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Al Mamzar Beach Park: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More A Preview Of The Al Mamzar Park In Dubai

Al Mamzar Beach Park: Timings, Activities, Tickets & More

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

21 June 2024 | 13 min read

Located in Dubai Al Mamzar Beach Park is among the smart parks where tourists and residents can visit for recreation. The park sits on 106 hectares and it has been developed with smart facilities which include bracelets, smart gates, and lifeguards.

If you are looking for a place to visit with your family or loved one you will enjoy your time in this park. There are five pristine beaches to explore; children play area, swimming pools, picnic area and amphitheatre.

Activities at Al Mamzar Beach Park

There are several things you can do and see at the Al Mamzar Beach Park and all these activities make it a worth the visit. Here are these activities.

1. Explore the beach

There are 5 beaches in the park open for public. You can visit the beach of your choice soak in the sun; if you have your children build the sandcastles or go swimming.

It is also a perfect place to enjoy cool breeze and water waves as you read your favorite book. You should remember to carry the sunscreen to prevent sun burns because in UAE it is hot.

2. Enjoy picnic

If you love picnics you can visit the park of picnic on the beach while enjoying views. There are kiosks in the park sealing food so don’t mind carrying.

3. Barbecue with family and friends

You can enjoy barbecuing with friends or family in the park. It is one of the fun things you can enjoy in the park as you prepare even dinner at the park with your loved one.

You can choose you prepare a meal any of the 28 barbecue spots in the park. The stands are near the beach.

4. Water sports activities

You can enjoy various water sports in the park such as swimming, jet skiing and snorkelling. If you love snorkelling you will have good time exploring marine ecosystem. If you have never tried jet skiing, you can try that experience n this park.

5. Take a Train Tour

You can explore the park on a mini train. The park is huge but when you board this train you will explore the park in 30 minutes. The train is comfortable and it will be a scenic ride as you pass lush green fields, sheltered beaches and playgrounds.

6. Go Skating

There is a skating rink inside the park meant for skating enthusiast. It is a thrilling experience you can try when you visit the park.

7. Play Sports

You can play your favorite game in the park because there are areas in the park dedicated for sports. There are basketball court, a volleyball court and football field.

You can play the game with your family or friends. Fore the children they can also play game of choice in the children play area.

8. Rent Beach Cabins

If you will be visiting the beach park for some days no need to be staying at a hotel because you can rent a cabin. There are different sizes of cabins and chalets to accommodate even group.

If you are luxurious type you should rent semi-furnished terracotta tiled chalets. They are equipped with picnic bench, barbeque area, air-conditioning and shower.

9. Go Swimming

You can go swimming in the public pools. You will need to pay a fee to use the pool. There is a changing room, shower and a lifeguard in each pool. The larger pools are divided into 3 for adults and children.

After swimming you can relax on the seats and shades. While relaxing there you can enjoy your snack. You don’t have to worry about the scorching sun because the seats are shaded.

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Where is Al Mamzar Beach Park located?

Al Mamzar beach is located in Deira. It is behind Al Shabab club near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian & Charity Establishment.

To access the park you can use Mamzar Beach Road or by Al Nakheel Road through Al Shindagha Tunnel.

Best Time to Visit the Al Mamzar Beach Park in Dubai

The weather is the main determinant of best time to visit this park. Winter months is not too hot especially November to December and this makes it best time to visit.

You can visit the park every day from Monday to Thursday it is open from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm. Friday to Sunday from 08:00 am to 11:00 pm

Ticket Prices of Al Mamzar Beach Park

Yu will need to buy an entrance ticket into the park. The ticket cost AED 5 per person. If you have a car you will have to pay AED 30 per car.

Children below 2 years and person with special needs are exempted from paying the entrance fee. Entrances is free for ladies; women and children up to six years old every Monday and Wednesday exempt during public holidays and Ramadan.

How to Reach Al Mamzar Beach Park?

Here are ways to Reach Al Mamzar Beach Park:

1. Dubai Metro

You can board green line metro and get off at Al Qiyadah Metro Station and from there take a taxi or bus to the park.

2. Bus

Several bus lines like C15 and C28 have stations nearby the park. The stations are at a walk distance from the park.

3. Car

You can drive to park from Dubai city by heading to Al Ittihad Road/E11 and take Exit 69. After taking the exit follow the signs to reach to the park.



If you are looking for a beach experience this sis the park to visit. Ther5e are several activities which you can enjoy at the park which include, swimming, sunbathing, snookering, and jet skiing, playing your favourite game, picnic, barbecuing and much more.

The park is a hidden germ where you can spend quality time with your family or loved one. The overs view in the park is amazing and you will love it. You can also visit Quranic Park Dubai for unique experience.


The entry fee in Mamzar Park is AED 5 per person.

Swimming is around in the park 3either at the beach or in the pools.

Al Mamzar Park is found in UAE Dubai in Deira, north of Al Hamriya Port, along the Corniche and Al Mamzar Creek.

You cannot reach directly suing metro to the park. You have to board the Green Metro Line and get off at the Al Qiyadah Metro Station. From there you take taxi to reach the park.

The bus which have stations near the park are RTA Bus C28, C10 and C12.

Visitors are not allowed to bring pets to the park.