The best places in Dubai for adventure seekers

05th Oct 2021

sunset in dubai waterfront

Many people believe Dubai is not such a suitable destination for thrill-seekers. However, Dubai offers so many exciting activities you will not be able to keep your adrenaline rush in check. It is far from accurate that all you can see and experience in Dubai boils down to 5-star hotels, breathtakingly tall skyscrapers, and luxury shopping sprees. For this reason, we are going to talk about the best places in Dubai for adventure seekers.

Dubai is famous for its awe-inspiring, modern architecture, and phenomenal desert destinations. That is why travelers from around the world do not skip Dubai as it offers the best of both worlds - exciting city life and unadulterated nature. So, if you like to relax in a luxurious setting as well as seek out an outdoor adventure when you are on holiday, Dubai is definitely a place for you.

What's on this page?

  1. Skydiving in Dubai
  2. Dubai Marina zipline
  3. Tree-Surf in Aventura
  4. Kitesurfing and wakeboarding
  5. Desert camping

First of all, one of the most exciting activities you can do in Dubai is seeing Dubai - from the air! There are so many architectural wonders that distinguish this city from other metropoles. Hence, just observing its one-of-kind, jaw-dropping skyline and world-famous palm-forming archipelago from a bird’s eye view will be an experience of a lifetime.

If you like to skydive, definitely consider the opportunity to glide through the air and relish in amazement over Dubai Marina and the Persian Gulf.

dubai skyscrapers in places in Dubai for adventure seekers
The beauty of Dubai is that it combines luxury and nature perfectly.

02Dubai Marina zipline

Doing a free-fall is just outside of most people’s comfort zone. This does not mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to observe Dubai from the air. Renting an XLine is perfect for people who are afraid of extreme heights since the zipline platform is high, but not too high. It is around 560 feet and runs for half a mile in length. In fact, it is the longest commercial ziplines in the world.

So, if you are seeking a short adventure in between sightseeing or shopping, you can zipline your way at 37mph from Amway Towers to Dubai Marina Mall. You will also be able to see the famed Cayan Tower up close.

03You can tree-surf in Aventura, Dubai’s only treetop playground

It is no secret that spending even an hour in the great outdoors greatly improves your well-being. If your idea of an adventure usually involves reducing your stress-levels in nature, then consider paying a visit to Aventura.

This treetop playground is located in the midst of a large ghaf tree forest. This species is amazingly drought-tolerant and no wonder - it is, in fact, the national tree of UAE! So, do not miss out on the 3-hour opportunity to cruise around this habitat via ziplines and through rope courses.

Visiting Aventura is just one way you can stay active during your Dubai stay. Of course, there are other activities, workouts, and places in Dubai where you can exercise. So, don’t interrupt your training and stay in shape even while you are on vacation.

skyscrapers in Dubai clouds and Dubai marina
Whether in air, sand, or water, Dubai is a sight to behold.

04Kitesurfing and wakeboarding in Umm Suqiem and other places in Dubai for adventure seekers

We are happy to announce there are many amazing Dubai locations for water sport aficionados and avid beach-goers. In fact, Dubai is a famous kitesurfing and wakeboarding location. This means you can enjoy riding the waves while you are exercising and having a barrel of fun. What’s more, since most Dubai hotels are situated in the vicinity of amazing public beaches, kitesurfing and wakeboarding schools and rentals are extremely easy to find.

One of the best places in Dubai for adventure seekers in love with the beach is Umm Suqiem. This public beach is famous among kitesurfers because the winds are strong, enabling them to practice their balance on kiteboards carried by strong waves.

In addition, this is one of the many popular outdoor workout spots in Dubai. Interestingly, many people do not want to interrupt their exercising while they are vacationing in Dubai. But, the good news is that you can do it outside quite easily.

If you are not in the mood to exercise or practice kitesurfing, you can do plenty of other fun beach activities here. So, you can play beach volleyball, go have fun in a skatepark, or just lounge, eat ice cream and soak up the sun. If you choose to spend your chill out day on Umm Suqiem, use it to talk to new people and get info about other things you can do during your vacation in the Emirates.

sand beach burj khalifa
Dubai is famous for amazing beaches.

05Desert camping

As we mentioned, Dubai is so much more than jaw-dropping architectural masterpieces and luxury hotels. In fact, many tend to forget that Dubai is surrounded by sand. Since the wonders of the Arabian Desert are just outside of Dubai, you can quench your thirst for adventure quite easily here.

Camping in the Arabian Desert is very easy to organize. There are many locals who you can ask to accompany you while you are exploring the sand dunes, riding camels, or spending the night camping in the desert. Most daredevils visiting Dubai do not fail to treat themselves to such an outstanding experience. So, be sure to stargaze come nightfall and see the world in a grain of sand. If you plan to camp in the desert for more than one day, make sure you plan your stay in Dubai carefully so that you do not overextend your stay and get a fine.

As you can see, there are more than a few places in Dubai for adventure seekers. What’s more, this short guide has only scratched the surface of all activities that are at your disposal in Dubai. Nonetheless, we hope we have given you a few ideas on what you can do to satisfy your thirst for adventure. Have fun in Dubai!