Speed Visa for Dubai from India - Documents, Fee, FAQ

60 Days Visit Visa in UAE
60 Days Visit Visa in UAE
By Robeena Brown

August 17, 2022 | 13 min read

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If you are in India traveling to Dubai and need a Dubai visa urgently, a dubai express visa online is an ideal option. The visa will be processed between 6-8 hours.

Dubai Visa Process for Indians

It is easy to understand the Dubai visa process for Indians. Here is the breakdown of how to get a Dubai Speed visa for Indians.

  • 01   WhatsApp Us
  • 02   Get Speed Reply
  • 03   Provide a picture of your passport and & a photo
  • 04   Pay Speed
  • 05   Get your Speed Dubai Visa within 2-8 Hours

Dubai Visa Types for Indian Citizens

Dubai Visa Process for Indians

Besides the Dubai express visa for Indians, there are other types of Dubai visas for which an Indian passport holder can apply.

14 Days On-Arrival Dubai Visa

This visa allows for a stay of up to 14 days and is a single entry visa. The expiry date is included on the visa.

Travelers who intend to stay in the UAE for a period that is shorter than 14 days should apply for this type of visa.

This visa category is ideal for business travelers who are planning to attend a few business meetings or are making a stopover on the route.

If you need more days, you can renew for another 14 days. You ought to note you can only renew it once.

30 Days Single Entry Dubai Visa

This tourist visa is valid for 30 days and is a single entry visa. The date of entry and exit are both included on the visa.

This type of visa is valid for entry for 30 days. You are allowed 10 days grace period to renew or exit the country after the visa expires.

You can renew 30 days single entry Dubai visa twice for an additional 30 days each time.

60-Days Single Entry Dubai Visa

This single entry dubai visa has a 60-days validity period and specifies your arrival and exit dates.

The visa is meant for visitors who plan to stay in the UAE for a fair amount of time to visit family or friends, attend a family event, or for business training.

When the visa expires, you are given 10 days grace period. You can extend the visa or exit the country. You can extend this type of visa twice.

30 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

This multiple entry tourist visa is valid for a total of 30 days. The date of entry and the date of exit is included on the visa. The visa allows multiple times in UAE within 30 days.

There is no grace period after the visa expires, and you cannot extend this type of visa. However, you can opt for an in-country visa change or renewal possible.

60-Days Multiple Entry Dubai Visa

This visa allows you to enter and exit the country several times within its validity period of 60 days and specifies your arrival and departure dates.

Travelers, who plan to remain in the UAE for an extended amount of time, be it to see family or friends, attend a family event, or participate in corporate training, are the ones who take advantage of this option.

The entry validity for such a visa is 60 days from the date it was issued, and it cannot be extended and does not include a grace period. However, you can opt for the in-country visa change or renewal.

Dubai Visa Documents Required for Indians

The following are the documents required for a Dubai visa for Indians:

  • Valid passport at least 6 months and first pages colored
  • Your recent photo with white background
  • If traveling with a kids, have their birth certificate
  • If any family member or friend in UAE, their UAE work visa page photo
  • Confirmed return flight tickets.
  • A solo woman traveler under 24 would need a NOC from her father or husband.

Dubai Visa Price for Indian Citizens

Last-minute travel plans? We don’t want you to miss out on your favorite Dubai getaway. With our super Speed visa service, you can get your Dubai express visa in just a few hours.

Visa Type Rates Grace Period
30 days visa - Single entry 17135 INR 10 days
60 days visa - Single entry 25822 INR 10 days
30 days visa - multiple entries 29524 INR No grace days
60 days visa - multiple entries 55593 INR No grace days
14 Days - on-arrival entry 2607 INR No grace days

Dubai Visa Overstaying Fines

The visa specifies how long each type of Dubai visa for Indians is allowed to stay in UAE. The 30/60 days visa allows 10 days grace period to extend your visa or exit the country.

When you don't do any of the two, you will be considered to have overstayed, and you will be required to pay a fine. Below are the Dubai visa overstaying fines for Indians.

4350 INR

for the first day of overstay

2175 INR

Each Consecutive day

2175 INR

As Service

Reasons Your Dubai Visa Can Get Rejected

Dubai Visa Process for Indians
"Issuing a Dubai visa for India is the solemn work of the UAE immigration authorities. You can have your visa application rejected for several reasons, and here we have highlighted some of them. "

  • If you are a woman under the age of 18 who is traveling alone, there is a possibility that your visa application will be delayed or denied because of suspicions regarding human trafficking.
  • Your visa application could be denied because you have a criminal record, committed fraud, or engaged in other forms of misbehavior in the UAE or India.
  • If you previously held a residence visa for the UAE and subsequently departed the country without first canceling the visa. Before a new tourist visa may be issued to you, the Public Relations Officer must get the previous one canceled on your behalf.
  • If the scanned copies of your passport are illegible, there is a possibility that the United Arab Emirates immigration service would view this as suspicious and either refuse to grant you a Dubai visa or significantly delay the process of doing so.
  • If your passport identifies you as a non-white collar professional, such as a laborer or a farmer, your visa application may be denied.
  • If your visa application contains mistakes in your name, passport number, date of birth, or the issuance and expiration dates of your passport, your application may be rejected or delayed.

FAQs on Dubai Visa Online for Indian Citizens

It takes a day or 6 to 8 hours to process a Dubai Speed visa

Yes, the Dubai visa on arrival is available to Indian nationals with regular passports that also hold valid residency visas from the US, the EU, the UK, or the US Green Card.

The UAE requires that your passport be valid for at least six months upon entry and exit. Before applying for a UAE visa, you should renew your passport if the expiry dates are less than 6 months.

Your nationality will determine whether you need a visa to enter the UAE. UAE has listed 44 countries that are visa exempted, but there is a restriction on how long you can stay. For Indians, you need a visa to stay in Dubai.