Dubai Visa from Morocco

Update - 05th January, 2022

Exotic adventures await you in the city of Dubai! If your travels from Morrocco to Dubai are on the cards, you have landed at the right place! With this guide, you will know all about the UAE visit visa required to travel to Dubai. Furthermore, with this post, you will find out about the best Moroccan restaurants to explore while visiting Dubai. Keep on reading to clear all your visa-related doubts and queries.

Do I need a visa from Morocco to Dubai?

Since Morrocan passport holders are ineligible to obtain an on-arrival visa to Dubai, getting a prepaid UAE visit visa is essential as it will let them enter Dubai. This process needs to be done before travelling to the UAE.

Dubai Visa Price from Morocco

Are you looking for information about the visit visa cost to Dubai from Morocco? Find below the Dubai visa for Morocco price list that will come helpful to you.

30 Days single entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

30 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Moroccan Dirham 1358

489 AED

60 Days single entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Single Entry

60 Days single entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Moroccan Dirham 1915.94

689 AED

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

30 Days

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

30 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Moroccan Dirham 2750

990 AED

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

60 Days

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Multi Entry

60 Days multi entry dubai visa

Grace period : 0

Moroccan Dirham 3305

1190 AED

Types of Visa To Dubai From Morocco

Find out all about the different types of Dubai visa for Morrocco passport holder that you can opt for as per your travel requirements.

This single entry prepaid visa for Moroccan citizens visiting Dubai has a validity period of 30 days. It carries information about your entry and exit dates as per the issuance of your visa. You have to either renew your visa or leave the United Arab Emirates. Contact Arabiers on WhatsApp to get to know about visa renewal methods as in-country visa renewal is not available anymore.

Are you going to stay in the UAE for a long period of time? Then we would recommend you to get a 60-day visit visa over a 30-day one so that you can explore the UAE and enjoy it to the fullest! It is also an ideal option for those of you who are planning to attend business conferences or a wedding in Dubai.You are eligible to extend this prepaid visit visa by contacting the Arabiers team on WhatsApp.

If you need to enter and exit the UAE multiple times during your stay, you can opt for a multiple entry visa for Dubai with 30 days validity. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a grace period, but you can opt for an in-country visit visa change or renew your prepaid visa without leaving the country. Ensure that you do the renewal process before your visit visa expires. Contact Arabiers on WhatsApp to get to know about visa renewal methods as in-country visa renewal is not available anymore.

This visa also lets you enter and exit the country multiple times for 60 days. It is the perfect visa if you visit Dubai for work purposes and have to return to your home country a handful of times in 60 days. This visa, too, comes with no additional grace period stay.

Dubai Visa Documents Requirements for Moroccan Residents

The important documents required for a Dubai visa for Morocco are the same as for any international travel. These are the basic documents you will require:

  • One colour photograph
  • At Least 6 months of valid passport
  • Birth certificates of children below 18 years of age.

Visa Application Process to Dubai from Morocco

Here is a very simple breakdown of the Dubai visa process that will let you know all about how to apply for a Dubai visa from Morocco and obtain it from the Arabiers team:

Whatsapp us
Step 1

WhatsApp us

Dubai visa from Morocco
Step 2

Get a Quick Reply

Provide us passport
Step 3

3. Please Provide us with a picture of your passport & photo

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs
Step 4

Get your Dubai visa within 24-48 hrs!

Grace Period for Dubai Visa from Morocco

In a recent development, the UAE immigration has eliminated the grace period previously provided to prepaid visit visa holders, which typically lasted for 10 days. Individuals now can opt for prepaid visas with durations of either 30 or 60 days. It is crucial for visa holders to be aware that once their chosen duration expires, they must take immediate action to either extend their visa or depart the country in order to prevent penalties for overstaying or the potential consequences of absconding

Dubai Visa for Morocco Citizen Extension

Dubai Visa for Morocco  Citizen Extension

Is your Dubai visa about to expire? We can help you out! As per the new laws set by the UAE visa systems, you cannot extend your visa in-country. You have to either opt for an Oman visa run or the airport-to-airport method to get your prepaid UAE visit visa extended.

If your UAE visit visa for Dubai from Morocco has already expired, you can try the methods mentioned above. Once the visa expired you will be responsible for paying on overstaying fine to the government of the UAE. You will be fined AED 50 (Moroccan Dirham 138) per day.

Renewal Process of Visa from Morocco to Dubai

People residing in or visiting the United Arab Emirates can renew their visaswith the Oman visa run or the Airport-to-airport method before their visit visa expiration date. Our customer service team at Arabiers can help you with both methods to extend your stay in Dubai.

This procedure also gives you a choice to get a visit visa status change. Our customer service team at Arabiers can help you with both options to extend your stay in Dubai.

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Moroccan Residents

Overstaying Fines for Dubai Visa for Morocco

If you are traveling to Dubai, you should know that the government of the United Arab Emirates holds the right to fine an individual visiting their country for overstaying their visa to Dubai. They don't take any strict action against those who overstay their prepaid visit visas because they know that people generally overstay for small and negligible reasons. People can extend their Dubai visit visa through the two methods available or leave the UAE as per the last date of their visa.

Suppose an individual fails to comply with the choices offered to them by the government of the UAE. In that case, their stay in the country will be considered an overstay of their visit visa, and the UAE government can fine them for the same with immediate effect. Here is a list that will tell you everything about the visit visa overstaying fines for Morocco citizens in Dubai.

Each Consecutive Day

Moroccan Dirham 138

50 AED

Service Fees at the exit

Moroccan Dirham 694 - 971

250 - 350 AED

Dubai Embassy in Morocco

If you need any help or official interventions related to Dubai travel visas, you can contact the Dubai embassy based in Morocco. Find the address, phone number, and other details of the Dubai embassy below :

Website: Click here


Address in Morocco :32 Mohamed VI street, souissi district, Rabat.

Phone: +00212537707070


Dubai Embassy in Morocco

Top Moroccan Restaurants in Dubai

If you haven't had a chance to drown yourself in the magical gastronomy experience of Moroccan cuisine, now is the time! Largely taking inspiration from Arabian, Andalusi, and Mediterranean cuisines, the Moroccan dishes most commonly consist of lamb and chicken. They blend rich spices like cumin, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, etc. Moroccans start their meal with salads or khudenjal, a type of herbal tea.

Dubai, the heart of Arabian countries, has various Moroccan restaurants you can visit on your trip. Below are some of our suggestions for Moroccan restaurants in Dubai that you should explore.

1. Bab Al Mansour

Bab Al Mansour

This place aptly describes itself as a refined Moroccan restaurant decorated with Morocco's traditional elements. Here, you can treat your taste buds to the delicious and fulfilling harissa soup and chicken tagine. While you wait for your authentic Moroccan food to arrive, you can take 'gram-worthy pictures at this place because its interiors are so gorgeous! The fusion of different spices used in Moroccan cuisine reflects in the food served here.

Location : Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai

2. Tagine


If you want to feel the vibes of Morocco in Dubai, Tagine should be the place of your choice! As soon as you enter the gates of Tagine, you will feel as if you have been teleported back to Morocco. Apart from their traditional Moroccan interiors, their menu is filled with authentic Moroccan dishes - from the starters to the dessert! You will be spoilt for choice certainly. They serve most of the words in Tagine, an earthenware from Morocco.

Location : One & Only Royal Mirage Palace - King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud St - Dubai

3. Moroccan Taste Restaurant

Moroccan Taste Restaurant

Are you missing the touch of homemade Moroccan food that warms your heart? This restaurant based at Jumeirah beach road serves Moroccan delicacies that satiate your craving for homemade food. They have a beautiful indoor as well as an outdoor seating option. It is pretty budget-friendly as well, as compared to other Moroccan cuisine restaurants in Dubai. You get kind hospitality from the service staff and an authentic atmosphere!

Location : La Plage Residence - Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah Beach Road just before courtyard - Dubai Canal - Dubai Marina - Dubai

4. Amazigh Restaurant

Amazigh Restaurant

Amazigh gives you an Ahh-mazing Moroccan food experience in Dubai with its reasonably priced, high-quality service. While most Moroccan restaurants in Dubai are decorated elegantly, Amazigh keeps its interiors classy and minimalistic. The Bouznika grills are a must-try here.

Location : Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd - Mirdif - Dubai

5. Al Bahou

Al Bahou

Famous for its magnificent Iftar buffets, Al Bahou offers a varied menu across all sections within their warm ambiance. Overall, you get an excellent experience here with the live music, great atmosphere, and delicious food to dig into. If you want to explore Middle Eastern and subcontinental food along with your favorite Moroccan dishes, the restaurant has them on its menu too!

Location : Sheikh Zayed Rd - Jebel Ali Village - Dubai

How Many Hours Flight & Major Airlines Operating?

Dubai Visa from Morocco

Do you want to know how far Dubai is from Morocco in terms of hours and distance?

The shortest flight takes 08 hours from Casablanca, Morocco, to Dubai.

Aerial Distance from Dhaka to Dubai = 5,952.18 kilometers

Airport Code = Casablanca - CMN , Dubai-DXB

Cheapest direct flight price from Casablanca, Morocco : Moroccan Dirham 4,302.03 (AED 1,443 )

Cheapest return ticket price : Moroccan Dirham 6,046.09 (AED 2,028)

Major Airlines Operation:

1. Gulf Air

Gulf Air

The state-owned airline service of Bahrain, Gulf Air, was established in the year 1950. It currently flies its passengers to 55 destinations based across various countries.

2. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is a certified four-star airline carrier owned by the Emirates group. This Airline's fleet size is 253, and its headquarters are based out of Garhoud, Dubai. It is the largest Airline in the Middle East. Emirates Airlines operates over 3600 flights per week from its HQ. They fly to more than150 destinations based in 80 countries across the WorldWorld.

3. Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc, mostly known as RAM airlines, is a Moroccan national carrier airline service and the largest Airline in Morocco. It is wholly owned by the government of Morocco, with its headquarters in Casablanca-Anfa Airport. It has an alliance with One WorldWorld and a fleet size of 52.

4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Fly to more than 150 destinations with state-owned flag carrier Qatar Airways. It has an impressive fleet size of 234, making this airline one of the world's largest carriers in the WorldWorld. Its headquarter is based in Doha.

5. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Ranked as one of the most punctual airline services in the WorldWorld, Etihad Airways is a flag carrier of the UAE with its headquarters in Khalifa City, close to Abu Dhabi International Airport. Its fleet size is 81, with regular flights operating to 74 destinations.

Jobs in Dubai for Moroccan Citizens

Those who are citizens of Morocco can enjoy working out of the city of Gold - Dubai if they meet specific criteria set by the government of the United Arab Emirates. Many job opportunities are available in the UAE, especially in Dubai, since Dubai is a city of tech and innovations. There are jobs available in every field. Here are some of the most in-demand roles in Dubai that you should take a look at:

1. Investment banking analyst

Investment banking sector in the field of finance has many roles, one of them being investment banking analyst. An investment banking analyst helps a firm with financial forecasts, analyzes market trends, and reviews financial information from within the organization or a specific field. They also oversee mergers and acquisitions as well as IPOs

2. Team leader

The role of a team leader within an organization is to guide, instruct, and direct a set of individuals working in their firm to achieve a goal or complete a client project. This kind of role is available across various industries.

3. E-commerce marketing manager

An e-commerce marketing manager is responsible for handling the "digital" commerce part of a business and the various ways they can obtain leads for their business through appropriate online marketing channels. They create overall digital marketing strategies for the e-commerce business, whether finding new leads or retaining existing ones. The aftermath of the pandemic has led many brick-and-mortar businesses to create their presence online to reach their customers in digital form. Hence the demand for e-commerce marketing roles has been rising.

4. Financial sales assistant

A financial sales assistant keeps a record of finances, processes invoices, prepare balance sheets, and does a firm's bookkeeping. An excellent financial sales assistant should have basic soft and hard skills like time management, analytics, and a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel to efficiently process mathematical data.

5. Executive assistant

Executive assistants work under an executive of a company to help them out with day-to-day tasks like scheduling meetings, getting necessary paperwork done for them, attending conferences on their behalf, and prioritizing their work schedule. Their assistance is needed so that an executive can perform at their best.

6. Insurance agent

An insurance agent's job is not selling insurance plans to a customer. They are responsible for chalking out a project or strategy needed to promote a new insurance contract and attending to customer post-sales queries. The agents must build a long-term relationship with all their clients to ensure recurring business from them.


Yes. Once you have obtained a prepaid visit visa for Dubai of single entry or multiple entries, you can easily travel to Dubai from Morocco. It would help if you got your visa before you visit the country. These prepaid visas for Dubai come with 30 to 60 days of validity, so opt for one best suited to your requirements. The 30-day single-entry visa for Dubai comes with an additional grace period of 10 days for visa renewal or for leaving the country.

If you need a visa from Morocco to Dubai, you can go for Arabiers online visit visa services to apply for their UAE prepaid visit visa. You can receive further details about the application process required for a visit visa by contacting our team on WhatsApp.

At Arabiers, we offer our variety of services of online visit visa applications to individuals residing in countries across the globe. Any individual can contact our team members via WhatsApp to get a Dubai visa from Morocco. Our team at Arabiers will proceed with your prepaid visit visa application, and you will receive your visit visa on time from our end. Get in touch with our team on WhatsApp for more details regarding the online visit visa application process and provide the essential information required from your end to process your visa application. You can also make your payments for visa services to Arabiers by using various online payment methods available with us.

Did your Dubai visa from Morocco get rejected? Here, we have written down a few of the most common reasons why your Dubai visa application probably didn't get processed

  • Your details provided by you during the visit visa application were either incorrect or incomplete.
  • You are a solo female traveler under the age of 24 years who is trying to apply for a visit visa to the UAE. In this scenario, your visa can get rejected because, by law, females under 24 are not eligible to travel to the UAE alone.
  • The passport/passport copy provided by you is damaged.
  • Certain typographical errors.

The Cost of a Dubai visa from Morocco is within the range of Moroccan Dirham 1,070.29 (AED 359) to Moroccan Dirham 6,707.94 (AED 2250). The costs also depend on the type of visa you are going with.

Do you plan to move to Dubai permanently from Morocco? In this case, you will need a residential visa for Dubai that will allow you to stay in the United Arab Emirates for a long period of time. While you are in-between your migration process from Morocco to Dubai, you should make sure that you get your university degree, your marriage certificate, and your child's birth certificate attested by the Morocco foreign ministry as well as the Dubai Embassy. Doing this procedure will come in quite handy to you while your family visa or residence visa application will be in process.

No. Unfortunately, a Moroccan nationals cannot work in Dubai or UAE unless they have a residence visa. The residence visa can be obtained through a sponsor or a company to work within the UAE. You can request your employer in Dubai to provide you with a sponsored visa to let you work in their company.