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Dubai Single Entry Visa: Apply Online

Update - 22nd June, 2024

Experiencing the extravagant luxury of Dubai and the beauty of the Emirati oases is, without a doubt, on everyone’s bucket list. The UAE has introduced several types of visas that welcome visitors traveling to Dubai for diverse purposes from around the world. For those traveling to Dubai and the UAE with plans to spend time with loved ones, and no plans to travel outside of the UAE, the “Dubai single-entry visa” would be the ideal and cheapest option.

The Dubai single-entry visa may be issued as a 30-day single-entry, or a 60-day single-entry, visa based on the purpose of your trip and your required length of stay.

The 30-day visa will cost you 489 AED and the 60-day visa will cost 689 AED.

Before booking your trip, it is essential that you ask yourself a few questions. Is this visa appropriate for the purposes of your visit? What is its validity period? Will there be additional charges on arrival in Dubai? If you want to extend your stay, what do you need to do?

If this is your first time traveling to Dubai and you are unsure of which visa would best suit your purposes, please allow Arabiers to remove the guesswork out of your travel and ensure a seamless experience for you that frees you up to relax and enjoy your trip.

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Written By Arabiers Digital & Reviewed by Khalid Al Suwaidi

June 22, 2024 | 13 min read

How to Apply for Dubai Single Entry Visa?

At Arabiers, you will experience a smooth and hassle free step by step process when obtaining your prepaid single-entry visa.

1. Get Your Documents Ready

Here are the documents we will require from you:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A color photo of yourself taken against a white background
  • A copy of the residence visa page of your sponsor

Be sure that all copies are clear and the print quality of the copies are good. All copies of the required documents may be forwarded to us via WhatsApp or email for your ease and convenience.

2. Time to Make the Payment

The simplest and most secure way to process your payment is for you to make a secured online payment. All you have to do is click on the secured link which we will be sending you, follow the instructions, and make the payment.

You also have the option of visiting us locally at our offices and making the payment in person. Our staff will always welcome you warmly; we love and appreciate the opportunity to interact in-person with our clients.

3. Your Visa is Ready!

After processing your application, we will notify you as soon as your visa is approved. If all is correct with your paperwork, the visa approval process is 24 to 48 hours from the time of payment.

4. Get Your E-Visa Online

Once we receive the approved visa, we will send your E-visa via WhatsApp, or email. Please make sure that the visa is easily retrievable on your smart device when you are presenting yourself to UAE Immigration at the UAE port of entry upon arrival.

Visa Fees and Payment Methods

“How much will it cost me to get a single-entry visit visa to Dubai and what are the options I have?” These might be the most concerning questions you have. Let’s look into the number of options and the types of single-entry visas you can choose from.

The UAE offers a number of visit visa options to suit your requirements. A single-entry visit visas is one of them. When applying for a single-entry visa to Dubai, the prices might differ based on two aspects:

  • the duration you are requiring to stay in Dubai
  • how quickly you want your visa issued

Visa Fees for Dubai Single Entry Visa

The prices for processing the single entry visa to Dubai are as follows:

1. Standard Processing - Issued within 24 – 48 hours

30 days Single entry Single entry (30 days) 489 AED

60 days Single entry Single entry (60 days) 689 AED

2. Express Processing - Issued within 4 – 8 hours

30 days Single entry Single entry (30 days) 789 AED

60 days Single entry Single entry (60 days) 989 AED

As an experienced tour operator and visa agent, we are proud and pleased of the positive results we have consistently obtained for our clients. We have an excellent and trusted reputation within the UAE. Please consider Arabiers as the best, and your only, solution for obtaining your visas easily and quickly.

Payment Methods

In ensuring your security, and convenience, we are pleased to offer you the following payment options for the processing of any visa services:

  • 1
    Payment Via Online

    You may make your payment by clicking on the secured e-invoicing link we provide. Our payment system supports 120 currencies.

  • 2
    Transfer Online

    You may make a bank transfer. We can provide our bank details upon your request and you can simply transfer the payment without incurring extra fees. The bank details of Emirates NBD, ADCB and RAK can be shared upon request.

  • 3
    Visit Our Office

    You can visit us at any of our offices and we will gladly help you with all your requirements.

Benefits of a Single Entry Visa

If you are visiting Dubai as a tourist or traveling to conclude business, the single-entry visa would be the convenient option for you. Similarly, if your purpose is to spend quality time with loved ones, family or friends residing in Dubai and the UAE, you have the option of obtaining the 30-day, or 60-day single-entry visa.

Validity Period of Single Entry Visa

When obtaining your visa ahead of booking your flights, such as a prepaid or prearranged visa, it is important to note the validity period of your visa. The validity period refers to the period between the date of issuance of your visa and the expiration date of that visa. It is not to be confused with the type of visa, for example, a “30-day or 60-day, Single Entry visa” which pertains to a visitor’s approved length of stay in the UAE upon entry.

Typically, the UAE provides 60 days’ validity for visas during which time the visa holder may enter the UAE. The visa holder has until the expiration date indicated on the visa to enter the UAE. Knowing the validity period is important in case you need to unexpectedly change your travel dates.

Upon entering the UAE, your 30-day or 60-day visa begins its countdown. Should you wish to extend your stay, please do call Arabiers directly. As a leading local inbound licensed tour operator and an authorized visa agent for the UAE, we will provide you with the best options, based on your nationality, for extending your stay.

It is important that you do not overstay. While the UAE government does not consider overstaying a criminal offense, nevertheless, a daily fine of 50 AED for each day of the overstay, along with a required exit pass costing between 250 – 300 AED to leave the UAE is calculated and charged to you.

Renewal and Extension Options

Unsurprisingly, upon experiencing the charm, adventure, and abundance of attractions to yet see and savor, a majority of our travelers are compelled to spend more time in Dubai and the UAE. To resolve the frequent requests for stay extensions, the UAE has come up with renewal and extension options for pre-paid single-entry visa holders.

If you are a visitor with a Dubai single-entry visa, you have the option of extending your visa twice. Both types of pre-paid single-entry visas (30-day and 60-day) are given 30 days for the first extension, and another 30 days when you request a second extension.

A frequent question is where should I go to extend my prepaid visa?

Here’s the answer.

There are a couple of ways to extend your stay in the UAE.

  • You can leave the country and come back to Dubai for another 30 days using the express visa processing method.
  • The Oman border visa-run is the second option through which you can obtain a visa by leaving UAE for Oman. After following the extension procedures, you can come back to the UAE.
  • Airport to Airport visa change is the next visa extension option that all pre-paid single-entry visa holders get.


Sometimes, a single-entry visa application may get rejected if it contains errors. It is best to correct all the errors in the application and reapply for the visa. However, if the duly prepared application gets rejected a second time, the rejection may be due to security reasons. We have found that attaching a police clearance document to the visa application is more helpful for the application.
It is not mandatory however we highly recommend our passengers obtain travel insurance.
No, you cannot. You have to get the right type of visa that allows you to work in Dubai. Employers are required to ask for paperwork authorizing employment from all job candidates.
Yes, you can travel to all the seven emirates in the UAE. The entry visa is only checked when you enter the country. Once you are in the UAE, you do not need a visa to travel across the emirates.
A single-entry visa allows you to enter the country only once. A multiple-entry visa allows you to enter the country multiple times. With a multiple-entry visa, you can enter, leave, and then re-enter the country more than once.Multiple entries are applicable only during the specified and approved length of stay your visa is issued for.
Yes, it is mandatory to show the return ticket for all tourist visas for the UAE.
You will be fined an amount of 50 AED for each day you overstay beyond the specified and approved length of time of your visa. Your sponsor card will be blocked resulting in further charges and difficulties in leaving the country.

On a single-entry visa, you cannot re-enter Dubai once you leave the country.

Presently there are no health or vaccine requirements for entry into Dubai.

It is not a requirement to show proof of funds when applying for a single-entry visa for Dubai. However, nationals of some countries might be questioned by the Immigration Officer. It is advisable to have around $1000 USD to show in case you are questioned.

Yes, you can convert your visit visa to a work visa by changing the status of the visa.