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  • tick iconYas Waterworld, a well-known water and amusement park located in Abu Dhabi, is an exciting destination for spending your day.
  • tick iconBoth children and adults can enjoy over forty-three slides and five different rides.
  • tick iconOn the park's 6-person water coaster, Falcon's Falaj, encounter never-ending curves, twists, waves, and sudden drops that will never fail to make your adrenaline spike.
  • tick iconRide the 550-meter Bandit Bomber, the biggest hanging roller coaster in the Middle East.
  • tick iconHave a blast at the Slithers Slides, a network of water-tube rides with a variety of routes.
  • tick iconClasses for surfing are offered at Bubbles' Barrel.
  • tick iconChildren are going to be thrilled all day long with the Family-friendly attractions in Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, especially if you take them to the magnificent Marah Fortress.
  • tick iconIt's a lot of fun to play with water shooters, water geysers, and water cannons.
  • tick iconTake a ride on the Hydromagnetic Tornado and the Jebel Drop, one of the park's largest water slides.
  • tick iconEmbark on a culinary journey and savour delightful cuisines from around the world at the restaurants within the park.
  • tick iconVisit the retail stores in Yas Waterworld Park Abu Dhabi to find amazing keepsakes.

Yas Waterworld Tickets Price & Overview

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi tickets
Approximate Cost
ADULT - 290 AED - 79 USD
Duration :
Opening hours :
  1. right arrow iconSaturday to Thursday, will be open from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  2. right arrow iconFriday, from 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM
The Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi tickets include :
  1. right arrow iconAdmission ticket for each person
  2. right arrow iconBeing able to use all rides and attractions
The ticket excludes :
  1. right arrow iconQuick Pass
  2. right arrow iconFood and refreshments
  3. right arrow iconTravel to and from the water park

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that in the event of a cancellation, The full cost of the reservation will be charged as cancellation fees if the request is received a day or less before the planned departure date.

More Information about Yas Waterworld :
  1. right arrow iconExperience a world packed with 29 exhilarating rides, over 35 live characters, luxurious shopping and numerous dining options at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi
  2. right arrow iconYas Waterworld park Abu Dhabi is a must-see destination where you can jump straight into the excitement, and it's only a quick 40 minutes from Dubai!
  3. right arrow iconMore than 35 live superheroes and characters will make your visit at Yas Water World Abu Dhabi memorable as you get a chance to meet all of your favourite DC and animation characters
  4. right arrow iconThere are more than 100 animal encounters and lectures offered, where experienced experts give their perspectives on animal life
  5. right arrow iconYou will be fascinated by the lively performances of more than 20 live characters as they bring the park to life with their exciting acts and conversations
  6. right arrow iconThe largest aquarium in the area, featuring a variety of marine animals, showcases the beauty and diversity of marine life in its captivating underwater environment
  7. right arrow iconExplore a diverse array of dining options at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi's 16 unique locations, where culinary preferences of all kinds are beautifully satisfied
  8. right arrow iconTickets for Yas Waterworld Park Abu Dhabi are required to enter the park's 13 shopping areas, where you may buy anything from trinkets to stylish items

Know before you go

  • tick iconAt YAS Waterworld, Ladies' Night happens every Friday.
  • tick iconMake sure to bring extra clothes and towels.
  • tick iconWith the standard entrance ticket, you can enter the park whenever you want.
  • tick iconBoth during the reservation process and upon arrival, every visitor must present a form of identification as a requirement.
  • tick iconDue to height and safety restrictions, visitors may not be able to go on all the rides.
  • tick iconYou must follow the rules for the rides and the park's policies.
  • tick iconFor an additional charge, valet parking, lockers, and strollers are offered within the premises.
  • tick iconBy having the entry tickets, you can enjoy full access to all of the slides and rides.
  • tick iconVisitors are not allowed to bring food or beverages into the Park.

Rules and Regulations

  • tick iconIt is forbidden to smoke.
  • tick iconWear swimming suits that are not too revealing.
  • tick iconRefreshments from outside can't be brought inside the theme park.
  • tick iconPets are not allowed.
  • tick iconMiddle Eastern culture involves dressing in a way that is loose and informal but still keeps you covered and modest.
  • tick iconChild tickets are available for children who are under three years old and under 1.1 meters tall.
  • tick iconAdult Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi day pass rates apply to guests over the age of 3.
  • tick iconChildren under the age of 11 should always be accompanied by an adult.
  • tick iconThe exclusive Yas Waterworld Park Abu dhabi Ladies Only event won't be running during Ramadan.
  • tick iconEvery Friday, Yas Waterworld hosts a unique Ladies' Day. General admission is exclusively available to women on Ladies' Day. On Ladies' Day, men are not permitted.

How to reach Yas Waterworld Park Abu Dhabi ?

Since Yas Waterworld is only 12 km from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH), driving is the most convenient method of travel. As a substitute, you can use public transportation to get from Zayed Sports City station to Yas Island's ADNOC South station by taking a bus or a cab.


The best Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi timings to visit

It is advised to visit Yas Waterworld park abu dhabi between October and March for the greatest experience. The weather is better around this time, providing a nice break from the intense summer heat. Without being overcome by the extreme heat, you can completely relish the warm waters and exhilarating splashing pools.


Family-friendly attractions in Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi


The 20-meter-high tornado funnel at the bottom of the world's longest six-person tornado water coaster, Dawwama, starts at an enormous mountaintop height and takes riders down a long fall. The waterslide is undoubtedly suitable for the courageous and promises a heart-dropping experience.

Falaj Falcons

Six riders will encounter waves, drops, and a variety of dramatic twists and turns during this exciting ride on a six-seat water coaster. If you want to take everyone in your family on an exhilarating ride, go to Falcons Falaj.

Falaj Falcons

In the competitive ride known as Sebag, six separate riders go down the six designated lanes while counting on gravity to carry them to the highest place. The connection that is formed throughout the activity is truly unforgettable, adding to the thrill it offers.

Wave Pool at Amwaj

Amwaj is a relaxing wave pool that has gentle fading waves, making it ideal to lounge about and lie in the wave pool while spending quality time with your family and gliding with the amazing wave patterns.

Wave Pool at Amwaj
Marah Castle
Marah Castle

Marah Fortress is a water playground with slides, buckets, a geyser that shoots water, water cannons, and other engaging activities for a family who enjoys easily accessible water rides.

Motion Splash

Cine Splash 5D is one of the latest attractions at Yas Waterworld Park Abu Dhabi and an additional reason for you to visit. Cine Splash 5D performances use water-based special effects like rain, waterfalls, fountains, water waves, weaponry, and floods that actually leave the spectators drenched.

As a result, those attending are told to bring their swimsuits. Additional effects, including strobes, haze, lasers, wind, ground fog, and LED lights, are used to improve the 5D sensation.

Motion Splash

As a result, those attending are told to bring their swimsuits. Additional effects, including strobes, haze, lasers, wind, ground fog, and LED lights, are used to improve the 5D sensation.

Tot's Play Playground
Tot's Play Playground

There is a slide area and a baby pool at Tot's Playground. The little pool and fairly steep slides make this a fully safe place for kids to have fun while remaining active. Tiny Tots is perfect for both parents and kids.

Cannon Point

The Bandit Bomber whizzes above you, spraying water onto Cannon Point, which is below the Bandit Bomber attraction, therefore leaving you drenched. By blasting back at them with water cannons, you can retaliate. The family spray and play area at Cannon Point, which is more of a family entertainment playground, is available for use by the whole family.

Cannon Point


Yas Waterworld Park Abu Dhabi offers 40 different rides, slides, and activities that will cater to adventurers of all ages. All of the rides, slides, and events are categorized into groups depending on the lowest height required and level of adrenaline in order to save time.
Because the neighbourhood is easily accessible through many roads and metros, you do not need to spend a lot of money to travel there. The closest metro station to Yas Waterworld is Al Rigga Metro Station, which is situated 741 meters away. Either take a taxi or enjoy a stroll for ten minutes.

Similarly to this, the two bus stops that are the nearest are Al Rigga Metro Bus Stops A-01 and A-02, both of which are 402 meters away and can be accessible on foot in 6 to 10 minutes, depending. Therefore, there are multiple options available to everyone who wants to visit Yas waterworld park abu dhabi.
Yes, life jackets are available at Yas Waterworld and they will be provided accordingly for all your exhilarating rides and activities. If you are shorter than 1.1 meters, you have to put on a life jacket at the Amwaj Wave Pool, Al Raha River, Yadi Yas, and Kids Zone.

Other tourists can use the life jackets whenever they want on other rides. Similarly to various locations, Yas waterworld park abu dhabi is extremely vigilant about safety. They ensure their visitors are safe and are having a happy time during the excursion because they have a top-notch safety facility. If you're still uncomfortable about any ride, life jackets are available to calm your nerves.
The waterpark will be operational every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, excluding ladies' night. Nevertheless, the park will close at 5:00 PM and open again at 6:00 PM.

On Ladies' Day, the park is open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. Ladies' night follows the same schedule, running from 6 to 11 p.m. If you want to take full advantage of all the rides and activities, schedule your visit around a time when it won't be crowded with people during the day or at night.
No, they are not.
There are a huge variety of appetizers, snacks, and desserts to choose from. Everyone who enters the restaurants, including little children and elderly people, is catered to. The helpful staff, delicious cuisine, and pleasant setting will definitely boost their sense of adventure.
Yes. Yas Waterworld is particularly kid-friendly thanks to its activities, events, shops, and variety of restaurants. The most adventurous activities are available in Tot's Playground, Cannon Point, and Yehal, where kids can slide, swim, splash water, relax, and repeat. One such place that welcomes families is the Al Raha River. Before getting on the ride, kids must put on a life jacket.

The site is very delightful and entertaining. Numerous establishments, including Sultan's Candy, Jewana Photo, Flying Carpet Calligraphy, and Qaryat Al Jewana Souk, specialize in serving youngsters.
Yas Waterworld has strict dress codes that must be followed for all activities and rides. Suitable swimwear should always be worn to ensure the comfort, security, and wellness of the guests and locals. If you don't already own any, you can buy new swimwear in the Yas Waterworld shops. Regular diapers are not permitted in the pools.
The honour of being amongst the top ten water parks in the world has been earned by Yas Waterworld for a reason. It has 40 rides, aquatic activities, and great food choices. Visitors appreciate spending the entire day at the best water park in the UAE.

There are lots of places to get a quick dinner and kids' activities. There are several shops where guests can buy souvenirs to take home. In conclusion, it is well worth going if you are anywhere near the region.
It ranges around 100-120 kilometres. Travelling the 114.8 kilometres from Dubai to Yas Water World can take anyone as much as an hour and a half. Travelling the distance is made simple by the national highway E11, and local roads like taxi and cab services are easily accessible.
Kid-friendly, family-friendly, and exhilarating rides are the three categories into which the activities of Abu Dhabi's Yas Water Park are divided. The above parts include :

  • Thriller : The ten most popular exciting water slides at yas waterworld park abu dhabi comprise of the Liwa Loop, Jewel Drop, Rush Rider, Hamlools Hump, Bubbles Barrel, Dawwama, Falcons Fajaj, Bandit Bomber, Slither's Slides, and Sebag.
  • Families-friendly rides : Family-friendly activities include the Yadi Yas, Amwaj Wave Pool, Water Wars, Marah Fortress, Al Raha River, and Cinesplash are all accessible with yas waterworld abu dhabi tickets.
  • Children's Rides : With entry to Cannon Point, Yehal, and Tots Playground included with your yas waterworld abu dhabi tickets, you can make sure that the safety of your young children is at its highest while they are having fun.
You are going to have the opportunity to experience some of the most unforgettable experiences of your life at the Yas Island Water Park, which is among the most popular water parks in the United Arab Emirates. With a range of water slides and numerous swimming pools, this waterpark will guarantee that you have a wonderful time throughout the course of the day. There are many good reasons to go to the second-largest waterpark in the world, from escaping the heat to enjoying some quality time with family and friends.
No, guests of all ages can discover an exciting aquatic journey in the many Splash zones and play areas in Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi.
Yes,the minimum height requirements are between 80 cm and 130 cm. There are also weight restrictions depending on the ride.