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Difference Between Visit Visa and Tourist Visa in Dubai A View Of The Atlantis The Royal Hotel In Dubai

Difference Between Visit Visa and Tourist Visa in Dubai

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Robeena Brown

12 June 2024 | 13 min read

As the enticing beauty of Dubai's skyscrapers and grandeur attracts visitors from around the world, the topic of visa requirements frequently arises. There are two regular visa options available for those who are willing to explore Dubai. The difference between a visit visa and a tourist visa in Dubai depends on the traveler’s intention and the duration of stay. In this blog, we will delve into everything you need to know about a UAE Visit Visa Process and a tourist visa.

What is a visit visa in Dubai?

A visit visa is a versatile visa option that caters to a broad range of reasons like exploring business opportunities, seeking medical attention, visiting family, and attending meetings. This visa is available for 30 days and 60 days depending on the traveler’s requirements. A visit visa gives the opportunity to visitors to participate in a variety of activities during their stay.

What is a Dubai tourist visa?

A Dubai tourist visa is a visa that’s specially designed for tourism alone. A tourist who is willing to go sightseeing, and explore the natural beauty of Dubai can opt for this visa. This visa is valid for a shorter period of 14 to 30 days. A Dubai tourist visa encourages visitors to plan their short stay to visit iconic landmarks, and cultural sites, and experience the vibrant essence of Dubai.

Conditions and Eligibility Criteria for Visit Visa and Tourist Visa in the Dubai

The conditions and eligibility criteria for the visit visa and tourist visa are distinguished and represent their specific reason for travel. A visit visa, which is intended for a broader range of activities, imposes fewer restrictions and permits multiple entries. On the other hand, a Dubai tourist visa is primarily aimed at visitors on vacation and usually allows only one entry. And when it comes to sponsorship, a visit visa may require a sponsorship from a Dubai resident but a tourist visa doesn't.

The Application Process for Visit Visa and Tourist Visa in the Dubai

Applying for both a Visit Visa and a tourist visa is a streamlined process that involves online application, embassy submissions, and travel agency assistance in some cases. While applying for a visit visa or a tourist visa, an applicant has to submit documents like personal information, passport details, some proof of accommodation, a financial statement, and an invitation letter. An invitation letter might be required for a visit visa applicant while a proof of financial statement is mandatory for a tourist visa applicant. Applying for a tourist visa can also be done through direct airlines and licensed travel agencies.

Influence on Traveler's Purpose and Engagements:

Visit Visa

Due to the visit visa's multiple-entry feature, gives travelers flexibility in their travel plans and interests. This enables them to pursue a broader range of interests and participate in a variety of activities without being limited by a single entry restriction. Visit visas also cater to a broader range of traveler purposes beyond leisure tourism, allowing them to pursue specific goals such as business ventures, meetings, family visits, or medical treatment.

As a result, visit visas draw a wider range of travelers, enriching the cultural landscape of Dubai and contributing to tourism and some other economic growth too.

Dubai Tourist Visa

Regardless of the shorter period of a tourist visa compared to a Visit Visa, tourist visas enable visitors to immerse themselves in the country's rich cultural heritage, captivating landscapes, and vibrant bustling cities, allowing for a more exciting travel experience.

The emphasis on leisure activities lines up with Dubai's efforts to foster luxury tourism. Tourist visas help to develop the hospitality industry by creating job openings and driving economic growth in the travel and tourism industry.


Employment and Business Opportunities

Visit visa not only enhances the tourism industry but also opens the door to employment and business opportunities. Travelers who come on visit visas have the opportunity to explore more than tourist visa holders. This way, during their stay, visitors with a visit visa may be able to attend job interviews, seek business partnerships, or explore career options in Dubai. In case the visit visa holder finds a suitable job within this period, he/she can also convert their visa to a work visa.

All these possibilities are open only for visit visa holders while the Tourist visa emphasis remains on tourism, leisure, and sightseeing, with visitors limited from engaging in any type of work or professional commitments during their stay.

Stay Extensions and Renewal

Extensions and renewals of visit and tourist visas in Dubai differ concerning feasibility and process.

Visit visas offer greater flexibility for extensions, permitting longer stays through renewals or extensions at immigration offices within Dubai. Individuals under visit visas can often transition to other visa types or seek employment opportunities, subject to visa change regulations.

Conversely, tourist visas are generally less flexible regarding extensions or renewals. Renewal possibilities are limited, often requiring exiting the country and reapplying for a new tourist visa after the expiration of the current one. Such restrictions aim to maintain the primary tourist-focused nature of the visa.

Duration and Fees of Visit Visa and Tourist Visa

Visit visas are frequently issued for a longer duration of time from 30 days up to 60 days and with varying fee structures based on the length of stay. The fees may vary depending on the duration of the visa, sponsorship, and the purpose of the visit. These visa types provide duration flexibility, allowing for short-term or extended stays based on the needs of the traveler.

Tourist visas, which are more focused on tourism, typically have set durations and fee structures. Tourist visa fees are standardized for shorter periods, promoting tourism experiences within a limited period and cost.


Understanding the difference between a Visit Visa and a Tourist Visa is crucial to experience a remarkable tour of Dubai. The visit visa has greater versatility, facilitating purposes such as business, family visits, medical treatments, and corporate meetings. The tourist visa, on the other hand, is specifically designed for leisure and tourism activities, granting a shorter-duration stay focused solely on exploring popular tourist destinations in Dubai.

Now that you are aware of the visit visa and tourist visa, it’s time to make an informed decision on the purpose of your travel so that you can set on a journey tailored to your unique aspirations, transforming your travel dreams into unforgettable experiences.

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