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Top Romantic Activities to do in Dubai A Glimpse Of Atlantis, The Palm Resort

Top Romantic Activities to do in Dubai

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

8 July 2024 | 13 min read

Dubai is the perfect destination for lovers seeking fun, rekindling their love or a perfect date night. The city offers a variety of attractions and activities tailored to meet everyone's needs and desires. Whether into thrill, relaxation, or fun, every couple can find something that matches their interests.

Attractions in this vibrant city will leave every couple with unmatched memories and a yearning to return there. Below are some of the romantic places in Dubai for couples.

Experience a Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner


  • For a date night in Dubai, couples can go for dhow cruise dinners at Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, or Dubai Canal.
  • Based on the package you pay for, you can enjoy your dhow cruise dinner with live music, magnificent views, and the stunning architecture of Dubai.
  • Enjoy some intimate time with your partner at the lavish, fully air-conditioned lower deck, or stand hand in hand on the top deck to take in the nighttime scenery.
  • The affordable romantic dinner in Dubai normally starts at 8:00 pm and lasts for two hours.

Tips For A Better Experience with Arabiers

  • Book the top deck of the dhow cruise for the best views
  • Double confirm with your agency the pickup and boarding time to avoid waiting for long and the inconveniences caused.

Go For a Customized Hot Air Balloon Ride


  • Visit Dubai’s spectacular deserts with your partner and board a large hot air balloon to experience more of the city.
  • Elevate your romance as the balloon ascends to greater heights. Here, you get to view the fascinating Dubai city from a privileged point that is rare to many.
  • Imagine being suspended in the sky in a hot air balloon in the cool early morning with your partner as you watch the first rays of dawn lighten the horizon in Dubai. A hot air balloon ride is one of the best places to visit in Dubai for couples.

Tips for a Better Experience with Arabiers

  • Go for the experience early in the morning for stunning sunrise views
  • Come with your lover for an intimate experience as you view the sunrise over the Dubai desert.

Couple’s Desert Safari


  • Select your preferred desert safari, hop on a 4x4 vehicle with your partner, and go for the safari. Other desert activities include dune bashing, quad bike riding, camel riding, and sand boarding.
  • After the safari, enjoy a serene desert night, which includes a Buffet dinner with BBQ, a Tanura performance, and a Belly dance.
  • You can arrange to get sleeping bags, tents, and overnight tea/coffee and spend the night with your partner in the desert. It is one of the fun activities for couples in Dubai.

Tips for A Better Experience with Arabiers

  • The experience is most suited for couples who are adventure sports enthusiasts, as the rides may be very bumpy.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that suits the desert weather and landscape
  • Double confirm the pickup and camping time with your agency to avoid any inconveniences.

Visit the Dubai Garden Glow


  • Take in the " Art by Day" and " Glow by Night" concepts with your partner as the dazzling garden comes to life. The garden is among the most picked places to go on a date in Dubai.
  • Magic Park offers a charming and captivating experience with its 25 entertaining displays and 3D artworks.
  • Dubai Garden, made with 19 million energy-saving bulbs, is the world's largest glow-in-the-dark garden that showcases an innovative combination of art and technology.
  • Hold hands and stroll the glow garden to experience up to four different parks, each with its own unique beauty and wonder.

Tips for a Better Experience With Arabiers

  • Enjoy a romantic trip through the enchanting Dubai garden glows with someone special. Take plenty of photos with your significant other in the lovely garden lighting.
  • Allocate more time to the Magic Park, as it is the most fun part of the experience.
  • Find out about the parking arrangements to avoid walking for long.

JBR Beach and Palm Parasailing Experience


  • Enjoy an exceptional bird's eye view of JBR, the Marina, the Palm, and the Dubai Eye. This is one of the cute date ideas in Dubai that guarantees enjoyment and thrill.
  • Enjoy unparalleled views of the endless Dubai sky and the pristine waters when you go parasailing.
  • Couples looking for adrenaline-pumping and mind-blowing adventure can jump on the opportunity to go parasailing with Sea Life Dubai.
  • The experience is amazing, and guides are available to help if you are nervous.

Tips for a Better Experience with Arabiers

  • Ensure you capture your and your partner's adventure moments.

Explore the Dubai Miracle Garden


  • Take your partner to Dubai Miracle Garden and stroll through the world’s largest flower in a city. The garden is the best place to celebrate an anniversary in Dubai or to go on a romantic date.
  • Take loads of pictures here, as it's a known jewel for Insta-worthy pics.
  • Be intrigued by the Dubai Emirates A380 aircraft covered in tons of flowers and be amazed at one of the largest floral installations in the world.
  • This is the ideal place for couples seeking to enjoy a beautiful explosion of colour.

Tips for A Better Experience with Arabiers

  • Avoid visiting the garden during weekends as it is usually packed. Alternatively, arrive during the morning hours to get great photos without many people in the background.
  • Be ready to walk and carry a hat or an umbrella to protect yourselves from the scorching sun. Relax and unwind in the numerous shaded areas of the garden.
  • There are several cool places to get snacks, chill and immerse in the stunning surroundings with your partner.
  • The best way to reach Miracle Garden is to hire a taxi or drive there, as metros could be inconvenient. Opt for RTA taxis (public taxis0) or metered taxis for affordable charges.

Enjoy Amazing Views from The Burj Khalifa


  • Burj Khalifa, resting beneath the magnificent Dubai sky, is one of the top romantic spots in Dubai. Go to observation decks on levels 124 and 124 for a 360-degree view of Dubai City.
  • Take in Dubai’s beautiful sunsets from the observation decks
  • Experience an unforgettable morning, noon, evening, or romantic night in the world's tallest building with your better half.

Tips for A Better Experience With Arabiers

  • Purchase your Burj Khalifa tickets online in advance to ascertain your trip.
  • Avoid vising during weekends and peak hours as it is usually very crowded
  • Consider visiting the skyscraper for a romantic dinner in Dubai.

Stroll the Smooth Sands of Jumeirah Beach


  • Things to do in Dubai as a couple include Strolling Jumeirah Beach while holding hands with your lover and admiring the lovely sunset. The beach stretches for more than 14 kilometres.
  • Relax on a sun lounger, take in the warm sun rays, and enjoy the tranquil sounds of the waves.
  • Enjoy leisure strolls with your partner while getting soft sand massages on your feet and exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Handy Tips

  • Always use lots of sunscreen while at the beach to prevent sunburn
  • Take a sunset sail along the Arabian Gulf for a more romantic and magical experience.

Enjoy a Romantic Spa Day for Two


  • In addition to the architecture and automobiles, Dubai is also prominent for its luxurious, soothing spas. Go to a couples' spa and experience a totally personalized sense of relaxation.
  • Prepare to unwind and heal both the body and the soul together with your spouse at the luxury spas in Dubai. A spa is one of the places to go on a date in Dubai with your lover.

Handy Tips

  • Some of the reputable spas in Dubai include the Talise Spa, Anantara Spa, Amara Spa, and Jiva Spa.

Go For a Picnic in the Hatta Mountains


  • If counting the top 10 things to do in Dubai for couples, hiking the Hatta Mountains is definitely on the list. Hike with your partner through the captivating rocky scenery and valleys known as Wadis of the Al-Hajar Mountains.
  • Consider paddling with your companion in a canoe or kayak, or try riding the water bikes.

Handy Tips

  • Visit the Hatta Dam for scenic views of green water.
  • Pick a nice, serene spot on the Hatta mountains for a great romantic picnic.