UAE Tourist Visa Terms And Conditions

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Update - 28th April, 2022

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IT issues

We usually process daily thousands of applications for last 8 years & once in a while some application & traveller get into issues which is related to immigration IT. UAE Immigrtaion comprise several complicated system including airports, ports, entry points & many immigration offices there for in case any day IT issues comes you need to change the flight ticket, UAE Immigrtaion & we always insist you to get your flight ticket after visa being approved. Physical visit to immigration office would be required in case your application go through IT issues & it will take few days


Over Stay Fine

If you are over staying while you are on your UAE residence visa you will be charged 25 AED after your grace period of 30 days end. Also leave permit issuance application fee & another fee might be charged up on exit.

25 AED


Leave Permit
Application Fee



visiting visa the first day of your over stay will cost 350 AED & 100 AED from second day and each day 100 AED charge.


200 AED



200 AED


100 AED


200 AED


100 AED


100 AED...

Immigration charges are changes without prior notice and we aren’t responsible for the amounts.


Visa Approval

Visa approval is purely depending upon the Immigration Authority and rejections are based on their decisions, no refund provided when the visa rejected, due to certain holiday period like UAE national holidays, Eid & Islamic festivals, new year, Christmas immigration will be busy and system will be slow, there for we request you to apply express visas or apply 5-7 days prior to your visa expiry or travel. We will be not responsible for loss of flight, travel plan changes or overstaying fines


Past History of Applicants & Previous Entries and Exit

When an applicant has any residence visa cancelation or issues with the bank please notify us in order to avoid the processing delays. Also, some instances the immigration system face issues with previous exit histories at that time processing might get delay.


Extending your Stay in UAE or Getting New Visa after you Go back Home

Except the 96 hours & multi entry visas all types of visit visas can be extended. 30days visa holders can extend it for another 30 days twice, upon renewal without need to leave the country. Visitors holidays 90 days visa also can extend without exit. We have Airport to Airport visa change & inside country visa facilities please contact us.


30 days extension

Straight stay

1090 AED

Only for 30 days on arrival nationals

40 Days Extension

Straight stay

1290 AED

For All nationals visa and change status

60 days Extension

Straight stay

1490 AED

For All nationals visa and change status

Getting new visa

30 Days

Single Entry

489 AED

134 USD

60 Days

Single Entry

789 AED

215 USD

30 Days

Multi Entry

1150 AED

314 USD

60 Days

Multi Entry

1390 AED

379 USD

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How Many Days Tourist Visa Validity?

Single Entry VISA

Multiple Entries VISA


Airport to Airport Visa Change

Please be informed, in certain days during your airport to airport visa change in Dubai / Sharjah airports you may face some issues. Certain nearest Middle East countries do not allow the you to come back to UAE without approved visa, so your return flight may be rescheduled at the earliest possible. If immigration do not issue the visa for any reason (any technical issue or applicants issue) the you have only 48 hours & 48th hour you must be booking a flight to home country & leave the respective airport at your expenses, we are dealing with airports & immigration, you are requested adhere the regulations all the time.


Inbound Travel Insurance

Visitors coming to UAE may obtain a travel insurance which covers the Medical Evacuation, Repatriation of Mortal Remain, Baggage delay, Baggage & personal effects, Loss of travel documents, Delay on arrival & Travel Curtailment. 7 Days, 30 days, 90 days Insurance are available.


UAE new work week 2022

The UAE immigration will also adhere to the new working week which has been finalised as Monday to Friday with restricted working hours on Friday. This decision was bought about to support the goal of UAE to become the region’s most efficient business and economic hub.

Starting from January 1 2021, Arabiers’ UAE visit visa processing and renewal service will follow the four and a half-day working week with Saturdays and Sundays as weekends. Those who intend to stay in the UAE for a longer period of time should apply for extensions and in-country visas during the new work week, which runs from Monday to Friday. It is preferable to have your extension or in-country work completed before your current visa expires, as well as to have your status changed one day before your current visa expires.


UAE holidays & UAE visa processing

UAE set out the official holidays every year, during the holidays Arabiers offices & immigration remain closed. We are unable to expedite or process visa during these specific days & we urge all travelers & Recidents to get their visas done prior to holidays


Exit stamps & e-Gates

While you are doing a visa run or doing airport to airport visa change or exiting in the purpose of obtaining a express tourist visa, make sure you use the manual immigration lines to get the exit stamp.


Ok to board

Certain airlines instructed the ECR passport holders & specific nationals to get the confirmation about the visit visa secured is ok to board the flight. We urge all customers to check airline, airport & countries specific rules before planning a trip to UAE. Failure to meet the travel requirements by airport authority will results in loss of flight ticket & inconveniences. Arabiers do not process flight tickets there for travellers must take the full responsibility of ok to board & travel requirements