 period are compelled to adhere to a set of guidelines stated by the ras al khaimah tourism authority & we implemented the measures to make sure to ensure the safety of our guests

  • Thermal cameras and infrared thermometers (self-held) will be placed at all entry points at our desert camp. Any guest with a temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius will be isolated in different rooms for further medical checks.
  • Our desert camps and vehicles are equipped with the necessary facilities for guests to keep their hands sanitized frequently.
  • If the individual displays any flu-like symptoms, entry to desert camps and vehicles will be refused.
  • If any individual displays flu-like symptoms, please inform our team members or call immediately - Ministry of Health & Prevention on 800-11111 Estijaba service Department of Health – Abu Dhabi on 800-1717 & Dubai Health Authority on 800-342.

Frequently asked by travelers

Yes we can arrange a private pick up from Dubai and make your experience Jebel Jais Zipline (we can make the reservation too). then we can drop you for a lunch break at the preferred hotel or restaurant in Ras Al khaima city. After the lunch break we can make you to enjoy the sundowner Ras Al Khaima safari tour & then drop you back to Dubai

It depends on the hotel you staying in Ras Al Khaima the exact pick up time given and also if you choose the sharing tour, it making us difficult to give you a preferred time, we may suggest you to book private morning desert safari tour.

Yes you are welcome, most of the local resident in UAE visit our camp with their own transportation arrangement, there is a road lead to our camp and please book with us only dinner in the desert ras al khaimah

Yes, Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah Al Wadi Desert 12 minutes from our camp (Type in Google map, Bedouin oasis Ras Al Khaimah). Staying in the hotel and taking our tour do not have much different and your travel time is less. And there is another Ads. The Ritz-Carlton in Ras Al Khaimah too, called as The Ritz-Carlton - Ras Al Khaimah, Al Hamra Beach