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Sharjah Safari Park: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More Picture Of Northern Girrafes

Sharjah Safari Park: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

14 June 2024 | 13 min read

Sharjah Safari Park which opened for visitors in September 21, 2022 is the largest safari park outside Africa. The park offers an opportunity to embark in a wildlife safari in UAE.

This park sits on eight square kilometres and during the safari you will get to spot different wildlife which is mostly found in Africa. These animals allowed living in their natural habitat.

When you visit this park you will embark on authentic wildlife safari and get to explore 12 regions in the park inspired by regions from across Africa. It is a chance to see wildlife found across Africa in one park.

If you are excited to explore Sharjah Safari park, here we have details on the tickets, timing, attractions, how to get there and much more detail you need to prepare for the safari.

Where is Sharjah Safari Park located?


The Sharjah Safari Park resides in AI Bridi Nature Reserve which is located in Al Dhaid, Sharjah Emirate.

Attractions at Sharjah Safari Park

There are several attractions you will get to explore when you visit this park. These attractions are:

1. Zanzibar Village

The Zanzibar village offers visitors a chance to experience the Africa exotic and tropical vibes. It is an attraction you should visit and you will feel like you are exploring the Zanzibar Island which features white building and stunning décor.

The design is a replicate of the grassy village of Zanzibar, the surround is lush green plateaus and palm trees. While exploring the village you will get to spot giraffe and deer.

2. Arabian Wildlife Center

There are several wildlife’s which are found in the Arabian Peninsula and are endangered. These are the wildlife you will see at this must visit attraction at this park.

All these threated species are collected and put in their natural habitant at this par. This part of the park focuses on promoting biodiversity and raise awareness of these species. Besides see the wildlife there are other exciting activities for visitors to keep them entertained.

3. Kid’s Arena

If you are visiting the park with your children there is a kid’s arena where children get to explore the park. Not only children have fun moments but also get to learn about wildlife.

Some of the activities tailored to keep busy at this arena include painting, crafting, and art.

4. Reptile House

If you are curious to see reptiles at close range this sis the attraction in the park to visit. The reptile house is home to various reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles.

The guide will give you a tour in the house and explaining about each reptile. It is fun and educational activity to do in Sharjah safari park.

5. The African Bird Park

Here you will get to see various birds which are found across Africa. There are out in natural habitant which is fusion of greenery, grass, and rocks.

You will get to spot the African duck in the miniature waterfall that flows into a lake. In the trees you may get to spot the African speckled horn bird.

The over experience is amazing and also educative as you get to know various birds which origin is Africa.

6. Sharjah Natural History Museum and Botanical Museum

If you are into know about the natural world you will love exploring this part of the park. Here you will get to learn about history and geology of our planet. You will also get to learn about local ecosystem the flora and fauna.

If you have ever wondered about development of life on earth, here you will get some answers. There are exhibits demonstrating the evolution of various species.

Best Time to Visit the Sharjah Safari Park

The best time to visit Sharjah Safari Park is during cooler months between October and April. The weather is favourable for outdoor activities given the temperatures are mild.

The park is also open up to late hours during weekends and this allows visitors to explore the park when the sun is out especially during summer months.

The park is open every day starting from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The timing can change if there are special occasion. You should therefore confirm the timings. You should also get to the park before the time specified on the ticket your purchase.

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Ticket Prices of Sharjah Safari Park

You need a tickect5 to be allowed enter the park and you can purchase any of the 3 ticket categories available. They differ in price and facilities you can enjoy using the ticket.

1. Gold Ticket

This is the exclusive ticket and you will explore the park in a luxurious manner. The ticket costs:

  • Adults: DH275
  • Children: DH120

Facilities Offered

These are amenities you will enjoy in the park using this ticket:

  • Ride in a luxury car
  • Private guide
  • Tour up to 12 environments
  • Tour the park up to 6 hours

Note: You have to be at the park before 2:00pm to use the ticket

2. Silver Ticket

Using this ticket you can explore the park in comfortable manner. The ticket costs:

  • Adults: DH140
  • Children: DH50

Facilities offered

The amenities you will relish using this ticket in the park include:

  • Explore the park in a regular bus
  • Access to 11 environments except ‘Serengeti’
  • Explore the park up to 6 hours

Note: You ought to be the park before 2:00 pm

3. Bronze Ticket

This is the cheapest ticket and the cost is:

  • Adults: DH40
  • Children: DH15

Facilities offered

After you purchase this ticket here are the amenities you will relish:

  • Access to Africa zone
  • Tour the park u to 3 hours

Note: You have to be in the park before 4:00 pm.

How to Reach Sharjah Safari Park?

The total time duration is 5-6 hours. 

Sharjah Safari Park Timings

There are different means you can use to get to the park. Here we will discuss the best options.

By Taxi or Car

You can hire a taxi in Sharjah city to the park. It is the fastest way and it takes around 15 minutes from Sharjah airport. If you are driving your car you it will take you around 30 minutes to get to the park from the city but it depends on the traffic. There are enough parking spaces at the Park.

By Bus

If you are in Dubai you can board a bus to the park. You should take E700 bus from Union Square Bus Station-01.

The bus will not take you direct to the park. You will get off at Al Dahid post office in Sharjah. From there you can hire a taxi to take you to the park. It is 10 minutes’ drive.

By metro

You can board metro to the Sharjah from Dubai and get off at Al Qusais Metro Station on the Green Line. It is the nearest metro station to the park. From there you hire a taxi to the park which is around 45 minutes deepening on the traffic.


If you are looking for wildlife safari experience in UAE this is the park to visit for a memorable experience. There are a lot of activities and wildlife to see in this park. You will get to feel like you are visiting parks which are found across Africa.

Also, if you are looking for a family weekend getaway to relax you will love it at this park like you can at Al Mamzar Beach Park. You should get to the park on time for humble times explore different regions


The park is open and you can book your ticket. There are a lot of fun and exciting activities and a lot to see waiting you in the park.

Yes, you ought to have a ticket to be allowed enter the park. There are 3 categories of tickets. You can check details above.

The park is open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm every day.

No need, there are restaurants at the park where you can buy something to eat. If you are on special diet you can contact customer care to inquire if you can bring own food.

There are facilities for people with disability in the park to ensure they get to explore the park.