Oman visa run

With the new boarder regulations individual only can drive to oman boarder & our service Oman visa run service has been suspended from January 06, 2022. We can assist any one going to Oman boarder by them self we can assist express 60 days visa with in 4-8 hours


What is a Visa Run?

A visa run is the process of travelling out of UAE border limits to Oman and re-entering UAE after getting a new visa. This process is highly suitable for individuals visiting the UAE with 30 days on-arrival visa and wish to extend their stay more. A visa run is also used to change the visa status of a visitor to resident or vice versa. Many individuals who find a job while holding a visit visa can get a resident visa change by doing an Oman Visa run with the lower cost visa run.


Nationality Details for Oman Visa Run

30 days on arrival National

Oman visa run is very useful and economical for the the nationalities getting 30 days on arrival visa to UAE, here is the list of nationals who can exit and come back again on a 30 days visa.

Andorra Australia Brunei
Canada China Hong Kong, China
Japan Kazakhstan Macau, China
Malaysia Mauritius Monaco
New Zealand Republic of Ireland San Marino
Singapore Ukraine United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
United States of America Vatican City

90 days on arrival and complication in oman visa run

Below list of nationals when arriving to UAE getting free 90 days on arrival & its a multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 month. Even though you stayed 90 days in total in side UAE, the 6 month validity will be still applicable once & you need to obtain prepaid visa to continue your stay. Doing Oman visa run not going to possible on a sharing basis or you need to do a private trip & get an express 30 or 60 days visa. Some times the approval of your prepaid UAE visas not always guaranteed will be ready in the same day. So below nationals usually driving by them self and waiting for the new visa in the boarder or opting for Airport to airport visa change or visa change without exit

Argentina Austria Bahamas Islands
Barbados Belgium Brazil
Bulgaria Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark El Salvador
Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Honduras
Hungary Iceland Italy
Kiribati Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Maldives
Malta Montenegro Nauru
Netherlands Norway Paraguay
Peru Poland Portugal
Romania Russian Federation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino Serbia Seychelles
Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands
South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Uruguay

2022-2023 Updates & Rules

  • January 23, 2023
    The UAE Integrated Government Services (ICP) has recently announced that it will be charging an additional fee of AED 100 for all of the services it offers to the public. This fee hike will apply to a wide range of services by ICP such as obtaining an Emirates ID, securing or renewing a resident visa, as well as the procurement of a visit visa.
  • December 24, 2022
    Seven Emirates that make up the UAE, with the exception of Dubai, have stopped issuing any extensions for in-country tourist visas as of December 14, 2022. visitors may extend their visas through Oman visa run or airport to airport visa change
  • Novmber 01, 2022
    From February & march Oman boarder is open for visa change, Many on arrival nationals going for visa run. Further confirmation always double confirm with Oman embassy or oman police (This information might change due to Oman entry rules changes)
  • 1. June 13, 2022
    The USA has eliminated the requirement to produce a negative PCR test certificate upon arrival at any of the country’s airports. Anyone flying from the UAE to the USA can confirm this with their airline during or after the booking.
    ( Source : BBC )
  • 2. January 19, 2021
    As per Gulf business news, the Royal Oman police has permitted citizens from 103 different countries for a 14 day stay without a prepaid visa. Which countries are eligible for this was not mentioned.
    ( Source : Gulf Business News )
  • 3. December 17, 2020
    As stated in Gulf News, individuals entering UAE from Oman via land borders need to adhere to certain regulations. They should possess a Dubai tourist visa with insurance and produce a negative PCR test certificate at the border. As stated by UAE's NCEMA (National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority) a Diffractive Phase Interferometry (DPI) test will be conducted at the border. If this is negative the individual can enter UAE. In cases of a positive DPI result the traveller will have to return to Oman and conduct a PCR test which shows a negative test result.

    Additionally, all travelers from Oman need to download the Al Hosn app, sign a pledge at the border and strictly adhere to the Quarantine measures laid out in whichever emirate they are visiting.
    ( Source : Gulf News )
  • 4. December 01, 2020
    Due to the COVID19 outbreak, we have stopped facilitating Oman Visa Run. Due to this we have no details about individual visa run done at UAE - oman border. If you wish to know more get in touch with Oman police or the Oman embassy. The times of Oman also announced a mandatory 14 day quarantine period but has not stated if this is also applicable for visitors from UAE doing an Oman visa run.
    ( Source : Times of Oman )

How to Apply for Oman Visa

As per a recent press release in which the Royal Oman Police requested visitors to apply for an Oman Visa in advance. This is an initiative in reducing the time spent by making it possible to fill the online form through the ROP (Royal Oman Police) Website. This reduces the backlog of visa forms to be re-typed at submission. To ensure a successful visa process make sure to apply for your Oman Visa at least 5 days before your scheduled visa run date. Follow the steps mentioned below and you will be set for a hassle-free Oman Visa run.


Save scanned soft-copies of these documents in your device

  • Passport Personal Details Scan
  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)
  • A Scanned copy of the colored passport-sized photograph
  • Birth Certificate of Minor (if applicable)
  • Airline Confirmation (if applicable)
  • Proof of Accommodation (if applicable)
  • Supporting Document (if applicable)

Visit the website


Sign up and visit the home pageof Royal Oman Police Visa website


Apply for the visa by selecting the unsponsored visa option


Fill up the requested details along with your nationality and continue to the next step


complete the online payment process for your Oman Visa. The price of your Oman Visa may vary between 5 Omani Riyals (47 AED) to 50 Omani Riyals (476 AED) depending on the type of visa.


Save the copy of your e-Oman tourist visa which will be processed and sent to your ROP account within 1 to 4 working days.


Self Driving Oman Visa Run

Taking your parents or family members for an Oman visa run

If you are driving your family or parents to the Oman border to change the visa status, then you need to get an Oman visa for you too. Since you are a working resident of UAE and possess a residence visa page, the profession listed on the residence page will influence your visa. Look at the list of professions in the entry visa for foreign residents in a GCC states

How much are overstaying fines?

Overstaying fines are calculated on a day-basis where you will be charged 350 AED for the first day and 100 AED per day from the second day onwards. To reduce the chances of these happening use a calendar to calculate the date you should be leaving by regarding your entry date as the first day of stay.

Self Driving Oman Visa Run

Car insurance

If you are driving to the Sultanate of Oman, then its mandatory to have car insurance as it will be checked by the immigration officials at the border. If your vehicle is from a rental, then you will require written permission from the rental company stating their acceptance of you taking the car across the border (they might charge you for this letter). Although a photocopy of the vehicle’s registration was accepted, the updated rule is to produce the vehicle’s original registration (which most rental companies aren’t willing to handout). If the vehicle is your own but does not have insurance in Oman, you can purchase a third-party insurance package at any of the insurance offices situated near the Oman border. These packages cost roughly 90 AED and provide insurance for a minimum of 5 days. Make sure to have a letter of acceptance from the owner of the vehicle if you are borrowing a vehicle for the Visa run. Although it is not a mandatory requirement bring it along to be on the safe side.


ATMs are available at the Omani Border.

Printing Oman visa (If you applied for pre-paid express visa)

Individuals who have applied for the pre-paid express visa can get their visa printed at the border. All you need to do is email them the document and they will print it for a charge of roughly 30 to 50 AED.

Local SIM card for data

If you have applied for an express visa through a tourism company, you need to keep in touch with them to receive updates about your visa status. There are many data packages that are sold at the Oman border and the most cost-friendly is the 1GB for 20 AED package.


How to Apply UAE Visa

Individuals who want to extend their stay in UAE with a pre-paid visa but want to avoid the hassle, cost and time waste flying out of the country, can reap the benefit of this easy service if they can get hold of a tourism company that is well-experienced in this process. Make sure that the tourism company you choose is well-experienced in this process and can provide an express visa with assistance (if the need arises) with regards to exit issues, fines and other immigration problems. If you choose a company solely based on the cheap price of their Oman Visa Run package without taking into consideration their expertise you might face major delays or even have to spend few nights in Oman.

If you do not receive your visa within the course of the day you exit from the UAE, you will have to drive roughly 3 hours to Muscat to be able to find good rooms to spend the night.

Here are some tips that will help you choose a good company and get a clear understanding of their service and procedures:

  • 1. Drop by their office and enquire about the Oman Visa run and the procedures they follow. Also ask about their express visa service
  • 2. Read their Google and TripAdvisor reviews as this will give you a good idea about their customer service and what other customers think about their efficiency.
  • 3. Drop an email on their official email address.

Keep reading to educate yourself on the process of applying a prepaid UAE visit visa with the tourism company


After the UAE visa reforms, UAE has only 30 & 60 days. At Arabiers we can only do 30 days express visa single and multi entry. Soon we will be able do 60 days express visas too

oman visa run

30 Days

oman visa run

Single Entry

789 AED

215 USD

oman visa run

30 Days

oman visa run

Multi Entry

1359 AED

369 USD

Checkout the single UAE visit visa guide, multiple entry visa guide, type of visa guide, extending the UAE stay guide for more details


Use a scanner (avoid using the mobile scanning app) to get a colored softcopy of the applicant’s passport which has a minimum validity of 6 months and a colored photo of the applicant. Make sure you also have the softcopy of the referee’s residence visa page as the tourism company might request for it.


Select an ideal tourism company to issue your express visa


Make the payment directly or online


Drive to the Oman border, notify them that exit is complete and send the tourism company a photo of the exit stamp that was stamped at the border.


Wait for the visa to get issued


Receive the issued visa via WhatsApp or Email.


Print the visa, submit to immigration at Oman Border and wait for the entry seal to be stamped on your passport.


Re-enter UAE with new pre paid visa. Make sure you check on the visa terms and condition to avoid issues on your next visa run

Whatapp Arabiers to chat

UAE Tourist Visa Rules

  • All payments for the UAE tourist visa must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.
  • The time taken for the visa to process is solely based on immigration processes.
  • Being able to enter the UAE is entirely the decision of the immigration department.
  • The validity period of all visas issued by the UAE immigration is 60 days. Individuals who are doing the Visa run will also see this field in their visa. This can be ignored as the date of issue will also be the date of entry in the case of an Oman Visa run. Depending on the visa you have applied for the 30- or 60-day duration will be counted from the date of entry.
  • Avoid booking a visa run on weekends (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) especially if you are applying for a pre-paid visa.

Exploring Hatta & Hatta Border Visa Run

Individuals who are driving to Hatta for their visa change and receive their new visa early can spend the rest of their time exploring Hatta with a list of entertaining Hatta things to do. Formerly known for its many desert farms and quaint historic forts, modern-day Hatta is now popular for scenic hiking routes, exciting mountain biking spots and many more activities that are mentioned in Arabiers interesting guide 37 Things to do in Hatta

Visa Run & Experience Hatta

Things to see in Hatta

Hatta is blessed with plentiful natural vistas while also being a hub of UAE’s conserved heritage. Scenic roads flanked by Rocky Mountains guide you into the Hatta town. The Hatta Fort Hotel allows you to savor the delicious views of the Hajar Mountain Range while staying or dining in their gorgeous premises. A mandatory stop in Hatta is the Hatta Dam Viewpoint that promises rolling views of the surrounding mountains and the glistening Lake. A kayaking expedition in the Hatta Lake will invigorate your mind for a dose of history served up at the Hatta Heritage Village. Look at the dioramas demonstrating life in ancient Hatta and see many restored buildings that were part of a typical Hatta village. For the bookworms, the Hatta library might prove a good stop to read up on a bit of Hatta history within the pages. Adventure lovers can also have a thrilling time by trying mountain biking in any of the many trails that offer spectacular views and are suitable for riders of all levels.

Things to do in Hatta

For adventure seekers, Hatta is a hive of possible activities. Mountain biking being one of the highly enjoyed activities in this hilly town, bikers of all ability levels can enjoy the scenic trails that are dedicated especially for mountain bikers to enjoy the views while having a thrill.It is also a great way to savor the surrounding environment as you will encounter rugged mountains, clear water pools, lush farmlands and maybe even a secret oasis or two. You can have a better idea of a typical mountain biking excursion by looking at our mountain-biking itinerary or even visit the Hatta Mountain Trailbike (MTB) for up-to-date details on cycling routes and more. Newbies can also get some lessons from MTB so that you can sightsee and engage in a new activity. For some extra adventure activities that can get your adrenaline pumping, don’t miss out on a visit to Hatta Wadi Hub. Up the adventure quotient by canoeing along the Hatta Dam river which promises lots of peaceful views and an exciting feeling of discovering hidden waterways as you canoe along. You can make it a full-day experience by bringing along a well-packed picnic. However, consider nature and conserve it by not leaving litter behind.


Ideal routes for Visa Run

None of the routes mentioned below are in anyway superior or better than the others. It all simmers down to the route that adheres within your available time limit, your ability and consent to go the distance and your starting point. The most commonly taken routes are:

Wadi Hatta – Al Wajajah Border

Dubai and Sharjah residents who are doing an Oman Visa run use this crossing point the most. Currently, the Hatta E44 is closed for expats so make a left turn at Al Madam-Al Malaiha road. Make a right turn at the signpost ‘Shawka’ to the E102 Sharjah-Kalba road. After driving for approximately 30 kilometers, make a right on to the E44 Hatta Road. You will get to the Al Wajajah border post roughly 3 kilometers after you cross the border. Park and complete the necessary paperwork before driving along.

Kalba – KatmatMilahah Border

Unless you have any good reason to visit the northern side of Oman, its not a highly preferred crossing point, especially for Dubai residents. It can be accessed through the E99 from the east coast of Sharjah and is the northern crossing point to mainland Oman. However, paperwork is really easy at this crossing point with the entire process taking a mere 20 minutes or so. Border guards are very friendly but do not permit rented cars to drive through unless they possess police permission to take the car over the Omani border.

Mezyad – Hafeet Border Al Ain

Commonly used by Abu Dhabi and Al Ain residents and is the best route to take if you are driving to the south of Oman or to Nizwa. The distance between both border posts is only 1.3 kilometers making it a walkable distance during winter season.

Khatam Al Shukhla Al Ain

Frequently used by heavy vehicles like trucks, this route is situated north-east of Al Ain and is preferred by some expats due to its quieter atmosphere. However, you will have to drive more than 30 kilometers across the border to get to the Oman border post at Al Wadi Jizi making it one of the longest drives for the Oman Visa run. If you enjoy long, quiet drives and have the time at your disposal you can take this route.

Al Dhara – Bukha (Musandam)

A roughly 2-hour long lovely drive from Downtown Dubai, drive through the E311 that’s adjoined to the E11. This is one of the scenic routes as you will be driving along the Ras Al Khaimah coastline until you get to the border. Once there, park, walk across to the Oman border and get your stamp.

Other crossing points

You might have heard of other border crossing routes like Hili-Al Ain, Hatta E44 and Al Madheef-Buraimi. None of these are opened to expats and only allow GCC Nationals.