Airport to Airport Exit UAE Visa Change Terms and Condition

Update - 07th July, 2023

After the new 2023 UAE visa reform was implemented, the inside country UAE extension service has been suspended. This leaves the Airport to airport exit visa change as the best option for visitors to extend their stay in UAE. In this page we have outlined all the terms and conditions that our clients must be aware of before choosing this service.

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Visa Approval

  • When you opt for the Airport to airport exit visa change package you must be fully aware that the UAE Immigration is the body that approves your visit visa for uae. As a visa facilitator, Arabiers is unable to expedite the process in any way especially if in case your visa application is under security check. While waiting in the airport you are requested to wait patiently for the Government’s decision on your visa.
  • The Arabiers Guest Services team is available daily from 7.30 AM to 1 AM. If in case your visa is not ready, we will get back to you on the following day morning.
  • Ninety-percent of our express visa are delivered within the promised duration of 4 to 12 hours. However, in that rare situation where the approval may take 24-48 hours, we will not take any responsibility for the delay as it is in the hand of the UAE Immigration.

Flight timings

  • The airline is responsible of creating flight schedules for the special visa change flights. This is usually done the day prior to your scheduled visa change day which is why timings of flights are subject to change.
  • Your flight timings and the duration you will be staying in the Middle-eastern destination is solely decided by the airlines and Arabiers has no authority to change or amend them.
  • Visa change flights usually depart from Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport and you are urged to be at the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight time.
  • You must notify our Guest services representative via WhatsApp that your exit has been cleared after you have departed UAE. This step is crucial for us to proceed with your visa application.
  • Your visa change ticket only allows you to carry hand luggage with a maximum weight of 7 kilograms. Please refrain from bringing anything extra.

Flight Cancelation and Reschedule

  • Due to low number of passengers opting for this service, flights can be cancelled or rescheduled in case of natural disasters or peak season time. In such situations, Arabiers will be able to only get your new flights during the next available days. If you are doing this visa change before your expiry day, we won’t take responsibility for overstaying fines.
  • There are days the visa change flights are cancelled without prior notice and we expect the travelers to understand that these flights are being operated by the airlines and tourism companies like us do not have any control over it. Collectively all tourism companies who provide visa change services approach the respective airlines to arrange flights to get a new visa for you.

Staying in Airport

  • The Dubai airport allow all visitors who are doing visa change to stay in the Airport for approximately 24-48 hours, sometimes only 24 hours. If in case the airport authority ask you to leave due to your visa not being approved, or the very rare situation when visas are on hold due to security reasons from immigration, the applicants are required to book a flight at their own expenses and leave.
  • During such situations you may choose to fly to the nearest destination that gives you on arrival visa and stay until the visa is issued or you can fly to your own country to wait for the visa. The expenses related to it must be paid by you.

Alternative to A2A

We usually recommend all our clients to choose the safest way which is going to the nearest country or home country and apply for a visa in a normal process rather than going through the airport to airport visa change where there is a risk of getting stuck. Most of our European & UK clients use the lower cost flights like Wizz air, Air Arabia to fly to lower cost holiday destinations like Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Oman. Some return to their own country and coming back to UAE with the new prepaid visa which usually takes 2-3 working days to process.