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La Perle tickets dubai Highlights

  • tick iconExperience the excellent La Perle by Dragone live event, which features a cast of 65 artists from twenty-three different nations.
  • tick iconAcrobatic actions, spectacular aerial displays, and aquatic antics performed by the artists during the concerts are sure to amaze you.
  • tick iconThe grand theater, boasting a seating capacity of 1300, hosts daily shows across a myriad of genres and art forms that are an absolute must-see.
  • tick iconOffering approximately ten weekly performances, this renowned Dubai theater is embracing cutting-edge technology to create a remarkable aqua-stage featuring a 12-meter-deep pool.
  • tick iconObserve the 'flying acts in person and be prepared for shocks and surprises during the presentation.
  • tick iconWatch performances via the outstanding set, which is designed to provide 270-degree views of the entire performance.

La Perle Dubai Tickets Price & Overview

La Perle tickets
Approximate Cost
ADULT - 209 AED - 57 USD
Duration :
Opening hours :
  1. right arrow iconFrom 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Tuesday-Saturday)
La Perle By Dragone Dubai Information :

Enjoy outstanding entertainment by attending the stunning La Perle by Dragone show at Al Habtoor City in Dubai. The famed creative director Franco Dragone organizes approximately ten live performances per week. Have your presence at the 1300-seater state-of-the-art Dubai theater, which has cutting-edge technology to exceed your expectations.

Witness the actors and acrobats move in, on, and above the water in this unique aqua-stage extravaganza. Enjoy the real-time performances of 65 outstanding actors and entertainers known for their incredible and stunning acts such as diving, flying, acrobatics, and more that will captivate you.

What is included ?
  1. right arrow iconTickets to La Perle By Dragone
  2. right arrow iconBronze seats are optional
  3. right arrow iconSilver seats that are optional
  4. right arrow iconGold seats that are optional
  5. right arrow iconPlatinum seats La Perle tickets offers lounge access and optional valet parking
  6. right arrow iconVIP seating at La Perle with access to the pre-show lounge, drinks, and plush chairs (optional)

Tickets Information

  • tick iconThere are two La Perle show timings: 6:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Attendees can choose between Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or VIP seating at La Perle.
  • tick iconThis 90-minute spectacle mixes breathtaking aerial acrobatics with cutting-edge visual effects. The Globe of Death Act, in which five daredevil motorcyclists speed inside a metal cage, defying gravity with death-defying exploits, is a highlight.
  • tick iconA series of heart-stopping scenes including synchronized leaps, flawless acrobatic talents, 25-meter dives into a pool, captivating projections, huge golden puppets taking the stage and Aerial performances in La Perle are a favorite.

How to reach ?

reaching by taxi
By Taxi

Taxis can drop off customers right at the theatre entrance, which is the most convenient choice. By taking a cab directly there, you can avoid the hassle of transfers and walking.

reaching by car
By Metro

Business Bay metro station is only a few feet away via the pedestrian walkway over the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge.

With the metro station so close by and so many transit options in the region, getting to and from the theatre is a breeze.

reaching by bus
By Bus

There are two nearby bus stops if travelling by bus: Shaikh Zayed Service Road-01 (12 minute walk) and Business Bay Seaside Metro Bus Stop-1 (17 minute walk).


La Perle Tickets experience

Dragone's Vision is being resurrected.

This stunning Dubai exhibition brings renowned creative director Franco Dragone's ideas to life. La Perle, which will be performed at the state-of-the-art Al Habtoor City theater, offers an unforgettable experience, unlike any other live production. The aqua theatre components add another level of awe: the stage magically overflows with water and drains again in seconds, while divers plunge from 25-meter platforms. Reserving your La Perle tickets soon will allow you to immerse yourself in Dragone's creative world.

Immersive storytelling in La Perle takes your breath away.

La Perle portrays Dubai's culture, present, and future goals by combining realistic creative performances, images, and technology. The projection walls in the theater entirely surround the spectators, covering the dome ceiling and floors for a 360-degree experience. The music comes to life all around thanks to high-definition speakers built into the chairs. The 270-degree sitting area takes viewers into the experience from beginning to end. Get La Perle tickets today and be a part of this magnificent show.


Can I reschedule or cancel my La Perle ticket ?

  • tick iconIf the La Perle show tickets are cancelled one day before the scheduled date, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total tour cost will be applied.
  • tick iconIf you cancel your La Perle tickets on the same day as your booked date or one day before, you will be charged 100% of the total tour amount.
  • tick iconFor any cancellation submitted within one day of the scheduled date, the whole tour price will be collected.
  • tick iconCustomers should carefully verify La Perle show tickets dates before booking to avoid paying cancellation fees under this policy.

La Perle by Dragone Dubai Tickets’ FAQs

La Perle is a one-of-a-kind aquatic stage play in Dubai that combines the abilities of 65 artists to create breathtaking acrobatic feats, aerial stunts, and massive creative performances. It expertly integrates images and technology to create an exciting presentation.

This spectacular takes place in Al Habtoor City, in the heart of Dubai. Actors and acrobats stage theatrical performances in and above the water at La Perle. The innovative 270-degree seating ensures that audiences are completely immersed in the scintillating presentations from every perspective.

get your la perle tickets dubai to witness an amazing blend of aquatic talent, acrobatics, and performance art.
Yes, you can make a La Perle Dubai online ticket booking and also purchase la perle tickets Dubai online.
It spans almost 1.5 hours as the artists demonstrate their distinct abilities. It is a fast-paced live show that is currently gaining international notice.
La Perle By Dragone Dubai is one of the world's top live-performance spectacles, combining artistic acts, graphics, and technology. This event reflects Dubai's rich culture, as well as its great past and promising future.

The 270-degree seating provides a wide-angle and varied perspective of the action that unfolds in the specially-built water theater, allowing one to be enmeshed with the actors. As a result, this one-of-a-kind event is sure to quench your need for adventure and make your vacation worthwhile.
Kids below 2 years are not given entry for safety reasons.
This spectacular theater can seat over 1300 people at one time. In comparison to other live acts, the Dubai theater employs cutting-edge technology in the construction of an aqua stage and a 12-meter-deep pool. This theater has a 270-degree view, which gives a more comprehensive view of the performance.

As the artists do remarkable aquatic and Aerial performances in La Perle, like diving from 25 meters high, the stage is flooded with water and drains in a matter of seconds.
Tourists are encouraged to get their tickets as soon as possible in order to secure the best possible seating location.
Yes. This fascinating activity is open every day of the year and can be visited at any time. Without compromising the quantity or intensity of the show, all performances are identical to the very first night and provide all attendees with a wonderful experience.
There are many Family-friendly attractions in La Perle, and visitors are welcome to bring their children. Children under the age of two, however, are not permitted to attend the concert for safety reasons. To appeal to people of all ages, they offer a variety of services, such as complete shopping, onsite WiFi, onsite concierge, access to fantastic hotels, and food and drinks on request.
Yes you are able to do so at the theatre merchandise store.
La Perle is located in the heart of Dubai, in Al Habator City, near the well-known Sheik-Zayed Road. Dubai traffic is unreliable. So, the most effective advice is to arrive in Al Habtoor City 30-45 minutes before the live event begins. La Perle is conveniently located near all the main Dubai attractions.

La Perle by Dragone Dubai is only 15-20 minutes away from central Dubai. It is within a 20-25 minute drive from the Burj-Al-Arab and Dubai Marina. La Perle is around 30 minutes away from Dubai International Airport. The best part is that if you use Uber, you can get a 50% discount on show hours.
Smart casual is the dress code. As we all know, Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, and typical Dubai apparel is modest, classic, and lively, but it can also be voguish. Women may wear sleeveless or short-sleeved tops and dresses, as well as fitted clothing.

Men can wear shorts with elegant shirts with collars and other t-shirts elsewhere, but they must avoid seeming sloppy. As a result, they can wear footwear that matches their outfit and arrive in a newly-fashioned dress. Aside from that, always keep a shawl handy, just in case. They may request that guests conceal their bodies if they feel anything uncomfortable.