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New UAE Visa Rules A Glimpse Of Downtown, Dubai And The Skyscrapper

New UAE Visa Rules

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

04 July 2024 | 13 min read

Since the introduction of the advanced visa system, which came into effect in October 2022 by the UAE government, several changes have been made to the visa rules.

These recent reforms are among the UAE's major residency and entry permit reforms introduced by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP).

The new system has led to major changes in the uae visit visa rules system and introduced new UAE visa rules. In this guide, we will enlist all changes which have taken place since October 2022 to the latest increase in fees to issue Emirates ID, visit, and residency visas in the UAE.

ICP Fee Increase

In its latest announcement, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) hiked the price of all services by AED 100. According to the new rules, the increase is applied to all services rendered byICP, such as issuing Emirates IDs, visit visas, and residence visas.

5-year Multiple Entry Visa

After getting the visa, you can enter UAE multiple times on self-sponsorship. The visa allows you to stay for 90 days whenever you enter the country. After the visa expires and you want to stay more days, you can extend the visa for 90 days. It is the ideal visa for people with a loved one living in UAE because you get enough time to spend with loved ones.

When applying for this 5-year multiple entry visa, some of the documents required include a bank statement covering the previous six months with a balance of $4,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies, proof of UAE health insurance, a copy of the applicant's flight ticket, and proof of residence in the form of an invitation letter from friends or family members residing in the UAE.

Dubai Exit or Leave Permit

When you stay more than the days allowed by your UAE visa, you will be considered overstaying.

If you are exiting UAE via Dubai you must apply for an exit or leave permit to fly out of the country.

Please note that the exit permit is only required when exiting UAE through Dubai. The other Emirates don't require you have an exit pass when flying out.

You can get the Dubai exit permit at the immigration counter in the airport or land borders. You can also get the leave permit through the Al Awir Immigration office. The cost of this exit permit is approximately 200 AED to 300 AED.

Standardization of Overstay Fine Fee

If you stay longer than the duration permitted by your UAE visa you are overstaying your UAE visa and you will be charged with overstaying fines. The UAE ICP recently announced the standardization of all overstaying fines to 50 AED per day of overstaying.

The overstaying fines add up after your grace period(depending on the visa you hold) has been used up. Please note that you won't be considered overstaying if you can't exit the country because of flight cancellations or airport closures.

60 Days Visas Resumed

On October 3rd, 2022, the ICP introduced the 60 days visit visa after implementing the new reforms. The visa allows holidaymakers to stay more days in UAE for up to 2 months.

UAE Entry Permit to Visit Relatives or Friend

If you have a relative or friend who is a UAE citizen or resident, you qualify to apply for the UAE entry permit to visit a friend or relative. You don't need to go through a travel agency or have a sponsor to be eligible to apply for the permit.

UAE Visa Stamping


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government discontinued stamping resident visas into passports in preference of issuing Emirates ID cards. As a result, it will no longer be necessary to collect passports before stamping them, and citizens of the UAE will now be able to submit a single application to obtain their Emirates ID and residency visa. This change will simplify the application process and reduce the time required.

UAE Visit Visa Extension

The UAE Immigration departments in all Emirates have discontinued extending visiting visas without having to exit the country. Instead, the visit visa holders are required to exit the country, apply for an extension, and, once approved, enter the country again.

The option to extend your visa in UAE is Airport to airport services, where you book a flight through a travel agency like Arabiers to the nearest Middle East country like Oman and wait a few hours at the airport for the visa extension application to be processed. After the extension is approved, you enter with the new visa and book a flight back to UAE.

Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates has recently broadened the categories of the Golden Visa and made considerable adjustments to the Golden Residence Scheme to ease the eligibility requirements and expand the categories of those eligible to benefit from the program.

The validity of this visa has been expanded to ten years across the types of Golden Visa categories. The categories of persons who qualify for the UAE Golden visa are business investors, business entrepreneurs, extraordinary talents, scientific researchers, outstanding students and graduates, and talented workers.

Under the new regulations, those awarded the Golden Residence can sponsor their immediate family members, regardless of the ages of their children and spouses. In addition, no restriction is placed on the total number of workers sponsored under domestic support services.

The Golden visa holders and the members of their families are now granted 6 months grace period, which is an increase for the earlier 3 months after the visa expires or is canceled.

During the 6 months grace period, you can either exit the country or change your status to qualify for another type of resident visa.