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Highlights of Dubai Museum Future

  • tick iconThe famed "Feng Shui" concepts served as inspiration for the Museum of the Future's design idea.
  • tick iconThe lack of angles or columns, which is by itself a great accomplishment, is evidence of its brilliant architectural design.
  • tick iconApproximately 700 words of Arabic calligraphy from HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's poems are displayed on the building's facade.
  • tick iconThe museum is a shining example of the region's dedication to building low-carbon, ecologically friendly facilities as a LEED-certified enterprise.
  • tick iconYou will experience futuristic events with ever-evolving state-of-the-art technology at the future museum.
  • tick iconBy exploring the whole 5 floors you’ll get a fully immersive journey into the future.

About Museum of The Future Tickets

Museum of The Future tickets
Approximate Cost
ADULT - 149 AED - 40 USD
Duration :
Opening hours :
  1. right arrow iconGeneral Hours : daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  2. right arrow iconBefore closing, there is one hour of last entrance.
Inclusions :
  1. right arrow iconEntry into the Museum of the Future
  2. right arrow iconAccess to all floors (except floor 6)

Future Museum Dubai Tickets Booking Info

What is the Best Way to Buy Museum of the Future Tickets ? Book Online

  1. right arrow iconThe simplest way to buy Future Museum Dubai tickets is online, where you can also benefit from a variety of features like museum of the future Dubai tickets offers advance purchase, online payments, mobile tickets, amazing deals, and discounts.
  2. right arrow iconPurchase in advance : Due to the Dubai Museum Future's popularity, tickets are likely to run out quickly. By purchasing your tickets in advance online, you can save the hassle of missing out on the opportunity to enjoy the attraction because you tried to purchase museum of the future Dubai last minute tickets.
  3. right arrow iconConvenience : The best thing about purchasing tickets online is that you can do so while lounging in your own house or on the go, saving you the trouble of wasting hours in line.
  4. right arrow iconBest Deals : By purchasing your tickets online, you can benefit from the best deals and savings on attraction tickets, making your trip even more enjoyable.

Inside Future Museum

  • tick iconTake a look skyward at a space shuttle simulation that includes a countdown and realistic sounds and movements. Dock on the fifth floor, the starting point of your journey!
  • tick iconChapter 1 : OSS Hope (Floor 5) - Enter the station's command center to learn about the most recent OSS Hope missions, discoveries, and inventions. PS: There are 3D walls made of recycled materials all around you.
  • tick iconChapter 2 : The fourth floor of the Heal Institute As you stroll around a wonderful digital Amazon and marvel at the remarkable DNA Library of 2000+ species, you can learn more about the negative effects of climate change.
  • tick iconAl Waha (Floor 3) in Chapter 3 "The Oasis" is a place where you may unplug from technology and revive your senses as you walk past a number of interactive sessions.
  • tick iconExamine the many changes that have taken place in the globe as a result of technological breakthroughs since the year 2022 in Chapter 4: Tomorrow Today (Floor 2). Remember that the fundamental objective is to lead our world to a better future.
  • tick iconBring your kids (our future heroes) to the final stop on your tour, Chapter 5: Future Heroes (Floor 1), where they can let their imaginations run wild while taking part in a variety of interactive activities.

The supreme shape of the Museo Futuro Dubai

Get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning, ring-shaped stainless-steel facade of the Museum of the Future, which was expertly built by renowned architect Shaun Killa. You will come across five different floors as you explore this architectural masterpiece, each with a different theme. Take in the thought-provoking displays that explore important subjects including climate change, wellness, imagination, spirituality, and the future of life in space. As you go through the museum's halls, let your thoughts to fly as you consider the limitless possibilities of the future.

Unique Shape
Unique Shape

The Museum of the Future's outstanding design is evidence of its futuristic perspective. An eye-catching icon is the torus-shaped building itself, which depicts humanity sitting atop an earth-coloured hill. The empty space inside the structure represents an uncertain future with great possibility for progress.

You are reminded of the authority and responsibility we have to shape the course of that future as you stand inside its cutting-edge walls. The symbolism and unusual shape of the structure encourage reflection and awe at the future possibilities.
Arabic Calligraphy

Three quotations from His Highness, Sheik Mohammed, inscribed in Arabic calligraphy by Mattar Bin Lahej, surround the structure. The proverb goes that "those who can imagine, design, and execute it, own it." The future moves quickly, and even if we might not live for hundreds of years, the products of our ingenuity may nevertheless have a lasting impact on civilization.

Future planning and building is already possible. These proverbs are intended to inspire us to improve the state of the world.
Arabic Calligraphy
Future planning and building is already possible. These proverbs are intended to inspire us to improve the state of the world.

Getting to the Museum of Future

reaching by car
By Car

Recommended Route : E 11 route

The location is also reachable by car. The closest airport, Dubai International Airport, is about 15.5 kilometers away from the museum. The museum is a 12-minute drive from the airport.

reaching by car
By Metro

Closest Station : Emirates Tower station

Take the red line on the metro and get off at the Emirates Tower station, which is just 450 meters away, if you're taking public transportation. You can travel directly there from the station thanks to a connecting bridge that links the two locations.

reaching by bus
By Bus

Closest Stop : Novotel Hotel

You can use the Dubai Bus service to travel to the museum. If you're taking a bus, use the 27, 29, or X22 line's services. The closest bus stop is at the Novotel Hotel, which is around 1.1 kilometers away.

Best Ways to Reach MOTF ?

The most affordable way to see the Museo Futuro Dubai is by bus.

You can reach your destination more quickly by getting a taxi or driving your own car instead of using public transportation. Taking a taxi or driving one's own car to the location is the most enjoyable mode of transportation. The recommended method of transportation for reaching the Dubai Museum Future is the MRed metro, which is speedy and the second-most reasonably priced option.


Future Museum Dubai Parking Options

You are welcome to bring your own vehicle and leave it in the museum's parking area. This, however, is dependent on availability. Because of this, the museum also provides a valet parking service. Additionally, you can leave your vehicle in adjacent private garages.


Best Future Museum Dubai Timings to visit

Weekday vs Weekend

The museum will be busiest on these days because most people take their weekends off after the UAE officially switches to Saturday-Sunday weekends. If you want to see the museum at your own pace and without interruptions, it is advised that you go on a weekday morning. Usually, weekdays are less crowded than weekends. The majority of visitors also arrive in the nights. Therefore, if you want to avoid crowds, visiting the destination in the morning on weekdays is advised.

Peak season vs Low season

It is advised to schedule your journey for the museum's less busy Future Museum Dubai timings in November (mid- to early December) or the first half of March in order to avoid long lines and noisy crowds. Despite the pleasant weather in late December, January, and February, these months are the busiest in Dubai because of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which draws tourists from all over the world. If you want a less congested experience, it is best to avoid going during this time. Additionally, it is not advised to plan a vacation for the sweltering summer months of July and August due to the oppressive heat and likely increase in visitor traffic. By selecting the recommended periods, you can enjoy a serene and enjoyable visit to the museum with more favorable weather conditions and fewer crowds.

Avoid the Queue

It is advisable to visit the Dubai Museum Future in the mornings of weekdays to avoid crowds, while weekends are typically busier because of people's days off. Avoid visiting Dubai during the busiest travel seasons, which are December, January, and February, when large crowds from all over the world arrive. Choose the first part of March, mid-November, or early December instead. The warmest months in Dubai are July and August, therefore those are the ones to avoid if you want to explore the city.


Tips for an Enhanced Visit

Are you always thinking ”Are there any interactive exhibits or experiences at the Future Museum ?” This section will not only answer your question but it will also give you tips on how to make your visit to the museum better.

Don't forget
Don't forget

Enter the magnificent atrium and bright white interiors of the Museum of the Future to fully experience its amazing design. Take in the eye-catching calligraphy panels that act as a link to the outside world. Don't forget to grab wristbands for better access and ride the exhilarating bubble elevator into the unknown.

These distinctive features, such as the elevator, calligraphy panels, and wristbands, are not to be missed as they add to the museum's exceptional atmosphere and engaging activities.

Zoom Up To A Makeshift Space Station

On floor 5, you set off on your trip. You will then descend one storey at a time until you reach the lobby, which is where you initially arrived, in a cascading motion. Hold on as you ride the elevator to the fifth floor, where Chapter 1: OSS Hope begins your journey.

Because the MOTF does not name the pieces you will see, unlike other galleries, you are asked to use your imagination and creativity.
Do not miss this futuristic Dubai movie with a simulation of the space shuttle.

Zoom Up To A Makeshift Space Station

Because the MOTF does not name the pieces you will see, unlike other galleries, you are asked to use your imagination and creativity.
Do not miss this futuristic Dubai movie with a simulation of the space shuttle.

OSS Hope
Chapter 1 : OSS Hope (Floor 5)

Go to the control room after docking at the Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope. Learn more about the technologies and missions that OSS Hope has carried out.
Fun fact : The 3D walls that surround you were constructed using recycled materials. You're welcome to touch it!

Do Not Miss : Before you go, sign up to become a pioneer yourself (especially advisable for children).

Chapter 2: Heal Institute(Floor 4)

Your journey continues on Planet Earth. Experience a digital Amazon that highlights the importance of climate change by incorporating audio and visual elements. Check out "The Vault of Life," a DNA collection encompassing more than 2000 species that highlights the urgent need for repairing climate change damage.

Don't Forget : Before continuing to the following chapter, have a peek inside the monitoring room where new species are evaluated!

Heal Institute

Don't Forget : Before continuing to the following chapter, have a peek inside the monitoring room where new species are evaluated!

Al Waha
Chapter 3: Al Waha (Floor 3)

Al Waha, often known as "The Oasis," is a place where you may disconnect from technology and revitalize your senses. Even though it might be the year 2071 and technology might have improved much since you first entered the museum, this chapter is all about achieving the right balance between reality and virtuality.

You're instructed to put away your technology and instead engage your creativity.
Do Not Miss : Make a wish in the wish pool and participate in the several interactive solo and group activities.

Chapter 4: Tomorrow Today (Floor 2)

Al Waha, also referred to as "The Oasis," is a location where you may unplug from technology and revive your senses. This chapter is all about striking the perfect balance between realism and virtuality, even though the year is 2071 and technology may have advanced significantly since you originally entered the museum.

You're told to put your technology away and use your imagination instead.
Do Not Miss : Participate in the various fun solo and group activities, and make a wish in the wish pool.

Tomorrow Today

You're told to put your technology away and use your imagination instead.
Do Not Miss : Participate in the various fun solo and group activities, and make a wish in the wish pool.

Future Heroes
Chapter 5:Future Heroes(Floor 1)

The best is reserved for last if you're traveling with children; "Future Heroes" is a place where our children, the world's future heroes, have a place to let their imaginations run wild. Young children can run around and play while learning how to successfully create and artistically shape their destinies.

Wave at the Robot Barista

Yes, you read that correctly : the museum café's foyer area has a robot barista. Make a pit stop in the café to get a cup of coffee from a robot before leaving.

Robot Barista

Rules & Guidelines

  • tick iconDuring their visit, visitors are asked to abide by the laws and Covid policies.
  • tick iconThe Museum's laws and regulations must be followed by visitors.
  • tick iconAlthough there are no specific future museum Dubai dress code visitors are encouraged to present themselves in a way that respects UAE culture by dressing correctly.
  • tick iconPlease note that flash photography is not permitted within the museum and that visitors are welcome to bring their own food and beverages to enjoy in the lobby or garden.


You can purchase your Future Museum Dubai tickets online or through Arabiers.
Yes, you can purchase your Museum of the Future tickets online.
Guests will have experience to all MOTF experiences and exhibits with a ticket.
Flash photography is not allowed inside the Future Museum.
Anyone can visit during the future museum Dubai opening hours by purchasing Museo future Dubai tickets
You can conveniently purchase tickets for the Museum of the Future online, and that's not all! You also have the option to bundle them with tickets for other popular attractions in Dubai. This fantastic offer includes access to iconic sites like Burj Khalifa at the Top, Ain Dubai, IMG Worlds Of Adventure, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai Frame, Dubai Garden Glow, and many more.
The Future Museum in Dubai is a state-of-the-art facility that uses cutting-edge technology to explore and develop solutions for future challenges.
The operating hours of the Future Museum are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.
The Future Museum is located at Trade Centre 2, Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road.
It is recommended to book tickets in advance, but you can also purchase them on the day of your visit, subject to availability.
The average visit to the Future Museum takes around 2 to 3 hours to explore all the exhibits and experiences.
Yes, the Future Museum is accessible for people with disabilities, offering facilities to ensure a comfortable visit.
Ticket rescheduling and cancellation policies may vary, so it's best to check with the museum's official website for specific details.
The Future Museum offers dining and refreshment options for visitors to enjoy during their visit.
Yes, there is a gift shop at the Future Museum where you can purchase souvenirs to commemorate your visit.