Step by Step Guide to get 3 months Dubai Visa

Update - 06th June, 2023

With the recent UAE visit visa reform, 3 months visa for Dubai is now available for Dubai visitors.
This guide will explain all the things you need to know about 90 days single entry visit visa.


Key Information

Visa Type

3 months single entry/ No multiple entry visa available

Maximum Stay period

90 days

Processing Time

2-3 working days

Grace Period

0 days


Can not extend twice like 30 day or 60 day prepaid visa

3 months dubai visa
Official site to apply

When applying for a 3 month Dubai visit visa you have to approach a UAE-based tourism agency, a UAE airline (Etihad or Emirates) or a travel agency in your home country who is partnered with a UAE-based tourism agency. You cannot apply directly for this visa from the UAE immigration.

Documents required
  • Recent colored photograph in white background ( no specific size requirements)
  • Clear passport scan in colored
  • Documents proving you will exit on time ( previous travel history, business documents,etc)


90 Days

Single Entry

1489 AED

406 USD

Important questions and quick answers

Employment while holding a tourist visa is illegal in Dubai, however seeking employment and attending interviews are allowed. After you are confirmed by a company, your employer will apply for a status change to residence visa with or without exit.

Your company will apply for a status change without exit or organize a status change with an Oman visa run.

Yes,it's possible as long as your multiple entry 3 month Dubai visa is valid as the travel origin is never checked when entering Dubai.

You can’t apply directly through UAE immigration

A visit visa is obtained if a relative in UAE sponsored your visa whereas a tourist visa is obtained if you apply via an airline or tourism company. That is the only difference, everything else is the same.

Apply for a Dubai visa, make a airline reservation and visit Dubai

You not having an iqama in Saudi is supposed to have no affect on your travel plans to Dubai. Start by applying for a Dubai visa.

The only eligibility criteria to be suitable for a Dubai tourist visa is having a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.


Updated Rules 2023

September 27, 2022

Any passenger having tickets proving a layover through any of the UAE’s airports can apply for one of the two transit visas mentioned below. Arabiers can apply for the transit visa that is issued by the UAE government. Travellers can select between the 48-hour transit visa costing roughly 90 to 100 AED or the 96-hour transit visa costing approximately 150 to 160 AED.

August 20, 2022

It is not compulsory for travellers under 16 years of age to take a PCR test before departure to Dubai.

August 13, 2022

One of the many reforms implemented by the UAE Cabinet is the increase of the standard stay duration from 30 days to 60 days. A series of other visa changes will be implemented to encourage tourists to stay longer.

  • Source : The National
July 19, 2022

The validity period of the Al Hosn Green Pass status has been bought down to 14 days from the previous 30 days as notified by the the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA).

  • Source : Gulf News
July 09, 2022

Eid Al Adha will be celebrated on 9th July Saturday. Holidays will be given from 8th July Friday to 11th July Monday. This announcement was made by The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources and it also stated that work will continue from the 12th of July Tuesday onwards.

  • Source : The National
July 04, 2022

More than 550,000 passengers are predicted to fly out of the United Arab Emirates in June and July on more than 2,400 scheduled weekly departures. The Emirates airline is advising customers to start planning their summer vacations as soon as possible to avoid encountering fully-booked flights on their preferred dates.

  • Source : The National
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Prepaid & on arrival 90 days visas

UAE visitors are categorised into 4:

  • 14 days On-arrival Visa
  • 30 day on arrival visa nationalities
  • 90 day on arrival visa nationalities
  • Mexican passport holders
  • Prepaid visa (single entry/multiple entry/30 days/60 days/ 90 days) nationalities
  • Entry type: Single Entry
  • Visa requirements: Indian passport-holders who fulfill either of the following:

    -Hold a valid residence visa issued by UK or EU countries(with minimum validity of 6 months), Or
    - Hold a green card or visitor visa (at least valid for 6 months) issued by USA

  • Cost: 120 AED (subject to change)
  • Is the visa extendable?
    Yes, it is extendable once for a cost of 250 AED (subject to change) for an extra 14 days.
  • Permitted stay duration: 14 days from date of issue (failure to exit the country or extend visa will result in fines)
    28 days if extension is also taken

If you hold a passport that originates from any of the 19 countries mentioned below you don't need to make any preparations before visiting UAE. Exit the flight at Dubai airport and make your way to immigration where a complimentary 30-day visit visa will be stamped on your passport. If you want to stay longer in Dubai you can apply for a 2 months Dubai visa through a tourism company.

Andorra Australia Brunei
Canada China Hong Kong, China
Japan Kazakhstan Macau, China
Malaysia Mauritius Monaco
New Zealand Republic of Ireland San Marino
Singapore Ukraine United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
United States of America Vatican City

If you hold a passport originating from any of the below 48 countries, you will receive a complementary 90 day multiple entry visit visa. The visa has a validity period of 6 months with a permitted stay duration of a total 90 days. Citizens of European countries mentioned in this list are eligible to apply for a prepaid visit visa if their on arrival visa has been used up.

Argentina Austria Bahamas Islands
Barbados Belgium Brazil
Bulgaria Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark El Salvador
Estonia Finland France
Germany Greece Honduras
Hungary Iceland Italy
Kiribati Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Maldives
Malta Montenegro Nauru
Netherlands Norway Paraguay
Peru Poland Portugal
Romania Russian Federation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino Serbia Seychelles
Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands
South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland Uruguay

Individuals holding Mexican passports are eligible for a multiple entry visa with a total stay duration of 180 days. This visa has a validity period of 6 months from issue date.

Any other nationalities not mentioned above require a prepaid visa to enter Dubai.


How to apply?

If you are a prepaid visa nationality passport holder and need to obtain a visit visa, this is the procedure to apply for a 3 month Dubai visit visa. Here is a detailed breakdown of the steps:

Step 1

Finalise one of the three methods of applying for a visa; via an airline, through UAE based tourism firm or travel agency based in your home country

Step 2

Take a scanned copy of your passport.

Step 3

Collect all necessary requirements. For eg: when applying through a tourism company you will be asked to provide proof of confirmed return, an airline will request you to fill a form,etc.

Step 4

Since you have a 60 day validity period for take your time searching for flight tickets that fit your budget and requirements.

Step 5

Submit all necessary documents and make the payments.

Step 6

Collect your 3 months Dubai visit visa.

3 months dubai visa

When to apply

When to apply 3 month visa Dubai?

  • 3 month Dubai Visa processing usually takes anywhere between 2 to 4 working days. If you're travelling for emergency reasons then get in touch with us for an express visa service.
  • Do you know that a 3 months Dubai visa can be obtained 60 days in advance? By applying early you get to save up on air ticket and hotel fare. Make use of the Early bird hotel and flight offers to save some money.

Unplanned emergency travel & express Dubai visa

In some instances an individual might need to apply express Dubai visa in a short period of time due to some unavoidable circumstances. The processing time for express visa is from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm (UAE time) and will be submitted to visa applicants before 6.00 pm UAE time. This service charges a bit extra because of the rushed processing.90 days prepaid single entry visa cannot do in the express method. That is only available for 30 days & 60 days single/multiple visas.


Dubai visa price list

June 06, 2023 Updated

Normal Processing - 24-48 hours
Visa type All Inclusive Rates final rates (VAT included)
14 Days On arrival Dubai visa 120 AED
30 Days Dubai visa 489 AED
60 Days Dubai visa 689 AED
30 Days multi entry Dubai visa 990 AED
60 Days multi entry Dubai visa 1190 AED
90 Days Single entry Dubai visa 1489 AED
Express Processing 4-8 hours
Visa type All Inclusive Rates final rates (VAT included)
30 Days Dubai visa 889 AED
60 Days Dubai visa 1089 AED
30 Days multi entry Dubai visa 1190 AED
60 Days multi entry Dubai visa 1390 AED

Dubai 5 years tourist visa

An announcement was made after UAE's first cabinet meeting held in the year 2020 which is chaired by The ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. This announcement states the cabinet's approval on issuing a five-year multiple-entry tourist visa for individuals of all nationalities who are visiting UAE. This is a step forward in further developing and assisting UAE's boom in tourism and secure itself as a leading tourist destination.

Inside sources have stated to Gulf News that individuals who hold a five-year multiple-entry visa are permitted to stay for six months continuously. Although sources haven't divulged any information about the validity period, there are claims that the holder can stay for a maximum of six months on every entry within the five-year duration. As of the eligibility criteria for this visa, sources have stated that the terms and conditions for the five-year multiple entry visa is same as any other Dubai tourist visa.


Job hunting in Dubai

Say no to jobs on a visit visa

When you have moved to another country seeking employment, the main aspect you should keep in mind is the legal aspect. Make sure you learn about the Dos and Don'ts that are laid out by the UAE government in terms of employment. Prospective employees have been warned time and again to not give in to the false promises made by Dubai based companies that encourage individuals to work while on a visit visa. It is clearly stated by UAE law that companies are prohibited from employing individuals on visit visa and visit visa holders are legally not allowed to work. If you are being exploited as an employee, the company won't have the labor law entitlement unless you work in a legally approved manner.

Job hunting, attending interviews and signing the employment agreement is allowed while on a visit visa. Attending work without having a residence visa stamped on your passport will transform you into an illegal employee in Dubai. This will also leave you vulnerable to any abuse the employee or company throws your way.

Source : Khaleej times

Apply online before arrive in Dubai

To properly gauge the employment opportunities in Dubai and understand what companies consider before hiring, research online and ask your friends and family living in Dubai. Here are some sites you can visit to check for Jobs:

  • Khaleej Times Jobs
  • Dubizzle
  • Naukrigulf
  • Indeed
  • Laimoon
  • LinkedIn
  • Gulftalent
  • Efinancial Careers

Get the right visa

Majority of the employment seekers think that 30 days is sufficient to find a good job. The confidence is good, but in reality most of the time takes over 30 days to secure good employment. Some individuals extend visas more than 3 times to get a good job. Due to this, it is advised to go for a 3 month Dubai visa. You will be saving lots of money in the long run.

A 30-day Dubai visa costs 120 AED. The first extension for an additional 30 days costs an additional 1190 AED. And for the second extension also cost 1190 AED. Whereas, a 90-day Dubai visa costs only 1489 AED which is way cheaper in the long run.

Check out the big companies

Some companies are reputed for their strict hiring and remarkable position as a place of employment. To get an idea of such companies in UAE, check Forbes list of top 50 companies in UAE and submit your CV by visiting their respective websites.

Build your resume

The most crucial tool in your Job hunting arsenal is your CV/resume. Dubai's job scene is highly competitive and a mere six seconds is spent on looking at an employee's resume. Stay away from any CV related No-Nos. Get an idea of how to make an excellent CV with the CV building tools online and go prepared to present yourself.

Top Tips for Job Seekers in Dubai

  • Get a 90 day visa at the beginning rather than opting for 30 days and wasting time and money on visa extensions. Even if you are an on-arrival national who gets 30 days free, opt for a 90 day visa as this will give you plenty of time to look for jobs without worrying about overstay fines.
  • If you are unable to secure employment within 100 days make sure to educate yourself on the right ways to extend your tourist visa and choose the right travel firm to save money.
  • Patience is key when looking for a Job. This is very important in Dubai due to the talent saturation and seasonal recruitment that extends from January to March and stops during Ramadan and summer season.
  • Don't stop searching for jobs until you are given an offer letter by the company and your visa is put for status change to residence visa. Every day counts as you need to spend more without an income if you are unable to find a job within 100 days
  • LinkedIn is a good platform to search and follow individuals who fit in to your area of work. However, make sure to remain active
3 months dubai visa

Specific rules for some nationalities

6 months visa for Mexicans

If you are a Mexican passport holder you are eligible for a 180 day visit visa with a 6 month validity from the date of issue. You have sufficient time to seek employment or stay with family as you are permitted a stay duration of 180 days. All you have to spend for is the flight ticket.

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