UAE Tourist Visa Extension Options - 2019 Update

Enjoy staying in UAE ? Wanted to stay more ? Check out our 2 simple UAE tourist visa extension options,
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2 Simple & cost-effective ways

01 Same Day VIsa Change

Same Day Visa Change

Exit UAE through Dubai / Sharjah Airport & getting new visa same day

02 Inside Country Visa Change

Inside Country
Visa Change

Without Exit processing new visa & Status change

01 Same Day Visa Change

To extend your visa through this method you will have to follow few simple steps.


Send your Documents via WhatsApp

Previous Visa copy, clear color scan passport copy & White background photo of the applicants. Also send us residence visa page of the reference person

Send your Documents via WhatsApp

Make Payment

Send us the payment

Pay for your visa

Book a Visa change Ticket

We will book a visa change ticket available time slots – Special ticket with the visa change stamp

ook a Visa change Ticket

Get Exit Stamp & Boarding pass via WhatsApp

Reach airport by 8 AM and try to get exit stamp & boarding pass send to us via WhatsApp at least by 9 AM (regardless of flight timing airport allow to get exit stamp & boarding pass


Fly and come Back

Fly from UAE and come back to you UAE

Fly and come Back

Get New UAE Visa via WhatsApp

Get the new visas from us through WhatsApp

Get New UAE Visa via WhatsApp

Enter UAE

Enter UAE with new visa

Enter UAE

02 Inside Country


Send your Documents and Payments via WhatsApp

Simple, send us the documents and payment we will get back to you in 2-3 days with status change & new visas

Same day Visa Change


30 DAYS VISA -Same day Visa Change

999 AED

Same day Visa Change


90 DAYS VISA - Same day Visa Change

1399 AED

Inside Country


30 DAYS VISA - Inside Country

1899 AED

Inside Country


90 DAYS VISA- Inside Country

2199 AED

- All-inclusive Prices (VAT, Service Charge & Immigration Fee)
- Terms and conditions apply

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On-arrival visa holders who want to stay longer

Exit UAE as soon as your visa finishes through any of UAE airports or head to Oman by road. Once out of UAE borders & get us the exit stamp to apply for a new prepaid visa. It is ideal for you to opt for a same day visa change via Sharjah or Dubai airport rather than driving or going to home country. If you are the kind who loves long scenic drives with your family, then drive down to Oman and get a new UAE visa within 4 to 18 hours, drive back to home.

On-arrival visa holders who want to stay longer

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a special ticket that includes a visa change stamp, which give you to fly nearest Middle Eastern countries without the specific country entry visa. A special agreement between us and the airline

This depends on your nationality, Contact us to know more about it.

Yes, that is possible too if you don’t prefer any of the methods mentioned above. We will issue your new visa within 24 hours after you have exited UAE. Apart from being costly the other disadvantage of this option is that you need to book a return ticket to your country as well

You can make the payment at the immigration counter in the airport while you exit on your current visa

If you are overstaying with a UAE residence visa, you will be charged 25AED after the waiver period of 30 days. In addition to that you will also have to settle certain other fines. If you are overstaying with visit visa, you will be charged 350 AED for the first day and 100 AED per day from the second day onwards.

If such situation arises while you are in Dubai or Sharjah Airport immediately book a flight to your home country and exit the airport. We will send you a new visa and you can return.

UAE visa processing charge, VAT, Service charge and a return flight ticket.

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