How to get UAE visa for Sri Lankans

October 05th, 2023 Updated

This guide made by a Sri Lankan visa consultant who is working in a visa agency in UAE. Many job seekers and business man from Sri Lanka always ask How to get Dubai visa for Sri Lankan passport holders and details related to the UAE embassy. Feel free to visit uae visit visa rules step by step guide page for further clarifications.

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UAE Embassy in Sri Lanka

First you must be needing to know where Sri Lanka UAE embassy is and what they do for Sri Lankans. UAE is well-known in every corner of the world due to its versatility and drive to establish itself as an all-rounder tourist destination. This outlook some time leads to a confusion that UAE is a country on its own. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the country of the United Arab Emirates. The other 6 Emirates are Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ra's Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. Any attestation and complains about any of these 7 Emirates is handled by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates situated in Colombo.

  • Call: +94112565053
  • Bus route: The bus routes 138/1, 138/2, 138/3, 122, 125 for the most part run through the A4 highway
  • Driving: It is near by the Colombo University and opposite to laksala store
  • The service provided by the embassy: Affidavit of support, medical certificate attestation, marriage certificate / birth certificate attestation, singleness certificate attestation, educational certificate attestation
  • The service not provided by the embassy : Processing UAE visa for Sri Lankan passport holders& assisting in extending Sri Lankan’s stays in UAE


Get a new UAE visa in Sri Lanka

For Sri Lankan Assistance (Sinhala & English)

Local Office : Majestic City, 4th floor, 10 Station Rd, Colombo 00400

UAE has carved a nook for itself as one of the leading destinations for not only leisure travel but also for business and medical related travel. It also serves as a link between the east and the west. Previously, getting a UAE visa used to be a tedious task. But, thanks to the booming tourism in UAE the immigration authorities have simplified it so that international travelers can easily get their UAE visa.

This article will cover the simplicity of getting a UAE visa in Sri Lanka by explaining the steps that you need to follow.


Steps to follow for an easy UAE visa

Step 1

The most crucial part is knowing the different types of UAE visa and identifying the visa type that suits your travel needs best. For instance, if your expected duration of stay is within 30 days then a normal 30 day UAE visa will do. If you want to stay more, then a normal 90 day UAE visa is the right option. If you urgently need to travel to UAE then an express UAE visa can be arranged. If you know you will be entering and exiting UAE many times a multiple entry visa will be the ideal option. A normal UAE visa takes 2-3 working days to get processed whereas an express visa is processed within 2-24 hours (During the official UAE working days – Sunday to Thursday)

Step 2

Gather the necessary documents that a Sri Lankan citizen needs to apply for a UAE visa. These documents need to be submitted along with a fully filled visa application form:

  • Recent color photograph with white background.
  • A scanned soft copy of passport (with minimum 6 month validity) front and back pages.
  • Sri Lanka national identity card, phone number and address proof (Electricity bill or phone bill proof) or a UAE residence visa page of a friend or family member works in UAE or middle east.

Step 3

Choose a reputed and trustworthy travel company that has many years’ experience issuing UAE visas. Make sure to read their reviews online and see what their customers have to say. If you choose Arabiers' then continue with the steps.

Step 4

Provide the required document and attach the scanned copies of the necessary documents. Make the payment after which you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 5

Our visa processing team will verify and check your visa application and documents after which they will be sent to the UAE immigration. Sometimes the UAE immigration might request some additional documents which will have to be submitted.

Step 6

Depending on the type of visa you have applied for you will get a copy of your UAE visa WhatsApp or emailed to you.

Step 7

Confirm whether Arabiers or your visa provider has issued the "OK to board" a minimum of 48 hours before you are flying to UAE.

Step 8

Make sure to bring along your passport, a copy of your ticket and other documents on the day of your departure, make sure you reach the airport counter 3 hours prior to your travel


UAE Visa Photo Size for Sri Lankans

What is UAE visa photo size for Sri Lanka?
Many of you ask and you might find in internet it must be 2 inch x 2 inch or 45 mm x 35 mm, which is not the right information and there is no specific UAE visa photo size for Sri Lanka. The best way to send the photo for UAE visa application is while taking your photo in Studio for your passport or medical report, just get the soft copy in your email or pen drive. Along with your passport scan copy and send it to visa processing company they will do your UAE visa. If you are not yet got the passport and make sure you know that photos can’t be taken in any studio on your wish, you must be going to Authorized Studios by Sri Lankan immigration, click here to see the list of approved studios in Sri Lanka that appointed by immigration take photos for passport .


UAE Visa Prices for Sri Lankans – A Simple Price List

Rates in Sri Lankan rupees varies based on the currency exchange & the fee is non-refundable if the visa application rejected and sometimes Arabiers team might ask for a security deposit if you are unable to provide guarantor details. There is no hidden fee or no requirement to book flight ticket with us, below are the final rates that you will paying to obtain the UAE visa from Sri Lanka to our Sri Lanka branch

30 days visa
Single entry visa
Fee in Sri Lankan Rupees
39,900 Rs
Fee in UAE Dirhams
489 AED
  •  Validity : 60 days to enter
  •  Duration of stay in UAE : 30 days
60 days visa
Single entry visa
Fee in Sri Lankan Rupees
57,500 Rs
Fee in UAE Dirhams
689 AED
  •  Validity : 60 days to enter
  •  Duration of stay in UAE : 60 days
90 days visa
Single entry visa
Fee in Sri Lankan Rupees
139,000 Rs
Fee in UAE Dirhams
1490 AED
  •  Validity : 60 days to enter
  •  Duration of stay in UAE : 90 days
30 days visa
Multiple entry visa
Fee in Sri Lankan Rupees
82,164 Rs
Fee in UAE Dirhams
990 AED
  •  Validity : 60 days to enter
  •  Duration of stay in UAE : Multiple stays from the day enter to 30 th day
60 days visa
Multiple entry visa
Fee in Sri Lankan Rupees
98,762 Rs
Fee in UAE Dirhams
1190 AED
  •  Validity : 60 days to enter
  •  Duration of stay in UAE : Multiple stays from the day enter to 60 th day
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September 29, 2023

At a conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE economic Minister Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri said the UAE is on the verge of introducing a new visa system to allow residents to travel to GCC countries visa-free. Currently, GCC citizens travel visa-free across borders, but foreign residents are required to apply for a visa.

August 20, 2023

Travellers below 16 years of age don’t need to submit a negative PCR test certificate upon arrival at UAE.

August 13, 2022

The UAE Cabinet has made numerous reforms, one of which is the extension of the usual stay from 30 to 60 days. Other visa modifications will be made in order to encourage visitors to stay longer.

(Source: The National)


Currency in UAE

The AED which is the code for the United Arab Emirates dirham is simply known as Emirati dirham. The informal abbreviation for AED includes DH or DHS.1 dirham is equal to 100 fils. The conversion rate of AED to LKR keeps fluctuating. As of now, 1 AED is equivalent to 50.60 Sri Lankan Rupees. Make sure to carry some Emirati dirhams during your travel to UAE. Sea Street Colombo offers a good exchange rate for LKR to AED. Checkout the current conversion rate in XE


Things To Do in UAE

The excursions and activities mentioned below are a favorite of most Sri Lankans visiting UAE.

01 Stop at the Burj Khalifa - 5050 LKR (100 AED)

This spectacular mega structure stands out in UAE skyline with a staggering height of 828 meters. Hard to miss even from a distance, the building looks even more splendid up close. The views offered at the observation deck at the 124th floor will let you see City from a bird's eye view and truly admire the layout of this stunning city. If tall heights is not your weak point, head further up to the 148th floor Sky Lounge where you can get a better view that extends quite far. If you wish to stay a bit longer, enjoy some views with a delicious meal at the Atmosphere or the world's tallest lounge, The Lounge Burj Khalifa.

02 Roam The Mall – Free

Although it is called a mall, this amazing development is the biggest understatement as it offers way more than that. Even the swiftest of walkers can't sightsee the entire mall in a day thanks to its 150 restaurants, 1200 or more shops, the Aquarium and underwater zoo, an ice rink, indoor theme park, a large indoor waterfall and a choreographed fountain on its exterior.

03 The Fountain – Free

A part of Dubai mall, the fountain can be viewed from the observation deck at Burj Khalifa too and is also known as the dancing fountain. Regarded as the biggest choreographed fountain system in the world, the jet water streams go up as high as 150 meters.The water jets are illuminated in various colors and move in tune to international songs that are popular. This is one of the most popular attractions with shows scheduled on afternoons (at 1.00 pm and 1.30 pm excluding Fridays) and every 30 minutes after sunset until 11.00pm.

04 Visit and cross the Creek – Free and Abra Boat ride 100 LKR (2 AED)

Although UAE is as modern as a city can get it also has a traditional side which is situated around the creek. Originally a saltwater estuary, it is where the Bani Yas tribe created their first settlement. Their proximity to the water led them to develop skills in pearl diving and fishing, a crucial part of UAE economy. Modern day creek still exudes an aura of Emirati history and houses the famous Museum within its quaint alleyways. These alleyways are also a hotspot for purchasing gold, a variety of spices and textiles in souls dedicated specifically for those items. One of the mandatory activities is an Abra ride which will let you sightsee the buildings that line the banks and their unique character.

05 Go on a Desert safari in UAE desert – LKR 5,050 to 10,100 (100 to 200 AED) depending on quality and camp

A visit to UAE is incomplete without heading to its desert. Only 40 minutes away from the bustling metropolis, the UAE desert gives you a taste of the Emirati vibe. Enjoy activities like off-roading, dune bashing, sand boarding and quad biking in the desert sands. At camp you can dine on barbecues, watch live belly dance performances, get a henna tattoo or ride a camel. If you don't like to be confined by a time limit head out on your own with a desert picnic but make sure to stick near the road if you are without an experienced desert guide.

06 Enjoy a Dhow Cruise – LKR 4000 to 7500 (80 AED to 150 AED) depending on the quality of boat

Ideal for a laid back or romantic evening in UAE, the wooden Dhow is equipped with all necessities for comfort. Begin with a drop off from your hotel to the cruise starting point. The lush surroundings of the dhow boat and the mesmerizing water backed by the skyline will create a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the Arabic traditions. This evening will be incomplete without food, which there is plenty of in both Arabic and international varieties. Apart from savoring the food you will also savor the lit up buildings of UAE.


Sri Lankan Restaurants in UAE

UAE has multiple dining options. However, if you miss Sri Lankan food or craving a plate of hoppers then you have a few options in UAE that dish out authentic Sri Lankan food.

Chef Lanka

Location : Grand Shopping Mall, Al Quoz & in Karama

Araliya Restaurant

Location: Near Astoria Hotel, Meena Bazaar

Curry Leaf

Location: Bur Dubai