UAE Tourist Visa Extension Options 2022

Update - 01st November, 2022

Have you visited UAE with an on-arrival visa? Is your prepaid visa in the brink of expiry? Has your resident visa been cancelled recently? Whatever your visa situation, check out our UAE tourist visa extension options and get in touch with us for a seamless visa change service.

UAE Extension Service Price List

November 01, 2022 Updated (After UAE visa reforms)

Below rates are for full-fledged services (typing to processing) & you will be able to continue your stay without exiting UAE. Arabiers Visa services are highly rated and reliable, you can now remotely get done your extension.

Speed Process

08-24 hours

30 days extension

Straight stay

990 AED

Only for 30 days on arrival nationals

40 Days Extension

Straight stay

1119 AED

For All nationals visa and change status

60 days Extension

Straight stay

1290 AED

For All nationals visa and change status

30 days Extension

Multiple Entry

2250 AED

For All nationals visa and change status

60 days Extension

Multiple Entry

2550 AED

For All nationals visa and change status

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Extension Options For On Arrival Nations

Valid Countries

Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong-China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macau-China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, San Marino, Singapore, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Vatican City

Want to stay longer ?

Up-on arrival, your details are captured by the immigration officers and they can be used to extend your stay. 30 days on arrival can be extended for another 30 days. Or 30 days with a 10 day grace period can be used with the possibility of acquiring a 20 day extension. This costs approximately 990 AED

Get visa on arrival
Step 1

Apply for an Oman visa

Step 2

Oman visa approved

Step 3

Drive to border / book visa run.

Step 4

Re-enter with 30 days free entry.

Get a prepaid visa
Step 1

Speak to a tour operator who can process an e-express visa.

Step 2

Apply for an Oman visa.

Step 3

Oman visa approved.

Step 4

Drive to border.

Step 5

Wait for the new visa.

Step 6

Get a prepaid visa & enter UAE (for 30 or 60 days).

Step 1

Speak to a tour operator who has permission to issue in country visas.

Step 2

Send required documents.

Step 3

Pay the fee.

Step 4

Processing new application and UID.

Step 5

Processing status change.

Step 6

Receive e-visa copy and e-status change copy.

Step 7

Confirming the last day of new visa expiry.

Valid Countries

Argentina, Austria, Bahamas Islands, Barbados, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, El-Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Kiribati, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Maldives, Malta, Montenegro, Nauru, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay.

Want to stay more

90 Days on arrival visa valid for6 month and after consuming 90 days- Unable to get free on arrival

Step 1

Speak to tourism company who can process express visa

Step 2

Apply Oman visa

Step 3

Oman visa approved

Step 4

Drive to boarder / Book visa run

Step 5

Wait for the UAE entry visa from the tourism company

Step 6

Get prepaid visa based on your travel plan. 30 days & 90 days single entry visa or 30 days & 90 days multiple entry visas

Step 1

Get Airport to Airport visa change ticket with your tourism company

Step 2

Reach Dubai or Sharjah Airport at around - 8 AM

Step 3

Go through Immigration and get exit stamp (manual) - 9 AM

Step 4

Fly nearest middle east country(Oman or Bahrain) - 10 AM

Step 5

Come back to Dubai or Sharjah Airport - 1 PM

Step 6

Get prepaid visa based on your travel plan. 30 days & 90 days single entry visa or 30 days & 90 days multiple entry visas

Step 1

Get in touch with Tourism Firm

Step 2

Send necessary documents

Step 3

Pay the required fee

Step 4

Processing New e-Visa & status change

Step 5

Receive documents and verify the last day


UAE visa Extension options for Prepaid / Pre-Arranged Visa Holders

Inside Country Visa Change Without Exit processing new visa & Status change

Those who not eligible to get on arrival needed to get prepaid visa / UAE prepaid tourist visa & after prepaid visa holders arrive in UAE below are the options to extend your stay

  1. 1. Renewing your UAE tourist visa - Twice
  2. 2. UAE tourist visa extension without exit
  3. 3. Dubai Visa Run to Oman

1. Renewing your prepaid tourist visa twice

If you have obtained visa from an airline or tour operator, it's a sponsored prepaid tourist visa and they can be extended twice for 30 days.

2. UAE Tourist visa extension without exit - In Country Visa

An in country visa change without exit from UAE is popular among visitors who want to stay without exiting bit longer than 30 days. Due to the Corona virus pandemic the UAE government has also allowed this without exit extension option for on-arrival visa holders & prepaid visa holders to extend your stay in UAE, eliminating the need for any unwanted travel. This UAE visa Application procedure is a basic & simple one where the visa holder applies for a new visa through a tour operator with the request of having the same UID number. After the visa has been processed and approved, the status change will be done from the old visa to the new UAE tourist visa. Same applies to on-arrival nationals by finding the file number when the on-arrival visa holder enters the country. This file will be used if the holder wishes to extend their stay

Processed explained

Step 1
Send your documents via WhatsApp or email

Previous visa copy, clear colour scan of passport and photo of the applicants with a white background if you are a prepaid national and if you are on arrival national send us clear colour scan of passport and photo only.

uae tourist visa extention
uae visa extention payment
Step 2
Make payment

Use Arabiers multiple payment ways and Send us the receipt of proof. Arabiers team will start processing the new in country application

Step 3
Change status

Arabiers team will get back to you as soon as you visa approved to communicate about the change status date and then the change status (without exit – In & out stamp) will be done

book a visa change ticket
boarding pass via whatapp
Step 4

Arabiers team will send you the final status change and confirmation screen from federal government to confirm you last day via WhatsApp

Dubai Visa Run to Oman - Suspended Due To Corona-virus

Oman visa run is the lower cost option & few tour operators in Dubai run this service


For Cancelled Residents

Anyone who gets their UAE Residence visa has a 30 days grace period to make their next move. The grace period is free, those who want to fly out can take up this time to prepare themselves by settling all (tenancy contracts, mobile bills, credit cards, loans & home connections) & leave. Those who are switching the job or wanted to stay a little longer to finish their issues can obtain a tourist visa without exit or can also find a lower cost option like an Oman visa run, airport to airport visa change or flying somewhere and returning.

Because of the prevailing lockdown related to COVID 19, border closing and unavailability of flights for visa change purposes, all individuals with cancelled residence permits are choosing the inside country visa change option. In this procedure, the visa status will be changed from a cancelled resident to a tourist without the individual exiting UAE. Overstaying after the 30 day grace period will result in fines worth 125 AED for the first day and 25 AED for each subsequent day .


Reforms and Updates related to UAE visa Extension 2022 Updates

  • September 27, 2022
    Travellers who have a layover in any UAE airport will be given either a 48-hour or 96-hour transit visa which cannot be renewed.
  • August 20, 2022
    Children under 16 years of age travelling to Dubai are not required to take a COVID-19 PCR test before they travel.
  • August 13, 2022
    The UAE Cabinet has planned to increase the standard stay duration from 30 days to 60 days starting from September. This step along with many other visa changes will be implemented to double the time tourists spend in the UAE.
    ( Source : The National)
  • July 19, 2022
    PCR tests need to be taken every 14 days to maintain the Green Status in the Al Hosn app was informed by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA).
    ( Source : Gulf News )
  • July 09, 2022
    The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced that the holidays for Eid Al Adha will be from Friday, 8th July to Monday, 11th July. Eid will be celebrated on Saturday, 9th July and work will resume from Tuesday 12th July.
    ( Source : The National )
  • July 04, 2022
    Emirates advises customers to make early reservations as more than 550,000 passengers are anticipated to depart from the UAE during the summer months in June and July. The airline is advising customers to start planning their summer vacations as soon as possible to ensure they can fly on their preferred dates and flights. The airline is reporting increased daily booking volumes.
    Source : The National
  • Check More Updates


More About In country extension

It is a UAE visa procedure that permits visitors to extend their stay without the need to exit the UAE. It also saves the applicant from unnecessary hassle as this procedure can be fully completed remotely.

During the COVID pandemic, this procedure was a lifesaver for numerous stranded travellers who were waiting for flights to resume to their destinations.

Is there any time limitation or cut-off period for a ‘UAE Inside Country Visa’?

When compared to visa extensions of numerous other countries, the UAE does not exert any limitations in your extension period. For instance, if you are a UK tourist visa holder you can only extend your stay for a maximum of 6 months. Only medical patients seeking treatment and students are permitted to stay longer than the 6-month cut-off period. The UAE does not impose such restrictions and permits any visitor to extend their stay for as long as they wish by doing an inside country visa extension.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of doing an in-country visa?


  • Time-saving because there is no hassle of flying to the nearest airport or driving to the border for a visa change.
  • It is a fully online procedure so no need to visit the Immigration or tourism offices.
  • Minimal paperwork is required. Usually, attested birth certificates are required when applying for a kids visa. This procedure doesn't even require that.
  • You can easily switch to a newly issued passport without leaving the country. Example scenario;
  • Your current passport is due to expire in 3 months and you applied for your new passport via your country's consulate office in the UAE. After getting your new passport, your prepaid or on-arrival visa can be easily transferred with the in-country visa procedure.
  • Ideal for individuals with a canceled residence visa who want to stay longer to switch to a new job sponsor or finish up their home moving or settle outstanding loans, etc.


  • It is more expensive than a border run.
  • Visitors get easily played out by falling into low-price inside country visa scams.
  • Sometimes the application procedure is delayed due to certain technical issues in the immigration.

UAE visa extension new rules - 2022


As per UAE's new visa reforms, individuals in UAE from October 3, 2022, onwards will get a 60-day visit in country visa. Now visitors may choose extensions between single and multiple entries 30 or 60 days & all nationalities can avail these extension options.
Source : ICP


Individuals Whose permits were cancelled by their sponsors or employers in UAE can obtain a new tourist visa without exiting the UAE by choosing inside country visa change without exit (Source: Gulf News, June 06, 2020)


The Royal Police of Oman announced on 25th October 2019 that all nationalities visiting Oman should apply for a pre-entry visa to be able to enter the country. This rule is effective from 1st November 12019 onwards and individuals opting for an Oman visa run to extend their visas need to plan in advance (Source: The National 19th November 2019)


Nationalities eligible for on arrival UAE visas can extend their visit from an on-arrival visa to a prepaid visa without leaving the UAE.


Travel insurance that covers COVID 19 is now available in UAE. Individuals extending their visit or UAE tourist visas without exiting the country are encouraged to get it in case of unfavourable situations.

Official UAE online visa websites to check the validity (Abu Dhabi)
GDRFA (Dubai)

How can Indian passport holders with USA Visa, EU Residence permit & UK Residence permit renew their on-arrival UAE visa?

UAE tourist visa for Indian travelers who have valid USA Residence permit or residency in EU/UK who hold can head to the Marhaba service counter to get their on-arrival entry permit for a cost of 100 AED on arrival. You will also be charged a 20 AED service charge, after which you can proceed to the passport control counter & you are eligible to stay for 14 days. According to the sources this period can be extended once for a period of 28 days by paying a renewal fee of 250 AED plus a 20 AED service charge. If the Indian traveler overstays this time duration, they will be charged a fine of 100 AED for every extra day stayed in UAE and 200 AED for the departure permit. After the first extension you won’t be able to extend your stay again and you need to exit the country or do a prepaid (pre-arranged) inside country visa with a tour operator. Any Indian travel travelers who wish to extend their on arrival visas advised to visit immigration or airport directly


UAE New work week 2022

Following the UAE government's plan to reduce the working week to four and a half days, UAE immigration will do the same. This is in line with the country's ambition to become the region's most effective and efficient corporate and economic development hub.

Beginning January 1, 2022, the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, as well as limited working hours on Friday, will affect Arabiers' UAE tourist visa renewal service. Those wishing to stay in the UAE longer should apply for extensions and in-country visas during the new work week, which runs from Monday to Friday. It is better to get your extension or in-country done before your current visa expires and to have your status changed a day before your current visa expires.


Expiring passport and getting new passport

To be able to apply for a resident visa or tourist visa in UAE your passport needs to have a minimum 6 months of validity. While you are in the UAE, you may need to renew your passport. If you are an on-arrival or pre-arranged visa holder whose passport expiry is approaching, we advise you to renew your passport way ahead of time. Otherwise you can end up paying overstay fines. After renewing your passport, your visa can be easily changed to the new passport when applying for a new in-country visa.

Useful guides


Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to grace period end he must exit the country or legalize his stay. If not he will be subject to paying Overstsying violation fines.

So far there are no such announcements made. Just like you, we are also waiting for updates and details from the government. Every now and then check our 5 years tourist visa page for recent updates on the topic.

A visa change air ticket is a special ticket that includes a visa stamp which allows the ticket holder to fly to any nearby Middle Eastern country without an entry visa to that specific country. This ticket is allowed due to a special agreement between us and the airline.

This depends on your nationality, Contact us to know more about it.

Yes, that is possible too if you don’t prefer any of the methods mentioned above. We will issue your new visa within 24 hours after you have exited UAE. Apart from being costly the other disadvantage of this option is that you need to book a return ticket to your country as well

You can make the payment at the immigration counter in the airport while you exit on your current visa

If you are overstaying with a UAE residence visa, you will be charged 25 AED after the waiver period of 30 days. If you are overstaying with a visit visa, you will be charged 200 AED for the first day and 100 AED per subsequent day.

If such a situation arises while you are in Dubai or Sharjah Airport immediately book a flight to your home country and exit the airport.

Subject to boarder rules, time to time due to covid things getting changes

Abu Dhabi Head Quarter

Phone : 02 4177000

Abu Dhabi Police Call Center

Phone : 8003333

Source : The national

UAE visa processing charge, VAT, service charge and a return flight ticket.

If you are coming for a short holiday you do not need one upfront, on arrival you get it valid for 30 days with 10 days grace period. You are also given the chance to extend your stay multiple ways. But If you are planning to stay more than 30 days it is better to get a 90 day prepaid one through a tour operator which is approximately 750-800 AED (204 USD - 217 USD) instead of paying 900-1000 AED (245 USD - 272 USD) for extensions.

So far Indian nationals holding a US Green card (valid green card) are given an on-arrival facility with the fee (100 AED & 20 AED Service fee) and if you are planning to stay more than 14 or 30 days it is better to get prepaid ones.

Even you overstay UAE immigration allows you to extend it by paying the fines. If you extend, the first day fine remains the same 100 AED (if you exit you have got to pay 200 AED) and each subsequent day will cost you 100 AED. After paying the fines you will be able to extend your stay.

The visitor's obtaining visas through Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline, Fly Dubai & Air Arabia must contact the respective Airlines to extend their visas. If you wish to stay more than 60 days you can contact a local tour company.

At this moment you are left with only one option, visa change without exit or find the flight to exit UAE

Please make sure you follow the Oman news related to border opening & you may call Royal Oman Police Headquarters at +96824569282

Yes you can, you may call Smart Services ICA team at 600522222

yes you can stay in all other emirates including Dubai

Local tourism companies provide you 30 or 90 days in country permits, that has a 10 days grace period which gives you 40 or 100 days. If you can't complete your residence permit process (until status change - from tourist to residence) you are liable to pay daily fines. In the other hand the operator who facilitated will be responsible and their permission to issue new permits will be suspended, in order to clear that they will file a escape application with the government applied fee, so you will be absconded and your residence visa application and exit will be denied until you clear the fines and the absconding. If your employer is not understanding your agreement with your tour operator, go ahead and extend your stay or exit the country and then wait for your residence permit.

As per Article 11 of the Immigration Law, your daughter cannot work while she's holding a UAE tourist visa. To seek employment in the UAE she should first get a work permit from the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) or any of UAE's free zones. After this, a UAE residence visa will be issued by the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs)

If your daughter is employed with a tourist visa it is considered illegal and the employer will be liable to certain fines. The student who was working on a tourist visa will be deported if caught which is in accordance with clause 1 and 6 of Article 34 of the immigration law.

Keeping in mind all of the above facts, your daughter has 3 options:

  • 1. Get a work permit sponsored by her employer even if she plans on working part time.
  • 2. Sponsor your daughter to get a residence visa after you have obtained your own residence visa. Once she's under your sponsorship you can submit a NOC to her prospective employer.
  • 3. If your daughter is enrolled in an educational institution or university she is eligible to apply for a student visa. She can then seek part time employment by getting an NOC from her university/ educational institution

Source :Khaleej Times

So far, there is no such requirement of either being vaccinated or having a PCR test to apply for an extension. We highly recommend you apply for COVID insurance when changing or extending your visa in the UAE. However, it is a must to do a PCR before entering Dubai and if you have received the vaccination then there will be certain advantages during quarantine. Travellers must:

  • have a valid COVID-19 PCR test certificate issued within 48 hours before departure.
  • sign a form agreeing to a 10-day hotel/home quarantine starting from the day of arrival in Dubai. (Source: Emirates)
  • Adhere to all the protocols set up in all Abu Dhabi borders if planning on visiting Abu Dhabi. These may lengthen the travel time. (Source Etihad)

From April 29, 2016 GCC resident permit holders must apply for a UAE visa before entering into the UAE. If you need to extend your visa after entering Dubai, we can do an inside country visa for the GCC resident permit holders without exiting the UAE.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the border run has been suspended leaving many on arrival nationals with a question mark on the procedures. Please contact the Oman embassy +971 4 397 1000 or Oman police & immigration +968 2 429 0942 for more information or opt for a visa change without exit (slightly costlier than a border run)

We have got this question from many travellers from the USA. After the COVID19 pandemic, it is possible for sudden flight rescheduling or cancelling. Travelling to Dubai is not a problem if you have a flight to get here. You can choose to either use your on arrival visa facility or apply for a prepaid visa before arriving which can be cheaper than doing an inside country visa extension.

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