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Dubai Visa from Thailand

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Dubai is a place famous for its amazing nightlife adventures and tall buildings and therefore visiting this diverse land is something that you should consider in your lifetime. If you are planning to get Dubai Visa from Thailand it will be important to get the information about the available visa options and their respective prices.

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Dubai Visa from Thailand
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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

November 17, 2023 | 13 min read

Cost of Dubai Visa from Thailand

calender30 Days
box arrowSingle Entry
489 AED
134 USD
calender60 Days
box arrowSingle Entry
689 AED
215 USD
calender30 Days
box arrowMulti Entry
990 AED
270 USD
calender60 Days
box arrowMulti Entry
1190 AED
324 USD


If you are getting a Dubai visa from Thailand below are the steps to follow in the application process :

step 1
Step 1
Send your application documents to our team
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Step 2
Get a means of online payment that is secure
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step 3
Step 3
Get your visa processed and issued
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Step 4
Your e-Visa is sent to you online in a pdf form
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Types of Visa To Dubai From Thailand

Below are some of the visa options for Dubai from Thailand and you can opt for one that meets your travel needs.

30days icon
Prepaid Visa of 30 Days Single Entry

This is prepaid visa for the Thailand citizens and it gives them right to enter Dubai once and can stay in the country for up to 30 days. If you wish to stay longer in Dubai from Thailand, you can renew your visa before the 30-days expiry else you should exit the UAE.

60days icon
Prepaid Visa of 60 Days Single Entry

According to the new laws that have been put in place since October 2022, all visitors coming to Dubai UAE can apply for 60 days prepaid visa. This therefore, means that if you are planning to visit Dubai from Thailand and you wish to stay longer you can opt for this visa. It allows you to stay in UAE for up to 60 days.

30days icon
Prepaid Visa of 30 Days Multiple Entry

If you are visiting Dubai from Thailand and you would wish to exit and enter the country multiple times within 30 days, this is the ideal visa for you. It allows you to stay in the country for 30 days but will allow multiple entries.

60days icon
Prepaid Visa of 60 Days Multiple Entry

This visa was launched in October 2023 and it allows multiple exit and entry into the country within 60 days. It 60 days countdown starts immediately you get into UAE but you have privilege to exit and enter the country within the next 60 days.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements for Thai Residents

dubai visa documents requirements

The documents that are needed for Dubai visa from Thailand are just the normal documents required for any other international travel. They include ;

  • One coloured photograph of yourself
  • Your passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • Birth certificates of children below 18 years of age

Grace Period for Dubai Visa from Thailand

Previously, the government of UAE allowed the holders of prepaid visa a 10 days grace period but that has been eliminated recently. Visitors can therefore choose either the 30 days or 60 days visa if they wish to stay longer. It is important for visa holders to renew their visas once they expire or exit the country to avoid penalties and other possible consequences of overstaying.

Dubai Visa for Thailand Citizen Extension

Are you visiting Dubai from Thailand and your visa has expired, then do not panic as the Arabiers team is here and available 24/7 to help you extend with no hassle. Below are the options available to extend your visa.

calender30 days new tourist visa
box arrowAirport to Airport visa change return flight ticket
1590 AED
433 USD
calender60 days new tourist visa
box arrowAirport to Airport visa change return flight ticket
1790 AED
487 USD
calender30 days extension
box arrowWithout exit
1190 AED
324 USD

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Thai Residents

The government of UAE will fine you if you overstay the visa without taking the necessary action. Visitors from Thailand with 30 days or 60 days’ prepaid visas should renew or exit the country once the visa has expired to avoid possible penalties.

If you do not take action and use the available options to extend your stay, the government of UAE will consider you to have overstayed and you will be fined per every day you have overstayed. Below is the information about the fines charged for overstaying your visa ;

tickEach Consecutive Day
per Day
50 AED
14 USD
tickAs Service Fees
at the clearance
250 - 350 AED
68 - 95 USD

Dubai Embassy in Thailand

Are you in Thailand and need any kind of help regarding your Dubai visa? You can get in touch with the Dubai embassy which is located in Bangkok Thailand for more information. Below are the embassy details ;

Dubai Embassy in South Africa
Call our office
Call office
Fax - +6 62 402 4005
Address in in South Africa
Address in Thailand
87/2 CRC Tower, 29th Floor, All Seasons Place, Wireless Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Top Thai Restaurants in Dubai

The Thai cuisine is among the most famous and loved cuisine in the world not just in Asia. They mainly consist of boiled veggies, spicy dishes and different curries enjoyed by sticky rice. The most popular Thai curries are the Red, green and yellow curries. They are very healthy and fulfilling to anyone who eats.

The main reason why the Thai curries are different from the South eastern ones is because they are healthy and have a creamy taste which is mainly due to the use of coconut milk. Besides the curries Thailand is also popular for seafood more so the shrimps.

If you are a Thai national visiting Dubai and you would love to have the home feeling, below are some of the restaurants you should consider visiting to enjoy Thai cuisines in Dubai ;

1. Benjarong

Benjarong restaurant has a nice ambience and serves its customers a variety of Thai cuisine. If you want to eat there, you can call earlier and make reservations so that they can keep a table for you. While taking your Thai meal here, you also get to enjoy the stunning views of Dubai city from the 24th floor.

locationDusit Thani Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Road - Trade Centre - DIFC - Dubai
2. Sukhothai

Enjoy the tastiest Thai red curry in town at Sukhothai where you get to taste Thailand’s special sticky rice. The restaurant located in Royal Mirage Palace is furnished with traditional Thai designs and has staff who are professional and very attentive.

locationOne & Only Royal Mirage Palace - King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St - Dubai
The Thai Kitchen, Park Hyatt Dubai
3. The Thai Kitchen, Park Hyatt Dubai

Hyatt’s restaurants are known to offer their customers fine dining with good quality food and services from their staff. The Thai Kitchen by Park Hyatt Dubai boasts of beautiful outdoor seating arrangement and a waterfront view.

Although the restaurant is a bit expensive when compared to the other Thai restaurants and also in terms of their serving portions, the restaurants offers you a lavish experience that you will love.

locationPark Hyatt Dubai Dubai Creek Resort - Dubai
Cafe Isan - Authentic Thai Streetfood & Tea Bar Restaurant
4. Cafe Isan - Authentic Thai Streetfood & Tea Bar Restaurant

This small eatery offers cheap Thai cuisine that is authentic including the famous warm, tasty and comforting Tom Yum soup. Other common dishes include the traditional Pad Thai Noodles and the sweet papaya salad. The staff working here will ask you your spice level preference if food so that they may make you a meal that is favorable to you.

locationWaterfront, Cluster B, Lake View Tower - Dubai
Little Bangkok, Urban Thai Cuisine
5. Little Bangkok, Urban Thai Cuisine

Little Bangkok is a top rated restaurant in Dubai and has two branches in the city. The restaurant serves great quality food in all their branches across the world and their portions are also more than enough for a customer.

locationGround Floor, Business Central Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Media City - Dubai

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating ?

Oparating airlines

A plane flying from Bangkok in Thailand takes around 10 hours to arrive in Dubai.

Aerial Distance
4904 kilometers
Airport Code
Bangkok - BKK ,Dubai-DXB
Cheapest direct flight price
Thai Baht 13,565.79 (AED 1,307)
Cheapest return ticket price
Thai Baht 10,460.31 (AED 1,008)

Major Airlines Operation


Emirates airline is owned by the Emirates group of the UAE and has a fleet size of 253. The headquarters for the airline is in Garhoud, Dubai. it is the largest airline in the Middle East and normally it operates over 3600 flights per week from its headquarters.


The Sri Lanka airlines is known to offer comfortable travels to those travelling within Asia and the Middle East. The airline was founded in 1979 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and is now a member of the Oneworld Alliance.

Sri Lanka airlines has a small fleet size of only 25 aircrafts but still they manage to operate across 117 destinations.


Etihad is known to be one of the most punctual airlines in the world and has a fleet size of 81 aircrafts operating 74 destinations. The airline is a flag carrier of the UAE and has headquarters in Khalifa city, near Abu Dhabi International Airport.


Qatar airways is a Qatar flag carrier with headquarters in Doha and has a fleet size of 234 aircrafts. The airline flys to over 150 destinations and is easily one of the largest carriers in the world.


Gulf Air is a state owned airline based in Bahrain and flies to 55 destinations across the world. The airline was founded in 1950 in Bahrain.

Jobs in Dubai for Thai Citizens

Jobs in Dubai for Thai Citizens

If you come from Thailand, you can easily find a job in Dubai depending on your specific skills. There are many work opportunities available across the various sectors in Dubai so you can easily find work that meets your skill set in the city. Some of the top most jobs that in demand in Dubai these days include :

1. Translator

If you are bilingual, that is if you are fluent in two or more languages, you can find a job as a translator in Dubai and work for the many hotels, tours and travel services. Dubai receives many visitors from other countries, some of which do not speak English or Arabic, so translator jobs are high in demand. To position yourself better, you can learn Arabic to enable you communicate with the locals.

2. Diving Instructor

The diving instructor trains underwater divers who go for scuba diving. They ensure safety of the divers and also assess their skill set. You can also opt to be a scuba diving leader if you don’t want to be an instructor and now lead groups of people to go for scuba diving experiences.

3. Foreman

Many construction and manufacturing companies have openings for foreman where the role includes coordinating with employees and supervising them to ensure their productivity. Foremen act as middle men between workers and supervisors of a company.

4. Receptionist

A receptionist serves a visitor by receiving them and guiding them on settling or navigating through the specific facility, whether a hotel, office or even conference room.

5. Lab Technician

The roles of a lab technician include receiving and labelling samples that come into a pathology for a test, analyzing them and making reports according to the analysis conducted. The job opportunity is found in hospitals that have their own pathology units and in pathology labs that are outside the hospitals too.

6. Senior Delivery Manager

The role of a senior delivery manager includes handling the delivery of high risk and complex goods or services to clients of their companies. Some firms require a delivery manager to have knowledge in processing advances level data and also know how to manage schedules.


If you have a prepaid single entry or multiple entry Dubai visa, you are permitted to travel to Dubai from Thailand.

If you want a Dubai visa from Thailand easily, contact Arabiers through WhatsApp and we will organize for you to get the visa in the shortest time possible.

Contact the Arabiers team who offers online visa services to people even in Thailand who want to travel to Dubai. when you tell us your requirements through WhatsApp and make the visa fee payment, we then proceed to apply for the visa on your behalf.

Here are a few common reasons why your Dubai visa application may get rejected :

  • If the details filled in your visa application form were incorrect or incomplete
  • If you are female and travelling to the UAE alone because the UAE law does not allow female solo travelers under 24 years
  • If the passport or passport copy you provided is damaged
  • If there are some typing errors in your application

The price you pay to apply for a Dubai visa from Thailand ranges from Thai Baht 3,743.92 (AED 359) to Thai Baht 23,466.49 (AED 2250. The specific amount of money you pay depends on the specific type of visa you choose to apply for.

If you plan to move to Dubai permanently, you should first have a residence visa to Dubai. the residence visa allows you to stay in Dubai for long term. We however do not offer services to apply for a long term Dubai visa so you have to visit the embassy for such issues.

You are not allowed to work in Dubai with a visit visa so you have to first a residence visa to be legal to work in Dubai. you can get the residence visa through a sponsor or a company that is employing you in Dubai.