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Dubai Visa for Indians

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Indian travellers wishing to enter Dubai must require a UAE visit visa from the tour operators. If you want to know the Dubai Visa process for Indian passport holders in detail, then go through this article that discusses the thorough process from registration to necessary documents to the costs and others. Easily get your Dubai visa for Indians.

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Dubai Visa for Indians
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Does Indian Passport Need Visa for Dubai?

Indian citizens do not qualify for the on-arrival Dubai visa. Therefore, you ought to get a prepaid Dubai visa before travelling to Dubai. Only those Indians who live in Europe or have a USA green card can get an on-arrival visa to Dubai. You need to preapply for this on-arrival visa online.


Dubai Visa Process for Indian Passport Holders

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Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
Visas Issued
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Step 4
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Cost of Dubai Visa for Indian Citizens

Indian citizens who wish to know Dubai Visa Fees can check the price list below :

calender30 Days
box arrowSingle Entry
8,000 INR
calender60 Days
box arrowSingle Entry
13,900 INR
calender30 Days
box arrowMulti Entry
15,900 INR
calender60 Days
box arrowMulti Entry
20,700 INR

Types of Dubai Visa for Indians

There are 4 types of Dubai visas for Indians an Indian passport holder can apply. Below are details on these visas.

30days icon
Prepaid Visa -Single Entry 30 days visa

With this 30-day single-entry visa, an individual (Indian) is eligible to stay up to 30 days in Dubai. Details of your entry and exit will be highlighted in the visa. You have to extend the visa or exit the country since you have zero grace period. You can renew this visa twice each time for 30 days.

60days icon
Prepaid Visa -Single Entry 60 days visa

You will be allowed to stay for 60 days where the entry and exit dates are specified on the visa. It is considered an idle family holiday vacation visa to spend time with your loved ones. This category also did not get any grace period. You can also renew this visa twice each time for 60 days.

30days icon
Prepaid Visa -Multiple Entry 30 days visa

Indian travellers wishing to enter Dubai must require a UAE visit visa from the tour operators. If you want to know the Dubai Visa process for Indian passport holders in detail, then go through this article that discusses the thorough process from registration to necessary documents to the costs and others. Easily get your Dubai visa for Indians.

60days icon
Prepaid Visa -Multiple Entry 60 days visa

This type of visa grants Indian visitors to stay 60, where they can enter and exit the country (UAE) as many as time till the validity. It is a suitable visa option for business people occasionally travelling to Dubai from India. After the visa expires, there is no grace period but before the visa expires you can extend it twice and you will get straight stay days for 30 & 30.

Documents Required for the Indian Passport Holders

dubai visa documents requirements

Check the list of the following documents, an Indian is required to submit in the Dubai Visa process.

  • One colour photograph
  • At Least 6 months of valid passport

Grace Period for Dubai Visa from India

Earlier tourists visa holders of 30 days or 60 days were getting grace period of 10 days from the visa expiry date, but recently UAE Immigration authorities changed the rule. Now prepaid visa holders do not get any grace period after visa expiry.

It is of utmost importance that individuals who hold these prepaid visas understand that once the specified duration ends, they must promptly arrange for either a visa extension or do Airport to airport visa change. Failure in doing so may lead to overstaying fine of 50 AED (each day) or the visitors may decleared as abscond.

Dubai Visa Updates - 2024

  • 13thDecember 2023
    Travellers (citizens) from Bosnia and Herzegovina do not require a UAE visit visa new agreement made by the UAE foreign ministry. This recent joint agreement encompasses tourism, business, and short-term visits. This new implementation has enhanced the diplomatic relations of both nations and made travelling easy for both country's citizens.
    Source: Arabiers Processing team
  • 23rdJanuary 2023
    The UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) has hiked the service fee on its services under the item ‘Smart Services by AED100. The increased price applies to services such as Emirates ID, resident visas, visit visas, and processing overstaying fines.
    Source: ICP UAE

Extension or renewal options for indians in Dubai visa

If you obtained either a 30 or 60 days single-entry visa or multi entry visa, you could extend the visa before the visa expires twice for another 30 & 30 days without exiting the country, If you wanted to stay longer then that you need to do airport to airport visa change or exit the UAE to India or another country, come back to UAE with new visa. If you are exiting UAE you may make use of our Dubai express visa services to come back faster.

The UAE suspended in-country visa services without having to exit the country option that allowed visitors to stay in UAE for many months without exiting the country for a long time, and now you are required to exit the country and apply for a new visa if in case you run out days from the 2 extensions you have done.

Therefore if you want to extend your Dubai visa for Indians, the option is Airport to airport-to-airway visa change, where you book a flight through a travel agency like Arabiers to fly to the nearest Middle Eastern country like Oman. Meanwhile, your travel agency will look after your new visa process and after the approval, they will send it to you. Therefore, you can fly back to Dubai Airport and live there till the visa expiry. Choose a trusted travel. choose a trusted travel agency that make sure you get the visa with in short time that allow you to come back in faster to Dubai.

Overstaying Fines for Indians

If you complete your valid days with a Dubai Visa, either you have to exit the country or renew the visa. In case you fail to do so, an overstay fine will be charged. The fines have been standardized to AED 50 (1,111.05 INR) every day you overstay from 2023.

Dubai Embassy in India

Details of Dubai embassy in India:

Dubai Embassy in India
Working Days
Monday to Friday
Call our office
Call our office
Fax - 26873272
Address in India
Address in India
12, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110 021 (INDIA)

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating?

Oparating airlines

There is a 4 hours fly from Delhi to Dubai.

Aerial Distance
2204.8 km
Airport Code
Indira Gandhi International Airport – DEL, Dubai-DXB
Cheapest direct flight price
9164 INR (412.41 AED)
Cheapest return ticket price
6600 INR (297.01 AED)

Emirates Airlines is one of the premium aircraft operate from middle east since 1985.If you fly from India to Dubai or other UAE parts, looking for the most comfortable and luxurious ride, Emirates Airlines would be the suitable option. Operates across 6 continent every day including the Indian international airports the air company is known for delivering award wining services.


Headquartered in Gurgaon, Indigo is a low-cost and India’s most preferred airline and fastest growing airlines across world. With a mission to enable air travel for everyone in India, it offers affordable flights and hassle free travelling experience.


Spicejet is another low cost airline operating from most of the airport of India. From its hubs in Delhi and Hyderabad, the airline operates so many flights daily to its destinations, reaching Indian cities and outside the country.


Air India Express is a fully-owned subsidiary of Air India, operating for domestic and International destinations. In early, January 2022, the airline was privatized with ownership returning to the Tata Group, the initial founder of the airline. Starting in 1932, the airline was popular for offering budget travelling to Indians living overseas.


Headquartered in Dubai, Flydubai is a budget airline Fly from the United Arab Emirates and other parts of the world and is operated by the Emarati government. Flydubai is officially known as Dubai Aviation Corporation.

Jobs in Dubai for Indian Passport Holders

Jobs in Dubai for Indians

Indian citizens in Dubai can apply for the following jobs (mentioned below) with relevant skills and qualifications.

1. Digital Marketing Experts

As the whole world is transitioning to digital and every business sector is looking for a strong digital presence, Online marketer experts are in demand in Dubai. You can earn well in Dubai with your digital content-creating skills and experience. Digital Marketing experts can also earn with a part-time or freelancing offer.

2. Financial and Business Consultants

Individuals with data-analyzing skills and relevant qualifications can earn by becoming a business advisor or consultant in Dubai. Businesses ensure full-fledged knowledge and the blueprint of the organizational operation and management. So they need strategic and data management and want a financial statement, balance sheets and future investment and profits details.

In this commercial world, were everyday new startups are growing, vibrant cities like Dubai have more in-demand for financial and business consultants.

3. Software and Application Developers

Being rich in resources, Dubai is implementing cutting edge technologies in all of its industry and workplace. This lead to IT professionals across the world are approaching Dubai. Companies are in constant search for the skilled programmers and developers to utilize their work ability for their fast paced work flow and innovation.

This has also lead Emirates launching their startups and there is a tremendous growth in the entreprenurship across UAE. The high-tech phones, tabs and other devices result in more demands for app developers.

4. Medical and Health Care Workers

Only Dubai has approximately two hundred medical centres, Indians looking for earning in Dubai have the better opportunity, if they have any medical qualification or deegree.

If you stay as a medical professional in Dubai, you may have different job option and financial stability throughout your career.

5. Human Resource Managers

Dubai is not limited to adventure and limelight, businesses and startups are in a race. If you are a qualified Human Resource professional, you will land up with better financial stability in Dubai.

A strong HR department is important for any business to do well. They are responsible for hiring skilled recruits and ensuring a positive approach to employees in Workforce.

6. Engineers

As Dubai is known for its Oil resources, students with Chemical and petroleum engineering degrees or qualifications have many options.

In addition, electronic and aerospace engineers from India also get high-paying jobs. Students (from India) with relevant qualifications are already working in Dubai.

7. Architects

It is not hidden, that Dubai is popular worldwide for its huge construction and tall buildings. If you have educational experience in architecture or project completion portfolios, you are blessed with different job opportunities in this skyscraper city.

Many Indians with architecture credentials are earning well in Dubai.


Obviously! Indians can wish for Dubai travel following the eligibility based on their requirements and their stay. For Dubai visit from India requires a visa which you can apply for single or multiple entry for 30 or 60 days.

You have to contact any visa and travel agency like Arabiers, which works on your visa processing to get the Dubai visa. You can contact us at any time, any day or visit our website ( for assistance.

It’s simple to apply a visa to Dubai via travel agency like Arabiers with the passport copy and photo, within 2 days you will get the visa to travel to Dubai from India.

It is rejected based on several factors as the immigration authority follows its criteria in approving the applicant's request.

Here are some common reasons, why Dubai visas for Indians are rejected.

  • Missing or incorrect information will lead to your Dubai visit visa denial
  • Owman under the age of 24, wishes to travel alone
  • Your passport(which you have sent) does not appear in good condition
  • Grammatical and typo errors

The cost to obtain a Dubai visa varies according to the type you apply for, but the approx. Dubai visa cost for Indian passport holders is between (AED489) (10,866.271 INR) and (AED 1190) (26,441.87 INR).

To become a Dubai permanent resident, you need to get a resident visa for UAE. Your birth, marriage certificate and college degree must be recognized by the Indian embassy when applying for a resident or family visa in Dubai and UAE.

Yes! Indians can work in Dubai only if they have a work residency visa for Dubai. When you find a job, ask your employer about the possibility of having your resident visa processed or a Dubai job visa for Indian citizens.