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Dubai Visa from Saudi Arabia

Update - 15th May, 2024

If you are a Saudi Arabia citizen, then you do not need to apply for a visa to enter Dubai. People from other countries living in Saudi must however obtain a UAE visit visa in order to be allowed entry to Dubai and the other UAE emirates.

No matter the reason you want to travel to Saudi Arabia, it is important to know about the types of visa available, the documents you need and the cost of applying for one.

Do I need a visa from Saudi Arabia to Dubai?

If you are living in Saudi Arabia but are not a citizen there, you will have to apply for a prepaid visa to Dubai to be allowed entry there. Those with a valid Saudi passport however qualify to enter Dubai without a visa because they are among the GCC citizens who are allowed visa free travel to any GCC country.

Dubai Visa Price from Saudi Arabia

The prices for Dubai visa varies based on the type of visa you apply for, whether it is a 30 days or 60 days or whether a single entry or a multiple entry type of visa.

30 Days single entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Saudi Riyal 500

489 AED

60 Days single entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Saudi Riyal 703.61

789 AED

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Saudi Riyal 1013

990 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Saudi Riyal 1217

1190 AED

Types of Visa To Dubai From Saudi Arabia

If you are in Saudi Arabia and want to travel to Dubai, you can apply for the following types visas :

This type of Dubai visa is a prepaid visa and allows you to stay in Dubai for 30 days only. The visa also permits you to enter Dubai only once and when you leave the UAE it immediately becomes invalid.

When you stay in Dubai for 30 days with this visa, you should exit the UAE before it expires or renew the visa to stay longer. You are allowed to extend the 30 days’ visa twice, each time for 30 days. If you therefore extend the visa twice, you will have spent a total of 90 days in Dubai.

According to the new laws that have been put in place since October 2022, all visitors coming to Dubai UAE can apply for 60 days’ prepaid visa.

This therefore, means that if you are planning to visit Dubai from Saudi Arabia and you wish to stay longer you can opt for this visa. It allows you to stay in UAE for up to 60 days.

If you want to travel to Dubai, exit and then come back for several times, you can choose to apply for the multiple entry prepaid visa. A multiple entry visa however cannot be extended once it expires and also there is no grace period for the visa.

When the visa nears expiry and you want to stay for more days, you can do a visa renewal without exiting the country or opt for the in-country visa change.

This type of prepaid visa allows you to enter and exit Dubai multiple times within a 60 days’ period. You can also not extend this type of visa but you can choose the in-country visa status change or visa renewal.

After the visa expires, you are not given any grace period so ensure you leave the country before it expires, renew or do a visa status change.

Dubai Visa Document Requirements

The documents required to apply for a Dubai visa for Saudi Arabians are just similar to the requirements for any international travel.

  • Your passport that is valid for at least 6 months
  • One colored photograph of yourself
  • A birth certificate if the applicant is below 18 years of age

Visa Application Process

Here is the simplified 4 step process to apply for a Dubai visa from Saudi Arabia with Arabiers :

Whatsapp us
Step 1

WhatsApp us and tell us your requirements

Dubai visa from Egypt
Step 2

Get a quick reply from us

Provide us passport
Step 3

Send us a picture of yourself and a copy of your passport

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs
Step 4

We will send you your Dubai visa in 24 to 48 hours.

If you want to get your visa faster, you can try our express visa service option where we provide you with the visa in 4 to 8 hours.

Grace Period for Dubai Visa for Saudis

The UAE immigration has recently scrapped off the 10 days’ grace period which was previously offered to traveler with a prepaid visa. These days, if you do not qualify for the on arrival visas to Dubai, you are allowed to apply for either the 30 days or the 60 days’ visit visa to Dubai.

After the visa you used to enter Dubai expires, you must choose whether to exit the country or extend your visa to stay for more days. When you fail to take a quick action, you risk accumulating overstaying fines or absconding.

Visa Extension

Dubai Visa for Saudi Arabia Citizen Extension

If you are in Dubai and your prepaid visa is almost reaching its expiry, you can extend it for two times consecutively. You are given 30 more days the first time you extend the visa and another 30 days the second time.

You however must pay an extension visa fee of AED 950 (Saudi Riyal 971.79) every time you extend your Dubai visa. if your visa expires and you do not extend it, you will be considered to be overstaying your visa, and this attracts a fine of AED 50 (SAR 51,19) per day until you exit.

Renewal Process

It is easy to renew your Dubai visa but ensure that you do so before expiry. Renewing of visa has different means such as border run or airport to airport method.

Reach out to the Arabiers team for any questions about visa renewal and to also assist you to renew your visa. Here are some visa renewal options for Saudi Arabians.

30 days renewal

90 days in country visa

In country Renewal

Without exit & with changes status

Contact us
In country Renewal

Airport to Airport visa change

60 days renewal

30 days / 60 days new tourist visa

Contact us

Overstaying Fines

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Saudi Arabians

When your Dubai visa expires, you should either exit the country or do a visa renewal. If you don’t take action, after the visa expires you will be considered to be overstaying the visa.

The UAE government fines you AED 50 per day for every day you stay in Dubai after the date your visa expires.

Each Consecutive Day

Saudi Riyal 51

50 AED

As Service Fees

Saudi Riyal 255-357

250-350 AED

Dubai Embassy in Saudi Arabia

If you have any enquiries or issues that can only be solved at the embassy, you can contact the Dubai consulate embassy in Saudi Arabia for help or intervention.

Website: Click here


Address in Cairo: Amr Ibn Ummiyyah Ad Damri, Al Safarat, Riyadh 11693, P.O Box: 94385

Phone: 00966114881227

Fax: 00966114827504

Dubai Embassy in Egypt

Top Saudi Arabian Restaurants in Dubai

1. Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant & Cafe

Wadi Al Arayesh

Enjoy savoring Middle Eastern cuisine at this restaurant cum cafe with friendly staff and a warm ambiance. The tourists and the residents of Dubai enjoy the dining experience at Al Khayma for their flavourful Middle Eastern dishes.

Location : Historical Neighbourhood - Al Fahidi - Dubai

2. Turquoise Restaurant

Turquoise Restaurant

Turquoise Restaurant is famous in Dubai for its ultimate buffets during Ramadan. They offer the concept of buffet dining all around the year, but the Ramadan buffets are their specialty! Its fancy atmosphere will surely win your heart while its kebabs will please your taste buds.

Location : Rixos Premium - Dubai Marina - Dubai.

Located in: Al Fattan Properties LLC

3. Toma Lounge Restaurant:

Toma Lounge Restaurant

The food here at Toma Lounge Restaurant is literally *a chef's kiss*! With their warm hospitality, you get to experience the taste of all kinds of Middle Eastern foods. They have a variety of Arabian food along with Sheesha. The Roasted Chicken is known to be the chef's specialty in this restaurant - so don't forget to try it out on your visit to Dubai!

Location : Minc Apartments 2 - Al - Barsha Heights - Dubai

4. Bab Al Mansour

Bab Al Mansour

Enjoy the ornate and traditional Moroccan decor at Bab Al Mansour while you relish drool-worthy Moroccan food. Their quality service adds to the vibes of this restaurant. When you visit here, don't miss out on trying authentic Moroccan Tea! The place also has Sheesha if it is something that you like to indulge in.

Location : Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai

5. Ninive


Ninive is a gorgeous restaurant to spend your evening at for a fine dining experience. It is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Their staff is entirely professional as well as attentive towards the customers. You can always ask them for food and drink recommendations if you are confused about what to order off the menu. The restaurant has its signature drinks to try out.

Location : Emirates Towers Hotel - Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating?

Dubai Visa from Saudi Arabia

Dubai is 861 kilometers from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and a plane takes 1 hour and 47 minutes to arrive in Dubai.

Aerial Distance = 861 KM

Airport Code = Riyadh - RUH, Dubai-DXB

Cheapest direct flight price: Saudi Riyal 284.39 (AED 278)

Cheapest return ticket price: Saudi Riyal 401.02 (AED 392)

Major Airlines Operation

1. Flynas:


This award winning airline has low cost flights and serves the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The head office for the airline is in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

2. Salam Air

Salam Air

Operating both domestic and international travels, the Salam air is Oman’s low cost flight service that operates from Muscat, Dubai and to other destinations. This airline is headquartered in Muscat, Oman.

3. Lufthansa


This is one airline that assures you of a lifetime comfort and safety experience when you use their services. Lufthansa is one of the most popular airlines in the world with their flights operations across many destinations in the world.

4. Egypt Air

Egypt Air

This is the main carrier of Egypt. It operates in more than 81 destinations globally. It has an alliance with star alliance with its headquarters in Cairo.

Available Jobs for Saudi Arabians

It is possible for a foreigner living in Saudi Arabia to get a job in Dubai. Once you have your Dubai visa, you can check the companies that have opening, apply for jobs and attend interviews.

You can decide to travel by road or take a flight to the UAE, check your company, attend interviews and apply for the role in the companies if you want to work there.

1. Actuary

Actuary is not so common and therefore it might sound confusing. An actuary is an individual who uses statistics and math to do risk assessment and help the clients to reduce the consequences of uncertainties in finances. The demand for this role is growing by day and therefore it is projected that in this decade there is likelihood of up to 20 percent growth in demand. If you are good in this field you should consider working in Dubai.

2. Customer Affairs Supervisor

In business the principle rule is the customer is the king and if you believe in this then this position is best for you. The core function of this person is to ensure the customer service team keeps improving to serve the customers to their satisfaction. Also the customer affairs supervisors does the training to the customer service team to ensure they give their best and get good feedback from the customers.

3. Communications Manager

This is an individual who takes charge of commination programs both internal and external in an attempt to promote the product or the agenda of the organization.

4. Culinary Team Leader

This is an individual who ensures that the dining experience is presented in the best way possible so as to attract and please the customers. They take care of every detail of the restaurant they are in charge of to ensure the customers are satisfied and their experience is outstanding. If you are into hospitality management thus is the ideal role for you in Dubai.

5. Security Manager

Security is a vital need in any establishment to give the customers confidence and assurance. Therefore, security managers are in demand in Dubai and UAE as a whole and this has led to rise in demand of security managers. They ensure that the security procedures and operations are followed and executed. They also take care of recruitment and training of new security personnel.

6. Accountant

Dubai has seen increase in small and medium businesses and this has contributed in the rise in demand for accountants in the country. This is a role that is highly sought and has good rewards and if you are qualified you should consider this in Dubai.


Yes, you can travel from Saudi Arabia to Dubai but if you are a foreigner living in Saudi Arabia you will first have to get the single or multiple entry visa before you can travel to Dubai. There are a variety of visa options and depending on your needs and choice you can opt for a 60day or 90 days’ visa.

To get a Dubai visa from Saudi Arabia, you just need to do online application, make payment and your visa will be processed and sent to you. This is to the foreigners living in Saudi Arabia. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team to help you with application and save you the hassle.

Well in some instances your visa application might be rejected, we have listed some of the reasons why it might be rejected;

  • You have provided wrong or incomplete details during your application
  • The AUE government does not allow female solo travelers in the country and therefore if you are below 24 years of age, your solo application might be the reason
  • The submitted passport is not in good condition/ is damaged
  • Errors in spelling

The visa price of visa is not expensive and it ranges from Saudi Riyal 367.25 (AED 359) on the lower side to Saudi Riyal 2301.69 (AED 2250) on the higher side according to visa type.

The process of migrating to Dubai from Saudi Arabia is not complicated but you will need a residential visa to be allowed. During the migration please ensure that you get your university degree, certificate of marriage and if you have kids ensure that you have their birth certificate. These documents should be verified by the Saudi Arabian foreign ministry and the Dubai Embassy in Saudi Arabia. By getting all these ready the process of getting the visa will be easier.

A Saudi citizen can work in Dubai as long as they have a valid residence visa which permits you to stay and work there. You can ask the company you are working for to sponsor the residence visa.