28 Things to do in Hatta - Most useful guide with free things to do

July 16, 2021 Updated

Things to do in Hatta is not only about Biking, Hiking & Kayaking, our destination experts put together complete list of things to do with full details, plan your Hatta trip now

Free things to do in Hatta

01 Visit Hatta Dam

source: Arabiers Hatta Destination Experts

Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam is considered one of the most beautiful nature spot where the earth meets the sky. Your eyes would have a treat to see this scenic 360 view which is known to be the best in UAE where you can find the mountains & lakes. The sunset view, the pictures taken here and the silence of the Hatta Dam will be lifetime in your memory lane.

02 Hatta Pool

No Longer Available For Visitors From UAE

source: Past Travellers

Travels Confirmed

Check out news

Hatta pool was one of the most visited nature spot before 2015. So far official confirmation about the access and many try to visit during their Hatta trip and get disappointed. The boarder is closed and manned by Omani police. Local residents of UAE & International tourists been refused to access the pool now it belong to Oman.

03 Take a Hike

source: Visit Dubai

Hatta Main City Area

Take a Hike through the Hajar Mountains, the Wadis and explore the uniqueness over the rocky rocks. Hiking is a not to be missed activity in Hatta as it is free and Hatta is known for Hiking with the signs made throughout the city. For Mountain Trekking it is advisable to book a guide or a tour.

04 Visit Hatta Date Farms

source: Visit Dubai

Hatta is one of the region which considers Date farming as their essential activity. This is the place where you can find the ancient Date Farms. On your way trekking, do not forget to enter these date farms.

05 Visit Hatta Heritage Village


Visit Hatta Heritage Village to feel the real ancient rural living which were centuries ago. This is very much different than the Dubai or Abu Dhabi Heritage Villages as this is the traditional village set-up preserved with prototypes, sculptures and many ancient documents to see.

06 Hatta Hill Park

source: Visit Dubai

Hatta Hill Park is a favourite location for families and get together. It is filled with greenery, a walking and jogging track, a swimming pool, benches for BBQ and a children’s playground. If you are fed up with the city playground, then now feel the difference being in Hatta Hill Park.

07. Hatta Fort & Jumma Mosque

source: Travellers

Hatta Fort and Jumma Mosque are the historical resembled towers and the oldest buildings. It includes the traditional water system used from the past. These are the iconic buildings in Hatta which portrays the UAE’s past to visitors.

08 See the Sights

source: Visit Hatta

Feeling enough sightseeing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with all sky-scrappers and innovative designs? Then visit Hatta to see the sights of real nature, mountains, relaxing sunset and a busy less environment while you can leisurely take photos with you and your family. Moments are created in Hatta for Free.

Things to do at Wadi Hub


Wondering Hatta has less things to do than Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then Wadi Hub would be the answer. This is a perfect escape and an arena for all types of experiences and activities as per designed for both kids and adults, also available for free and chargeable options.

Closed during summer between May – September. Opens to Public from October

Here is the guide with more information about where to stay in Wadi Hub, the paid activities, the free activities

Where to Stay in Wadi Hub?

There are 03 main resorts for you to stay at Wadi Hub which is considered as comfort at all times with a different experience on your stay.

Damani Lodges Resort

SEDR Trailers Resort

Price - The prices range from AED 500 (USD 136) above to AED 2000 (USD 545) per person depending on the rooms category and dates you may choose.

Free Activities in Wadi Hub

09 Small Plunge

source: Wadi Hub

10 Big Plunge

source: Wadi Hub

11. Net Walkway

source: Wadi Hub

12 Log Swings

source: Wadi Hub

13 Rope Bridge

source: Wadi Hub

14 Pump Track

source: Wadi Hub

Paid Activities in Wadi Hub

15 Archery

source: Wadi Hub

16 Axe Throwing

source: Wadi hub

17 Palm Course - Not yet Open

source: Wadi Hub

18 Mountain Biking

source: E bookers

19 Mountain Bike Training

source: E bookers

20 Free Fall - Not yet Open

source: Wadi Hub

21 Bag Jump - Not yet Open

source: Wadi Hub

22 Mountain Carts

source: Merras

23 Cannon - Not yet Open

source: Wadi Hub

24 Wall Climbing - Not yet Open

source: Visit Dubai

25 Twin Zipline - not yet open

source: Visit Dubai

Rides at Wadi Hub – AED 25 Only

28 Camel Ride

source: Wadi Hub

26 Donkey Ride

source: Wadi Hub

27 Pony Ride

source: Wadi Hub

28 Horse Chariot

source: Hatta Wadi

a. Small Ride – AED 40 per person
b. Long Ride – AED 80 per person
c. Below 04 years – AED 10 per child

Also you can book the passes that has amazing activities packed

Unlimited Thrill Day Pass for Adults – AED 500

source: Hatta Wadi


  • Mountain Biking (03 hours)
  • Drop in
  • Palm Course
  • Twin Zipline
  • Cannon
  • Archery
  • Axe Throwing
  • Wall Climbing
  • Bag Jump
  • Freefall

Adventure Day Pass for Adults – AED 250 (01 attempt each)

source: Hatta Wadi


  • Mountain Biking (03 hours)
  • Drop in
  • Palm Course
  • Twin Zipline
  • Cannon
  • Archery
  • Axe Throwing
  • Wall Climbing
  • Bag Jump
  • Freefall

Day Pass for Kids – AED 150 (01 attempt each)

source: Hatta Wadi


  • Mountain Biking Kids (01 hour)
  • Drop in
  • Palm Course
  • Kiddy Zipline
  • Wall Climbing
  • Bag Jump
  • Freefall

Things to do nearby Hatta Dam – Paid Hatta Tours

There are many things to do near-by Hatta Dam which is the main point of attraction to cover all in Hatta.

29 Hatta Kayaking at Hatta Dam

source: Visit Dubai

You can cover these within a timeframe of 06 hours. You may start from the Hatta Dam or Lake with the beautiful scenic view and atmosphere of mountains. Then begin your Hatta Kayaking. This is a must do activity near the Hatta Dam and 01 hour of Kayak. Then relax by visiting the Heritage Village to see the ancient Hatta and this Heritage Village is considered the oldest village in UAE.

30 Full Day tour with Kayaking & Lunch at JA Hatta Fort Hotel

source: Visit Dubai

If you are planning a full day to Hatta in a relaxing feel this would be the best itinerary. You can spend some time visiting the JA Hatta Fort Hotel and have lunch here and then proceed to the Hatta Dam. After some relaxation of nature then it would be time for some adventure. Hope up to some evening kayaking where you can witness a different atmosphere of Hatta in water. This would be more of a picnic tour for you and your family. End your day at Heritage Village to share more information when you are back home.

31 Hatta Kayaking, Mountain Hiking & biking

source: Visit Dubai

These are the activities well known near-by Hatta Dam, travelers come all the way to experience this adventure of Kayaking, Mountain Hiking and Biking togather on this tours starts from Hatta Dam Kayaking facility.. Get ready to sweat with your safety gears and begin the adventurous side of Hatta. Start you adventure with Kayaking for around 02 hours then begin your adventurous mountain hiking where we recommend a guide to be with you. This is the best moment to view the mountain escape and the beautiful Hajjar Mountains. End your 6 KM hiking at Hatta Valley and then begin your Biking from here for the final 6 KM.

32 Honey Factory, Tombs, Camel Farm, Hatta 360 & Kayaking

source: Visit Dubai

We recommend this for explorers who want to spend more time and know more and if possible all about Hatta. This is best if you can be accompanied by a local Emirati guide or local guide who can pass you with the authentic experience and the correct information. You have more to do near the Hatta Dam than only the 360 scenery and the view via Kayaking. You can start with the heritage Village followed by some places which you have never heard in Hatta. The paces to explore would be ancient archaeological tombs, camels /local farms and Honey factory / Park. These are only for explorers has many do not even know that these exist in Hatta.

33 Hatta & Dubai - Do all in one day tour

source: Visit Dubai

See the best of hatta & Dubai in one day & specially planned for those who in a stopover in Dubai Airport or port who wish to experience hatta .

  • Head Directly to Hatta Dam for the views and photos.
  • Head on to Kayaking for one or two hours
  • Time for lunch at JA hatta Fort Hotel.
  • Drive down to Sharjah to see the Fossil Rock which is the best natural beauty which many miss to see
  • Begin the Famous desert Safari tour in Dubai with Sand Dunes and a good dinner.
  • Time to catch your flight

Things to Do with Kids in Hatta

Parents travelling with kids has got biggest concern of what my kids can do as they can’t go Kayaking and Hiking.


Picnic-Things to Do with Kids in Hatta

Have you ever tried a relaxing picnic on your car driving with your family and kids? Have you ever communicated in a silence atmosphere? If no then Hatta is the place for you and your kids. Spend Time with your kids here at Hatta being with them sharing love & visit Hatta dam, Wadi Hub and Heritage village with kids


Photography-Things to Do with Kids in Hatta

You can spend more time with your kids in Hatta take pictures with the background of mountain. Experience the beautiful scenic view

Hill Park

Hill Park - Things to Do with Kids in Hatta

Visit the Hill Park for a BBQ and some playing around for your kids

Heritage Village

Heritage Village - Things to Do with Kids in Hatta

Heritage Village is a place where your kids can get knowledge

Wadi Hub

Wadi Hub - Things to Do with Kids in Hatta

Many activities designed for kids at Wadi Hub & many free activities available at Wadi Hub too and there are reasonably priced activities too. Activities for kids and parents where they can do together. You can share a bond with your kids in Wadi Hub. If you feel your kid wants to spend more time at Wadi Hub then do not forget the Day pass for kids which is only 150 AED. Visit our Wadi Up story to know all about timings rates and activities.

Hatta Events Calendar 2022/2023 - Updates Coming Soon

    November 2022
    Wadi Bih Run

    Wadi Bih Run

    NOV 15
    EVENT LOCATION CONTACT INFO Hatta Fort Hotel Tel: +97124088999
    December 2022
    Hatta Honey Festival

    Hatta Honey Festival

    Every year December, January or February (2022/2023 Date to be announced soon)

    EVENT LOCATION CONTACT INFO Hatta Hall Tel: +97150666899
2022 Hatta Events Guide
    November 2022
    Grit + Tonic Triathlon

    Grit + Tonic Triathlon

    Nov 01
    EVENT LOCATION CONTACT INFO Hatta Hall Tel: +971 5 066 6899
    March 2022
    Hatta Hills Run 2022

    Hatta Hills Run 2022

    MAR 06
    EVENT LOCATION CONTACT INFO Hatta Hall Tel: +971 5 066 6899
    January 2022
    Arabian Epic Series XCM

    Arabian Epic Series XCM

    Every year January or February (2022 Date to be announced soon)

    EVENT LOCATION CONTACT INFO JA Hatta Fort Hotel Tel: +971 5 066 6899

Festivals and Events in Hatta

1. Wadi Bih Run

source: Past Travellers

JA Hatta Fort Hotel

Do you want to challenge yourself and face the toughest? Then Wadi Bih Run is the event for you to participate. This is the famous running event in Hatta and in UAE too.

Many participants across UAE and the world especially expats join hands and participate in this event as to be a part of the proud accomplishments.

Not only for adults, but also children can participate in this event. Very well known in Oman and usually sponsored by Reebok.
You too can be a part of this prestigious event. Train now to Run soon.

2. Hatta Honey Festival

source: Asian Lite

Hatta Hall

Hatta Honey Festival is the first honey festival in UAE which was first held in 2017. This was organized by the UAE government to bring together beekeepers and honey producers in Hatta, all around the UAE and across the globe.

This is a treat for the general public to see live demonstrations and also to know about the various type of honeys available in the world.

They also portray on how to find and identify different types of honey by their colour, small taste and texture.

3. Hatta Hills Run 2022

source: Asian Lite

Hatta Hall

Be a part of this 2022 Hatta Hills Run event which offers the best scenery which includes half Marathon and running. Everyone can participate includes children and there are events where your whole family can participate together.

Categories range from 21.1km, 10km, 5km, 2.5 km
Sweat in a different environment.

4. Grit + Tonic Triathlon

source: Wadi Hub

Hatta Hall

This is the only challenging Triathlon in the UAE. So book you dates in November to be in Hatta.

Swim in the Hatta Dam, Bike on the rocky roads and Run the inclines which you have never seen before.

Not for the tired nor for the fainters. This event is only for The Challengers who dare to challenge.

5. Arabian Epic Series XCM

source: Wadi Hub

JA Hatta Fort Hotel

This event is for all cyclers and bikers out there. Get your mountain bike in and be a part of this major phenomenon of Cross-Country marathon (XCM).

World known cycling event now in Hatta. Many participants from all over the word for this terrific challenge.

Places to visit in Hatta by bus

There is bus service from Sabkha Bus Station in Dubai Deira to Hatta Bus Station. Daily the bus service available & make sure you checkout the time table or call Dubai RTA call center toll free number 800900. Remember you must have a NOL Card, will cost you only 10 AED per way from Dubai to Hatta & its about 2 hours 45 minutes journey

Here are the distance from bus station (Hatta Bus Station) to Hatta attractions with the texi rates.

  • To Hatta Dam - 3 km & Approx 7 minutes ride (Will be costing approx 15-17 AED)
  • Hatta Heritage Village - 1.7 km & Approx 3 minutes ride (Will be costing approx 14 AED)
  • Hatta Hill Park - 1.1 km & Approx 3 minutes ride (Will be costing approx 12 AED)
  • Hatta Fort & Jumma Mosque - 1.7 km & Approx Approx 3 minutes ride (Will be costing approx 14 AED)
  • To Wadi Hub - 5.4 km & Approx 7 minutes ride (Will be costing approx 15-17 AED)
  • To JA fort Hotel - 2.7 km & Approx 5 minutes ride (Will be costing approx 15 AED)

Transportation facilities in Hatta

Normal texis

Texis are available Rates : Flag-fall - 6 am to 10 pm AED 5, from 10 pm to 6 am 5.5 AED running at AED 1.91 for every km, Also 10-12 AED Charged for the booking Call RAT Dubai Taxi dispatch system (+97142080808 or +97142080792).

4X4 Texi in Hatta

Dubai RTA has introduced the 4X4 Texi services available in Hatta to explore the mountain landscape of Hatta, checkout more details here & Usual Dubai taxi fares will applicable

Hatta Mountain Bike Trail

The first of its kind in the Gulf region, Hatta Hatta Mountain Bike Trail has various cross country trails with varying levels of difficulty to cater for everyone from a biking enthusiast to a hardcore mountain biker and everyone in between. Accessible any time of the year, all you need to enjoy these trails are a suitable bike (depending on the level of difficulty of your preferred trail) and a few buddies as they are free. The Hatta municipality has also provided sufficient parking and numerous other facilities.

Download the trail map

Rules to follow

Hatta MTB urges its visitors to adhere to these guidelines for a safer and more worry-free approach.

Before your ride

  • Ensure your mobile phone is charged completely and carry a power bank for backup.
  • Have a soft copy on your phone or a print out of the trail map.
  • Let your family and friends know where you plan to ride.
  • Educate yourself about Hatta Trails' colour coding system and choose the route that best suits your ability.
  • Carry the necessary repair equipment and ensure you know the right way to use them. Ideal tools to bring along are a spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, air pump and a bike tool.

During your ride

  • Wear appropriate clothing and safety gear like helmet, knee pads, etc.
  • Don't overestimate your abilities and stick to the trails you know you can cycle through.
  • Only follow the directions given in the official signage.
  • Practice before conquering the hard trails
  • Only navigate trail features like jumps, bridges, etc if you are sure you can. Stop and observe before you ride.
  • Keep an eye out for other riders and be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Always be kind to other riders and let them pass ahead if they need to.
  • Always inform the rider ahead of you if you plan on overtaking.
  • To ensure safety please follow the route's direction arrows as all trails are organized in a one-way format.
  • Pay attention to any warning signs

After your ride

  • Keep the parking area clutter free. Don't litter.
  • Make use of the allocated shower and toilet facilities
  • Sightsee Hatta's numerous cafes and quaint shops in the town centre

Which trail should I take?

GREEN- beginners or novice

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Preferred fitness level: Anyone in good health
  • Suitable bike: All types of bikes and mountain bike hybrids
  • Terrain features of trail: Shallow climbs and descents. No hard climbs or descents.
  • Trail surface: Certain green routes are built for trailers. Most surfaces of the trail are wide and flat with loose or uneven sand. Some places may feature short flowing sections resembling single tracks.

BLUE- mountain bikers with off-roading skills or established cyclists

  • Difficulty level: Moderate
  • Preferred fitness level: ideal to have an improved level of fitness
  • Suitable bike: General mountain bikes or mountain bike hybrids
  • Terrain features of trail: Most climbs are moderate with occasional short steep sections.May include trail features like rocks and loose surface.
  • Trail surface: Certain tracks may resemble those of green routes along with many single-track trails. The surface might include minor rocks as obstacles

RED- advanced mountain bikers with good off-roading skills

  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Preferred fitness level: advanced fitness and stamina level is preferred
  • Suitable bike: good quality mountain bikes with off-roading capabilities
  • Terrain features of trail: Numerous challenging climbs and descents. Keep an eye out for large rocks,medium steps, drop-offs, wadi crossings, cambers, boardwalks and berms.
  • Trail surface: Trails are more challenging and steeper with majority single track sections. There are various surface types in the red trails.

BLACK- expert mountain bikers with experience in physically challenging terrain

  • Difficulty level: Severe
  • Preferred fitness level: highly active individuals with a high tolerance of lengthy exposure to challenging situations
  • Suitable bike: good quality off-road mountain bikes
  • Terrain features of trail: numerous challenging sections with variety including certain downhill terrains. Highly likely to experience unavoidable and large terrain features.
  • Trail surface: Certain similarities to red trails with extra challenging routes. May also consist of open hill sections.

Marking of trails and signs

As of now, the trails are marked with stones painted to the corresponding color of the terrain. In the future, marker posts and directional arrows will signify all routes and junctions. Also, a complete map of the trail centre will be displayed at the beginning of all trails.


They are open 24 hours a day throughout the year.

From Dubai you can follow the E102 sign designated for Kalba along the E611.

Yes, all roads leading to the facility are smooth roads. Parking and camping areas can also be accessed by a regular car.

The parking is also free. However, there's no security guards so make sure you don't leave any valuables in your vehicle.

  • Parking area
  • Camping area
  • Toilet and shower
  • Picnic area
  • Playground
  • Heritage site
  • View point and wadi pools

There is no such limit. But, individuals below 16 years need to be accompanied by an adult.

We put our best effort in maintenance but since there is a huge crowd there will always be occasional signs of wear.

Any bicycle with off-road capabilities is good. To ride RED and BLACK trails front suspension in the mountain bikes is required. A hybrid bike without suspension can be used on GREEN trails.

This facility is currently unavailable in Hatta. However,you can rent one in Dubai.

An Emirates Coop supermarket is situated at the Hatta roundabout if you want to shop for supplies like water, food and camping gear. Numerous small cafes are also available for those who love to try out authentic Emirati food.

Signal is strong in most areas. In case signal is insufficient in low coverage areas retry after reaching a higher level.

If you are up for it, the Hatta Trail campsite is an ideal option. There are designated camping areas with flat ground near the shower block and on the opposite side of the Wadi. If you're looking for a luxurious option, the Hatta fort Hotel is a good choice.

There are many clubs that hold group rides in Hatta Trail Centre. All are free entry. Choose the group that best suits your fitness level. Some of the groups are