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Skydive Abu Dhabi

Back to operational after covid 19

November 07th, 2022 Updated

Tandem Sky Dive in Abu Dhabi

If you have always wanted to tandem Sky dive in Abu Dhabi, your time has come. Skydiving in Abu Dhabi is a lovely way to enjoy an adventurous activity while admiring a bird’s eye view of Abu Dhabi. If you are already planning to take the plunge over Abu Dhabi, keep reading to learn some important tips & information about tandem skydiving Abu Dhabi in 2024.

Sky Dive Abu Dhabi Sky Dive Abu Dhabi


What is tandem skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is also known as tandem parachuting and is the perfect way for beginners to experience skydiving. Since a lot of science goes behind skydiving, beginners or novice skydivers might not remember all these rules. In tandem skydiving, the beginner skydiver is strapped on to a tandem skydiving instructor by a harness. This allows the participant to thoroughly enjoy the experience without worrying about making any wrong moves. The tandem instructor will guide the skydive, control the canopy and land.

The tandem skydiving in Abu Dhabi was initiated by Abu Dhabi Sports Aviation Club and was inaugurated on January 2021. Other kinds of adventurous aviation activities offered too (parasailing & paramotor)

Tandem Sky Dive in Abu Dhabi
Tandem Sky Dive in Abu Dhabi


Checking your eligibility

The Abu Dhabi Sports and Aviation Club has laid out certain criteria that need to be fulfilled to be eligible for skydiving in Abu Dhabi.The first criterion is being of an age more than 18 years (if you are a minor and if your parents come to drop zone to give the consent we can accept to do the tandem sky dive). Secondly, the participant’s weight should be less than 100 kg. Anyone with a weight over 110 kg will require approval from the tandem instructor. Additionally, having an ideal BMI is preferred as the applicant needs to fit in the harness.


Operating hours and days

Update : April 2, 2022
Due to Ramadan only early morning slots available 6 am to 8 am

Thursday 8.30 AM to 10.00 AM
Friday 8.30AM to 1.00PM
Saturday 8.30AM to 1.00PM
Monday 7.30 AM to 01.30 PM
Tuesday 7.30 AM to 01.30 PM
Wednesday 7.30 AM to 01.30 PM
Thursday 7.30 AM to 01.30 PM
Operating hours of Abu Dhabi Sky Dive


Covid 19 Updates

  • Effective from today November 7. 2022, Abudhabi Skydive experience no longer require any PCR tests
  • The most common question travellers ask is, "Is Abu Dhabi open for tourists?" Yes, Abu Dhabi is open for travellers from certain countries. Abu Dhabi informed that it will gradually reopen the Emirate for tourists from the list of 'green' countries, regions and territories. Starting from December 24, travellers originating from the approved list of green countries will be granted entry into the Emirate after following a set of procedures that consist of COVID 19 PCR testing and depending on the result will be excused from any quarantine requirements.
  • If you want to skydive when visiting Abu Dhabi you need to provide a negative PCR test result certificate that is not older than 48 hours before your jump. This applies to individuals who have been vaccinated too.
  • Showing a PCR test before Skydiving is a mandatory measure we take for the safety of our staff and facility. You can find the closest PCR testing Facility in Abu Dhabi to do the test. A good place is the Advanced Centre for Daycare Surgery to know how to get there, click here for the location
  • Due to the COVID pandemic, the Abu Dhabi sky diving experience might get a bit delayed as the whole experience takes roughly 2 to 4 hours. Any changes in weather may also delay your jump.


Rate & included

The cost is 1500 AED per tandem skydiver.

  • Harness
  • Goggles
  • Go pro picture and video through links
  • Tandem sky dive experience (Instructor, flight & jump)

  • Insurance (You can buy online adventure insurance)

  • Transport from Abu Dhabi city hotels


On the day of Sky dive

Skydive Dubai

Arrival time

The time mentioned in your confirmed booking is the preferred time of arrival at the premises. Participants are required to be on location a minimum of 30 minutes before scheduled skydiving time. Example if you have booked the 9.00 am slot for skydiving arrive by 8.30. From the time of arrival until you finish the jump, the entire experience will last roughly 3.5 to 4 hours.

Skydive Dubai

Bring along

  1. Passport / Emirates ID / Drivers License or any other official government identification certificate with valid photo
  2. A fully filled and signed copy of the Tandem Waiver form – Available on spot
Skydive Dubai

Dress wisely

  1. Avoid wearing any costly accessories or jewelries
  2. Avoid wearing collared shirts or tops with tassels as they can cause injury during freefall
  3. Wear closed footwear like sneakers or sports shoes. Stay away from flip flops, sandals or boots as these can come off during freefall
  4. To feel comfortable throughout your experience avoid wearing low cut tops, sleeveless shirts, crop tops and mini shorts.
  5. Overall dress comfortably with lightweight clothes.
Skydive Dubai


Skydiving is an activity that is highly influenced by the weather. Conditions like high wind speed, low lying clouds, poor visibility and rain can delay or cancel a skydiving experience. If such situations arise, your skydiving experience will be put on hold and you will be continuously kept updated with the changes in the weather. If no sign of improvement you will be rescheduled to try skydiving on the next available slot. If you are not able to do so you will be given a refund. The Abu Dhabi Sports and Aviation Club holds the rights to close the premises without prior notice. In such cases you will be contacted either through email or phone for a reschedule or cancellation. The ADSAC will not be held responsible for expenses incurred by participants in such situations.


After the sky dive

Pictures and video

Every tandem skydiver will be followed by a camera flyer to ensure every moment of your adventure in Abu Dhabi’s sky is caught on tape. All the tandem skydiving in Abu Dhabi packages include the video cost as well. The videos area send via link to you


Abu Dhabi Indoor Sky diving


Abu Dhabi Indoor Sky diving

The only available indoor skydiving opportunity in Abu Dhabi is at the Abu Dhabi Country Club and is famously known as the Spacewalk. This is a good place to start for individuals being afraid of heights or are too scared to jump off a plane. You can feel the same thrill and exhilaration as skydiving. Your experience in Spacewalk begins with an easily comprehensible training class that will explain everything you need to know beforehand.
Open: Every Friday 9 am -8 pm & Saturday 12 pm-8 pm
Phone: 02 657 7601

Abu Dhabi Indoor Sky diving location


Parasailing in Abu Dhabi

Parasailing in Abu Dhabi

Parasailing is an adventurous activity that gives you the feeling of soaring in the air going up to a maximum height of 500 feet. The experience of floating in the sky with Abu Dhabi’s blue water below your feet is an experience worth having. You can purchase a Single ticket costing AED 200, Double priced at AED 300 and a AED 350 worth Triple ticket.

Abu Dhabi Parasail
Parasailing in Abu Dhabi