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Dubai Visa from Palestine

Update - 26th December, 2022

Due on going changes in UAE immigration reforms, the visa processing for this nationality been suspended & we will update soon

Firstly, let us answer one of the most frequently asked questions, ‘Do Palestinians need a visa for Dubai?’ Yes, Palestinians travelling to Dubai need to apply for a UAE visit visa before flying because they are not eligible to get on arrival visa to Dubai.

This detailed guide will give you an idea of the overall procedure for applying for a visa to Dubai from Palestine. Other topics covered in this guide include an estimate of the price for the visa, the supporting documents, and much more helpful information for a smooth application process. You can visit Dubai with a visit visa to UAE as it is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Types of Visa To Dubai From Palestinian

Since it is confirmed that it is mandatory to have a Dubai visa for a Palestinian passport holder, don't get confused about the right visa procedure. The UAE government offers a variety of visas, but Palestinian citizens may only apply for any of the four visas listed below:

The 30-day single-entry visa includes an entry and exit date, making it simple for you to determine when you must depart the UAE. Visas are valid for 30 days starting from the date of entry. Palestinians who apply for this visa are permitted a 40-day maximum stay in Dubai, including 10 day grace period. You have to leave the United Arab Emirates or apply for a visa extension within these 10 days. If you want to stay longer, you can extend this visa twice. Every extension gives you an additional 30 days.

As this visa allows the holder to stay for 60 days, this visa is suitable for Palestinians who want to visit friends and relatives, attend professional courses, or go to a family event. The visa will include the departure and arrival dates. When the 60 days are up, the 10-day grace period starts. The holder has to request an extension or leave the nation within this duration. You may extend this visa twice.

This visa is valid for six months from the date of entry and has no grace period. You may enter and exit the UAE as much as necessary during the 6 months until the 30 days of stay are over because this is a multiple entry visa. There is no grace period or the ability to extend this visa. You can choose between an in-country visa process or a visa renewal if you want to stay longer.

This 60-day multiple-entry visa is appropriate if you wish to visit your family or friends in Dubai, go to a training session, or fulfill any other similar reason but may need to keep traveling back to Palestine. The visa will include the entry and leave dates, but you can travel between Dubai and Palestine several times during the six months before using up your 60-day stay limit. This visa has no grace period, and it cannot be extended. You can stay longer by requesting a visa extension while you are still in the country.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements for Palestinians

To apply for a UAE visit visa for Palestinian citizens, these are the required documents that need to be submitted:

  • One colour photograph
  • Passport with minimum 6 month validity
  • Birth Certificate for children below 18 years

Visa Application Process to Dubai from Palestine

Are you perplexed by the Dubai visa process for Palestinians? First off, obtaining a visa for the UAE is an easy and hassle-free process. This section will cover how to apply for a Dubai visa from Palestine?

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Grace Period for Dubai Visa from Palestine

The grace period is the time frame after the expiration of the visa within which the holder must submit an application for a fresh extension or leave the UAE. The 30 days and 60 days multiple entry visas don't have a grace period because of their lengthy validity duration of 6 months. Only the 30-day and 60-day single entry visas have a free 10-day grace period.

Dubai Visa for Palestinen Citizen Extension

Dubai Visa for Palestine  Citizen Extension

Is your visit visa to the UAE about to expire? You don't need to be concerned because this section will clarify the details of the UAE visa for Palestinian nationals.

Visitors can now take advantage of two 30-day visa extensions(for a total of 60 days) thanks to recent reforms to the UAE's visa policy. This suggests that tourists may stay in the nation for a total of 60 days without exiting. The new visa extension will be processed while you are in the UAE and will cost an additional AED 950 (ILS 914.35).

A 10-day grace period is applicable if you applied for a 30 or 60-day single-entry visit visa. You must apply for an extension if you don't leave the UAE, otherwise, you will be fined 200 AED (ILS 192.49) for the first day and 100 AED (ILS 96.25) each day from the second day onward.

Renewal Process of Visa to Dubai from Palestine

Visa extensions are permitted for UAE visitors and residents up until the grace period or before their current visas expire. A UAE visit visa renewal is the process of getting a new visit visa for the UAE without exiting the nation. A status adjustment is also a part of the process, allowing the holder to stay in the UAE for an extended amount of time without having to leave.

Fortunately, the visit visa renewal process is fairly simple and may be finished over WhatsApp. Your visa can be renewed in 24 to 48 hours by contacting the Arabiers customer service team, who are available round-the-clock to help you.

30 days renewal

30 Days

In country Renewal

In country Renewal

ILS 1042.86

1119 AED

60 days renewal

60 Days

In country Renewal

In country Renewal

ILS 1202.22

1290 AED

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Palestinian

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Palestine

There are consequences for anyone caught exceeding their visa's stay period in Dubai. The government is aware that occasionally, travelers may have valid reasons for exceeding their allotted visa time. They have decided not to add such people to a blacklist in order to avoid further complications. There is a 10-day grace period during which the holders of 30- or 60-day single-entry prepaid visas may extend their visas or depart the country.

You will incur an overstaying fine and be considered to have overstayed your visa if you don't adhere to either. The following is a list of the Dubai visa overstaying fine for Palestinians:

For the first day of Overstay

ILS 192.49

200 AED

Each Consecutive Day

ILS 96.25

100 AED

As Service Fees

ILS 96.25

100 AED

Dubai Embassy in Palestine

Details of Dubai embassy in Palestine:

Address in Palestine : Ramallah,Palestine

Phone: +970-224-12515


Dubai Embassy in Palestine

Top Palestinian Restaurants in Dubai

1. The Palestinian Bakery

The Palestinian Bakery

This is the place to be if you wish to taste authentic Palestinian food. The food is reasonably priced and delicious, with a fast serving time. The wood-fired oven churns out some trendy items like their numerous varieties of fatayer. Customer favorites include their Fatayers range and akkawi cheese and humus, which taste very authentic.

Location : 46RG+F8-Alserkal Avenue - Al Quoz - Dubai

2. Mamaesh Al Manara

Mamaesh Al Manara

Dubai's best place to eat Palestinian food. All the branches are good, but this one feels the most genuine due to the lovely decorations and backyard garden. The hummus is outstanding, and the baked foods are top-notch!

Dubai's best place to eat Palestinian food. All the branches are good, but this one feels the most genuine due to the lovely decorations and backyard garden. The hummus is outstanding, and the baked foods are top-notch!

Location : Union Coop - Villa 1081 - Al Wasl Rd - opposite Umm Suqeim - Al Safa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

3. Zahrat Al Quds Restaurant Dubai

Zahrat Al Quds Restaurant Dubai

Palestinians who want to showcase the simplicity and flavor of their local cuisine can take their multicultural friends here. Also including many Jordanian favorites on the menu, their most popular Palestinian items are the Mansaf, Musakhan, Qidra and Maglouba. The best part is that eating here won’t leave a hole in your pocket because the prices are affordable.

Location : 22 24 Street, Behind Al Qiyadah Metro Station - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating?

Dubai Visa from Palestine

It takes about 03hours 14minutes to fly from Palestine to Dubai.

Aerial Distance = 2,698.89 km

Airport Code = Gaza-GZA, Dubai-DXB

Cheapest direct flight price from Casablanca, Palestine :

Cheapest return ticket price :

Major Airlines Operation:

1. Emirates


One of the two flag carriers of United Arab Emirates the airline is owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation. The airline is owned by The Emirates Group and is situated in Garhoud, Dubai.

Jobs in Dubai for Moroccan Citizens

You must fulfill certain requirements to secure a job in Dubai as a Palestinian. Below is a list of standard occupations held by Palestinians in Dubai:

1. Accountant

If you are enthusiastic about finances, you will find numerous opportunities in UAE because firms and companies always need assistance managing their funds. Multiple job prospects are accessible for individuals with financial management knowledge, ranging from financial analyst positions to accountants for small and large businesses.

2. Nurse

The demand for healthcare support staff like nurses has increased due to the advancement in UAE's health sector. Nurses provide aid to doctors and other medical professionals during major procedures. The UAE is a great option for people who wish to work in the medical sector but don't have much experience because there are many employment openings there

3. Customer service management

Numerous customer service-related professions are available in this field, all of which call for in-depth knowledge of customer service and client relationship management. Do you possess the ability to communicate with clients, pursue leads, and establish sustainable relationships? If yes, the UAE will gain from your expertise in customer relationship management.

4. Software Application Engineer

Application Engineers are among the most sought-after professions in the UAE and among the highest-paying ones. However, they are also among the most demanding careers requiring significant training and abilities.

5. Creative directors

Creative directors need to oversee the advertising, TV, radio or media content created by companies. The majority of creative degrees lack a degree in this area. To become a creative director, you must typically begin as a graduate trainee at a large corporation where you can study the creative process. With the constant development in this field, this is one of the most promising careers in Dubai.