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Sharjah Desert Park: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More A Group Of Arabian Oryx On Desert

Sharjah Desert Park: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

21 June 2024 | 13 min read

Sharjah Desert Park which was established in 1995 as a conservation centre for endanger flor and fauna, today is a well-established park open for visitors.

The park is one of the places to visit in Sharjah for weekend retreat with your family and explore the park beautiful botanic garden, children visit the petting farm and also learn the efforts underway on breeding of the endanger desert animals.

If you nature lover there is so much to explore in this park. No matter the age you will find something amusing when you tour this park. You should bring your children for them to learn about pet animals.

Why You Should Visit Sharjah Desert Park?

There are number of reasons why you should visit the Sharjah Desert Park. These are among the reasons:

1. See wildlife:

At the park you will get to see several desert wild animals.

2. Explore the Desert Museum

There are a lot to learn about Arabian Peninsula geology and history.

3. Fun for kids

You can visit the park with your children. There is area in the park where kids can spend time with pets and play.

4. Enjoy Bird Watching

There are several desert birds which are not have their home in the park. If you love birds you can enjoy watching them in their natural habitat.

5. Picnic

The park natural beauty make it ideal place for picnic with your family or loved one in the serene environment.

You can also enjoy the adventures of Musandam Tour.

Attractions at Sharjah Desert Park

When you visit Sharjah Desert Park, here are the main attractions you should explore for best experience.

1. Children’s Farm

Environment and Protected Areas Authority open the Children’s farm in 1997. The main aim of the farm is developing environmental consciousness and cultural literacy among children.

The children are educated about the animals which are reared domestically. They include cows, dogs, Arabic horses, goats, and camels.

Besides, the animals they are also taught about the poultry such as mallards, grey geese, ducks, Indian peafowl, and chickens.

The child is allowed to choose his or her favourite pet and allowed to take it otiose the farm and feed it. Some of the animals mostly children choose are cows, sheep, Arab horses, goats, and camels.

The children farm is not only limited to children but people of all ages can visit and engaging into the sensitization exercises and workshops about the animals and birds found in the region.

2. Botanical Museum

The museum was opened in 2008 and visitors enjoy exhibitions on seeds, trees and herbs. You can learn all about different plants from how they are brought to life to their maturity.

Visitors get to enjoy audiovisusl and exhibition of plant life in different forms such as mushrooms, algae, bushes, and grasses.

3. Arabian Wildlife Centre

This centre is the first of its kind in UAE and was inaugurated in 1999 the Ruler of Sharjah as the first natural reserve learning centre.

4. Islamic Garden at Sharjah Park

This garden was opened in 2014 and it is the first in Middle East. Here visitors get to see plants which are described in the Holy Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah.

5. Bedding Centre at Sharjah Zoo

Visitors get to see how the endanger animals in Arabian Peninsula are conserved. This part of the park serves as a research center about these animals which include Arabian Cobra, Leopard, and more. It also serves as a breeding for animals such as sand cats, cheetahs, etc.

Best Time to Sharjah Desert Park

The best time to visit Sharjah Desert Park is during morning hours when the temperatures are low and it is also less crowded.

Sharjah Desert Park Timings

The park is open on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm. Friday from 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm and Saturday from 11:00 am to 05:30 pm. On Tuesday the park is closed for visitors.

Ticket Prices of Sharjah Desert Park

You can purchase ticket to the park online or at the entrance. The Ticket Prices of Sharjah Desert Park is:

  • Adults is AED 15
  • Children over 12 years, AED 5
  • For kids under 12 years of age entry is free

How to Reach Sharjah Desert Park?

The following are the best means of transport you can use to get to the park. The roads to the park are connected to major roads; hence it is easy to get there.

1. By car

If you have a car you can drive to the park from the city by heading south from the airport road to merge with Al Dhaid Road and then Al Batayih.

You can use google map navigation or help of sign boards in the road. It is like 2 hour drive from the city to the park.

2. By taxi

You can hire a taxi from the Sharjah city to the park. The drivers know where the park is located.

3. Metro

You can also board red line metro from airport terminal 3 to Rashidiya Bus Station Gate 3. From Khawaneej you board a bus and get off at Al Athbaa Primary School. When you get off you hire a taxi to the park which us 30 minutes’ drive.


If you are looking where to know about the endanger Arabian Peninsula desert animal this sis the park to visit. It is a conservation centre with three main attractions the Museum of Natural History, the Arabian Wildlife Centre, and the Children’s Farm.

When you visit this park you will also learn UAE flora and fauna and scientific views of natural processes. It will be amazing fun experience and also educative. Another stunning park you can visit is Sharjah Safari Park.


The ticket cost for Sharjah Desert Park is AED 15 for adults and AED 5 for children above 12 years.

Sharjah Park is located along the Al Dhaid Highway (E88) at interchange 9.

The beast choice of clothes to wear should be made of linen or cotton and they should be favourable for warm weather. The clothes should not be revealing in respect of locals. Also you should wear loose clothes to avoid discomfort because the weather can get hot.

Yes, you need to have a ticket to be allowed enter in the park.

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