liwa dune bashing

Thrilling Liwa Dune Bashing: A Desert Adventure

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By Robeena Brown

April 13, 2023 | 13 min read

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Are you looking for a thrilling Dune bashing experience? Book the Liwa desert safari for an exhilarating dune bashing in Liwa. It is one of the things to do in Liwa.

As you plan a desert adventure and look forward to the dune bashing experience, we have gathered everything you need to know about the liwa dune bashing and which tours to book to experience this thrilling experience.

What is Dune Bashing?

Dune bashing is off-roading that takes place on dune fields. One such place with dune fields is the Liwa desert, and travellers are taken on a thrilling ride in large 4x4 vehicles, like the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Fortuner down dunes.The driver will be driving at varying speeds to control the car while driving through sand. For an enjoyable experience, the driver should be experienced and trained to do it. This is because the vehicle needs to stay stable as it goes up and down the hill.

Dune bashing is a fun activity that will make your heart beat faster. But this should be done with the utmost care and safety, and you should choose the most reputable safari trip operator to have this experience in the Liwa Desert.

Where You Can Experience?

Liwa Dune Bashing

If you yearn for a thrilling dune-bashing experience, embark on Liwa desert tours. It is, however, important to note when you choose eco-tours, dune bashing is not included.

Liwa Trekking and Overnight Desert Camping

Are you looking for a trekking experience? Liwa desert trekking Tour is the right tour for you. On your magical desert adventure in Liwa, you'll go from liwa to the western part of Liwa known as the Rub' al Khali (Empty Quarter).You will be able to participate in activities such as stargazing and natural desert drives for the first time. In addition, you will be able to see the world's largest continuous mass of sand.

Liwa Empty Quarter Overnight Camping

If you are looking for a camping experience in the desert, this Overnight camping in the Liwa Empty Quarter is for you. It is a package full of daily activities, from dune bashing through the world's tallest dunes to seeing the native Liwa camel breed.

Moreover, you will go on a roller-protected 4x4 desert drive and camp in the open desert. Explore the desert landscape in a roller-protected 4x4 vehicle and spend the night in the open desert.

Nothing planned, just some fun things to do to get acquainted with the desert and the opportunity to watch the sun set and rise over the sand dunes.

Liwa Sunset Champagne

Just picture yourself sitting on top of a dune with nothing to do but watch the sun go down in complete peace. Do you find yourself longing for this experience even as you read this sentence?

Book the Liwa Sunset Champagne tour for a memorable evening in the Empty Quarter's largest sand hill and reserve a bottle of Liwa Sunset Champagne to celebrate the stunning sunset.

You will also stop by the camel farm and Liwa Fort, among the many other attractions in the area. Moreover, you'll enjoy a delicious meal at the luxurious Qasr Al Sarab Resort amid the Liwa Desert to round out your adventure.

Self 4x4 Drive on Liwa Empty Quarter

Embark in a curated Self-Drive Adventure to Liwa Empty Quarter for the opportunity and challenge of scaling the world's biggest dunes. If visiting Liwa is on your list of must-do activities, then this tour is for you.

Under the watchful eye of experienced Arabiers liwa safari guides, you can drive your vehicle across the highest dunes, gaining a sense of accomplishment and a jolt of adrenaline to refresh you.

See the history of the Liwa desert by watching a unique breed of camel that can be found nowhere else in the United Arab Emirates.

You can also have lunch or dinner at Qasr Al Sarab, where you can take in stunning views of the desert as the sun sets.

Liwa Day Tour

Book this Liwa desert safari day tour to visit the Emirates National Car Museum. At the museum, you will see some of the Sheikh's off-road vehicle collections, historic American automobiles, a Mercedes fleet in every imaginable colour, and the largest truck in the world.

The location would instantly be recognizable to loyal top Gear viewers as it was included in one of the show's episodes.

Top Tips for Enjoying the Liwa Dune Bashing

If you are planning for Liwa dune bashing, below are top tips to keep in mind from Arabiers Guides, especially for the visitors who are doing dune bashing for the first time:

  • If you plan to go on a desert tour in Liwa that includes dune bashing, make sure you eat three to four hours before the tour and avoid eating heavy meals because they can make you sick on tour.
  • Only hire professional safari drivers because driving through the dunes takes certain skills, and safety is the most important thing.
  • Wear clothes that are simple and comfortable.
  • Children younger than 4 years old can't go dune bashing, and you should plan your trip ahead of time.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, pull over and tell the driver.
  • If you want to avoid getting sand in your shoes, wear sandals or slippers instead of shoes.

When to go Liwa Dune Bashing

Liwa Dune Bashing

Liwa experiences only two seasons, summer and winter, with only 23 days of rain over the course of the entire year.

Temperatures in the city reach a maximum of 41 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer, while they can reach a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) in the winter.

June through September see the most visitors to Liwa, while November through May is the off-season.

Winter season is the best time to visit Liwa when temperatures are more bearable, and visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay in Liwa.
The temperature in the desert rises swiftly in the morning, but it drops quickly in the late afternoon because the sands in the desert are dry, and it takes longer to heat moisture than air.
The temperature in the desert rises swiftly in the morning, but it drops quickly in the late afternoon because the sands in the desert are dry, and it takes longer to heat moisture than air.

The atmosphere above a desert is notoriously devoid of moisture and has relatively low relative humidity. Water vapour is the most important greenhouse gas in terms of its ability to control the earth's temperature.

The lack of water in the desert causes the ground to lose its ability to absorb heat, resulting in a nighttime temperature of up to 7 degrees Celsius lower than the coast.

Other Things To Do in Liwa Desert

Besides dune bashing, there are other things to do in Liwa based on the tour you book. Below are some of those activities.

Quad Biking

At Liwa, a trip on a quad bike offers an exhilarating and exhilaratingly thrilling ride. The sand dunes of Liwa are the perfect place for these all-terrain vehicles. As they climb to the tops of the peaks and then speed down the slopes, they give a feeling similar to that of a roller coaster.

People who have never been on a Quad Bike before won't have trouble getting around the sand dunes. All of the rides will be led by experienced guides who know how to move through the terrain and ensure everyone stays safe.

The quad bike isn't for people who get scared easily since the vehicle's power can sometimes be scary, but riding one is a great way to adventure.

Dune Buggy riding

The Liwa Dune Buggy is an open-air 4x4 that can carry up to 4 people plus the driver. You and your loved ones can rest assured that a journey in this will be filled with excitement and leave you shouting with delight.

You can enjoy thrilling dune buggy riding, climbing over extremely tall sand dunes and rolling. You can even stop at the dune peaks and enjoy the stunning desert vistas for a moment in tranquillity. The Dune Buggy is driven by expert drivers who know the terrain well and strive to offer the best adventure ride of your life.

Fat Bike Riding

It is no longer impossible to ride a bicycle through the desert. You can rely on the Fat Bike as you pedal through the sandy dunes of Liwa.

When you add a Fat Bike, or a bicycle with fat tires, to the mix, you have a thrilling new form of adventure cycling. Fat bikes are designed to float over snow and sand, giving the rider the unique experience of venturing into uncharted territory.

Every cyclist will face an endurance test in the desert's vastness and uniformity. Bike excursions offer a novel way to experience the desert, with guides who know the ins and outs of the environment.

Sand Boarding

Bring some sunscreen and a sense of adventure; you're all set for a day full of excitement in the desert. The towering sand dunes are ideal for fun because they may be used as a playground.

Sandboarding is the desert version of snowboarding and consists of speeding down from the tops of sand dunes on a board. Sandboarding is also known as sandboarding.

The custom sandboards are designed to allow riders to safely achieve high speeds while also providing an exhilarating riding experience. Sandboarding is a one-of-a-kind activity that can only be done on the largest dunes found in the Liwa Desert.

Desert Walk

Walking is a great way to connect with nature; it almost always leaves you calm and energized. A stroll through the Liwa desert will allow you to feel the brisk desert air on your face and watch the towering sand dunes beneath your feet.

However, always stay a safe distance from your vehicle and look at it directly in the eyes at all times. Walking near a camel farm if you are in the desert is best because it is easy to become disoriented amid the sand dunes.

Camel Trekking

Ride through the desert atop one of its most ancient inhabitants, the camel, and take in the sights. The Bedouin people of the desert traditionally travelled by camel, and now you may experience the same exhilaration for yourself. Pick the hike that best suits your preferences from the many available options.