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Jais Sledder Ras Al Khaimah

Updated Febraury 18th, 2021

Will you be excited if we say that you don’t need to head to Switzerland to experience a thrilling sledder experience? From February 16th 2022, the UAE will have its own sledder track allowing adventure enthusiasts to have a taste of this rare experience. The tracks run around the edge of the verdant peaks of Jebel Jais. The breathtaking views, the swoosh of air passing by and the thrill from the speed combine to make a heady experience. In Switzerland, it is considered as a means of socializing on the hill. In UAE it will be a means of enjoying something adventurous with your family. Keep reading if you are curious to know more about the Jais Sledder Ras Al Khaimah.


What is Sledder

Sledding as we know it now began in the mid-to-late 1800s in St Mortiz, Switzerland. It was discovered when rich tourists converted delivery sleds for recreational racing. Sleds were typically produced in places with a lot of winter snow and used to move people and things. In 2002, the thrilling sport was included in the winter Olympic Games.

Any specific requirements?

  • Participants must be at least 3 years old to enter.
  • Participants who are shorter than 135 cm must be with an adult (who will be the driver and are a minimum of 135 cm tall) and must travel as passengers.
  • Participants who are 135 cm or taller may ride alone or with another passenger (each guest needs an individual ticket).
  • The combined weight of the driver and passenger must not exceed 150 kilograms, and riders must be able to correctly use their seatbelts.
Sledder Ras Al Khaimah

Why is it a unique experience?

As you hurtle down the Hajar mountain range, swerving through breathtaking landscapes with views of the spectacular coastline, you'll achieve speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. It is the region’s longest sled ride.The Jais Sledder operates on a low-slung track. Because you are sitting so close to the ground, the speed appears to be tenfold. The fully-controllable ride covers 1,840 meters of exciting hairpin curves and undulating waves, with views of the magnificent coastline, in about eight minutes. After being strapped in, riders will be able to maintain their preferred speed with access to a braking system.

Can I record my Sledder experience?

You are prohibited from bringing your phone or camera along with you on the Jais Sledder Ras Al Khaimah. However, you are allowed to rent a camera from the videography team on the premises and purchase your recorded video.

Who can enjoy the Jais sledder experience?

  • Families with kids above 3 years
  • Thrill-seekers
  • Adventure-enthusiasts
  • Couples
  • Solo and group travellers

Who should avoid the Jais sledder experience?

This activity is not recommended for people who are

  1. pregnant or suspect they could be pregnant,
  2. having a heart problem,
  3. having a seizure disorder,
  4. a history of back or neck injury, or
  5. any other medical condition that prohibits the guest from following the safety instructions

Where can you experience sledding?

With the introduction of its newest exhilarating attraction next week, Ras Al Khaimah's reputation as a thrill-seeker's Emirate will be further established. On February 16, the Jais Sledder, a 1,885-meter toboggan track that winds down through the Hajar mountain range while providing riders with breathtaking vistas, will open to the public. The toboggan, which will be the region's longest, is one among a number of new attractions slated to open in the coming months at Jebel Jais, the UAE's tallest mountain. Many attractions in Ras Al Khaimah have been created with sustainability and eco-tourism in mind. Interested travellers can head to the Jais Adventure Park to enjoy the Jais Sledder Ras Al Khaimah experience. If you want to amp up the adrenaline boost, try the Jais zipline flight which is the longest zipline in the world. You can also get a dose of bedouin thrill with a dune bashing experience that is available in a Ras Al Khaimah desert safari.


Is the Jais Sledder Ras Al Khaimah safe?

Sledder Ras Al Khaimah

The Jais Sledder is created to the highest safety and technical standards. It also follows all ISO 19202 guidelines and the most up-to-date design technologies for summer sledding activities, such as track planning, design and calculation, production, build, and testing. The sleds are designed to comfortably accommodate two people, one in the front and the other in the back. Each sledder has access to the braking system, and you will be safely fastened in the sled.


Cost of Sledding experience

  • Participants can purchase tickets for a single ride or three rides at once.
  • Participants who purchase tickets for three rides need to experience all three rides within the same day of ticket purchase.
  • The price for a single ride is 40 AED for adults only. For adult and child tickets, the charge is 60 AED.
  • The ticket price for three rides is 90 AED for adults and 125 AED for adults and children

How to purchase Jais Sledder Ras Al Khaimah tickets?

The Jais Sledder tickets can be purchased in bundles of one or three at the Jais Welcome Centre's ticket desk. You can always purchase more tickets if you want to! You have the option of sharing the experience with a friend or family member or going solo if you are brave enough.


Safety requirements

  • A waiver must be signed by all participants. Participants below 18 years of age must get the parent or guardian to sign a waiver.
  • Unless it is an emergency, drivers are not allowed to stop the sled on the track.
  • Drivers must keep a minimum distance of 25 meters from the sled in front of them.
  • The ride does not allow carrying backpacks or bags, animals, umbrellas, bulky, pointy, or lose things. Participants are not allowed to consume food or chew gum during the ride.
  • All loose clothing and hair longer than the shoulder length must be secured before starting the ride.
  • Participants must wear seat belts for the entire ride, remain seated, and keep their arms and legs inside the sled.
Sledder Ras Al Khaimah