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What the Dubai Visa for US Green Card holders is all about: A Comprehensive Guide

Update - 26th June, 2024

There has been longstanding confusion among US green card holders regarding the Dubai visa and how the UAE visa process applies to green card holders as opposed to US citizens. Most green card holders are unclear about the criteria they need to meet to obtain the Dubai Visa.

This guide is a detailed and informative explanation of the Dubai Visas for green card holders and the processes to obtain and / or extend their visa.

If traveling to Dubai or other cities within the UAE, irrespective of their nationality, US green card holders should be aware of the visa requirements for Dubai.

Currently, Dubai offers automatic on-arrival visas to over 70+ countries upon entry to the UAE. Nationals of countries who are not eligible for an on-arrival visa need to apply for a prepaid visa prior to traveling to the UAE.

US green card holders who are Indian nationals receive a 14-day single entry visa stamped on arrival provided they applied for the visa prior to traveling. This prepaid 14-day single entry visa stamped on arrival for Indians is now cheaper, costing just 63 AED as of January 2024.

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The Dubai Visa for US Green Card Holders Simplified
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Khalid Al Suwaidi

Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Khalid Al Suwaidi

June 26, 2024 | 13 min read

What is the Dubai Visa Eligibility Criteria for US Green Card holders?

The eligibility for the Dubai visa for green card holders is based on nationality and other criteria as discussed below.

1. Eligibility based on Nationality

There are two categories of US green card residents who are eligible to obtain the Dubai visa provided they fulfill certain criteria:

i) Indian Nationals (Non-Resident Indians) holding US Green Cards

Effected January 2024, Indian nationals holding US green cards are eligible for a 14-day, single entry visa on arrival in Dubai. They need to apply for the visa prior to travel from the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). The cost for the visa is USD $63.

Non-Resident Indians (NRI) holding US green card residency valid for at least 6 months, or a US or UK visa valid for at least 6 months, are granted this special offer following diplomatic discussions between the UAE and India.

If you are a NRI visiting Dubai on the above visa category and looking to extend your stay, please call the Arabiers Guest Services team to process a 30-day or 60-day visa extension for you.

Arabiers is a leading local inbound licensed tour operator and an authorized visa agent for the UAE. Our Guest Services Team will know exactly what to do and will handle your visa extension process efficiently and smoothly.

ii) Other Nationals holding Green Cards

Other nationalities holding US green cards are required to apply for a prepaid visa before visiting Dubai. Their passport and the US green card must be valid for at least 6 months.

They can apply for either the 30-day or 60-day single or multiple entry visa.

iii) USA Passport Holders

US Citizens are not required to make visa arrangements prior to visiting the UAE.

US citizens may simply book a flight and fly to Dubai. On arrival they are granted a 30-day visit visa, which is free of charge.

If you need to extend your stay in Dubai, please reach out Arabiers’ Guest Services team for assistance. We are experienced in handling visa applications and extensions for most passport holders.

What are the types of Dubai Visa for Green Card Holders?

The USA green card holders are eligible for a number of Dubai visas:

Tourist Visa

The Dubai Tourist Visa is ideal for travelers visiting Dubai for leisure with the intention of exploring Dubai and the wider Emirates.

It allows the holder a 30-day stay in the UAE with an extension option of an additional 30 days.

Visit Visa

The Dubai Visit Visa is granted to green card holders visiting Dubai for reasons of leisure, or seeking medical attention, for education purposes, business, or visiting and staying with family or friends.

This visa also allows the visa holder to stay in the country for 30 days with an option to extend for an additional 30 days.

Transit Visa

The transit visa for green card holders is for long layovers when transiting through Dubai. Depending on your travel itinerary and ticketing, the transit visa may be issued for a 48-hour, or a maximum of a 96-hour period. You may consider the transit visa as an invitation by the UAE Federation for all layover passengers to explore the sights, smells and general allure of Dubai while in-transit, allowing the passenger to exit the airport via convenient transportation, explore Dubai city, even have breakfast or lunch, and get back to Dubai International Airport (DXB) or Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) in time to continue their onward sky journey.

Business Visa

The Dubai Business visa is granted to green card holders travelling to Dubai for business purposes. Depending on the traveler’s business purposes, the visa may be issued as a short-term visa for 14 – 30 days or a long-term visa which may be given up to 90 days.

The long-term visa may be extended for an additional 90-days for a fee.

Employment Visa

The Dubai Employment visa requires a sponsorship from an employer. The green card holder would need to first secure a job in the UAE and then proceed with obtaining the employment visa which would be valid for the duration of the employment contract.

Student Visa

The Student visa is granted to a green card holder who wishes to pursue education in an educational institution within the UAE.

Residence Visa

This is long term visa that is granted to green card holders who wish to live in Dubai for employment, investments and other purposes. Depending on you’re the purpose, one may require a sponsor or you may be your own sponsor.

The step by step Dubai Visa Application Process

The Visa Application process for the US green card holders is not complicated.

You can navigate the online visa application process yourself or leave the application process to the Arabiers team who, with their years of experience processing visa applications to the UAE, will expertly process your application quickly and efficiently.

  • 1

    Prepare your documents for application. Then select your nationality and the type of visa you are applying for. Complete the application form and upload the documents as requested.

  • 2

    Make the payment by selecting the mode of payment you want to use. You will receive a confirmation notification once the payment is confirmed.

  • 3

    The final step is receiving a notification with your e-visa online ready for printing. You can download, verify and print the visa.

What is the cost of Visa for Green card holders?

The cost of the Dubai visa for the US green card holders is dependent on the type of visa you are applying. The cost of applying for the visa ranges between 65 USD to 400 USD.

What is the Dubai visa processing time for US green card holders?

A US green card holder’s visa for Dubai will take anywhere from 12 hours to 4 business days to process. The type of visa being applied for may impact the visa processing time.

Visa Extension for Green Card Holders

If you are a US green card holder in Dubai and you are planning to stay in the country longer than the issued visa period, you are expected to apply for an extension visa. You are automatically allowed to extend your visa for an additional 14 days upon the current visa’s expiry.

If you are seeking to stay longer than 14-days, you can apply through the UAE e-visa system or contact the Arabiers team to expedite the process for you.

The long term visa is typically issued for 90-days.

Changing from a Tourist or Visit visa to a Residence Visa

The US green card holders may apply for the Dubai residence visa as long as they meet the required criteria. The residence visa allows the visa holder to live, work, or study in Dubai for an extended period of time which the other visas do not allow.


Yes, as a US green card holder, you are allowed to extend your stay in Dubai.
All you have to do is extend the visa when before its expiry.
Yes, however you need to check against the visa requirements for the passport you carry. If your nationality is not eligible for a visa on-arrival, please ensure that you apply for a prepaid visa before traveling.
Indian nationals will be issued with a pre applied visa on arrival however they need to apply for a prepaid visa.
The process of getting a visa as a US green card holder is very simple.
If you qualify for a visa on-arrival you just need to get a ticket and fly to Dubai.
However, if the country your national passport is issued in does not qualify for a Dubai visa on-arrival you need to use the online e-visa system and apply for a visa. Or, for your ease and convenience, please contact the Arabiers Guest Services team to process your application.