Dune Buggy Abu Dhabi
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Dune Buggy Abu Dhabi guide with wide range of Dune Buggy Tours in Abu Dhabi Desert.

Specifications Of Buggies

44 HP Polaris Ranger 570 ProStar 570 Engine 25" 489 Tires

What we offer

Polaris Ranger 570
specially modified buggies

4x4 pick up to
desert point

Safety Gear & Safe Trails

Guided tour

Outdoor Swimming
Pool Access (5*)

breakfast or dinner (5*)

Evening and
morning options

Live Shows
(belly Dance & Oud play)

Curated tours with Dune buggies


Morning or Evening Buggy Ride

Approximate Cost ADULT550 AED138 USD CHILD500 AED125 USD

What's Included

  • 20 minutes Polaris Ranger 570 buggy rental
  • Guided tour in Abu Dhabi Desert & Riding instructions
  • Intercontinental Breakfast or Dinner (If option chosen)
  • Live Shows (Evening Only - If option chosen)
  • 4x4 Pick up & Drop Off from Abu Dhabi
  • Camel riding & Henna Painting (If option chosen)


Buggy & Oasis Pool

Approximate Cost ADULT650 AED163 USD CHILD570 AED143 USD

What's Included

  • 20 minutes Polaris Ranger 570 buggy rental
  • Access to outdoor oasis pool
  • Guided tour in Abu Dhabi Desert & Riding instructions
  • 4x4 Pick up & Drop Off from Abu Dhabi
  • Towels and Welcome Drink
  • Bottle water


Quad Bike Self-drive

Approximate Cost ADULT380 AED95 USD CHILD180 AED45 USD

What's Included

  • 30 minutes self quad bike ride
  • Insured land cruiser 4x4 with roller protection
  • Licensed & well trained safari marshal ( dune drive & first aid )
  • Visit to camel farm & Short camel ride
  • 30-40 minutes Dune bashing
  • Glance sunset scenery
  • Dinner, Coffee and/or Tea, Bottled water
  • Shisha - smoke pipes
  • Entertainment shows by professional Belly dancer and Tanura dancer
  • Stargazing for 10 minutes
  • Selfie with falcons


Situated roughly 70 to 90 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city, the terrain en route is mostly bumpy sandy roads. If you are capable of driving your 4x4 to the spot then do so. We will guide you with the route if you wish to self drive. If off-roading is not for you then you can choose our transfer option where we will pick you and drop you off.

5 Essential Safety Tips to
Follow During Dune Buggy Tours

Most of the dune buggy tours that are conducted in UAE are void of insurance therefore choosing one needs to be done with care. At the beginning guests are required to sign a liability form stating that they are accepting the responsibility of any damages or accidents that take place during their dune buggy ride. Due to this, ensure you follow all safety instructions, the rules set out by your instructor and drive safely.

Wearing a helmet and protective gear while dune buggying is a mandatory safety precaution. Most of the time this criteria is ignored which might lead to accidents and mishaps. By overlooking this you could end up ruining your holiday and paying a huge sum of money on medical fees and repair for damaged dune buggy. To ensure safety throughout your adventure always wear your helmet and protective gear.

Before enjoying a dune buggy Abu Dhabi safari cross check the condition of your dune buggy rental. This important stage should not be overlooked. Start with an engine check, do a test drive and ensure that the dune buggy is in a good condition and is safe to drive. If you notice any unusual sounds, experience any jerky movements of the buggy, find that the tires are not properly fit to the rim or any other signs that raise a red flag, reject the buggy as it could be prone to accidents.

Rainy weather is not favourable for dune buggy rides as the ground tends to get soggy after rain. Soggy sand can result in your dune buggy slipping so make sure your weather forecast promises clear skies before heading out for your dune buggy adventure.

Since your guide is very familiar with the Abu Dhabi desert and has gone on many Dune buggy Abu Dhabi rides, listen to his advice. He understands the desert like the back of his hand, so follow his trail and don't deviate off course.

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Self Drifting buggies vs self driving buggies

Majority of dune buggy Abu Dhabi ads boast of exciting adventure, thrilling time and zooming past the desert sand. This is all a sugar- coated version to attract the customers and lead them to imagine that dune buggy riding is same as drifting.

This kind of dune drifting doesn't happen in UAE and can only be performed by dune driving experts. Any unqualified individual will put himself at serious risk trying to do this feat.

Frequently travelers asked

Dune buggy Abu Dhabi buggy rides are not covered by insurance. If you plan on purchasing an insurance cover contact your holiday insurance provider and obtain qn adventure insurance.

You are allowed to wear anything that is allowed to wear in the streets of Abu Dhabi. Just steer clear from any sbeachwear and extremely short clothes as those are prohibited. Any other style of clothing is fine as long as it is comfortable.