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You could be reading pages and pages of travel guides and online reviews about UAE tourist destinations, but nothing beats the expertise of a destination expert who was born and bred there. But how do you get in touch with such an expert? Simple, book your tours with Arabiers and you will be paired with a destination expert who will give you details that wont appear in any travel magazine, tricks on staying within your budget, ways of utilizing your time and a closer connection to the locals ad their culture. Don’t hesitate to book your next UAE experience with us.

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AWe at Arabiers pride ourselves in the time we spend to understand our customers travel interests. After we are familiar with your travel style and your desires, we put our travel expertise into deciding what kind of activities you will enjoy. We make use of our partnership with transport providers, excursion providers and our company resources (desert camps, vehicle fleets, etc.) to create a seamless UAE experiences that will ensure you many memories of your time spent in UAE.

We will assist you in every step of your travel starting from your private airport pick up to adventure excursions, local tours, outdoor activities and more. Additionally, we will also give you advice and tips that we have garnered through our many experiences so that you can have the utmost enjoyment in your UAE trip. Our team understands your craving to travel and the memorable experiences you wish to make. Trust us with your travel itinerary because we get you and we get you there.

No overcharging

No overcharging

All excursion operators, transport providers and adventure tours operators in UAE have their fixed price for visitors. Whether you book them through us or directly from the provider you will be getting the same rate. Arabiers don’t keep any hidden charges in our services. There could be many operators who offer the same experience for a cheaper price, but theses tours don’t guarantee a good quality experience or service. With Arabiers you may pay a little extra, but you will get that as an ads on that will make sure you have a good experience in UAE.

100% Tailor-Made & it’s for free

100% Tailor-Made & it’s for free

You have so many things you want to do while in UAE but have no idea how to fit it in your itinerary? Do not worry, our tour managers will assist you with all the travel arrangements for a cost of nothing. Our income is generated through our desert camps, vehicle fleet operations and our exclusive prices with destination partners with whom we have a solid business relationship. When it comes to guest service, we focus on guest satisfaction rather than money and based on the itinerary on your needs and wishes.

Our valuable assets

Our valuable assets

Our assets are not the money we have but the people who are a part and parcel of Arabiers. Our 45+ amazing staff, 85+ Emirati and expatriate guides and over 15 years of experience is what we value our company with. The immense amount of concentration put into every one of our guests’ trips are what makes our services unique. From our operational structure to our resource management all are handled well and our team members are given freedom to work independently while receiving a good pay making their only aim; our guests smile. Our experiences are light on the pocket and will leave a mark on your memory.

Arabiers now in Qatar & Sri Lanka

Arabiers team, so ambitious about international expansion & working hard on gaining destination expertise in each country we work in. In 2020 Arabiers Opened in Qatar & Sri Lanka. Arabiers Qatar set out to offer amazing qatar tours and safaris for incoming visitors & Arabiers Sri Lanka established in Sri Lanka to offer Sri Lankans with Dubai visas & travel insurance

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