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Shees Park Sharjah: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More A View Of The Shees Park

Shees Park Sharjah: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

21 June 2024 | 13 min read

Shees Park is a recreational park which was opened for visitors in October 15, 2020 by the ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi.

The park sits on 11,362 square meters in serene environment. Some of the outstanding feature in the park is man-made waterfall which is 25-meter-tall.

The park is located in Hajar mountains peaks and you can get to high point which is 30 meters above the park’s primary level for amazing views.

Among the amenities in the park are children playground, families shaded seating sections, an open-air theater and a barbecue zone.

Where is Shees Park located?

The Shees Park is located in Sharjah emirate on Khorfakkan Street. It is nearby Shees Wadi.

Different Activities at Shees Park

When you visit this park there are several activities which you can look forward to enjoying. It is perfect destination for a day trip. More so, you will get to enjoy stunning scenery.

1. Waterfall views

The waterfall which is ma-made at the park is among key attractions. The waterfall is 25-meter high and run through rocky rocks flowing into a brook. You can get to the brook shore and take photos.

2. Children’s Park

You can visit the park with your children and there is kids play ground. They can jump and slide around. By the end of the visit the kids will have had enough fun in this area. Besides, the kids will also enjoy the views during the drive to and from the park.

3. Viewpoints and walking trails

You can get to high view point in the park which is 30 meters above the park level ground by sneaking through the Hajar Mountains ‘rocky landscape.

Along the walkway you will get to enjoy stunning views and when you get to the peak the view is breathtaking.

4. Barbeque spots

You can enjoy picnic barbeque with your friends or family in the park. The park serene and ambiance environment make the park an amazing Barbeque spots. The nature’s splendors and dusk falls enhance the visitor’s experience.

5. Visit the Butterfly House

You can learn about different butterflies’ species in this part of the park. You will love the experience as you watch the different colored butterflies fly around the house. It is both visual appealing and educational experience you should try in the park.

6. Relax in the Gardens

You can enter the park and find a spot where you can sit and enjoy the serene environment. The park has well maintained gardens and planted beautiful flowers making it even ideal place to visit with your loved one.

7. Cycling

There are cycling track in the park and if you love cycling you can bring your own bicycle ort rent one at the park.

8. Amphitheatre

You can enjoy a show in the park at the open-air theatre which accommodates 70 people at a time. You can check when the park is also holding special screenings.

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Best Time to Visit the Shees Park

The winter months are the best time to visit the Shees Park. The weather during these months is cool and favourable for outdoor activities.

Ticket Prices of Shees Park


It is free to enter the Shee Park. You don’t need to buy any ticket to be allowed into the park. It is open seven days a week from 08:00 am till 11:00 pm.

How to Reach Shees Park?

The following are options you can use to get to the Shee Park.

1. By car

You can drive from Dubai to the park down Emirates Road (E611) heading to Sharjah and when you reach Khorfakkan Road take the exit.

You will drive around 70 km down Khorfakkan Road and then take the ramp toward the Shees. From roundabout drive straight onto Masafi Road ypu eill get to Shees Park.

2. By Bus and Taxi

There is no direct bus service to the park, so you will have to board a bus from Dubai or Sharjah to Khor Fakkan. After you get off in Khor Fakkan, hire a taxi to get to the park. It is approximately 30 minutes’ drive.


If you are looking for outdoor activities to do visiting the Shees Park is an ideal option. The park location makes it attractive to tourists given even the whole drive experience is amazing as you get to enjoy landscape views.

You can visit the park with your friends or family and get to enjoy the aural beauty. You should not limit your visit in UAE only in the city.

There is a lot to do and see in the countryside. If exploring park is your things we can also recommend visiting the Dubai Safari Park.


There are a number of rules all visitors are required to adhere to when visiting Shees par. The first rule, visitors are no allowed to bring any animals to the park. Second. The visitors should wear modestly. Third, no parking inside the park, parking space is nearby the park. The fourth rule is you are not allowed to swim in the pools in the park, camp in the park or go to the waterfall.

There are number of things you can do in the park which include, strolling stroll along the mountain walkways, admiring the waterfall, kids have fun in play area, barbecue, walk around the park and enjoy a show at the outdoor theatre.

The park opened in Khorfakkan is Shees Park. It was open for public in 2020.

There is no entry fee in the Shees Park. It is open for all visitors without any limitation of nationality.

There is play area for children in the park and this makes it suitable for kids no matter the age.