Dubai visa on arrival Explained

2023 May 25, Updated

What is Dubai Visa On arrival

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Dubai visa on arrival Explained

Which countries get visa on arrival in Dubai?

How Much Does Dubai Visa on Arrival cost?

Which nationalities are banned in UAE?

How long does it take to get a visa on arrival in Dubai?

How to do Dubai visa on arrival extension?

GCC residents can get a Dubai visa on arrival ?

Is UAE allowing visa on arrival during 2024 covid out break?

Quick answers to all yours visa questions.

Can I get on arrival visa in Dubai?

Yes if you hold certain passports you are eligible to get on arrival visa.

Which countries get visa on arrival in Dubai?

We have divided the countries into 4, check below.

Can you get a Dubai visa at the airport?

Yes in airport, no prior arrangement to be done.

How long does it take to get a visa on arrival in Dubai?

With the Dubai's smart e-Government you will be getting your free on arrival visa in minutes.

How Much Does Visa on Arrival cost?

Dubai offers free of cost on arrival visas.

How to do Dubai visa on arrival extension ?

Multiple ways of doing extension, checkout below.

Dubai visa on arrival Faq

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Different visa types and visa procedures confuse even the most frequent travelers. Figuring out the type of visa you need can be very hard. This guide will be helpful for those planning to visit Dubai. This in-depth guide will cover topics like the types of Dubai visa on arrival, extension procedures and answers to other pressing questions related to it. Read to find out if you are eligible for a Dubai visa on arrival.

What is a Dubai visa on arrival ?

What is a Dubai visa on arrival

An on arrival visa is a visa facility offered by the UAE immigration that has the following features

tick Can be obtained after landing in Dubai airport and doesn’t need to be pre-arranged.

tick The visa is stamped at the immigration counter after disembarking from your flight and going through required biometric procedures.

tick The visa will be updated into the Amer system and ICA system.

tick Only given to individuals originating or holding passports from specific countries upon arrival without any delays or standing in queues.

tick Three of the four on arrival visa types are provided free while one is issued after paying a fee.

What are the types of visa on arrival in Dubai

The most asked question is which countries are eligible for a visa on arrival in Dubai? Dubai immigration issues four types of on-arrival visas. They are: The type of on arrival visa you are eligible for depends on your country of origin or the passport you hold.

1Three of the four on arrival visa types are provided free while one is issued after paying a fee.

2Australia, Canada, UK, USA, etc nationals/ passport holders can get a free 30-day on arrival Dubai visa.

3Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Italy, etc nationals/passport holders can get a complementary 90-day on arrival visa.

4Indians who hold a valid green card/ visit visa to the USA or a UK/EU residence visa are eligible for a paid 14-day on arrival visa.

Dubai visa on arrival Explained


90 Days


30 Days

14 Days

on arrival

180 Days

on arrival


yellow-bulletEntry type: Multi Entry

yellow-bulletValidity period: 6 months from date of issue

yellow-bulletVisa requirements:

Originate from or hold passports from any of the 48 countries mentioned below:

Argentina Austria Bahamas Islands
Barbados Belgium Brazil
Bulgaria Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark El Salvador
Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Honduras
Hungary Iceland Italy
Kiribati Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Maldives
Malta Montenegro Nauru
Netherlands Norway Paraguay
Peru Poland Portugal
Romania Russian Federation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino Serbia Seychelles
Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands
South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Uruguay

yellow-bulletCost: Free

yellow-bulletIs the visa extendable?

This visa is non-extendable. However, there are ways in which you can extend your stay by approaching a company like Arabiers. To learn more about these procedures, Arabiers’ UAE Tourist Visa Extension Options 2024 guide will prove helpful.

yellow-bulletPermitted stay duration:

- 90 days during the 6 moths & no grace period given


green-bulletEntry type: Single Entry

green-bulletVisa requirements:

Should be nationals or hold passports from either of these 19 countries or territories:

Andorra Australia Brunei
Canada China Hong Kong, China
Japan Kazakhstan Macau, China
Malaysia Mauritius Monaco
New Zealand Republic of Ireland San Marino
Singapore Ukraine United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
United States of America Vatican City

green-bulletCost: Free

green-bulletIs the visa extendable?

Yes, it is extendable once for an extra 30 days and may cost approximately 1000 AED.

green-bulletPermitted stay duration:

- 40 days from date of issue; 30 days including 10 days grace period (failure to exit the country or extend visa will result in fines)

- 70 days if extension is taken via Immigration authority

- You can stay longer if you choose an extension procedure via a travel firm like Arabiers, the procedures of which are explained well in this Visa extension post.

A new 30 day on arrival visa will be issued every time the individual exits and enters the country. There is no limit to the number of 30 days on arrival visas issued per person annually. To reject or issue a visa is the sole discretion of the Dubai Immigration authorities.


vol-bulletEntry type: Single Entry

vol-bulletVisa requirements: Indian passport-holders who fulfill either of the following:

- Hold a valid residence visa issued by UK or EU countries(with minimum validity of 6 months), Or

- Hold a green card or visitor visa (at least valid for 6 months) issued by USA

vol-bulletCost: 120 AED (subject to change)

vol-bulletIs the visa extendable?

Yes, it is extendable once for a cost of 250 AED (subject to change) for an extra 14 days.

vol-bulletPermitted stay duration:

- 14 days from date of issue (failure to exit the country or extend visa will result in fines)

- 28 days if extension is also taken


blue-bulletEntry type: Multiple Entry

blue-bulletValidity period: 6 months from date of issue

blue-bulletVisa requirements: Individuals who hold Mexican passports.

blue-bulletCost: Free

blue-bulletIs the visa extendable?

This visa cannot be extended. However, your stay can be extended by approaching a company like Arabiers.

The stay duration can be used in multiple entries until the permitted 180 day duration is consumed.

blue-bulletPermitted stay duration:

- 180 days from the date of issue that can be used within the span of 6 months

“A grace period is a specific number of days given as a buffer within which the visa holder has to leave the country or extend their stay by applying for a new visa or extending their current visa.”

Dubai visa on arrival

Can we get a Dubai visa on arrival online?

No, you can’t get this visa type online. As the name suggests, a Dubai visa on arrival is issued at the Dubai airport’s immigraton counter. The issued visa will be updated into the AMER and ICA systems after all biometric procedures are completed.

What are the necessary Dubai visa on arrival documents?

Apart from belonging to any one of the eligible countries. You only need to have your passport with a minimum 6 months validity.

What is the Dubai visa on arrival process?

The process of getting a Dubai on arrival visa is very easy:

  1. 1Disembark flight
  2. 2Proceed to immigration counter
  3. 3Participate in Biometric procedures
  4. 4Visa is stamped on passport and updated on ICA and AMER systems
  5. 5Collect luggage
  6. 6Exit airport
Are there any Dubai visa on arrival fees?

There are no fees for the 30-day, 90-day and 180-day on arrival visas. The fee for a 14-day on arrival visa is 120 AED.

Dubai visa on arrival
Can you get a Dubai visa on arrival for Indian passport with US visa?

Yes, you can get a paid Dubai visa on arrival if you hold a valid US visa.

What is the Dubai visa on arrival cost for Indian passport holders with a US visa?

The cost for this type of visa is 120 AED which is subject to change.

Is there a Dubai visa on arrival for Indian nationals?

Unfortunately, Indian nationals who don’t hold a US visit visa/ green card or a UK/EU residence visa cannot get an on arrival visa. They have to apply for a prepaid Dubai visa.

Can you get a Dubai visa on arrival for Pakistani passport?

As of now, Pakistani nationals or passport holders are not eligible for a Dubai on arrival visa.

How can I travel to Dubai if my country of origin is not in any of the on-arrival country lists?

If that’s the case, you will have to apply for a prepaid visa and wait until it is issued before travelling to Dubai. If booking a prepaid visa, you can choose from any of the

  • • 30 day single entry
  • • 60 day single entry
  • • 30 day multiple entry
  • • 60 day multiple entry


“It is cheaper for Indians who are eligible for an on arrival visa and want to stay for a duration less than 14 days to get the 14-day on arrival visa. If they wish to stay for a longer duration, then it's much cheaper to get the 30-day prepaid visa.”

Extension Procedures

Dubai visa on arrival Extension
Can the 30 day on-arrival visa be extended?

Yes, the 30 day on-arrival visa can be extended once via the immigration services for a cost of approximately 1000 AED

What are the extension procedures for 30-day on arrival visa holders?

30-day on arrival visa holders have three options to choose from if they want to extend their visa:

Option 01Extend with amer services

Option 02Extend with an Oman border run

Option 03Extend with inside country visa without exit

Option 04Airport to Airport visa change

How can 90 day on-arrival visa holders extend their stay in Dubai?

Holders of the 90-day on arrival visa have three options to extend their stay:

Option 01Oman visa run and re-enter with prepaid visa

Option 02Airport to Airport visa change

Option 03Inside country visa without exit

How can I extend my visa with an Oman border run?

If you extend with an Oman border run, you can choose either of below methods to stay longer:

Get a new on arrival visa (only for 30-day on arrival visa holders)

First, apply for an Oman visa by visiting the official website. Drive to the border or book a bus after your Oman visa is approved. Pass the Oman border and re-enter Dubai with a new 30-day visa for free.

Get a prepaid visa (ideal for all on-arrival visa holders)

Get in touch with a tourism firm that can issue an Express visa. Apply for an Oman visa through their official website. After your Oman visa is approved, drive to the border or travel by bus with a visa run package. Upon receiving confirmation from the travel firm that your visa has been issued, re-enter with your new Dubai prepaid visa. You can choose from the 4 prepaid visa types.

What is the procedure for an inside country visa?

Although slightly costlier than the other two options, the inside country visa doesn’t require you to exit the country or visit any immigration office. This visa can be issued while you are lounging in a sunbed at the beach or participating in an activity you booked. The procedure is very easy:

  • • Contact a reputed travel operator that has been authorized to issue inside country visas.
  • • Submit the required documents and settle the payment for the visa.
  • • Your new visa application, status change and UID will be processed.
  • • The new e-visa and e-status change copy will be sent to you via your preferred medium (email / WhatsApp)
  • • Check and confirm the visa expiry date which is the last day of your legally approved stay in Dubai.
Dubai visa on arrival
How does a Airport to Airport visa change package work?

This procedure is also recognized as A2A. The first step is to approach a tourism firm that offers an A2A package. Arrive at the Dubai or Sharjah airport at approximately 8.00 AM. You can choose the most convenient airport for you while purchasing the A2A package. Proceed to the immigration counter and get the exit stamp on your passport. A photo of this stamp needs to be sent to the representative from your tourism firm. Fly to either Bahrain or Oman and wait until your visa has been processed. Return to Dubai or Sharjah airport and your new visa will be active.

Will I get a new Dubai on-arrival visa every time I exit and enter the country?

Unfortunately, not all on-arrival visa types have this perk. 30-day on arrival visa holders can exit and enter with a new free visa. Holders of other on-arrival visa types are not eligible for this service. They can get a new free on arrival visa only if they have been out of the country for 6 months or more. Issuing an on-arrival visa is the sole decision of the immigration authorities.

Dubai visa on arrival
“Always check your visa expiry date! If you want to stay longer, extend your visa before your current visa expiry date to save yourself from paying any overstay fines. ”

COVID-Related Updates

Update 08.03.2022

  • border-bullet Wearing masks is still mandatory in closed public settings but are not required to be worn in open-air public places. This announcement was made by the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai and is effective starting from Saturday, February 26.
    Source: Gulf News
  • border-bullet Effective from February 26 onwards, the UAE's National Emergency, Crisis, and Disasters Management Authority announced that PCR testing has been eliminated for fully-vaccinated travellers. Unvaccinated travellers need to show a recovery certificate with a QR code that is taken within one month of the scheduled travel date or a negative PCR test certificate that was taken within 48 hours before departure.
    Source : The National
  • border-bullet The UAE authorities (ICA and NCEMA) announced on Saturday, 28 August 2021 that tourist visas will be issued starting from Monday, 30
  • border-bullet August 2021 for fully-vaccinated tourists.
  • border-bullet Six points to note from this update:
  • border-bullet Tourist visas will be issued to travelers, irrespective of their country of origin from August 30, 2021.
  • border-bullet Tourists need to be fully vaccinated with one of the COVID-19 vaccines approved by WHO, namely Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer, Sinopharm and Sinovac.
  • border-bullet Tourist visas will be issued for travelers from countries where travel was previously restricted.
  • border-bullet Individuals arriving with tourist visas must take a compulsory PCR test on arrival at the Dubai airport.
  • border-bullet The previous rules are applicable for any non-vaccinated applicants, including exempted categories.
  • border-bullet Vaccinated travelers who want to reap the benefits given by UAE for vaccinated individuals, can register via the Al Hosn app or the ICA platform.

Prepaid Visas

Who is eligible for a Dubai Prepaid visa?

As long as you have a valid passport, you can apply for a Dubai Prepaid visa. There are no specific eligibility criteria.

What are the supporting documents I need to submit when applying for a prepaid visa?

You need to hand over the following documents:

  • border-bullet Colour photo of applicant
  • border-bullet Colour copy of applicant’s passport (must be valid for at least 3 months)
  • border-bullet Completed application form
  • border-bullet Copy of return flight ticket
  • border-bullet Applicants from certain countries might have to submit additional documents along with those listed above, namely:

Pakistan/Iran and Iraq nationals: National ID card
Afghanistan: Tazkira ID/National ID card

What are the types of Dubai Prepaid visas?

Dubai visa on arrival
Transit visas

This visa is ideal for transit passengers with layovers at Dubai airport.

48-hour transit visa:
This is a non-extendable visa that permits the user to be in Dubai for approximately 2 days.

96-hour transit visa:
Also non-extendable, the visa permits the user to stay in Dubai for 4 days from the date of entry.

Single-entry visas

30-day tourist visa (short-term):
An extendable visa that allows the holder to stay in Dubai for 30 days. The 30 days can be used in a single entry.

90-day tourist visa (long-term):
This visa is also extendable and permits the holder to stay in Dubai for 90 days.

Multiple-entry visas

30-day tourist visa:
This visa permits the holder to stay in Dubai for a total of 30 days that can be used up in different entries. After the permitted duration is over, the holder will have to apply for a new visa or extend the visa.

90-day tourist visa:
Allows the holder to stay in Dubai for a total of 90 days that can be used up in a single entry or multiple entries. The visa can also be extended.

Nationalities Having difficulties securing visas

Due to certain issues in the region situation, following countries might face issues in securing the visas, you can keep checking with your nearest travel agency they might have the service.

Dubai visa on arrival for Afghanistan

Overstaying Fines

What are overstaying fines?

Overstaying fines are the fines charged by the Immigration authorities if a visa holder overstays their permitted duration.

When do we have to settle overstaying fines?

Overstaying fines need to be settled at the time of exit at the airport’s immigration counter.

How are overstaying fines calculated?

Dubai immigration has implemented a new fine system for visitors who are overstay for more than their allowed duration. According to the new fine system, there will be a standard fine amount of 50AED per day until the final exist or status change duration. Further, there will be an additional exist clearance charge of 350AED which needs to paid at the point of clearing the fines.

Example scenario:

Mary overstayed 5 days past her visa expiry date. At the time of exit, she has to pay a fine of 600 AED. This is the breakdown of her fine:

Fine day 1 50 AED
Fine day 2 to 5 4 x 50 AED 200 AED
Exist charge 350 AED
round-quote“Save yourself from any unnecessary fines by knowing your visa expiry date. For easier calculation of your last date of stay, use the Arabiers visa calculator.

Changing to Residence Visa

Documents required to change from on arrival to residence visa?

The documents you need to provide for sponsoring your spouse are:
  • file-icon Passport bio page (Soft copy)
  • file-icon Dubai visa page (Soft copy)
  • file-icon Dubai visa page (Soft copy)
  • file-icon Attested marriage certificate (Soft copy)
  • file-icon Spouse’s passport bio page (Soft copy)
  • file-icon Spouse’s coloured photograph (Soft copy)
The documents needed to process a residence visa for your children are:
  • file-icon Attested Child birth certificate (Soft copy)
  • file-icon Child’s passport bio pages (Soft copy)


If you are visiting Dubai seeking employment, make sure to bring a copy of marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc that has been attested by the UAE embassy in your country of origin.

What is the procedure for changing from on-arrival visa to residence visa?

If you have all the documents with you, then you can go ahead with changing your on-arrival visa to a residence visa. Although the procedure is done by the employer, here is a rough outline of the steps.

  • border-bullets Job hunt, attend interviews and get selected for your prospective job. You are allowed to attend interviews and visit prospective employers while holding an on-arrival visa.
  • border-bullets Apply for quota. This process can take roughly 2 to 3 days.
  • border-bullets Get the offer letter from your employer/company. This process can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days.
  • border-bullets Labor payment (1day)
  • border-bullets Entry permit inside (1 day)
  • border-bullets Change status (1 day)
  • border-bullets Medical (3-4 days)
  • border-bullets Emirates id biometric (1day)
  • border-bullets Stamping (4-5 days)

What’s the charge for a residence visa change?

There are no required documents for an on arrival visa. You only need to have your passport with a minimum 6 months validity.

How long does it take to issue a residence visa?

The duration for issuing a residence visa is unpredictable. Some companies get the residence visa within a matter of days. Whereas, for some companies it can take as long as 2 to 3 months. This could be dependent on the employing company’s reputation or standing in Dubai.


“Jennifer was waiting for her employer to convert her 30-day on arrival visa to a residence visa. Unfortunately, she had to pay a large fine of 14,500 AED because her residence visa took approximately 2 months to get issued. To avoid paying overstaying fines, purchase a prepaid visa that costs way less than paying a hefty fine of 100 AED per day of overstaying. ”



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