Dh25 Hatta Express Bus Service is New Highlight to Visit Hatta from Dubai

Hatta express bus
By Robeena Brown

December 28, 2022 | 13 min read

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It is time to rejoice as the new Hatta Express Bus is finally here, right on time for the Highlands of Dubai campaign that kicked off on the 23rd of December!

The residents and the tourists of Dubai are in for many surprising experiences and spectacular cultural events this winter season; at the surreal place called the Hatta Village, which comes under the Dubai region. A campaign named "The Highlands of Dubai" is set to take place in the Hatta village up until the March of 2023. Tourists and first-time visitors of Dubai will have fun indulging in this campaign as they will be greeted by the best of both worlds - adventure and nature's beauty, in one place with Hatta Tour. Furthermore, the months of the winter season in Dubai are perfect to enjoy such kinds of events, with a cozy climate throughout the day.

This winter special Highlands of Dubai campaign will feature n number of activities and adventures for the visitors, e.g. hill run, mountain sports, cultural events at night, shopping fests, triathlon, cycling, and a lot more. These events will be a part of the "World's Coolest Winter in the UAE" campaign.


Hatta express bus

Here is the biggest good news for the locals as well as the tourists in Dubai! You can now use the RTA's new Hatta Express bus to arrive at the Hatta Enclave, and the bus fare would be only Dhs 25. This bus to Hatta by RTA runs from 7 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening from the Dubai Mall and moves in the frequency of 2 hours. The Hatta Express bus that runs on this route has 55 seats. This bus can take you from Dubai Mall to Hatta's main bus station in approximately 1:30 hrs. You can make the payment of bus fare in cash or through a Nol card.

As per the latest update, there have been new 25-seater "hop on and off" buses deployed within the Hatta Enclave that will run every 30 minutes. They have 5 stops and the bus fare only costs Dh2. You can take one of these buses to explore things to do in Hatta, a picturesque place that is a must-visit if you are in and around Dubai.

Want to get to know about the upcoming events that are going to take place in The Highlands of Dubai campaign? We have got you covered with the campaign's schedule up until March, which you can check out below!

December 27th to 31st:Dubai Municipality's Hatta Community Centre will be hosting the Hatta Honey Festival, which would allow bringing forward Hatta's local "honey" industry and provide a platform to beekeepers from across all the Emirates.

January 13th to 15th: Wadi Hub (campsite at the Hatta's Hajar Mountains) will be hosting the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) in collaboration with The Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment

February 5th: Mountain biking lovers can revel in the scenic views of the Hatta village and compete on a mountain track at the HERO Dubai event which will be taking place at the Wadi Hub of Hajrah Mountain, in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council. Aside from mountain biking, there will be many more sports activities available for the adventure-seeking visitors of the Highlands of Dubai campaign.

February 19th: A challenging triathlon at the Hatta Sports Club in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council. This would surely be a grand opportunity for swimmers, cyclists, and long-distance runners who would like to partake in aspects of the Olympic Games that require physical fitness.

March 5th: The Hatta Hills Run, in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council, will be held on March 5 at the Hatta Fort Hotel, along with other exciting and interesting events related to Hatta village's nature.

Weekend Activities to Explore in Hatta

YEngulf in the natural beauty of Hatta village, its breathtaking landscapes, and the rugged - tall mountains. Plan a weekend with your friends or family and visit the Hatta village to enjoy these weekend activities that we have listed below for you:

Adventure Spots

Hatta express bus

Visitors of the Hatta village can explore the mountains of Hatta, its landscapes, Hatta kayaking, and the tranquil atmosphere of the forest. Hatta's roads and magical paths will provide a unique experience for the visitors who will be coming here for the first time. The destination also offers its visitors a first-of-its-kind hotel that allows guests to camp on the banks of the Hatta Dam and enjoys luxurious and fun tours - in addition to strolling through the beautiful landscape of this entire region.

Road Bikes and E-scooters

Hatta express bus

The infrastructure of Hatta is designed to promote people's well-being and mobility through non-traditional means, such as bike paths and electric scooters connected to important landmarks like bus stations, parks, and the Hatta barriers. Mountain bikes are also provided at the spot.

The Vice President and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, announced last year the construction of 11.5 kilometers long cycling trails starting from the Hatta bus station to Hatta Dam. We can finally see it coming to reality with the cycling events scheduled during this campaign.

Visit Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta express bus

Visit the Hatta Heritage Village to experience authentic ancient village life that existed hundreds of years ago. It is quite distinct from the heritage city of Dubai or Abu Dhabi as it has a cultural city structure preserved with actual examples, sculptures, and various ancient scriptures to go through.

It is being said that the Hatta Heritage Village will go under redevelopment as a part of the new campaign. Currently, the village consists of around 30 buildings, including reconstructed huts and facilities designed to look like a traditional village in this area.

Car Parking Availability at Hatta Village

Car Parking Availability at Hatta Village