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As of March 17th 2020 all UAE prepaid multiple entry visas & single entry visas are not going to be issued until further notice. This is a step taken to prevent the Corona virus from spreading even more. Individuals holding diplomatic passports are exempt of this rule and visas will be issued for them. Individuals who have already applied for their visas before 17th March don't have to worry about this notice.

UAE Multiple Entry Tourist Visa - Detailed easy Info-graphic 2020

March 19, 2020 Updated

What is Multiple Entry Tourist Visa ?

It's one type of UAE Tourist visa allowing the visitors to enter 7 Emirates (UAE) multiple times with in the given time frame (30 days & 90 days)

How UAE Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Works

Visa Apply Date After approval VISA you have to fly within 60 days Enter theCountry Enter theCountry Multiple Entries Multiple Entries 90th Day 60th Day 30th Day 2 Days for Process Date of VISA Approval VISA ValidationPeriod END VISA Period END VISA Period END 60DaysValid i i i 30 DaysVISA 90DaysVISA My Flying Date

Applying for a multiple entry Tourist visa to UAE doesn’t get any easier than Arabiers 3-step
process that guarantees you a visa within 24 to 48 hours.

Quick 3 Step Visa Process with Arabiers


Transfer Documents

Send us a clear color scan copy of your, a photo of the applicant with a white background and the residence visa page of the referee via WhatsApp Messenger. In some cases, extra documents may be needed and if so, you will be advised by your consultant.

Send your documents

Make Payment

Make the payment via bank transfers or by visiting our office.

Pay for your visa

Visas Ready

Your new multiple entry visa copy will be sent to you via WhatsApp within 24 to 48 hours after the payment has been settled.

Get Your visa Issued



1050 AED

Abu Dhabi & Dubai Visa Not Sharjah



2250 AED

Abu Dhabi & Dubai Visa Not Sharjah

T & C Apply

Get Started

*Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 9pm

Visa Validity and Permitted Stay Durations

  • Your Multiple entry UAE visa is valid for 2 months (60 days) from the date of issue. You must enter UAE within this duration.
  • Upon entering UAE for the first time with this visa, you are permitted a stay duration of 30 or 90 days depending on the visa type you hold. You can enter or exit UAE numerous times within this stay duration.
Visa Validity and Permitted Stay Durations

Extra Documents

You might be asked to hand over extra documents depending on your nationality or age

  • Kids: Birth certificate copy of child if mother’s or father’s name not stated in passport
  • Pakistani Nationals: Passport’s signature page and national ID card
Additional documents

Good to Know

  • We can reconfirm your visa validity through the immigration system, so contact us after entering UAE.
  • The decision to approve or reject a visa is solely dependent on the UAE immigration authority so no refund will be provided in case of rejection.
  • Upon receiving your visa thoroughly check the visa copy for any errors. If such exists please contact us within 24 hours to make amendments. If you failed to do so, we won’t bear responsibility for any issues at immigration. Certain country immigrations are very particular about minute details.
  • In case of overstaying your visa duration you will be charged a fine of 350 AED on the first day of overstaying and 100 AED from the second day onwards for each day. The fines will have to be settled during exit at the immigration counter.
Good to Know

Check here weather you eligible for on arrival

Frequently Asked Questions

No, multiple entry visa holders aren’t eligible for 10 days grace period

No, it is not possible to check online and you have to manually calculate by the entries you made during your visits to UAE. You can use this days between two dates calculator &Include end date in calculation (1 day is added) while placing the dates. Example your first entry was December 15, 2019 and you stayed until January 27, 2019 then you travelled to Germany and came back to UAE on February 05, 2019 and left February 28, 2019. Now how many days now left behind? Your first entry was December 15, 2019 and your last day to use the multiple entry visa would be 13 March, 2020 (From and including: Sunday, 15 December 2019 to and including: Friday, 13 March 2020 Result is 90 days) and how many times days left behind isn’t considered. Your last day would be 13 March 2020.

Same like above you can’t check online and needed to manually check. You are eligible formultiple entry 90 days Tourist Visa & valid for 6 months from the day your entered UAE.

Yes you can extend your visa for 30 days the same visa through the visa sponsor by paying extension fee

Yes, through inside country visa with status change you can obtain a new 30 days or 90 days single entry visa

You are unable to extend same visa for another 90 days multiple entry. The options you have are Applying inside country long term multiple entry visa or Get a new 90 days multiple entry visa through Airport to Airport visa change(A2A visa renewal)

Yes, even though you visa is not expired , if you exit the country in the immigration system records it will show up and You can apply for a new visa and get it approved to re-enter again with a new visa. Not that when you applying the new visa, your previous Tourist Visa will be automatically getting cancelled

Yes,multiple entry visa holder also eligible in getting 10 days grace period. Therefore, for 30 days multi entry- up to 40 consecutive days and 90 days visa up to consecutive 100 days can stay