Dubai Visa from Thailand

Update - 08th June, 2023

Traveling to the diverse land of Dubai, known for its unmissable nightlife adventures and tall buildings, is something you should check off your bucket list! Suppose you are traveling from Thailand to Dubai soon. In that case, knowing about the different visa options available for you and their pricing and validity period is a good idea. Please read our guide on visit visa to UAE that you require to enter Dubai and stay informed about everything related to Dubai visas. Furthermore, you can explore some of the top Thai restaurants we recommend based out of Dubai.

Do I need a visa from Thailand to Dubai?

Thailand passport holders are not eligible to receive an on-arrival visa to Dubai. Hence, they need to get a prepaid UAE visit visa beforehand. This process of obtaining a Dubai visit visa can be completed before you travel to the UAE.

Types of Visa To Dubai From Thailand

Find out all about the different types of Dubai visa for Thailand passport holder that you can opt for as per your travel requirements.

This single entry prepaid visa for Thailand citizens visiting Dubai is valid for 30 days. It also contains details about your entry and exit dates as per the issuance of your visa. Before the visa valid period is over you can either renew your visa or leave the United Arab Emirates.

From October 3, 2022, onwards, all visitors arriving in the United Arab Emirates can obtain a 60-day prepaid visit visa according to the new UAE visa laws that have been announced by the government. Those who are planning a holiday or a formal trip to Dubai can now enjoy the double amount of stay in the city with this new UAE visit visa which is valid for 60 days from the date of visa issuance and comes with a single-entry option.

Do you need to enter and exit the country multiple times in 30 days? Then you can opt for a multiple entry visit visa for Dubai from Thailand. It carries a validity period of 30 days and has no extra grace period, which is available with single entry visas only.

The prepaid UAE visit visa of 60 days launched in October 2023 is also available with a multiple entry option. This visa is valid for 60 days and comes into effect from the 1st day of entry. Within the next 60 days of your first entry to the UAE, you can enter/exit the country multiple times, as needed.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements for Thai Residents

The important documents required for a Dubai visa for Thailand are the same as for any international travel. These are the basic documents you will require:

  • One colour photograph
  • At Least 6 months of valid passport
  • Birth certificates of children below 18 years of age.

Visa Application Process to Dubai from Thailand

Here is a breakdown of the Dubai visa process that will tell you all about how to apply for a Dubai visa from Thailand and obtain it from the Arabiers team:

Whatsapp us
Step 1

WhatsApp us

Dubai visa from Thailand
Step 2

Get a Quick Reply

Provide us passport
Step 3

3. Please Provide us with a picture of your passport & photo

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs
Step 4

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs!

Dubai Visa Price from Thailand

Are you looking for information about the visit visa cost to Dubai from Thailand? Find below the Dubai visa for Thailand price list that will come helpful to you.

30 Days single entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Thai Baht 4356

489 AED

60 Days single entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Thai Baht 6467.11

789 AED

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Thai Baht 8819

990 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Thai Baht 10,601

1190 AED

Grace Period for Dubai Visa from Thailand

In a recent development, the UAE immigration has eliminated the grace period previously provided to prepaid visit visa holders, which typically lasted for 10 days. Individuals now can opt for prepaid visas with durations of either 30 or 60 days. It is crucial for visa holders to be aware that once their chosen duration expires, they must take immediate action to either extend their visa or depart the country in order to prevent penalties for overstaying or the potential consequences of absconding.

Dubai Visa for Thailand Citizen Extension

Dubai Visa for Thailand Citizen Extension

Has your Dubai visa from Thailand expired today or is about to expire? Don’t fret, we are here to help you out with this situation. If you have a 30-day single-entry prepaid visit visa, you will be eligible for a 10-day additional grace period stay in the country. After your grace period is over, you need to extend your visit visa through the Oman visa run or the Airport-to-airport method, since the Government of the UAE does not provide an option for in-country visa renewal/extension anymore. Once this additional grace period is over, you will be liable to pay an overstaying fine to the government of the United Arab Emirates. You will be fined AED 50 (467.44 Thai Baht) on your first day of overstay and AED 25 (233.61 Thai Baht) for each consecutive day of the overstay.

Renewal Process of Visa from Thailand to Dubai

Has your Dubai visa from Thailand expired today or is about to expire? Don't fret, we are here to help you with this situation. According to the new laws by the UAE visa systems, you cannot opt for an in-country visa extension as the government has discontinued it. However, you still have two options to renew or extend your visa and we can help you with both of them - the Oman Visa run and the Airport-to-airport method.

Get in touch with us to know more about these methods to renew your stay in the UAE. Arabiers customer support team is always available for you 24*7 to assist you with all of your visit visa and Dubai travel-related doubts or queries.

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Thai Residents

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Thailand

Those traveling to Dubai soon should be aware that the government of the UAE has the right to fine you if you have overstayed your visa in their country. They will not take any action against you for the overstay because they know that people generally overstay their visas for minor reasons that can be ignored. Individuals carrying a single entry prepaid visa for Dubai of 30 days can get an additional stay of 10 days in the country, known as the grace period. During the grace period, an individual can leave the country to renew their stay, Oman visa run and airport-to-airport method are the two options that one can opt for to renew their visa further.

Suppose a person doesn't comply with the options given to them by the government of the UAE. In that case, their stay in the country will be considered an overstay of their visit visa, and the UAE government can fine them for the same with immediate effect. Below is a list that will tell you everything about the visit visa overstaying fines for Thailand citizens in Dubai.

Each Consecutive Day

Thai Baht 473

50 AED

At the clearance/Exit

Thai Baht 2366 - 3313

250 - 350 AED

Dubai Embassy in Thailand

If you need any help or official interventions related to Dubai travel visas, you can get in touch with the Dubai embassy, which is based in Bangkok, Thailand. Find the address, phone number, and other details of the Dubai embassy below :

Website:Click here


Address in Thailand :87/2 CRC Tower, 29th Floor, All Seasons Place, Wireless Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Phone: +6624024000


Dubai Embassy in Thailand

Top Thai Restaurants in Dubai

Thai cuisine is one of the world's most popular cuisines, not just in Asia! It mainly consists of boiled veggies, spicy dishes, and different curries enjoyed with sticky rice. Red, green, and yellow curries are the most popular Thai curries. They are quite fulfilling and healthy too. Thai curries are different from the south-eastern ones because they are healthy and have a creamy taste, owing to the use of coconut milk. Aside from curries, Thai cuisine is also known for its seafood, especially shrimp. If you are a Thailand national visiting Dubai and missing the food from back home, check out our top picks for Thai restaurants in Dubai:

1. Benjarong


Benjarong offers a great variety of Thai food in a nice atmosphere. It is one of the most popular Thai cuisine-based restaurants in Dubai. You can call the restaurant to make an early reservation for your table at the restaurant. The staff at Benjarong is amiable, and nature's greenery inspires its decor. The visitors of this restaurant love it for the lip-smacking authentic Thai dishes. From this restaurant, you can enjoy the city's spectacular views from the 24th floor! A must-visit place when you are in Dubai.


Location : Dusit Thani Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Road - Trade Centre - DIFC - Dubai

2. Sukhothai


Treat your palette to the tastiest Thai red curry in Town with Thailand's special sticky rice at Sukhothai restaurant in Royal Mirage Palace. The staff here provides attentive service and always takes feedback on the dishes served. The restaurant is quite cozy and has a traditional Thai interior design using wood. P.S.: if you love prawns, don't forget to try out the delicious Prawn Satay here!

Location : One & Only Royal Mirage Palace - King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St - Dubai

3. The Thai Kitchen, Park Hyatt Dubai

The Thai Kitchen, Park Hyatt Dubai

When it comes to Hyatt's restaurants, there is no doubt that you will get a fine dining experience with quality food and services at their premises. The Thai Kitchen by Park Hyatt Dubai is a beautiful authentic place for Thai food lovers. It has a gorgeous outdoor seating arrangement with a waterfront view and greenery. You may find this place a bit expensive compared to other Thai restaurants in Dubai since their serving portions are quite small. However, we would still say that the luxe experience at this restaurant is unmissable!

Location : Park Hyatt Dubai Dubai Creek Resort - Dubai

4. Cafe Isan - Authentic Thai Streetfood & Tea Bar Restaurant

Cafe Isan - Authentic Thai Streetfood & Tea Bar Restaurant

Cafe Isan is a small Thai cuisine eatery in Dubai that is affordable and still has an authentic Thai touch to it. The warm, flavourful, and comforting Tom Yum soup from this cafe is a must-try, aside from the traditional Pad Thai Noodles and delicious papaya salad. The staff at this place makes sure to ask you about your spice level preferences in food (since Thai food is quite spicy) which adds an extra star to their service!

Location : Waterfront, Cluster B, Lake View Tower - Dubai

5. Little Bangkok, Urban Thai Cuisine

Little Bangkok, Urban Thai Cuisine

This top-rated Thai restaurant in Dubai, with two branches in the city, is a fabulous place to visit for an official lunch or dinner. Little Bangkok is a chain restaurant based in many countries, and the quality of their food is unmatchable at all of their branches across the world. You get great value at this place as they serve food in ample portions. The menu is diverse, with an eat-all-you-can option on the weekends, which is quite affordable and lets you try a variety of dishes.

Location : Ground Floor, Business Central Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Media City - Dubai

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating?

Dubai Visa from Thailand

Want to know how far is Dubai from Thailand in terms of hours and distance?

A flight takes about 10 hours to fly from Bangkok, Thailand to Dubai.

Aerial Distance = 4904 kilometers

Airport Code = Bangkok - BKK , Dubai-DXB

Cheapest direct flight price from Bangkok, Thailand : Thai Baht 13,565.79 (AED 1,307)

Cheapest return ticket price : Thai Baht 10,460.31 (AED 1,008)

Major Airlines Operation:

1. Gulf Air

Gulf Air

The state-owned flight service of Bahrain, Gulf Air, was founded in 1950. It currently flies its passengers to 55 destinations present in multiple countries.

2. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is an airline service certified four-star and owned by the renowned Emirates group of the UAE. This Airline service by the Emirates group has a fleet size of 253, and its headquarters are based out of Garhoud, Dubai. It is the largest airline in the Middle East. Emirates Airlines operates over 3600 flights per week from its headquarters. They fly to more than150 destinations based in 80 countries across the world.

3. Sri Lankan Airlines

Sri Lankan Airlines

Sri Lankan Airlines offers comfortable travel experiences to many places within Asia and the Middle East. This airline service is a member of the Oneworld alliance. It was founded back in 1979 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The fleet size of this airline service is relatively small, with only 25 aircraft. However, they still manage to operate across 117 destinations!

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Fly to more than 150 destinations with state-owned flag carrier Qatar Airways. It has a fleet size of 234, which makes this airline one of the largest carriers in the world. Its headquarter is based out of Doha.

5. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Popularized as one of the most punctual airline services in the world, Etihad Airways is a flag carrier of the UAE with its headquarters in Khalifa City, close to Abu Dhabi International Airport. Its fleet size is 81, with regular flights operating to 74 destinations.

Jobs in Dubai for Thai Citizens

Thailand citizens can easily find a suitable job for themselves in the city of Dubai if they meet specific criteria which are needed to work in Dubai. Numerous work opportunities are available across various sectors in Dubai to find the right job for yourself without any hassle. These are some of the topmost job positions that are pretty in-demand these days in Dubai:

1. Translator

If you are bilingual, i.e., if you can speak two languages or more, then you can quickly become a translator in Dubai. Many hotels, as well as tours and travel services, require translators because Dubai receives many visitors from other countries who cannot speak English or Arabic. If you can learn Arabic, the translator job will become easier.

2. Diving Instructor

A diving instructor trains underwater drivers for scuba diving in a safe way. They also assess the competence of the underwater divers. If you don't want to be an instructor, you can also choose to be a scuba diving leader, where you can lead groups for scuba diving experiences.

3. Foreman

The job position of a foreman is usually available at construction companies or manufacturing plants of different kinds. They ensure the productivity of the employees working under them for day-to-day operations. A foreman's main job is coordinating with the employees and assessing the quality of the work being done regularly. They are a middleman between workers and supervisors of a company.

4. Receptionist

A receptionist handles, or should we say, "serves" a visitor in their facility by receiving them and helping them to navigate through a facility, e.g., their hotel room, office cabin, or conference room. Additionally, they also serve refreshments to the visitors in the waiting lounge. It is easy to find a job as a receptionist in Dubai since this city has a ton of hotels as well as office facilities where an employee of this kind is always a requirement.

5. Lab Technician

A lab technician?s job consists of various important duties, starting from receiving and labeling the samples that come into a pathology for a test, to also analyzing them and making reports as per the analysis conducted. This kind of job role is available within hospitals that have their own pathology units, as well as in pathology labs situated outside of the hospitals too.

6. Senior Delivery Manager

A senior delivery manager handles the delivery of complex and high-risk products or services to their company?s clients. In certain firms, they need to have the knowledge of processing advanced level data. Furthermore, they also manage delivery schedules.


Yes. Once you have a prepaid visit visa for Dubai - single entry or multiple entries, you can travel to Dubai from Thailand without hassle. You must obtain your prepaid visa before visiting the United Arab Emirates. The prepaid visit visas for Dubai come with a validity period of 30 to 60 days, so you should go for one appropriate per your requirements. The 30 day single entry visa for Dubai comes with an additional grace period of 10 days for visa renewal or leaving the UAE.

If you require a prepaid visit visa from Thailand to Dubai, you can easily opt for Arabiers online visit visa services to apply for your UAE prepaid visit visa. You can receive further details about the application process required for a visit visa by contacting our team on WhatsApp messenger.

At Arabiers, we extend our services of online visit visa applications to people living in countries across the globe. Any individual can contact our team members via WhatsApp to get a Dubai visa from Thailand. Our team at Arabiers will proceed with your prepaid visit visa application, and you will receive your visit visa on time from our side. Get in touch with the Arabiers team on WhatsApp for more information about the online visit visa application process. Please provide us with the important details required from your end so that we can process your UAE visit visa application. You can also make your payments for visa services to Arabiers by using various online payment methods available with us.

Did your Dubai visa from Thailand get rejected? Here, we have written down a few of the most common reasons why your Dubai visa application probably didn't get processed:

  • Your details provided by you during the visit visa application were either incorrect or incomplete.
  • You are a solo female traveler under the age of 24 years who is trying to apply for a visit visa to the UAE. In this scenario, your visa can get rejected because, by law, females under 24 are not eligible to travel to the UAE alone.
  • The passport/passport copy provided by you is damaged.
  • Certain typographical errors.

The Cost of a Dubai visa from Thailand is within the range of Thai Baht 3,743.92 (AED 359) to Thai Baht 23,466.49 (AED 2250). The costs also depend on the type of visa you are going with.

Do you plan to move to Dubai permanently from Thailand? In this case, you will need a residential visa for Dubai that will allow you to stay in the United Arab Emirates for an extended period. While you are in-between your migration process from Thailand to Dubai, you should ensure that you get your university degree, your marriage certificate, and your child's birth certificate attested by the Thailand foreign ministry and the Dubai Embassy. Doing this procedure will come in handy for you while your family visa or residence visa application is in process.

No. Unfortunately, a Thai national cannot work in Dubai or UAE unless they have a residence visa. The residence visa can be obtained through a sponsor or a company to work within the UAE. You can request your employer in Dubai to provide you with a sponsored visa that will let you work in their company.