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How to Reduce Overstay Fine in Dubai? People Sharing Their Own Ideas With Each Other

How to Reduce Overstay Fine in Dubai?

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Written By Arabiers Digital Team & Reviewed by Robeena brown

12 March 2024 | 13 Min Read

Were you a resident whose visa got cancelled? Did you travel with a tourist visa to visit your family and got stranded? You can't stop worrying about the accumulated overstay fines? Are the pandemic and impending fines wreaking havoc with your bank balance? Are you wondering how to reduce overstay fine in dubai during 2021 covid pandemic ? If you answered yes to all of these questions, this guide on how to reduce overstay fines by getting a fine waiver in Dubai 2024. You can choose to apply for a fine waiver or seek our assistance to get your fines waived.

Overstaying Fines Explained

What are overstaying fines?

When your visa duration comes to an end and you stay extra days without extending your visa, you will be charged with overstaying fines in UAE that have to be settled at the time of exit.

Visit visa and Tourist visa holders are given a grace period of 10 days. If the visa holder overstays without exiting the country or extend their visa within this 10 day grace period will be fined with:

  • 200 AED for the first day of overstaying
  • 200 AED for the first day of overstaying
  • 100 AED Processing charge


UAE resident visa holders are allocated a 30 day grace period after the visa has expired. During this period they can choose to change their status, get a new residence visa or exit the country. Fines aren't charged during the grace period. Fines will be applicable only after the grace period is over and will be fined with:


  • 125 AED for the first day of overstaying
  • 25 AED per day of overstaying from the second day onwards
  • 50 AED per day if overstaying after six months
  • 100 AED per day if overstaying after one year


Modifying Visa Status

Dubai fine waiver

The law passed under the Ministerial Resolution No. 377 of 2014 has made Visa change without exit possible. The resolution states that visa holders (irrespective of the type) can transfer their visa to a residency visa or get a new visa without exiting the country. The visa status can be modified into a tourist or residency visa only if all the required terms and conditions are met and the payment is settled. This procedure has to be completed before the applicant's current visa expires so that no fines will be charged.

Extension Options

Overstaying fines in UAE

Why do you need to waste your money paying fines when there are legal methods to extend your stay for a more reasonable cost? Save yourself from unnecessary issues and overstaying fines by extending your visa via any of the many UAE visa extension options .

1. Oman visa run

Some tourists entering Dubai may originate from countries that are entitled for a free multiple-entry visa that is issued on arrival at any border. This is different from a tourist visa and allows the holder to stay for a total of 40 days (30 day permitted stay and 10 days grace period) without being charged any overstaying fines. If you want to extend your stay in UAE and are eligible for a 30-day visa on arrival, you can opt for an Oman visa run as a new visa will be stamped when you re-enter through the UAE border. You can do this procedure by air or by road.

2. In Country visa

You can choose to extend your stay in the UAE with the new visa change inside the country procedure. This procedure eliminates the requirement of flying out and back into the country which is a tiresome process. You don't have to wait in the airport for a long time or travel to Oman by bus as this can be done while you are comfortable sitting on your couch at home. The applicant doesn't have to exit the country. All they have to do is submit their documents no later than 3 days before their last day. Applicants can choose between a 30 day or 60 day visa packages that are offered at reasonable rates.

3. Airport to airport visa change

Are you already vacationing in the UAE but want to extend your stay for reasons like job hunting, family responsibilities, business commitments or any other reason, the airport to airport visa change service is the suitable choice for you.

How to Apply for Visa Fine Waiver in Dubai?

Visa holders who fail to extend their visa or exit the country within the allocated grace period and overstay are subject to fines by the UAE Government. But, individuals who had to overstay due to unpredictable circumstances out of their control can follow a set of procedures to appeal to the UAE Government to reassess your situation. We have listed the requirements on how to apply for a fine waiver below. Please keep in mind that to approve or reject your appeal is the sole decision of the GDRFA authority.


Judicial or Legal causes

  • Petition letter from Applicant's Sponsor company or Applicant
  • If Passport is reserved: Whom It May Concern letter from Court/Police

Health causes

  • Petition letter from Company or Sponsor or Applicant
  • Medical report in Arabic,issued by the Health Authority or Health Ministry listing both, the date of entry and exit from the hospital.

Overstaying fine reductions

Personal Sponsorship (Family)

  • Petition letter from Sponsor
  • Passport and visa copy of the Sponsor
  • Sponsor Salary certificate/ Labor contract/ Memorandum
  • Any documents that support the cause of overstaying must also be submitted

Company Sponsorship

  • Original Emirates ID of Sponsor / Partner / Company Public Relations Officer
  • Petition letter from Company with Company stamp
  • Passport and Visa copy of the Applicant
  • Establishment card copy
  • Trade license

Delay in Passport Issuing or Renewalp

  • Petition letter from the Company or Sponsor or Applicant
  • Letter from the Embassy/Consulate stating the date of Visa renewal application or Passport issue application submission
  • Visa
  • Establishment card and Trade license for Companies
  • Labor contract for Personal Sponsorship

Sponsor Death

  • Petition letter from the Sponsor or Applicant or Company with company stamp
  • Visa and Passport copy of Applicant
  • Passport Copy of the Sponsor (Family Sponsorship)
  • Establishment card and Trade license for Companies
  • Death Certificate

Must have a minimum of 1500 AED worth of fines under family visa and 3500 AED worth of fines under Employment Visa to apply.

List of Mandatory Documents

  • Sponsor's Original Emirates ID and Passport visa copy
  • Applicant's Passport and visa
  • Visa copy (File Number) which has fines
  • New approved e -visa (incase to apply for change status)
  • Cancellation Paper (incase wants to exit UAE)
  • Letter of Exemption or NOC/ Petition letter (Arabic) requesting fines to be reduced
  • UID number from GDRFA for New born to process the fine reducing application

Service Procedures

  • The Application has to be submitted to the Decision Committee Counter for the application to be processed
  • Application must be processed by the Committee employee
  • If approved, the Application will be forwarded to the Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs Office for approval
  • If rejected by the committee, the notes will be updated into the inquiry system
  • If certain documents are lacking, the applicant is informed to collect the Application and resubmit with the complete documents.

Processing Time

7 Working days


Overstaying fine reductions

The 2022 Amnesty hasn't been announced yet. The UAE annually announces a new amnesty for illegal immigrants as a means of encouraging them to exit the country without having to pay any fines or face prosecution. The decision to offer amnesty for illegal residents is a show of UAE's tolerance with violators and is a means of restoring social balance.

Over 200,000 illegal immigrants mostly Asians exited UAE almost five years ago following an amnesty order passed by President His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to restore the balance and security in the labour market. The Interior Ministry has tallied over 150,000 illegal immigrants residing in UAE, most who have entered the country by sea. These efforts are aimed at managing the order and discipline in the labour market.


Waiving your fine is not possible unless you submit the reason for your overstay along with proof. You need to have a very strong reason that can convince the Police and Immigration departments if you want your fines waived.

Visit the nearest immigration office to seek assistance with the necessary procedures.

You can confirm if you have any fines and the amount on the smart service fine checking link.


Yes you can. To do so, visit the nearest Immigration Office.



If it has been rejected once, the chances of it being approved the second time are very less. You can keep trying or wait for amnesty.