Top 9 Desert Destinations For Vacation

16th aug 2021

Is summer over already, and you can’t have enough of the warm weather? Then a desert vacation is the best decision you can ever make. Take a trip to any desert city included below to enjoy the sunny summers and mild winters.

With these cities in the subtropical desert and desert climates, September, October, November, December, January, February, and March bring that mild warm temperature. The right amount of heat for your optimum desert travelling experience.

Below are the top 9 choices for desert vacations and travel that will give the best and memorable trip experience.

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Liwa
  3. Muscut
  4. Sahara
  5. Namibia
  6. Dubai
  7. Qatar
  8. Atacama
  9. Thar

01Abu Dhabi

Al Khatim Desert, Abu Dhabi’s most reputable desert, is located on the way to
 Al Ain from Abu Dhabi. The Al Khatim desert is one of the best choices for
off-road riding experiences in the United Arab Emirates.

The 4x4 tour around the dunes conducted by the travel guides from Abu Dhabi is something you don’t want to miss. For adventure and power-packed enjoyment, the Abu Dhabi desert safari has all you need. From beautiful landscapes to authentic Arabic dishes, the Abu Dhabi desert has it all.

Trip Tip - Abu Dhabi Desert

Kindly protect your children from activities such as dune bashing and also dangerous reptiles and plants. Stay hydrated before you go for dune bashing to beat against the heat.


The Liwa Oasis is a 100 km long crescent-shaped oasis situated 220 km north of Abu Dhabi Island on the northern edge of Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter (the Ruba’ Al Khali).Famous for its great dunes and Dates Festival, the Liwa Oasis has stunning scenery with green patches on desert sand.The massive dunes and the past greatness of desert civilization make the right choice for the Drag Racing at the Tal Moreeb and the Heritage at Qasr Al Sarab, respectively.

Besides these, they organize certain activities regularly. You might be lucky to meet them if you arrive at the right time.

Trip Tip - Abu Dhabi Desert

The weather is hot in the summer months; the place is not as modern as the Emirati cities so, dress and behave appropriately. You can’t miss the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort anytime you visit Liwa. Strong winds mostly block roads with the sand from the dunes. Please be careful when driving. For you to reach the top of the Tal Moreeb, you will need a very experienced 4x4 Liwa Safari Guide


Bidiyah, an astounding desert in Muscat , is a household name in desert vacations and adventures. Bidiyah is located in the town of Wilayah Bidiyyah.

It is situated about 233 kilometres (145 miles) from the capital city, Muscat, the capital of Oman. Muscat is a very safe city and, so there’s never a need to be worried. Bidiyah is well noted for its golden Arabian sands forming dunes into the distance.With eye-catching tourist sites such as the Bidiyah Museum, Al Muntarib Fort and, the Wilayat Oasis, your visit to Bidiyah is not worth it if you don’t have a wonderful city tour of Muscat.They give you nothing but the best desert experience and treatment in their private camps .

Trip Tip - Abu Dhabi Desert

The best times to visit Bidiyah for ideal weather are from 19th November to 4th March.The Bidiyah Challenge and the camel and Arabian horse races are held on weekends, on special occasions such as Eid and feasts. These races witness a large number of viewers from the Sultanate and foreign countries. These activities are held once a year under the auspices of the Royal Court Affairs. There is also scuba diving and a full array of water sports in Fujairah.


With the desert encompassing most of North Africa, the Sahara is the World’s largest hot desert and the third largest desert overall. It has the highest dunes reaching a height of about 180 metres.

Did you know archaeologists discovered many dinosaur fossils in the sands of the Sahara?

Deep valleys and natural springs support oasis life amid these desert mountains. The Sahara contains ancient ruins and a breathtaking oasis that lies in the sand planes of this majestic desert. The striking landscapes give travellers a panoramic view with an adventurous desert experience.

Trip Tip - Abu Dhabi Desert

For transportation in the Sahara, camels are your best option, and remember to stay hydrated.Don’t forget to visit the fascinating Egyptian Temples and the tiny village Merzouga in the Eastern and Western Sahara, respectively.


For relaxation and an unforgettable experience, the Namibian desert is the place you want to be. Extending to about 450 kilometres from the Angola-Namibia border and described as African’s Super Park, Namib is Namibia’s coastal desert. It is the home of diverse plant and animal life.

Trip Tip

Visit the Namib-Naukluft National Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Sossusvlei, a clay pan surrounded by dunes, and the Sesriem, a small canyon of the Tsauchab.


Known as the City of Gold, Dubai is the hotspot of luxurious holiday experiences.

The Dubai desert provides you with, Arabian-rich desert vacation adventures such as and bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and hot air balloon rides. The Dubai Desert Conservation and the Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience offer you one of the best wildlife experiences in the region.

Trip Tip

Visit the Burj Khalifa, the World’s tallest building, magnificent museums, and forts before leaving Dubai. For shopping, visit the Dubai Mall for the best shopping experience.


Regionally known as the 'Inland Sea', Khor Al Adaid is located in the South-east of the State of Qatar.

The Khor Al Adaid is a UNESCO recognized site and is one of just three places in the World; where the sea meets the dunes. And its Lagoona system is the only type in the World.For the best Qatar desert experience, enjoy the wild adventures of Desert Safari. From dune bashing in the sands of the Qatar desert to paragliding, the Qatar desert is the place you want to be.

Trip Tip

With the extraordinary landscapes, camel riding is always a fun ride. The Natural reserve is also home to exotic plant and animal life such as the Arabian Onyx, flamingos, and turtles.


The Atacama Desert is a desert plateau in Chile, North America. It is the oldest and driest non-polar desert in the World. With its mild temperature, The Atacama Desert is one of the top locations for your desert vacations.The geysers and large blue lagoons, give the Atacama Desert that extraordinary landscape. Its distinct nature birthed a biodiverse environment in the World.

For the best desert experience, you can’t miss out on desert safaris, horseback riding, astronomical and stargazing tours.

Trip Tip

San Pedro de Atacama is the best place to enjoy all the tours of the Atacama Desert.


Known as the Great Indian desert, the Thar Desert lies mostly in the area of India. It lies between the Aravalli Hills and the Luni River is its only river. The Desert National Park is one of the richest in biodiversity with rare wildlife such as the Great Indian Bustard, Blackbuck, Indian Gazelle, Desert Cat and so much more

The town of Jaisalmer, known as the Golden City, is the paradise of desert touring with majestic buildings such as the Jaisalmer Fort and Jain Temples.

With excellent and friendly camel drivers, the camel safari at the Thar Desert is one of the top options for a wild desert experience.

Trip Tip

Staying overnight in the desert camps and stargazing is an unparalleled experience.